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1st sears tech said it was the mother board (There was a green light blinking 2 times quickly).and gave me the part number, so I ordered it. DIY sent me the wrong part. Reordered it and they sent the wrong part again. Ordered from sears parts direct, and they sent me the part I ordered, but the service tech gave me the wrong part number to order. I reordered the correct part and installed it. It worked for 2 days, and then acted the same way the original board acted. The bottom freezer wasn't cold enough and the ice was melting and dripping onto the floor. Called sears and scheduled another appointment and had sears parts direct send me another board. The 2nd tech came out and installed the mother board. Acted the same way the other 2 boards acted. He said that the boards were refrubished and it might taked 3 or 4 boards to get one that works. I ordered another board installed it, same thing. Called sears and scheduled another appointment. I alos ordered 2 more boards just in case it was a bad board. The 3rd tech came out and looked at it and saw the green light blinking on the mother board. He said it was a stroke fault and ordered a linear compressor. he scheduled another appointment to have it installed. The 4th sears tech came and said that the linear compressor ordered was the wrong part and he couldn't install it. He ordered the correct part and scheduled another appointment. The part came in and the 5th sears tech installed it. Didn't seem like he knew what he was doing on this model. It didn't work and he said he had to order another linear compressor. At this point the refrigerator didn't even cool down. The 6th tech showed up and now there the green light on the mother board was blinking 3 times quickly. He didn't install the linear compressor, but tested the new part here and one that was on his truck. . He made some calls and ohmed out the wired harness. He said that the wire inside the cabinet was broken and it couldn't be fixed. This just didn't make any sense to me because it was cooling, but just not cold enough, before the compressor was installed. I asked him it I could bypass the wires in cabinet after he left just to see if that was the problem. ( I knew he wouldn't be able to do that). He said that if I did that I would have to rewire the linear compressor, because he didn't put the wires back on the compressor. He also said that linear compressor tube was pinched and it would cool. I should have had him fix it then, but I was takken back a little bit. I called sears to have a tech come back out and install the compressor correctly because I still want to test it because I don't believe them now after 6 visists. I scheduled the appoinment, and then they cancelled it, I rescheduled it again and they cancelled it again. He I sit with a $2400 refrigerator that doens't work. More importantly to me is the amount of time I had to spend dealing with this issue.

May 18, 2019
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      May 19, 2019

    Hi Joseph.

    Has the problem been taken care of to your full satisfaction? If not, can you provide the original purchase date of the refrigerator in question?

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