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kenmore elite refrigerator

The refrigerator stopped working after approx. 2 years.
I called to schedule a tech visit.
The automated customer service number told me that I did not have an extended warranty.
I asked a friend to take a look at it and he determined that the compressor and or evaporator was shot.
Meanwhile, my wife found paperwork showing that we did, in fact, have coverage.
I called Sears back and once I finally talked to a live person she agreed the warranty was still valid.
The tech arrived a few days later and saw that the panel was off the back and told me I had voided the warranty. I tried to explain that the only reason I looked at it was that Sears told me I didn't have a warranty.
He told me that the Sears system had been down for several days and that is probably why. He said if I hadn't touched the fridge he wouldn't have been able to help due to the system being down.
I've been on hold for hours, written letters and engaged in numerous chat sessions. All to no avail. After 5 weeks without a fridge in a house of 5, I finally went to Lowes and bought a fridge on credit.
I have been a loyal Sears customer for many years. Needless to say, that is over

This is a copy of the letter I sent.

Owen Pritchard
308 Cook Hill Rd
Cheshire, CT 06410
Customer Service
3825 Forsyth Td
Winter Park, FL 32792
Dear Sears:
This letter is to ask for your help regarding my Protection Agreement that I purchased for my Kenmore Elite Refrigerator. The agreement number is [protected] valid 3-28-17 thru 3-28-20.
The refrigerator stopped working on 6-20-19. I called your automated customer service number and the computer said I could talk to her like a real person. I asked if I had a current protection plan on the refrigerator and was told NO. I tried several times to speak to a live person, with no success.
Thinking that I had no warranty, I asked a friend, who is an HVAC technician, to see if he could diagnose the problem.
He could see that the thermistor PTC was melted and there was a large amount of oil in the bottom pan, probably from the evaporator. The compressor was not running, and the indicator light was out.
My wife was looking through our paperwork and found what appeared to be a valid agreement. I called the number on the paperwork and thankfully was eventually able to speak to a live person. She confirmed that yes indeed I had a valid agreement and proceeded to make a service appointment.
When the technician arrived, he took one look at the refrigerator and said I had voided the warranty. I explained that the only reason I touched the unit was based on wrong information from Sears.
He seemed deaf to my situation and told me that I should have Googled the refrigerator before buying it and I would have seen that it is JUNK. His words, not mine.
He explained that Sears' system was down, and he couldn't work on the fridge even if I didn't touch it.
He left me with a phone number [protected] and said "Good Luck"
Since that time, I have tried everyday to try to contact someone to explain my situation and beg for understanding, but the system was down.
I spent an hour on your "Online Chat" service and that person made an appointment for another tech to come out on 7-9-19.
Rather than wait around for another tech to show up and tell me I voided the warranty; I was hoping to clarify my situation beforehand.
While I understand that anyone, other than Sears, working on the appliance voids the warranty, I'm asking if Sears will take some of the fault by telling me I didn't have coverage when in fact I did.
I spoke to a very nice lady today who provide me with your fax number and as I told her, "do you think I would have touched the fridge if I knew that someone would come fix it"?
I have very little faith that the new tech will be able to fix this fridge on 7-9-19 as it appears to have multiple issues, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could let me know if you are willing to stand behind the warranty.
You will see that I have been a faithful Sears customer for many years (both appliances and warranties) and hope that loyalty counts for a little with my present situation.
If I could ask for a timely response it would be appreciated. I like to think I am a very patient person but I have been living in a house of 5 with no refrigerator and it is getting stressful.
If I have no coverage, I will need to make a new purchase soon, but would obviously prefer not to.

Owen Pritchard
[protected] Day or Night.

service repair person never showed up even though appointment was confirmed

I bought a Kenmore fridge and after delivered it was blowing hot air. It was 5 days from delivery so I called...

kenmore elite refrigerator

Our refrigerator is just 2 years old. The compressor failed 18 months after the purchase. It took 5 weeks from the time we made the call to have the part replaced at a cost of $560.00 for parts and Labor. The new compressor only lasted 6 weeks before it stopped working. We made three calls to Customer Service on, 7/20/19 . The first call we were cut off after being on hold for 20-30 minutes. The second call we were disconnected as soon as we told the rep that the compressor that was just replaced just 6 weeks ago stopped working. The third call we told the rep we wanted to speak to a supervisor and we were assured a supervisor would call us back. No call was ever returned. Today we made 3 phone calls. The first call the rep told us they only work with online purchases and gave us a different number to call. We called that number and spoke to supervisor named Cheryl. The connection was poor so she took our landline number and said she would call back. We never received a call back. We called a 3rd time today and are on hold right now for over 1 hour and 16 minutes with no one answering. We purchased a new refrigerator less than 2 years ago and this is the 2nd compressor to fail. How can you treat loyal customers with such poor service. We want to speak to a manager or supervisor today. That should fairly easy for a Company of your size and longevity.

kenmore canister vacuum

Over the years the drop off centers fro vacuum repair have become less and less. So have people who know how to help me.

