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Complaints & Reviews

billing practices

I have received assurances from Rogers for the past 5 months that access to the internet has been turned off on my daughter's cell phone. For the past 5 months, I continue to receive "data" and "music" download charges. Rogers keeps claiming they have fixed the problem, but this is not true.

Now I am receiving bills from Gameloft Guild - but when I phone the toll free number, they can't tell me who or how this subscription was activated. Rogers also claims it is not their responsibility; neither accept responsibility for something (internet access) that was "shut down"

Rogers, you have lost me as a customer and I will blog this complaint everywhere.

  • Ki
    Kimberly Mccune Feb 09, 2011

    January 28 i had called my phone comapny before januaries bill was due and stopped all calls and txt messages to this number. I had told my pphone company i want to turn off this phone. the phone holder hadnt payed his bill. Now i see that i am being charged for txt messages. Please refund my 38.00 .

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  • Hu
    huma nisar May 04, 2011

    Iam getting messages from two way traffic mobile & Text chellenge, & Motime company. and rogers is charging me on my cell phone bill.i cant afford .please make sure to take my money back.this is about mt cell phone

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  • Ka
    kanna2000 Jun 13, 2011

    rogers canada i cancell the data packge they said you have to pay 100.00 to pay i pay for it - i though every thing done they keep sending the internet bill i called them they said dont use the internet in your phone (my phone have wi- fi ))) every month i call for this ### the customer service is bad i thik this is the way they rip off the people my friend also compalient about this

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  • Aa
    AAzhar Jun 15, 2011

    I am in the exact same situation. Rogers at times have admitted their mistake with billing and had given me a credit. But now when the charge shown up again from Gameloft even though after confirming with Gameloft that there is no service on my cell; for the past two months; GUESS WHAT ... Rogers has been simply applying fake charges to my rogers bill.
    Interseting that they will not take any responsibility!
    What a bunch of losers ... I have already cancelled my service with Rogers and moved to another better trust worth and credible carrier.

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  • Va
    vankat7 Jun 19, 2011

    My Rogers contract was coming to an end some months ago, so I asked about retention plans. They wouldn't offer me any. I found out that the standard practice with them is one your contract expires, your phone is automatically put on a month-by-month payment plan. A warning to all!

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  • Pr
    procellulaire Aug 03, 2011


    This is a REAL problem we must do somthing about it, please comment on my BLOG, if we have enough people we can ask for refund and more.

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  • Cc
    C Cushner Aug 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    100% agree I am having the same problem. Just go off the phone with Rogers and they say there is nothing they can do to stop the charges. I will be moving to another carrier Sad as I have been a Rogers customer for 16 years

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Roger's business practices related to cancellation of services is a major problem. I cancelled cable/internet services a few years ago by phone and then subsequently returned their equipment and was told I had a balance of .01 which I paid. I relocated overseas and then a few months later I started to getting harassing collection calls from them on my Vonage internet phone, many of which were in the middle of the night for me. They claimed that I did not provide notice of cancellation and that I had an outstanding balance. I told them to forget it and I would not pay as I had notified them and had returned their equipment with no outstanding balance reported by their staff. I subsequently was harassed for some time until I took the matter up with the CEO's office whereupon the service charge was waived. I thought the matter was over but it resurfaced several months later with a collection company. I again had to call the CEO's office for action.
Fast forward to yesterday where I again decided to cancel their service. This time I went to their retail outlet to get a confirmation in writing that they had been provided notice. They are not allowed to take cancellations there for some reason (only sales). While, I was there it was sad to see a women returning equipment for one of their parents who had passed away and she was told that they would still be charged for a month until they formally cancelled. I went on line to try to cancel but that is also not allowed by the Comapny. I then had to do the dreaded telephone thing and had to go through two humans to give notice. I requested an email confirmation but they sell internet but don't use it to do business (except sell). I asked for a confirmation number but they don't provide that either. The best I could get was a name and a workload order number.
In the course of dialogue with the Rogers Customer Service, I complained about the notice requirtement and suggested that when they get their equipment back that they should close the accouint with no notice required. This was reasonable business practice consistent with other utilities and organizations. The person indicated that it was the norm in the telecommuications industry --- i.e., one of the pat bs anwers they are provided. This is absolutely not true. The practice of my new internet provider is 2 or 3 days notice (just enough to process the work order). I also cancelled my Vonage phone on the same day and they require no notice at all. In fact, the Vonage representative indicated concern that I was leaving and offered a month's free service so that I could avoid having to make a subsequent partial month payment to facilitate the transition to a new phone system. What a difference in service.
My concern about Rogers practice is as follows. There is absolutely no way that I would ever accept their billing and cancellation practices (several years ago in a billing dispute, I had to threaten to throw their services out of a building that I controlled to get them to back off). They will always address my particular problem but continue to rip off others. The problem is that most people don't have either the time, clout or inclination to fight them over inappropriate charges. Young people who can hardly afford it are the ones really getting ripped off by their practices. Consumer protection regulation is unfortunately required to address the practices of this company which are notorious in Canada. The other is through public forums that educate people about their poor and predatory business practices.

