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Dis-Chem Pharmacies reviews & complaints

Dis-Chem Pharmacies complaints 123

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - poor service

it is with great regret that i have to inform you of a service failure i experienced in one of your dis-chem stores.

please note that on the 22.01.2022 around 14h30, i went to your store in boksburg eastrand mall to purchase medication.

then on my way to the tills to pay, i saw a big shelf talker placed by the energade sports drinks that were all packed together by the queuing area.

the shelf talker was written "ENERGADE DRINKS 3 500ml FOR R65.50"

then i took 3 packs as per what advertised, hoping to pay R65.50 for 3 packs as advertised and when i got to the till the cashier told me that she doesn't understand how this item is advertised, then the manager was called to come assist in this regard.

The manager came without greeting me, she asked "what is the problem"?
she was so rude and so arrogant.i explained to her my concern and still showed her the shelf talker as advertised.then she said to me this is just a small error from marketing department, as if it was just nothing.she showed no interests to resolve this issue for me and she didn't even apologies instead she told me that Am not making sense, and unfortunately she cant do anything about this issue and she walked away.so frankly this is not acceptable and am so disappointed that i had to leave the store without the sport energade drinks i saw advertised in the store and to be treated like it was my fault that there was an error from marketing as she said. am so disappointed as literally didn't expect that kind of attitude and treatment from a store manager. and the way she handled the whole situation i felt so embarrassed as she was very rude to me and treated me so unfairly in front of all her staff and customers.

my self as a customer i wanted nothing but just to pay the price i saw advertised in the store . I have been buying from this branch for years and i never had this kind of service before.

I trust that this is not how Dis-chem does business and you will mention and address my concern with the store manager Nomakaliso about the incident. Iam open discussing this matter further and should hope that you will respond with a solution to prevent this kind of incident to happen again.

please find the attached support my statement.


Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Unsealed medication

Good day, I purchased a prescribed medication at Middelburg mall Dischem on the 21/01/2022, when I get home the container was not sealed and it was having 13 tablets inside instead of 15 as prescribed. That was a very disturbing encounter. I use my medical aid to purchase any medication and now in just 2 weeks the service I received at Dischem is very disturbing. A week ago the stickers were not applied on the medication and I filed a complain now is the unsealed medication. Really what's going on with Di - schem Middelburg. I think this should be brought into serious attention.

Desired outcome: Pathetic service , negligence and don't care attitude

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Shop and Collect Promotion

Last year, my elderly mother spent in excess of R5, 700 and collected stickers to collect promotional Disney gifts. I went to collect the products earned on 19th Dec within the time frame required. I was told they were not available but would be delivered the following week. They weren't. I went back 3 more times, phoned twice and left my phone number as requested, as they promised to phone as soon as they arrived.
To date, I have heard nothing from the Blue Route store, where I shop. No explanation, no apology.
I feel that it is unethical to advertise and con people into collecting stickers with the legitimate expectation that you'll uphold your part in the arrangement only to discover that you can't be trusted to do so.

If Dischem can't be trusted with the small stuff, how can we trust you with the big stuff?

Beverley O'Kelly - email [protected]@gmail.com

Dec 15, 2021

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - False advertising online

Good day Dischem,
I am highly appalled at what a useless online platform u have
I checked out paid for my order only to get a call a few hours later to be told there is no stock yet online had stock and showed the ones out of stock
They call me now to say they refunding me also only in 7days please tell me how is this possible I was then told by the dischem employees the staff bought all the stock please advise this is pathetic service

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Product and pharmacist

I went to the pharmacy with a script of a contraceptive pill that was prescribed by my dermatologist Yasmin. The pharmacist took it as he and took it back and gave me something different, ruby. I didn't understand why because the it's not like yazmin wasn't there i questioned this and he kept saying it's the samr thing, i questioned again and again he insisted its the same thing I wasn't at ease about it but I took it now my skin problem went from bad to worse since I started using this ruby that I was given. If he(P Tladi) had just given me the right thing we would not be here

