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Complaints & Reviews

rip off

My friend got one of the first generations of iPhone, when rogers started selling them, apple also had a new...

rogers wireless contract transfer

I had a terrible rep service from Rogers in March 2009. I am an international student and because some family...


Rogers has continually operated in the most underhanded methods to gain a competitive edge in the market place. They have been allowed to use public market funds to purchase entire sub-divisions where new development is being constructed. They have already taken over existing clients from all other companies prior to this. -By way of hostile take-over.

Once again Rogers has sent out another notice to all customers informing them of a rate increase. This company operates like a monopoly while our government and politicians sit back and enjoy hidden kick-backs from Rogers executives.

How on earth could they get away with being allowed to buy up all of their competitors is something I just don't understand. In being given the privilege to make these acquisitions, the government has openly allowed Rogers to charge whatever increased fees they prefer. This misuse of power is now affecting the operations and decision making abilities of the CRTC. Rogers is no longer a "company" anymore, it is the arm of the Canadian government.

Rogers has a strict policy to provide compromised service while increasing fee rates and taking over existing companies through the use of public funds.

Our national anthem is in order...

lost phone

I'd lost my phone on the way into work, work at a call center here. Didn't realize the phone had...

customer service 'white liars'

I wanted to order setanta sports to watch soccer. I made it clear that I was visiting my parents house for the holidays and that I live in england. The rogers representative told me it was $14.99. I understood this as meaning for the month. What I found out later was that there is a minimum of a four-month contract. It was obvious to the rep that I was visiting and only was interested in watching a few games. I consider it lying for him not to inform me about the four-month commitment.
Shame on you rogers..

  • No
    nothappywithrogers Feb 02, 2009

    Rogers is horrible, when we first moved into our house they charged us an addtional 350 dollars by accident...yes they did correct this but now years later, I just had a credit report done and it's showing 340 dollars owing to Rogers that is apparently from 2002 - 2003 time frame. I'm sure Rogers was paid, so far I've called them, as well as the collection agency they placed the claim with along with my bank etc...and Rogers can't tell me what I owe this money for. I have now called Rogers about 5 or 6 times asking to speak with a Supervisor and requesting to know what I supposedly owe this money for but NO ONE has gotten back to me. The collection agency is of course advising that I pay...they don't seem to understand why would you pay a bill that you're sure you've already paid. If Rogers can only produce a copy of my bill that I supposedly owe for I could go back in my bank records and confirm that it was paid. Why are they so difficult to deal with, are we not the customers the ones that ultimatley pay their salary???

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wrongful billing

Company refused to stop the service (cable) even after I called many times. The bills keep comming and now I'm threatend me with a collection agency.
Here is a copy of my email exchange with Rogers

It looks like there is a bad case misscomunication . I asked many time Apr, June, Oct to stop my subscription to cable. But for some reason your employee, refused to do that. So from the position that Rogers own me money I end up me owning Rogers some $120, for a service I did not asked or used. I do not understand I am liable for something wich is not my fault. Regarding your phone number([protected]), I tryed a few of time, without talking to somebody alive after half an hour of wait.
Again I notify Rogers many time to interrupt the service, and is not my fault that your employee failed to do that, so I see no reason to pay for a service I did not asked for.


PS Merry Xmas

From: Rogers Cable Customer Service <[protected]>
To: alex costin <[protected]>
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2008 7:29:20 AM
Subject: Re: Your Rogers Cable Technical Support Inquiry (KMM55491459I114L0KM)

Dear Alex Costin,

We noticed that you recently contacted Rogers Communications, utilizing
the 'Contact Us by Email' service on Customer Service is
very important to Rogers Communications. We continually strive to exceed
our customers' expectations. The Email Team "Ecare" would like to
acknowledge and apologize that we did not meet your expectations of
receiving a response within 24 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience
we caused you.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of
online customer service.

In your recent email, you have informed us that you cancelled this
account at the end of April, but you are still receiving invoices.

When we look into this, we see that this account was on Travellers
Ticket option from April to June 2008. This option is similar to a
seasonal suspension for your services, while you travel. We also see
that you called in in June and it was explained to you at that time that
the account had not been cancelled. At that time, you chose to
downgrade your services to basic analogue. You called in again in
October, and once again it was explained that the account has not been

Presently this is an active account that is entering a Pending
Disconnect stage due to non-payment. If this happens, you will still be
responsible for any money owed. If a payment is not made, then
eventually the account will be sent to a collection agency and this will
affect your credit rating.