  • Ho
    houserulz Mar 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One of the WORST Canadian companies to deal with. Scavengers, scammers, bullies and worst o all, trying to Monopolize telecom, thus getting away with however they run their business. I'm happy to see more competition coming in, offering better services at much, much lower rates.

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  • Fo
    FordRB Apr 30, 2011

    I am having similar problems, May 2011. In my case there is grounds for a complaint to the CRTC as they are interfering with internet business access on my part and obstructing a transfer to another provider, an action guaranteed by their agreement with CRTC.

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  • 94
    944boy Jun 15, 2011

    Well I am trying to get some compensation for 7 years of bad cable to home. I had to go as far as giving them 48 hours to fix it or I was dumping all of their services. I was asking a reasonable amount of compensation. The gave me poor quality for 7 years. Seven years of complaining. Now they offer basically $600 dollars in a "good will gesture". Screw you I say. You know the are i live in is bad. They have not fixed it. They finally ran a new cable to my house from around the corner as I pointed out the box close to my house has a crap signal. If tehy know the area is bad and they sell you cable and internet at full price is that not a shaddy way to run a business???? They take a gamble and take your money. I personally think it is fraud but let use see what happens. I plan on going farther than the presidents office. (who offered me this insulting settlement today) It is insulting to a consumer to be thought so little of. It is insulting the hear such garbage when you that is no more than three months of what you pay as compensation for 7 years! Consumer need ot band together and stop this shady corporate garbage and the people who support it!

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  • Ju
    justice man Jan 26, 2012

    CRTC worst things happend to all canadians, Many peope in bord of directors on CRTC are rogers and bells people, how in the world you are going to get justice.

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rude staff member

On Sunday March 6th around 1:30pm my fiance and I went into the Rogers video in Millrise. After picking a few movies we waited in line to rent them. The girl at the till already showed us a demeanor that she was "not wanting to be at work", she asked us for our card, or i.d.. I handed her my drivers license since the account is under my fathers name (whom we live under the same roof as). She asked the normal questions then informed me of three late charges on the account. She then told me in a rude tone (which was present for the rest of our visit in the store) that I have to make a new account for myself. Surprised at this, since my father and I have always used the same account I asked her why this is, she snapped a response back and informed me to pay the three late charges on my fathers account, because of her tone I denied to pay these fees (had I been allowed to use the account like I have in the past, I would of cleared up these charges without a issue) and told her I would clear up the difference with him. She then snapped back "Well if thats how you want to be." I said nothing for the rest of the transaction.

I as a paying customer Do not appreciate being talked to and treated like a child. Unless this girl (Danielle the assistant manager) is spoken with and I am provided with a written apology, my family and I will be renting movies from Blockbuster and will tell our story to everyone we know.

It was not the fact that we had late fees to pay, or that you have rule that need to be followed, I had no problem with creating a new account, it was the tone and the lack of respect that I received from this individual.

