[Resolved] Shoppers Drug Martcustomer service

M Aug 05, 2018

I was at the shoppers drug store located at Newtonbrook plaza, Toronto, Ontario today at 20:40 p.m and there was a wrong price tag on one of the items which was a multivitamin (female +50). It was on sale for 10$ but when I paid for it, it wasn't and they said the sale was over while the price tag was still on the item. I was talking to their supervisor called Sabrina, she didn't say hi to me, she didn't greet at all, just told the cashier to give the item to me for the sale price and when I was telling her about the "free item policy in Ontario", she left while I was talking to her. I returned the item because I found it really disrespectful and unfair while I needed the multivitamin for my grandma. I am really serious about what happened and how she treated me as a customer wasn't appropriate at all. I really hope you take this serious too.
I'm looking forward your professional resolving,
Thank you,
Maryam Mojtabavi

  • Resolution Statement

    The manager of the store called me and apologized for what happened. That’s was we call a great customer service!

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