I have made 6 phone calls to Sears 800 numbers trying to find the nearest drop off center. My first attempt put me in touch with a difficult to hear, difficult to understand 10 second delay phone call with a woman from another country who basically typed in my information (possibly incorrect) int a system and told me that the nearest drop off was over 60 miles away. I couldn't understand or hear her due to the poor connection on her end and had to hang up by the second time she was trying to verbally give me the address.

The second 800 number was easy to hear and but he told me "just call the Camp Hill location, they will help you". I asked them how they will help me and in broken english he told me that all Sears stores know what they are talking about and they will help me.

I called the Camp Hill location and the friendly neighborhood repair guy apologized and said they couldn't' do anything until they had a replacement code from the Protection Plan People and to call a different 800 number.

I reached Barbara at the 4 MY HOME number and she heard me out was very sorry and said she was transferring me to the repair center since she was only online support and would tell them everything they needed to know...I was disconnected

Now I'm on hold with a recording telling me I should "chat" with Sears online except the chat button won't work.

I cannot drive over an hour to have them replace a vacuum! Sears should have an easy drop off location or pick up service.

I've had a canister vacuum since 2008 that have always been replaced by the MPP but every year the drop off centers get farther, my drive gets longer, customer service gets worse and now I may be stuck with a broken vacuum. Of course, it might get replaced with a Kemore vacuum and I'd be in the same situation next year.

sears auto - bait and switch / false advertising

I saw an oil change special for $19.99 at Sears Auto facility in Falls Church, VA. I made an appointment...

appliance service warranty

On June 25th 2019, I called my service repair number to file a service call on my Kenmore washing machine. Two days later the service technician arrived and diagnosed the problem. He had to order parts but Sears systems was down and he told me that an email was sent to order the parts. I had a schedule appointment set for July 10th, on July 8th I made to follow up call and nothing was order! No phone call no follow up with me. In fact I had to make all the calls. I was told the parts where then on order and would arrive July 15th, but that was false as well. I had a scheduled appointment set for July 18th which was cancelled by Sears because I had no parts. Again multiple calls made by me to service and still nothing was happening. Yesterday July 18th I was told that my part was shipped and would be here July 23rd. I have spend over $100 in laundry services due to the negligence of Sears and the Sears technician not following up with my parts. I have spent a lot of hours making phone calls even chatting to get my washer repaired. I am so upset with sears and can not believe that they just drop the ball with a paying customer. I bought my extended warranty and it has been a nightmare. At this point, I am calling everyone from service to Corporate to get a refund of the $100 I am out laundry services due to the negligence of SEARS!

kenmore elite washer

My Kenmore Elite Washer was purchased through Sears back in 2017 with the Master Protection Agreement. The...


July18, 2019 Hello, My husband and I bought a nearly $20, 000 floor from Sears in 2017. The first time we...

Sears Brands

kenmore refrigerator

My fridge was purchased in 2016 and I bought the master warranty. On june 1, 2019, it completely stopped working. I called to have sears come look at it and it took till the end of june for someone to come out. They had to order parts which took over a week. My appt was today and at 10 I was notified that it was canceled. The customer service is poor and I have spent several hours on the phone with them. They said they will only pay for a rental fridge u til mine is fixed. The local shops only rent for 4 weeks at a time. They still told me they would not pay for any rental longer than when my fridge was fixed. It is the middle of july and my fridge is still broken. I will never purchase anything from sears again. They transfer you to someone different every time and get told different responses. I did not get the maximum food loss expense and there was no explanation as to why. When I called today to ask for a manager, they transferred me and the call was disconnected. Do not buy from sears or their warranty service.

refrigerator repair (order number [protected])