We suggest that you contact contact Wireless Accounts Receivable toll
free in Canada at [protected] from a landline or *567 from your
wireless between the hours of Monday to Friday from 7AM to Midnight and
Saturday from 8AM to 9PM EST to create a Promise to Pay to avoid the
above mentioned scenario.

For your security and to ensure the confidentiality of all customer
accounts, we are unable to complete disconnection requests via e-mail.
We kindly ask that the account holder contact our customer care center
by phone at your convenience. You may contact our Wireless Customer
Relations department toll free from a landline at [protected] or by
dialing *611 from your wireless phone. Our Hours of Operations are
Monday to Friday from 8AM to 9PM and on Saturday from 8AM to 6PM, EST.

Please note we do require 30 days notice for cancellation and we are
unable to disconnect accounts that have been disconnected due to

We are pleased to have been able to address your inquiry. For additional
information please visit our website at You are a valued
customer and we thank you for your business.

For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please
quote reference number [protected]

Karen W Rogers Online Customer Support

Original Message Follows: ------------------------
BD 23/03/48
Pin# no idea. Maybe some other questions.
Call me on 4167330652H or 4166975573C

From: Rogers Cable Customer Service <[protected]>
To: [protected]
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 2:34:12 PM
Subject: Re: Your Rogers Cable Technical Support Inquiry

Dear Alex Costin,

We noticed that you recently contacted Rogers Communications, utilizing
the 'Contact Us by Email' service on

Customer Service is very important to Rogers Communications. We
continually strive to exceed our customers' expectations. The Email Team

"Ecare" would like to acknowledge and apologize that we did not meet
your expectations of receiving a response within 24 hours. We apologize
for any inconvenience we caused you.

Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of
online customer service.

In your recent email, you have informed us that you are billed for
services which you have disconnected.

Please send us your Date of Birth plus any password that you may have
personally attached to this account, for verification and security
purposes. If there is a 4 digit PIN number on this account, we shall
need that as well.

Once we have the necessary verification information, we can then address


We are pleased to have been able to address your inquiry. For additional

information please visit our website at

You are a valued customer and we thank you for your business.

For future email correspondence with respect to this e-mail, please
quote reference number [protected]

Karen W
Rogers Online Customer Support

Original Message Follows:
*** Your Rogers Cable Technical Support Inquiry ***

Account Number --> [protected]

Name --> Alex Costin

Email --> [protected]

Address 1 --> 61 Santa Barbara Rd

Address 2 --> Toronto

Postal Code --> M2N 2C3

Subject --> Your Rogers Cable Technical Support Inquiry

Comments --> I called back in end of April and I asked to have the
disconnected. The bills keep coming, even I called at least 3 times,
repeating my request. Nobody is using the service, and I do not intend
pay for something I do not use. Please stop the service and stop billing

me for a service I do not use from April, and I do not intend to use.
you have any question please call me on [protected]

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  • Ph
    phyllis r bishop Oct 22, 2013

    i received a very annoying phone call early this morning before i was out of bed from a lady with a foreign accent. She tells me there is something wrong with my computer, i get out of bed, turn on my computer and tell her it's working fine, she went o atirade very harassingly till i hung up. Was this a legitimate call?

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  • Br
    brad conlan Jul 10, 2015

    hi there, i recently had rogers come out and install cable to my home at 1478 highbury ave n5y5n6. the man that ran my new line to the house said that someone would be here in a couple of weeks to bury the cable line, but a couple of month's have gone by now and my cable line is still laying on the ground and in the air.i would appreciate it if someone from rodgers would get back here and bury the line before someone runs it over with the lawnmower, this may not be an important issue for you, but it is for me, so once again my name is brad conlan my address is 1478 highbury ave north, london, ont. n5y5n6, my phone number is 226 456 1145. i would really appreciate this getting handled before my cable line get's destroyed by the lawnmower thank-you. my account number is 232-403472806

    0 Votes

doesn't work

I was intrigues by all the commercials for the Rogers Wireless Internet Stick so I bought one. The ads all seem to be "plug and play" and the instructions indicated just that. My laptop is not brand new but is only two years old. I tried to make it work and could not. Took it back to the dealer and they tried and then called Rogers themselves only to be told that it works "with about half of the laptops they try it on". And that's laptops that are suppposedly compatible. It doesn't work on Mac's at all.
So, I returned it and thought that was the end of it. Apparently not. I continued to get billed for the "monthly service". I called to try to get that resolved only to be told that Rogers couldn't help me with that - I needed to go back to the store. So ... bottom line - very unhelpful people and a product that clearly does not work the way it is advertised.