Desired outcome: Give me the right product and an apology from the pharmacist

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Gabys mixed raw nuts

I bought a 1kg bag of Gabys Mixed Raw Nuts with expiry date 30/06/2022
Batch no. 21 174
AND I still have about 200g left and it went rancid. I really love nuts because it's my healthy snack and I often buy this product and never had this experience. It was stored correctly so not sure why this happened. I also buy Gabys prunes and dates as well as the cashew nuts, all very delicious

Desired outcome: Would like a replacement even if it's a smaller packet

Hope this will be resolved, thank you

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Delivery services

Dear Sir/Madam, my medication was delivered this morning by an unknown company that requested personal information. Delivered by an unidentified person with an unidentified vehicle. This person requested personal information such as a copy of my ID document. To take delivery of the parcel, the gentleman took a photo of my ID on his cell phone. I am extremely concerned as DisChem my medicine provider did not inform me prior to or obtain my written consent as a directive of this procedure. I am certain that this in breach of POPI legislation. I have taken notice of a POPI warning note on the back of the parcel, however there is no indication or declaration from both companies that personal information will be treated confidential and safeguarded in any way. This note is to formally inform you that I will forward my concern about this procedure to the POPI Regulator.


Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Ladies sandals - soles cracking: slip number: c5135487

Good Day, on 28 November 2020 I purchased two pairs of SG Step Out ladies sandals On 8 November 2021 I returned both pairs to Dischem Three Rivers, unfortunately they couldn't assist me as they...

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Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Customer service

I was poorly treated when returning a gift set that I purchased on the same day, I was not given the balance of my money back until I requested it as I chose a new product and I was told I may not receive cash only a gift card as it was an old item which they failed to mention when it was purchased a few hours prior. The attitude of the lady was poor and when I received the balance of the money I had to ask for my new product as they had taken it away. The over all customer service form the teller to returns was very poor and I am very disappointed with the manner in which I was treated.

Desired outcome: Better customer service

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Purchased expired medication on two occasions

My partner and l purchased schedule 6 medication on two occasions that was 8 months expired. The medication made us ill. When we reported this to the pharmacist all he wanted was the expired medication back which is the evidence of the crime committed. After submitting many complaints we are just being ignored and nothing is getting resolved. This is completely unexplainable and we feel that the public should get warned . Dischem has shown no remorse for their actions and just keep ignoring all our e-mails. Dischem broke the the law by selling us expired medication as the evidence shows and it is about time that they take responsibility for their actions.

Desired outcome: We would like Dischem to contact us to get this matter resolved.

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - False advertising

Date of incident : 19 Oct 2021
My number : [protected]
I require a Refund

Yesterday i purchased the Hot Power Belt from Dis-chem in Lalucia Mall. The gentlemen who assisted me assured me that it was a good product. When i tried to open it and check it BEFORE purchasing it he told me that was not allowed.

When i got home after purchasing it i opened the box and tried the waist trainer on and it fit me but it was highly uncomfortable and HARD - simply a bad product.

I then drove back to Dis-chem an hour later to return it. I was told I was not allowed because I had already tried it on and it was written on the box. The consultant did not tell me this and i bought it thinking i can return it if I am not happy - which is standard protocol in most shops !

This is a clear contradiction because if I was allowed to open the box to check it i would have not have purchased it. There should be at least one sample that is open so that customers can see what they are buying - i feel like i was tricked !

Please can I have my refund for this as R299 is not a little bit of money - especially during these hard financial times. I left the Power Belt at Dischem yesterday, but i have the receipt on me. I spoke to the manager who was on shift - Tamrin S @15:18pm and she refused to give me my refund.

Desired outcome: A refund

Oct 15, 2021

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - covid vaccination

I went to Dis-chem Wonderpark in Pretoria on the 02-10-2021 for my J&J
vaccination. I have complete the paperwork with all my correct info and got the jab. One week after that I try to get my certificate from the web site and I was rejected many times. when I called the covid hot line they said that they are still waiting for conformation from Dis-chem a sms. I phone dis chem, I went back to Dis-chem and they say they cannot do anything the system dont allow them to resend a sms. so I have to fly international but I cannot get a certificate because Dis-chem was at fauld and the hot line confirmed that. so what will Dis-chem do so I can get my certificate?