I purchased a Kenmore Elite refrigerator less than 4 years ago. On June 5, 2019, upon returning from a trip, I discovered that it was no longer cooling either the refrigerator or freezer (I lost all of the food in both). I called a local appliance repair person who told me that this was a known issue with this model but only Sears could repair it. I called Sear Home Repair and was told that the earliest appointment was 2 weeks away. I scheduled the repair and was given a window of 8-5 for their arrival. The repairman arrived for this appointment and diagnosed what the local repairman had diagnosed over the phone but had to order the parts. 2 weeks later, another person came to install the parts and charged me $400 (even though the parts were under warranty). After waiting a full 24 hours, the refrigerator would not get below 50 degrees, the freezer would not freeze the food and the ice maker was not functioning. During the 3rd visit, I was told that it was working fine and the ice maker was just stuck...he stuck a nail in the ice maker, said it was fixed and left. The refrigerator now was registering 50+ degrees and still no ice or freezing. I am requesting a full refund of the $400 that I paid in repairs as it was not repaired. After about 6 weeks of not having a refrigerator, I gave up and purchased a new one. I, again, do not feel that I should have to pay for repairs that were not made.,

kenmore refrigerator

I purchased a brand new Kenmore Refrigerator in June of 2018 for around $1, 600. In May of 2019, the refrigerator part of the unit stopped cooling. Sears Home Service was contacted and they sent a repairman to fix it. He ordered parts and another repairman came on 5/31 to fix the unit. In late June, it started to do the same thing. I called the repair line again and they scheduled someone to come out on July 3, 2019. The guy came out to diagnose the problem. He said that he ordered parts and another technician would be out on July 18, 2019 to repair the fridge. Today is July 16 - no parts have arrived yet. I called to check on them only to find out that the technician neither ordered parts, nor scheduled an appointment. It's been 2 weeks since the first technician came out and 3.5 weeks since I have had a working refrigerator. This is completely unacceptable. When I called home services and customer support, I get transferred between people that have no answers and/or fix for my problem. I've been hung up on today twice. At this point, I need a solution in the next two days or I will be filing a lawsuit against Sears.

kenmore elite french door refrigerator

I bought the floor model before the local sears closed in jan of 2016 in our area and thought I was getting a...

Sears Kenmore LG

services not performed as well as half performed.

My vehicle has been in and out of Sears auto shops since last year. Work was said to be done that was never done as well as them refusing to service my vehicle while it was still under warranty. My family was almost killed in an accident due to a manager refusing to check work performed by Sears leaving my fiancé and two kids riding with a leak between the break booster and master cylinder causing me to loose all breaks while going through and intersection.

kenmore elite french door

I have Kenmore Elite model 795.72489.410 and have had it for 2 years. We noticed a bad smell coming out of...

air conditioner

Our AC went out 3 1/2 weeks ago. Luckily the AC was still under warranty. We called Sears to send a technician out, which they did within a couple of days. The technician said the motor needed to be replaced and that he needed to order the part and needed to come back when it arrived. He came with the new motor a few days later, but couldn't finish the job. He said that he was missing a tool to install the motor and that he needed to come back. Mind you, we live in New York and the summers are hot. We have three kids in a 95 degree home. Sears automatically rescheduled us for a week later. We tried calling the scheduling department that was zero help. The technician was supposed to show up between 8am and 6pm. By 5 pm, we had a new time on the tracker. They said the technician would come out between 8pm to 10 pm. The guy never shows up!!! The technician originally gave me his cell to contact him, which I did before and he responded, but now all of a sudden, zero response. I took a day off of work waiting for this technician. I checked the tracker again and my appointment was cancelled and rescheduled for a week later! The next day I called, no one could answer me as to why I was rescheduled for a week later! I pled with them that it was 95 degrees in my home with 3 children and what they basically said was, "we are sorry, we will send a message to dispatch and our emergency department to try and expedite this". I asked to speak to a supervisor, their response was, " I'm sorry all supervisors are busy taking other calls, I will have one call you as soon as they can". Phone call after phone call, complaint after complaint, and the representatives saying they couldn't do anything we had no choice but to was that day. One week later. Finally a technician comes, realizes he needed the new motor, he said the original technician has the part. He himself, called the original technician asking him why does he have the part? And why didn't he finish the job. He also mentioned, usually protocol is the responding technician is supposed to finish the job from start to finish.