  • Ar
    Argh.. Jul 13, 2011

    A person phoned me on behalf of Rogers in January to offer me a promotional discount on my existing wireless internet subscription. She explained that is was a retention program, so as long as I did not cancel for a year, the discount would apply. I indicated that I was interested, but that I would be moving in with my boyfriend in August, and since he already has Rogers internet, I would have to cancel the service at that time. She said "As long as you are moving in with someone that is already a Rogers customer, you would not be penalized, so you are eligible for the discount". Having dealt with many painful Rogers service issues in the past, I asked again, and was reassured that I wouldn't be assessed a cancellation fee in August (you already know where this story is going, I'm sure). She then transferred me to someone else who she said would actually make the change to my account. So, I asked the second Rogers person the same thing, explaining the situation with the move, and she responded that it would be no problem, I would not have to pay a cancellation fee...Flash-forward to today, when I called to cancel my internet and was told that I would have to pay a cancellation fee, that there was no policy to waive the fee for someone moving into an already-Rogers subscribed home, and there was no notes attached to the January change in my file saying that they had told me that. So, I asked him to request the recording of the January phone call (yes, I've been through this all before with Rogers, sadly I know how this works), and he said he'd request it from his manager, but that it had been a third party doing the January promo calls, so they may not have access to the recording. So, now I am waiting for the manager to call me back, as the days until my move are going to tick down, and of course they require a ridiculous 30-day cancellation notice. I honestly sometimes wonder if this kind of stuff is a sanctioned business practice at Rogers to make more money- just wear down your customers with conflicting information and clueless customer service people until they give up and pay to make the frustration go away. I know that sounds crazy, but I can't believe that a company can be this predictably inept by accident.

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fraud on my accounts

MY story is long but I am going to make it short. I am rogers customer since december 2002. like today 6 years I have 5 cell phones cable internet. my average monthly bill 400 september 2008. I get a phone call from rogers customer service. asking me how is my I phone and if iam satisfy with the phone. I was surprise what are they talking about, they said that ihave order 2 iphones not one. make a long story short they said that they are going to adjust the story.
1-the fact is they accusing me with theft and this not accebtebale.
2-I did not receive any invoice in september and october.
they call me for the payments I said that I dont have any invoice. so roger customer services thy changed my address to a different one and all the invoices are going there. they want me topay over 1000 dollars with no september all my phones name display has changed.
the suspend my services because I did not pay, the reason is that I dont have invoices. I ask to send me a copy wich I got charge extra to sed the invoices.
I start paying the 1st invoices but the charges are not correct.
rogers they admit that fraud has been done tomy account. and they dont care they want to pay for it you call customer services after hours and hours waiting they hang up on you. and now they suspend my services again whish is their mistake not me I have all the proof. this is uneccaptable fro rogers wireless. thanks

  • An
    andrewkyselka Nov 27, 2009

    i agree .they do not care.they will sign you up for all sorts of things, but it's very difficult to disconnect anything.they put you on hold then hang up.if asked what happened and why the services weren't disconnected they say the call was dropped.when asking for the name or reference # of the representative you are speaking with, they don't match.they get commission for any sale.i found out i got five features to my phone and i didnt want need to confirm your order a minimum of 4 times.i don't know why it needs to be so frustrating.

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customer service inadquancy

Everytime I call Rogers to inquire about my account, there's some new information in there that I had nothing to do with. It seems there is lack of communication between the customer service reps. At one point I even talked to a "supervisor" informing her to listen to the apparently recorded conversation I had with a previous customer service rep to get the right info, as I was told one thing but my account said differently. How convenient that they can't access these recorded calls..."Oh it will take MONTHS". Thing is, I called Rogers EVERDAY for 2 weeks trying to get some sort of info from anyone with what was going and nothing. Their people don't care to finding out what the correct information is and there's nothing customers can do except feel helpless.

