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I have been working with the owner of the Toronto Cabbagetown pharmacy (Doug Chow; store 0833) for 9 months now, on a prescription that I was overcharged by close to $800. Just last week, the owner informed me that Shoppers would not refund me the amount that I had overpaid. I have been told that there is nothing that they can do about this, even though Doug Chow (the owner) acknowledged that the cost had in fact gone down by over half on the day PRIOR to me filling the prescription. However, since the pharmacy had simply not gotten around to adjusting the unit price that the customer is charged in the system, I am now left holding the bag.

I spend literally thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR at the pharmacy, and in spite of being promised several times that I would be compensated, and stringing me along for close to a year (and I visited the pharmacy dozens of times during this time) - clearly waiting for me to "forget about it, " - I was finally told that I wouldn't be compensated.

This is completely unacceptable, and runs counter to the claim of customer service that your brand purports to represent.

The details of the prescription are:

RX # 9457562
Name: Blair Ariel Misha Magil
Cost: $1534.44
Amount recovered: $759.77

The prescription was dispensed on November 7th. On November 6th, the prescription cost dropped by over ½, and that is what ClaimSecure compensated me at. According to Doug (the owner), since I didn't use the electronic service to submit to benefits, there was nothing that he was willing to do. I was unable to use an electronic submission, since at that point I wasn't working and had to manually submit to my spouse's benefits provider.

Needless to say, I am furious, and ClaimSecure will be following up on their own. Please note that if I am not compensated for these lost funds, I will simply refill the prescriptions I have in your system, but I will NEVER step foot in ANY Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy again - and I will encourage everyone I know to steer clear. By my calculation, in the past year myself and my spouse (Antonio Valletta) have spent approximately $13, 000. I suspect that in the coming years, that pace of spending will not be dropping.

As far as I'm concerned, you have committed theft - and whether you are "technically" covered by whatever accounting or inventory system you have in place - everyone at the pharmacy has acknowledged that Shoppers Drug Mart has essentially profited by an obscene degree on a medication which I need in order to continue living. The fact that your company has known for almost a full year about this, and continually strung me along, when clearly there was never any intention of compensating me, only adds salt to the wound. I am a very busy person, working full time at a Bay Street law firm. I don't have time to constantly chase after people who call themselves professionals, but are nothing more than glorified crooks.

I expect resolution of this matter within the next two weeks; feel free to contact me by telephone at [protected]. If this isn't resolved, I will be escalating to the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

Thank you,
Ariel Magil

Aug 22, 2019

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