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Fresco Y Mas reviews & complaints

Fresco Y Mas complaints 18

Fresco Y Mas - Coupons fresco issues

Fresco issued a $7.00 coupon if I spent over $35 on my next purchase it was in the bottom of my receipt, when I tried using it wasn't accepted even though I complied with everything and the kicker is they told me that apparently someone had already used it even though it was in my personal belongings
and no one has access to it now that is the most stupid thing I have heard in my life..

Why offer something that you are not going to honor, that is deceit on a store

Desired outcome: that coupons are honored


Fresco Y Mas - Bad treatment of the consumer

Good afternoon. I want to be able to report an employee who works fresh and Mas who works in this store 3701 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33126 is employed in the afternoon shift every day in the collection department of 5 items or less. I am consumed from this store for 2 years. I do not understand and much less understand. How managers can have this type of person in front of the public. Today, December 8, 2021. I hang up my patience by giving a treatment to an older pardon who was in front of me in line. My rating for her and her manager for having these kinds of people. rude. and abusive towards the customer is unfortunate. I am thinking of filing a complaint against this time and against the named employee. any person who is mistreated or marginalized by this type of person. Here is a page where you can call or make the complaint in writing. I want all of us to be respected and treated with kindness and respect. it is the least you can expect as a consumer and as a human being. Thanks. God bless America

Dec 08, 2021


Fresco Y Mas - Check cashing

Every time I come there to cash my check they always tell me oh they don't have enough money to cash my checks which I'm not understanding because I use to come there all the time to cash my $600 checks from Popeyes and they would do it now every Time I come to cash my checks from that same company they tells me oh they can't cash it because they don't have that type of money and that's just crazy to me because that's a grocery store and they cash checks if they don't have the money they need to just stop cashing checks

Desired outcome: A resolution I want to be able to come there and cash my checks


Fresco Y Mas - Pharmacy and covid concerned

Half of the workers were not wearing masks and two days ago I received text saying my medicine was ready I called to confirm and they said yes come on In got there and nothing ready said tomorrow then I called today and they said yes there ready I get in there and nothing I had to leave work early and waste my time and gas money and miss out on 3hours of work I get paid 15 an hour that's 45 dollars alone. NOt counting gas money or wear and tear on my car

Desired outcome: Apologies from everyone at the pharmacy and maybe a discount


Fresco Y Mas - Departament de Carnes

Es para dejarles saber que la maquina de hacer picadillo siempre se daña cada vez q hay un joven q no se como se llama, hemos ido varios sabados, he llamado a la manager, la ultima vez pedi hablar...

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Jun 21, 2021

Fresco Y Mas - Employees needing training.

I have been shopping at Fresco y Mas, formerly Winn-Dixie. Store #0287, Kendall for many years. Today after waiting for 5 minutes in line to pay, an associate with items in her cart walked passed by...

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Fresco Y Mas - Store, Fresh and Customer service manager

The store manager dictatorially forbade us water since according to him we were wasting it and now we have to work without that precious liquid and we become dehydrated and the fresh manager verbally harasses the employees and believes that he is above all And the same happens with the customer service manager and she likes one to do extra work and does not defend her employees and is always on the side of the clients regardless of the safety of her employees

Store 0388

Fresco Y Mas - Product

This is my second email, no response to the first one. I shopped at Fresco Y Mas at 7382 East Curry Ford Rd & I was told that I wouldn't be able to receive the free 20 ounce Pepsi Mango soda, reason being any hadn't come in. I then promptly ask if there was a substitute or could I get a rain check? I was made to wait fifteen minutes to see a manager, I then stated I have been waiting fifteen minutes, your manager said I had things to attend to in the office and it's only about a free soda that we don't have in store. I was thrown aback, because I had not told her the reason I wanted to speak to her. One really pissed off customer!

Apr 28, 2021

Fresco Y Mas - General manager, JOEL JIMENEZ

Joel jimenez, manager at nw. 9565 flagler st., miami, fl. Has terrible service manners. He pulled his mask down so i could see is anger. Never is aware of products availability. Is not
willing to please. Just a figure head, not a problem solver but hands in his pockets. He told me to go and buy at doral, where i live.

Womens batroom is filthy. Toilets are not discharged having toilet paper floatin toilet bowls have urine and feces. External entrance door is full of grime and soiled. Totally deplorable. No and soap, no hygience.

Looks like a central america truck stop. Pitiful store awful manager. No skills on temperament, organization and service.

Laura m. Pruna, attorney at law,
incident today, 4/28/21, midday



Fresco Y Mas - The store manager and former employees that sit in store and harnesses people

I am a customer at tour store im spelling wrong cause I am very upset an going to follow up with police complaints. I had my favorite cashier jury Murcia get fired while I am waiting in line because she defended a 17 year old girl cause another customer like myself was calling her the N WORD. An some woman that was with this man talked about judy mother. I am telling my friends to no longer shop at your store that was wrong for what your management did to her for helping a fellow employee I thought that fresco y mas was family well that is what family does.. My Favorite Cashier Goodbye Fresco Y Mas your establishment is awful

Desired outcome: Bring my favorite cashier back

Fresco Y Mas - Store 231-Manager Cinthya

Good afternoon,

I was at Fresco Y Mas (Store No. 0231) and I had a very bad experience with manager Cinthia. My husband told her (Hello, Hello) to ask her where to find the salads and she kept walking; He followed behind thinking that she had not heard and she turned very rude saying Hello no, he says good night in a very bad attitude and in front of my daughter. Then we went to complain to Customer Services, we talked to Jonathan and explained to him and supposedly he went to look for the manager and when he came back he told us that the one with the problem was the manager. She was so unprofessional that she didn't
He didn't even apologize. I don't think she's capable of working with the public. What example are you setting for your employees?

Fresco Y Mas - Not mask wearing properly

This incident happened today 11/12/2020. I went into the store and I saw several customers not wearing their masks properly and the employees as well. There was no one enforcing this situation. I...

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Oct 10, 2020

Fresco Y Mas - Services

I have been at fresco y mas located at 1640 west 49 st hialeah fl 33012 today 10/10/2020 bet 10. 00am to 10.30am. The clerk in a front end counter provide one of the most services by the wrong way...

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Jul 04, 2020

Fresco Y Mas - Marsh Allan 18” portable charcoal grill

They had the product under another price at the entrance of the store trying to fool the customers. I saw this charcoal grill at $18.74 then they told me the correct price is $40. Are they playing...

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Fresco Y Mas - Store

Just wondering why can you have a store in the Clearwter, Florida. There is plenty of spanish people on the area, and we have to travel all of way to the Tampa area, to find anything ...please, please make your corporate do the logistics, and I'm pretty sure it will be a good to have one!

Fresco Y Mas - managers and store managers abusive behavior

I'm writing as an employee, I work at the store 201 and the manager and store managers have a slavery instead of a working place. The lack of respect is palpable. I can speak for a few coworkers when...

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Oct 12, 2019

Fresco Y Mas - maltrato de los store manager con los empleados

Buenos dias; A quien pueda interesar y les importe a sus empleados en los frescos y mas de Miami en Hialeah los stores manager son una falta de respeto con los empleados y los tratan super mal y ya...

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Fresco Y Mas - about the manager on duty estrella

On june 4 at 2.38 pm I was approaching the cashier station 4 from counting from produce and I slip and fell when I look on the floor there was something spill in the aisle when estrella saw it was me...

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