  • Mi
    mish Nov 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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On Fri. Nov 8/08, as the final month of our 3 year contract approached, my spouse contacted Rogers to renew our contract and to actually order two new cell phones. After being told we were considered excellant customers based on our three year history, the deal was made, and charges were calculated. No word from the rep regarding when the final payment for the new phones was due.
Today, Wed., Nov 12/08, after yesterday's day of morning, I attempted to use my cell phone. My call was directed to Rogers customer service, where I was informed that charges on my account were over the limit, and therefore, our service had been suspended.
After bouncing between billing and customer service for approx. 1 - 1 1/2 hours, we determined we were over our limit because of the new phones we had purchased, but not yet received. Furthermore, despite our history and the fact that we still had a month on our current contract, nothing could be done to reinstate service until payment had been received.
Know what they can do with their service? And, where else do I write.

  • Mi
    Miss J Jul 12, 2009

    I had a similar experience with the Rogers Wireless store in Kildonan Place mall. An employee there said I could upgrade my phone for $75.00 and my boyfriend could get a new phone for $250.00. We had no intention of spending $325.00 that day though, so we declined the offer.

    Now here's where it gets interesting - the store manager then told us that he could arrange for us to get both phones that day without making an immediate payment. He assured us that the hardware costs of ~$325.00 would be set up on a separate "hardware upgrade plan", to be paid off over a six month period. He entered the information for the new hardware into their system and told us we would receive the payment plan information with our next monthly statement. We left the store as happy customers.

    Next month when we received our statement we were enraged soon-to-be-former-customers...

    The balance due showed our regular monthly fees, PLUS the $325.00 whole hardware cost, PLUS a "hardware upgrade" fee of $40.00! Our total bill for that month was over $600.00!! When I spoke with a customer service rep, I was told that they had no such "hardware upgrade plan" and that we were obviously mistaken. Rather than believe that their store had intentionally mislead their customers or, in the very least, offer some kind of remedy to the problem, they simply demanded the full amount be paid by the next month. Failure to make the full payment would result in the suspension of our service.

    We paid them their money and immediately cancelled our service with them. $400.00 early cancellation and all.

    Horrible company.

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phone died before contract expired

I have a Blackberry wireless phone. I signed a three-year contract and purchased a warranty from the kiosk that was a Rogers dealer with the knowledge that if I didn't use the warranty I would get my money back.

I went to use the warranty when the screen on my phone cracked. Not covered. More over, the dealer went out of business and was replaced by another dealer - and the warranty - that company has gone bust too.

Ok, time to review my options.

1. Go to Telus
2. Purchase an iPhone
3. Purchase another Blackberry

As I was already a Rogers subscriber, in order for me to take advantage of all the offers on the table, I would have to pay a hefty upgrade fee - so I will waited.

I looked at iPhone but was not confident in the screen and the battery issue was a real turn off. Too bad as I was prepared to upgrade to the iPhone.

Over to the RIM's Blackberry Bold. Well, with a little bit of negotiation I managed to get a better upgrade price on the Bold and ordered one.

After a week I called Rogers and was told there was no stock.

A week later, I called again and was told that 1, 000 units came in, but I was not one of the recipients. Cancelled the order.

A day or two later, my existing Blackberry device stop working all together. Now I am on an emergency phone that I had in the dresser drawer. No data service, just the phone.

So, back to my first thought.

1. Go to Telus
2. Go to a Kiosk where service is so bad that the word customer should be imprinted on the forehead of every representative that works in these places.
3. Go back to Telus and wait for the Storm. But, the Storm doesn't have WiFi.

So Rogers - thanks for nothing.
Apple – Solve the battery issue
RIM – put WIFI in the Storm

  • Js
    JS Nov 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's bizarre... I bought a Curve from Rogers a year ago and a renewed contract. Within a month, I damaged the phone somehow and the USB port stopped working. I called Rogers, explained the phone was not working, they sent me a new phone 2 days later. Another 6 months later, I dropped the phone (for the hundredth time) and cracked the screen. I called them, they sent me a new phone 2 days later. I never paid any 'protection insurance', nor any warranty fees, nothing but the monthly phone+data plan. They just send me a new (refurbished) phone whenever I break mine, which has happened at least 4 times in the past few years.

    My understanding is that as long as you have a Rogers contract, they will replace your phone (with a same-model refurb), all you pay is the shipping fee. That's been my experience!

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billing & product

Im just finsihed talking to April id#403008 and her Manager Darren. My phone is disconnected for not paying...

Mississauga Telecommunications


After 10 years with fido, a late payment resulted in A freeze in service from fido. This helped me to...