Oct 07, 2021

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Pharmacist

I went to dischem in Clearwater Mall.
I asked for my prescription. Firstly they got my sure name wrong.
They always do, how do you change a D into a B?! So this pharmacist asked me if I wanted a substitute for my meds, why change it ?
Then I got home and saw that he actually did change one of my meds!
Why aren't we educated? Why don't we listen to our clients? Not professional at all!

Desired outcome: Let my know what the outcome was. Thnx

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Vaccination

The Vaccination site at the dischem at Mall @ Carnival in Brakpan is honestly not efficiently run. When I received my first dose in August, I cut them some slack because they had just started operating it. I waited +2hrs to get vaccinated. Now, October 6th, 2nd dose time and they are STILL extremely slow?! I do not understand why the process takes sooo much time still. If they are understaffed, surely something can be done about that? The wait is honestly ridiculous. What's the point of even booking an appointment time? The Dischem at Springs Mall was a quick in and out for my brother. Carnival Mall branch needs to do better please. Regret giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Desired outcome: Improve their services!

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Dischem - mall of the south: Enrol Wellness staff for customer service training

I would like to lay a complaint against a Wellness Clinic Nurse. I booked an appointment online at Mall of the south Dischem for 14:45. I arrived in time and I waited at the waiting area because there was no one mending the Wellness Clinic reception. After 10 minutes a nurse came out with a mother and a child. She looked around and went back in and I thought she's only assisting kids, her consulting room is written child care. There was no one at reception to ask any question. When the reception arrived I told her I was there for an appointment. When she called the nurse the nurse was so rude and humiliated me in front of everyone telling me I was late and she didnt see me and I should have came in, but she saw us and went back in. Please send your staff for Customer Care Training. I dont work at Dischem to know their procedure. She should have talked to me politely and let me know when she will be able to see me, that's it. There was no need for her to be so rude.

Desired outcome: Dischem - mall of the south: Enrol Wellness staff for customer service training

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Compliment to Pharmacist

After my complaint of last Friday, Mark from the Walmer Branch contacted me this afternoon with an apology and came to assist my son and myself with our vaccination. I would like to thank Mark for the kind and caring manner he displayed towards us and rectifying the situation. It is reassuring to know that there are still people out there who care.

Update by MCouzens
Sep 09, 2021

After my complaint of last Friday, Mark from the Walmer Branch contacted me this afternoon with an apology and came to assist my son and myself with our vaccination. I would like to thank Mark for the kind and caring manner he displayed towards us and rectifying the situation. It is reassuring to know that there are still people out there who care.

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Collecting chronic medicine

Always have to wait 30 to 60 minutes at pharmacy side
Al lot of printouts say where you have to stand for chronis and slef service
But no one helping at chronic or clinic
Staff make if they do not see you
If you just want to asked for help or information you have the get in the queue
Because of all the eole waiting and no help or someone just to guide you there is no social distance
If you want to pay yo have another 20 minutes to queue
Remember it is sick people or people with a pain that visit the parmacy side

Desired outcome: Get a manager on the floor checking if staff are helping the people and solve the roblem with he queue

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Clinic service

On the 24 August 2021 my son and I made an online Covid Vaccination booking for the time slot between 16h00 and 17h00 (4pm and 5pm) on Friday, 3 September 2021. We arrived at the Walmer Dischem Clinic at 16h30 (4:30pm) only to be turned away as they were not prepared to mix another vial of vaccine mixture for us as they only do 6 people at a time. We were told under no circumstances were they interested in helping and we must come back on Monday morning and see if they can help us. We had specially booked this time slot in order to get of work and not to lose money as we are hourly paid!

We will not leave this complaint at this. We will go viral to social media and escalate onto government portal.

Desired outcome: Sort Out Your Service

Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Covid test was not done correctly and therefor a false negative was given

On wednesday the 25th of august I had a covid test at century city dischem. I am a monkeynastix instructor and work with more than 150 children at different locations every week. As I was not feeling...

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Dis-Chem Pharmacies - Unmannerly behaviour of a staff member capturing covid vaccine data information

A day which was supposed to be a good day after taking my first covid vaccine was certainly ruined. I had a scheduled appointment at dischem galleria from 12-2pm, completed the form and sat in the...

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