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Dear customer service,

My family and I need your help urgently. We have been having major complications with our side-by-side refrigerator freezer since December 2017. We have had several repairs by our count 6 but some repairs have not been documented on the service contract website or with the master protection plan customer service department. We have records of multiple appointments and repairs, we have been getting the runaround with the service protection plan and the sears corporation for months now. For this entire summer we have not had a working freezer or refrigerator and we have five people living in our home. At this point we need your help enforcing your lemon law. Which states that after three service service appointments that the refrigerator would be replaced. They are not honoring that law and we are at wits end and we don't know what else to do. This is the reason that we are writing this letter so that you can use your authority to allow the corporation to replace our refrigerator freezer. We have had six service appointments from the time that we purchased a refrigerator.

The refrigerator was purchased in January 2016 with the master service protection plan and we have been having complains within the first year. Within a years time we have had so many appointments. Currently the freezer and refrigerator are only cold at the bottom the top of the refrigerator and freezer are warm. The only place where we can freeze items is at the bottom and all of our eggs have to go to the bottom drawer the top of the refrigerator is warm so warm that our butter is completely soft and our milk goes spoiled. This is not conducive to a productive living with families, we are afraid the food will spoil and we won't even know that bacteria will build up and we will get sick.

Please help us we have been a long time customer of Sears all of our products appliances even our central air conditioning unit is from sears. We have always used sears all we ask is that this corporation have our side by side refrigerator/freezer replaced. We are good people and good customers. We just ask that you please replace our refrigerator. That's why we got the service protection. For protection we just need a replacement refrigerator freezer replaced so that we can continue our life in a productive way and feed a family with healthy meals.

I forgot to mention that we had a scheduled appointment for service again today and the subcontractor refused to come. They stated that it was a mistake that we didn't have and appointment for 8/13. I have a confirmation email and I sent that to them but they still refused. They were here 8/6 and sears representative told them over the phone that they were to pack up and leave, I heard that myself and so they did and no repairs were done.

If you were us how would you feel not being able to have food and cook properly?

P.S. We have not had a refrigerator and freezer since the beginning of summer, June 2018.

Attached are some photos and videos of our experience.

I have video but it would not attach. I can send it another way once advised.

Malika Berry

refrigerator / freezer side by side
refrigerator / freezer side by side
refrigerator / freezer side by side
refrigerator / freezer side by side
refrigerator / freezer side by side


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    Kmart 9459 Aug 16, 2018

    Finally a very reasonable and well-spoken complaint, unfortunately you are not speaking to the right people here this is a public forum for when you have had to give up on the businesses they work with and want to let others be warned not to do business with. I hope you get everything worked out, and remember to ask about the spoiled food credit that your plan should cover.

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