100% ripping people off no conciderations for customers at all

In January 2008 I signed a 3 years contract with Rogers for the new Blackberry Pearl. The slaes person assured me that this phone will work in Korea, China and Mongolia where I do Business and travel often.
The Map showed showed most of the world.
during my First Trip to Korea, the phone did not work, in most of China it did not and only in Limited areas in Mongolia it worked.
When I returned Home in July, 2008 I complained to the store where I purchased the Phone, they said I mist contact Customer service, I did only to be faced with rude and arrogant person, I started writing email to the corporate email address, the answeres were not addressing my problem, I than Talked to a supervisor, and was told to address this in writing, i told her I did, no answeres to my direct questions were received.
I then wrote again and I have copies of all the emails.
I asked A- Cancell the service, B- Unlock my Phone so I can Use a SIM Card from the countries I travel to
The answer was nop, Can't do
I then asked to reduce the service to the minimum, was told the store can do it.
Went to the store, was told, the Only Minimum is $20 a month and only via the toll free #.
I got sick of them all and the very high charges the impose for even texeting to Aisa, I wrote the another email to be faced that I Have to Pay $400 cancelation Fees even when they do not cover areas, they do not service and advertize that they do.
I travelled back to Asia and now Have a local Telephone that takes SSIM cards for the countries I travel.
For the Last time I send and E-Mail from China requesting to Cancel the service here is their Answer:
E- Mail Can not do it must do it myself or by a # that do not work or from a PHONE that do not work from where I was.
Korea and other areas, are nbot included and I am to get a local Phone WOW how blatent arrogance that was, and Oh, they are not responsible, not even a sorry.
I must Pay the Bill or, else, and this followed by Cutting the service and requesting activation fees for a PHONE that is 100% useless !!!
Then, they Called my wife harrassing her for payments which I did to keep my Good Credit rating.

There Must be a law to stop this big company from such actions and be responsible to say sorry, and make their rules to match cirumstances that from the bigining they were missleading when the product and services were sold.

If any one out there has similar experiences with Rogers, or have a legal remedy I will appreciate the answer.

I hope the Law will Catch up with them soon.


  • Su
    suzanne Oct 27, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They con people in to their system like no other and I mean con. No truth to their set-up and suck you into faulty contracts just to suck you dry after they s ign you, I didn't sign a thing and they increase the bill 1000.00 /month even with no service( cut off) because refused to pay when no service 20 min from home... Their phone service stinks and don't try to talk to a rep they just hang up..Rogers stinks...

    0 Votes
  • Zi
    ziggy Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    im now on contract with rogers and hav gt the iphone 3g-
    rip off is what they are.
    i recieved 3 bills in a period of 1 month---never go with rogers

    1 Votes
  • Am
    Amar Bukaladis Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's our fault because we accept this Canada way of PRE-charge for EVERYTHING as expensive as it could be without giving us back the service we are paing for. It is like there is an invisible agreement that say we must pay, and pay, and pay, and see our income evaporates without asking ourselves: "Do I really must pay all that amount of money for what i'm receiving for?". Cars are expensive. Registration of a car is expensive. Getting a Drivers Licence is expensive. Parking is expensive. Public Tranportation is expensive! Communications is expensive. Rogers is the perfect example of that. We always critizice Americans thinking we do better, but they actually make their money last longer, and they are more productive than we are. Think about it.

    0 Votes
  • Er
    ericagabriel Mar 11, 2009

    I live along the St. Lawrence river and continually pick up US towers. Usually it was only 10$ a month or something, so I let it slide, but on my latest bill i had over 200$ in charges. When I called Rogers, they said that I had been visiting the states and that they wouldn't get rid of the charges. How is it my fault that my cell phone picks up american towers from my own home??? I turned off my phone and am not using it anymore. I guess I'll just have to ride out the rest of my contract. What poor customer service.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    jasonwatson45 Feb 12, 2010

    i got a rogers phone and had it 3 months and on the third month i got a bill for $750 i called and complained and they said they would lower it to $400 so i agreed to pay $400 so i waited for my bill and did not use the phone at all i never got a bill and they cancellrd my phone and never saw a bill nothing from them i went to tyhe bank 2 years later and they sent me to collections saying i owe $2250 nothing but theifs and crooks and im gonna have to pay once again the big rich company robs another person and whos tax dollars are gonna bail them out when they go under complete bullsh*t

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Rogers_MJ Feb 16, 2010

    Hi Jason!

    I'm MJ from the Rogers online help team.

    I saw your post and I'd like to help.

    I sent you a pm to get more details from you.

    Once I've received your e-mail, I'll look into this for you.

