Ross Dress for Lessemployment

V Nov 19, 2019

I worked as a stock lead with Ross i started after an entire stock team had been fired. Well Ross has an amazing process that if you have the right amount of people it works great. I was suppose to have 15 employees on my team and i only had 7 and most of the time a few would call in or even no call no show. Never a disciplinary action. If i requested off, none of the work would get done and i would have to work 11 hour shifts once i returned, I never called in, i was the first one there and the last to leave. Anything my manager asked of me i did and any advice given i used it. Ross was perfect as far as schedule pay and benefits. Everything about this company is great even their process, but their managers are not capable of training the process. I was fired due to productivity. When i think of the time and dedication i invested in this job it hurts physically and mentally. They lose a lot of loyal and dedicated employees due to managers being incompetent. But im building a company that insists if a business does not treat their employees right, they lose their customers.

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