Shoppers Drug Martshoppers "aka loblaws" discriminating

W Oct 06, 2019

Last night I went shopping and spent Total of $64.76 before tax Total bill was $73.18 On account of I don't own a cell phone so I didn't get the 20 times the points. I am very upset that you only get them if you have this app I feel that Shoppers " AKA Loblaws " is DISCRIMINATING against people who don't have a cell phone. I have not received this promotion many time since Loblaws has taken over Shoppers.
I am a senior and know off other seniors that can't take advantage of this prom for the same reason. I enjoy shopping at your stores but if I have to I will start shopping a a Rexall.
I would like to hear back from someone on this matter and how you plan to rectify this. I am so upset that if I don't get the points that are owe to me You will force me to forward this complain to various News papers and other Medias.
I thank you on all the Non Cell phone owners.

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