    Have a good afternoon,


    0 Votes
  • Pe
    Peter_in_ThunderBay Dec 27, 2012

    Their customer service is so poor that I feel sick for dealing with them in the first place. I called to cancel my service in August, they said that if they cut my fee in half, and I ride out the rest of my contract, that I would save money. I agreed. The reduced fee never happened. I phoned 2 more times, each time they said it was "stuck in the system and now it is fixed". each time they lied to me, they never fixed anything. In November I noticed that the fee still had not changed. I called them, they fixed it again, and I had a $3 credit (because I always pay my bills), I then cancelled the service. Within a week I got harassing calls from Rogers saying that I have not paid my bills. This company is run by crooks, stay away. Cancel your service immediately.

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  • To
    Tonytu Sep 09, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same problems with them. 4 months ago I switch to Rogers apparently the service in my region was better. What a fool I was. Service is not good at all lost line all the time not to mention all the dead zone. There's not a month that I haven't called them because there was a mistake on my bill. I was with the same provider for the last 18 years never had a problem should've stayed with them.

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customer service

If you have tried to call rogers customer service, you know where I'm going with this. EVERY time they are experiencing "high volumes" of calls showing their lack of capacity for the obviously high number of complaints. Ironic for a telephone service provider? The last time I called I was on hold in "priority" sequence for 20 minutes. When I eventually reached a real person I was told to call back in 2 hours because they had computer problems - another ironic issue considering they are an internet provider. Last year they cut my cable and left me with no phone for an hour. Apparently this was planned but told noone! This company is a monopoly and constantly cons people into accepting special deals only to find your monthly payment increases again and again.

  • Cb
    C.Bishop Mar 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just got off the phone a short while ago regarding an overbilling. Some $80 was attached to the bill as a "connection fee".. Imagine if I had direct payment set up through my bank account and didn't pay attention to my bill thinking it was static. Well Rogers would be taking money from me and its nothing short of a scam. If you don't notice or bother to call them up to find out what the extra billing is about then they just pocket the money. Its funny how grocery stores are forced to have checks in place for sale prices at the cash but none are watching to see how many millions a company like Rogers Cable is scamming out of peoples pockets.

    A lot of people arn't aware of how shifty the Rogers bill can be. For instance in my case I have wireless, internet and cable all on one bill. My older cable provider (bought out by rogers) used to bill me for the service after I got it meaning I didn't get billed for a month till after that month was past. Rogers bills me BEFORE I get the service.. and not only that if the payment isn't right on time they tag on what they call a "service fee" of $25 ! .. So for example Im a little late on my payment they add another $25 onto my bill. Its not interest just a flat out late payment charge for services I've not even received. Further Im not sure how they do the wireless billing.. in advance no less because well my bill you would think was hinged on my long distance calls.. somehow its not. I can't tell how because their customer service reps are only more interested in threatening to have my service shut off. But the problem is that the scam is getting too big and its near out of my ability to afford.

    Originally I was sold a wireless plan 2 phones for thirty dollars a month.. after I start getting my bills I see that its actually $60... Once rogers turned my phone service off just before Christmas demanding I pay some $200 to have it hooked up and to ensure the rest of my services were still in place as well. Basically they took presents out from under the tree.

    I could go on and on.. but the point is who is watching to see how many millions of dollars rogers cable is pocketing ? How many people call rogers up regarding their bill and over charging? How can rogers legally charge a "service fee"/late fee on services not recieved? I've had my services cut back substantially because I can't afford the payments that are aggravated by their scams like "service fee"s (which isn't a service at all mind you) and still the bill is somehow much higher then it should be. I look through the jumbled mass of billing they send me and its just not clear whats going on. High speed internet $40 basic cable $35 (which includes a digital black box I no longer use or need so I tried to explain to them I don't want to be charged for but they insist I can't return it) and 2 wireless phones $60. $135 is what I should be paying but somehow they are billing me upwards of $185 and I can't clear it up. The problem with just dropping them is that I have a stupid wireless contract for 3 years and all the services are to be bundled.

    When I call them to ask about payments I feel like Im talking to some kind of collections agency.. not a customer. If I ever get out of this plan I'll never go back with this company again.

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  • Ra
    Randy Levine Oct 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have Rogers cable, Internet, and wireless services and I have never been late on any of my payments. Thus, I have never seen a 'service charge.' I carefully mark my calendar each month, and I make sure that Rogers is paid well in advance of the due date. I also made sure that I could afford the services that I wanted to receive from Rogers before I signed up.

