Shoppers Drug Martno ban deodorant

R Oct 06, 2019

Until a few months ago I purchased Ban deodorant at my Shoppers Drug Mart always finding it on the bottom shelve, a product I had used all my life, yet the last time I shopped it was nowhere to be found, so I ended up with Old Spice not finding it again I asked an employee what gives ?, and he said Shoppers are not carrying the brand a consumer and long standing customer I don't understand... hearing that companies often have to provide incentives to be higher in the shelve made me wonder If that was the cause knowing it was at the bottom for some question is will you provide a legitimate answer or am I forced to go to another drug store for ONE product ?...I would like to relay a positive experience finding out that Shoppers provides blister packs for my medications a vast improvement to organizing my own pills, now in my second month and enjoying the service very much !

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