I had plans to leave on vacation tomorrow. So I called again. Very annoyed by this time, I called again. Spoke to a gentleman, I explained the situation, he says, well it's rescheduled for tomorrow isn't it? I said, yes, but I need to reschedule my flight, so I need an accurate time and can I be the first person seen??? He says, sorry, I can't do anything about that, dispatch assigns the times and I can't call them only message them. I'm even more frustrated!!! I ask to speak to a supervisor. Same thing. It's like they were taught to say, I'm sorry, I don't know, dispatch takes care of that, etc. I'm missing my flight tomorrow for my vacation, my kids have been in a 95 degree home and no one seems to care. Very frustrated and upset.

air conditioner
air conditioner

kenmore elite refrigerator

Hello as this person I have been owner of many Kentmore devices for generations in my family ... and it is so...

lg refrigerator and sears mpa

I have had 4 product failures with either parts or workmanship within a continuous 12 month period. At this point the MPA clearly states under a "Lemon " provision that the product will be replaced. A supervisor named Jay only felt that had 3 failures since on one of the visits the tech forgot to plug in an internal cable ( this sounds like workmanship to me). They are going to order parts and come out for a 5th repair attempt. I plan on continued pursuit of this thru the S.C. Dept of Insurance
At this point I can not recommend a
Sears MPA or LG Refrigerator

lg refrigerator and sears mpa

kenmore elite

Has been down multiple times. Just fixed and still not working right. Repairman due again next week. Only 4 years old and have bought 2 extended warranties. Piece of junk. Every phone number I've been given to escalate doesn't get me anywhere. Stayed on hold for 1 hour yesterday and system ended kicking me off. No luck no matter what I try. I will never buy from sears again

sears master protection agreement

We have two Sears Home Services warranties. One is a pre-existing Master Protection Agreement for our kitchen appliances and the second is a later purchased Home Services Agreement for the rest of our home. On June 19th of this year, we discovered that our LG refrigerator was not operating and contacted Sears. However, we did not receive an initial visit from a Sears service representative until June 26th. After the visit, the technician concluded that the LG main board was not operating at sufficient voltage to test the system, specifically the compressor, and that the board must be replaced first. This was so even though he knew and I had already been informed that the compressors on this model were failing prematurely. Because of some system communication failure, no part was ordered and no other appointment was scheduled until Jury 1 when I found a manager in Sacramento, who kindly directed a representative to our home on that day. After looking the LG over, this technician concluded that the main board was fine, but that the compressor was bad - as I had initially suspected. The technician - or someone in the service chain - ordered the compressor, which was shipped on July 3rd. We are informed that the part is estimated to arrive at our home on July 8. The technician also told us to contact him once the part actually arrives so that he can attempt to fit us in before the next estimated appointment date of July 11. We are not holding our breath. Even presuming that the part arrives as scheduled and the refrigerator can be fixed by that date - by no means a certainty - it will have been three weeks since we have had a refrigerator. We have lost spoiled food and purchased a bunch of ice to carry us over. We even had to purchase a small refrigerator to house medication that must remain cool and dry. To be sure, some of the Sears and out sourced service personnel tried to fix the service and ordering problems. However, we remain very unhappy. It has simply taken to long for this problem to be resolved.
Supplemental Note: Finally. I received an email from UPS today, July 7, that the part was shipped this morning at 11: 06 a.m. from Lathrup, CA and is estimated to arrive before the end of business tomorrow, July 8. We will believe it when we see it.

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    mimzeleh Sep 13, 2019

    Hello. I am a fellow victim of Sears's abominable customer service, technical incompetence, and outright fraudulent Master Protection Plan shenanigans. I've been trying to get the ice maker in my fridge fixed and it's been an absurd and extremely unpleasant experience. I'm in NJ. Very interested to know what your present situation is. And would love to hear from others as well!

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kenmore refrigerator

I have been a loyal Sears customer since 2000 and have all Kenmore appliances. During this time I have had warranties on all of my five appliances paying over $600.00 a year for this service. Recently I called to have a refrigerator service and was told I would have an appointment in two weeks. The day of the appointment I received a call saying that the service was cancelled because the technician called in sick. My rescheduled appointment would be two weeks later a total of one month before service. The schedule department was just sorry and did not offer any recommendations or solutions. I was refer to Benefits Administration Department. They informed me that I could get a dorm size refrigerator until the service was done. I asked what other option did I have? Find my own repair person, pay for service and submit the bill.
What is the purpose of paying hundreds of dollars for warranty protection not to receive service in a timely fashion when it is needed? I will no longer get this warranty from Sears and I would not recommend Sears to anyone for this service

Barbara Bullock