    When I signed up for Rogers, I was made aware of all the costs associated with my account. Granted, it can be a little confusing at first. But isn't it the consumer's obligation to 'keep after them' until you are satisfied with the layout? After all, you alone are the 'guardian' of your money.

    If you keep calling their customer service number and asking questions you will see that it is all logical and rarely do they make a mistake.

    The bottom line: Responsible consumerism dictates that one be aware of ALL costs, billing realities, and due dates, as well as one's budget and willingness to part with said monies. If you only focus on the commercials,you will surely feel ripped off.

    Real cost is for you to figure out.

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  • St
    Steve Mar 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to be with Sprint, till Rogers bought them out. The bills just went up & up. Later the added charges and asterisks started. All the while any regulatory body for this type of garbage stands idly by, as if they're on Roger's payroll. I dumped them, no more Rogers products.

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  • Ba
    basslion Jan 28, 2010

    Wow, you turn on your tv nowadays and it seems each channel has its own volume level. Seems the volume level really peaks when a Rogers commercial comes on (what a coincidence). Why do i need a Rogers commercial coming on telling me to get Rogers Cable or to get Rogers Internet services or Hoem Phone services. I think each customer should have commercials displayed based on the product they dont have. If i dont have internet, then sure show me Rogers internet commercials, but come on every 5th commercial seems to be for Rogers Cable advertising something i already have.

    Also it would be nice to have a balance for volume where i can adjust the volume of all channels through the cable box menu so thatall channels have the exact same volume level. It is not fun turning the tv channel and waking up people

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  • MaryP Feb 03, 2010

    Hi basslion - This is Mary with the Rogers online communications team.
    Thanks for your feedback. This has been shared with our team.

    Take Care,

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  • Al
    Alvin Le Blanc Jan 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    what is it with hln & others being temporarily off the air now for 2-3 days that I know of.

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  • Cr
    crob000 Mar 04, 2011

    Rogers is a fraudulent company. They trump bills in hopes you do not pay them so that it can be send to collections to collect an insurance pay out for money lost. The losers always end up as the insurance companies but they have no way to prove its fraud.

    My gf reported her phone stolen and they said they would charge 7 dollars a month after that to keep the account active... I know it makes no sense at all. This was a complete fabrication on their part. They continued to charge full price and late fees and interest and to not send her a bill for 8 months! It obviously ended up in collections but collections wouldn't even deal with it because they know its a fraudulent bill so they want us to bully Rogers to drop it... yeah right... they were already paid for it.

    I gave them a formal complain and wrote down all the numbers behind it. Requested a representitive from ehad office call me to confirm the bills and to discuss that matters at hand. They ignored me.

    They are a fraudulent company plain and simple. If you don't need them, don't give them a cent!!!

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false advertising

That there is a flier i got yesterday but someone has scanned and uploaded from the markham area which i just saw now i have at home and called rogers because i need to upgrade my phone and and said them selfs they don't have the phone and they printed it and sent it out that it was suppose to be out now. So witch is considered false advertising.Me personally would really like rogers to pay for this mistake because of all the problems they give to us customers and i am a rogers customer. We pay the most for cell phones and services fees in the world. I'd really like some lawyer or someone to file a lawsuit or what ever can really be done am only 17 years of age but want them to pay up big for there mistake. If anyone can do anything or would like more info please just text me i got school so you know don't wanna get in trouble.

  • Sm
    smax Jul 31, 2009

    I bet you`re talking about the iPhone, and they`re back ordered all over the world.

    You`ll realize, when you`re older than 17, that things on back order will be the least of your problems.

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terrible service

Rogers home phone will just drop out. sometimes for a few minutes, sometimes for days. do not use rogers home phone. see more details:

  • Ba
    Barbara Apr 23, 2009

    I have been trying to have my "FREE" listing with the WHITE PAGES as promised by Rogers since August 2008. As anyone who has ever had to call rogers knows, hours are spent being transferred. After thirty-five calls over an eight month period and being promised five times that this has been corrected, I find myself yet again on the phone on hold trying to have this corrected. This is my third call today and I have been on hold for two and a half hours and transferred a number of times. I had given up a couple of months ago because I couldn't handle the constant calling and getting nowhere.
    When I think about the number of calls my business would have had if I was ever properly listed it makes me realize that this may be a major factor as to why my business is currently in trouble. I mean, if you cannot even find my in the directory.
    This is the worst, most unprofessional experience I have ever had but trying to switch carriers would be a six hundred dollar installation charge which is not an option at this time.
    All I need is for them to correct the listing...

