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Ya Mar 24, 2019

Hello, we bought a refrigerator with damaged handles and no other damages at Sears outlet in Newton, NJ three weeks ago and delivery was set up to my second house Dingmans Ferry PA on March23, 2019. They deliver appliances that we bought and when I look at refrigerator it had more demages when we bought it. The handles were damaged in more spots, handles in the bottom have dents as well. Sides of the refrigerator have dents. I inquired about it the delivery guy but he said it was like that before. So I sighed the papers stating the delivery was done. When I back home to NY and I looked at original receipt I saw that it should be no damages but only the handles on the top. I called the store right away and the the guy who delivered appliances to me pick up the phone. I explained to him that this delivered refrigerator has more damages then originally. I asked to replace at least the bottom handles. He said once I sighed the papers there's nothing can be done. Then I requested a return which he replied that I have to do it myself. Unfortunately I can't do it since I have medical condition that not allow me to walk normally. So he asked me to send email with the pictures and receipt which I did but no answer... the more I was thinking about what happened I realize it was wrong refrigerator because at the day we bought it we took all parts with us like manual, filters and so on. Delivered refrigerator has all parts inside the refrigerator... later that day I call to customer service and explain the whole situation. The customer service called to the store and the manager of the store Ms. Kelly was busy at that moment and said she will call me back within 1 hour. No one called me back. Since I have only 30 days to return and 3 weeks pass already I have only 1 week left to return it. Please assist me with this issue. Thank you

Sears Outlet
Sears Outlet

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