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  • Ba
    Barbara Apr 23, 2009

    The above was my comment. Anyone with a similar experience?

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deceptive business practice

Rogers Wireless are once again pushing the limit on lawfull practices!

They offer a wireless add-on (called a wireless essential) which supposedly gives you unlimited on device browsing. But there is a whole bunch of fine print that I have yet to be able to find written on their site. CBC news states "Critics said the plans were Rogers' latest attempt to confuse customers, this time by misrepresenting the word "unlimited."

"What appears to be a good deal on the surface comes with some serious caveats, " wrote Marc Lostracco, assistant editor of the Torontoist website. "Customers need to remember that a company calling something 'unlimited' doesn't actually make it so."

Exactly. The only problem is now: I have a contract with this "unlimited" addon for three years (2011) or I can pay a $100 fee to remove it early. Not suprisingly I was NEVER told about a early termination fee when they offered it to me!

  • Mi
    Michelle Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Rogers went ahead and extended my account for three years without my permission. At the end of my current contract which I paid for, for my son, I told him he had to move it to his name or I was cancelling it. He went to do so, and at that time they told him he would have to have my permission to discuss it only which of course I gave. They went ahead and renewed the account for three years and sent me the bill. So now I am stuck with a three hundred dollar bill to cancel it or pay for three years. I hate that company it is not the first time they have used these practices. I am done with them forever.

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wireless plan or phone upgrade

Mr. matthew ariker Vice president, customer marketing Rogers wireless 6315 cote de liesse st-laurent...

overbilling customers

I've been using Roger's wireless service for 10 years, with three wireless phone plans costing a total of $200/month.

Over the last few months, ROGERS consistently added $12 - $28 onto my bill claiming that they were international text messages.

I keep all text messages sent in a folder on my phone and after reviewing them (every time I receive my bill with the extra charges), there are no number in there in which the phone numbers were long distance. They charge me for 60 - 90 international text messages to the same number which is NOT even RECOGNIZABLE to myself or to their computer system according to one of their representatives. These 60 - 90 text messages is more than what I normally send on a regular basis.

The most recent customer service rep I spoke to refuse to listen to me and refuse to help. I have now gave my 30 days notice and cancelled the plan with them.

If it wasn't for the annual letters of appreciation I receive from the president for being a loyal customer, I would have changed phone providers years ago!

I don't mind paying for "good" service, but it makes me bitter when I am fraud into paying something I did not do!

One female customer service agent suggested to put a lock on the INTERNATIONAL text messages so I will not be billed anymore. I accepted the offer and then noticed she locked ALL MY TEXT MESSAGES and put a FREEZE on my account. They will not let me text anywhere now and is STILL GOING TO CHARGE ME FOR MY TEXT MESSAGING NEXT MONTH! This is rediculous!

  • Ja
    jack Mar 05, 2009

    We have a two cellphones from Rogers. I always call them before that please inform us if we are out of the credit limit but for how many times they just cut our line. we will not be able to know unless our friend or our employers call us that we cannot be reach . I call them last December telling them to cancell my subscription but they just ignore it, they keep on sending my monthly bill even I dont use my cellphone, its totally dead. I told them to charge me of the cancellation . Before we always pay our bill on time, we even pay as much as 400 a month.

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  • Ra
    Randy Turgeon Aug 23, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was a Rodgers account holder for ten years up to the other day, for the last seven months, since I upgraded my account with two smart phones my bills just kept growing and the worst part was I couldn’t even get into my account i.e. bills I thought I would switch to paperless billing to help save the planet well that was my first mistake, anyway I phoned on the 8th of august to complain about my bill I was told my plan was all wrong and they would help me out and adjust my plan to best fit my needs, well ten days later I find out my bill doubled now I owe over 500.00 for two months service when my contract was for 140 per month plus tax . Not once was my bill even close to that amount. I phoned at least five times to have my bills sent to me and never received them until today after I switched to Virgin mobile now I have no contract and was given 100 per phone for using there service. I was told by Rodgers I would be charged 500 per line and so I should be seeing a bill for about 1700.00 and I paid about 2000.00 for the last seven months so that works out to about 500. Per mo .I will do everything I can to stop people from using there phones renting movies or using any service they provide

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