Please feel free to contact me at [protected]

unsolicited text messages by tmg sms

This is so ridiculous...they offer you an opportunity to win an iPad and then enter your cell phone number into a system that sends out daily trivia questions to you and charges $2/message. Even though we didn't open the messages or message them back, we get charged. So now we've got a $58 charge on our phone bill that we have not authorized.
How the heck does Rogers get away with this crap! Do they have no monitoring of their

  • Ca
    caterina Korvin Mar 06, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Shaddy! I had a similar incident in Alberta. You should go to your local Consumer's Affairs office and launch a formal complaint and show them the bill. Also, try calling the Roger's head office and speak with some one there about this and advise them that you are going to have Consumers Affairs check them out for questionable practices? The local offices don't really seem to be to bothered. When head office gets involved usually something happens at the very least it will get their attention!!!
    Good luck

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  • Ra
    Rayski Sep 30, 2011

    Those texts have absolutely nothing to do with Rogers or any other carrier you might be on! When you enter your phone number on one of those websites offering you an iPad etc. it is your responsibility to read the fine print on the bottom which greatly states that you will be billed let's say $2 per message and they will be sending you x amount of messages per week until you text back stop. This is a third party contract you are getting into and like I said it has nothing to do with Rogers. So before blaming it on them you might wanna be a little more careful next time and read up before giving out your number like that!

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unautorized use of cell phone

Hi my Name is Wilda Everett Cell phone no is [protected] i have been charged $81.03 for charges that i never...

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doble charging for bandwidth use

We have been using rogers for over 2 years now and have been less than pleased with their service. A couple months ago, after been fed up with slow speeds and constant drop outs we decided to call rogers for a solution. A technical support employee convinced us it was our crappy router and suggested us to get their all-in-one modem/router for an extra $1.50 a month.

After the first bill the next month we noticed that we were going over the 60gb monthly limit, something that we never encountered before. After months of carefully monitoring our bandwidth and even sometimes avoiding the internet completely in fear of being charged, I was still shocked to notice we were going over the 60gb limit.

Searching the day to day usage, I noticed that one day 18gb's were "donwloaded". Easily 16 gigs more than normal. This was the same day I was trying to watch a movie on the Play Station 3 that I transfered over from my laptop. I had trouble getting the sound to work so I had to transfer this 4gb file over several times. I didn't think much of it because it wasn't useage.

After multiple calls to Rogers who explained to me something that I already know, how "transfers on the same network are direct transfers and don't count for bandwidth because it had nothing to do with the internet" (DUH). I insisted that because it was a modem/router, it was incorrectly mistaking a LAN transfer for internet usage. Essentially Rogers charged us 18gb's of bandwidth for ONE file (putting us over our monthly limit). Moreover, this explained why we were always over our limit because we transfer all kinds of movies/songs to our Playstation.

After he talked to his boss, who talked to someone else who talked to the guys that runs the servers, they informed us that it does indeed count as useage. Frustrate and busy with other things, I called back the next day and within 10 seconds my overage charges for the past couple months were refunded.

I was wondering if anyone else has any similar problems with the *** all-in-one modem/router and I wonder how many other people are being unnecessarily charged because they share/transfer files in their OWN network. Also, isn't this illegal?

  • Di
    Disappointed in Arcane Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In November 2017 I switched my home phone services to Rogers (VOIP). To make a very long story very short, it took Rogers 18 days to install the service that would not work. Twenty-three phone calls and three service visits later resulting in days without phone service that I was paying for (including no 911 ability), my Rogers VOIP home phone finally worked. Since then my phone service has been corrupted in some capacity many times. This final time, I have just made many service calls (on my work cell phone) and three Internet service calls as I now have no dial tone - yet again. To add insult to injury, Rogers emailed me stating that my phone service works fine!

    Let's not even go into their inaccurate billing and account information. That will be another complaint.

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  • Br
    Brian Nov 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mother is 91 years old. She wears a emergency wrist band in case of emergencies she can push this button and immediatley it dials an emergency service. This goes through the phone in her condo. She lives alone and has had a serious issue with her heart that cannot be operated on so they give her pills to rectify the problem as much as possible. Anyways, the phone was down and we called Rogers - they told us they could not get there until 3 days later. Why couldn't they make it there right away. Obviously something was more important than a person's life.

    I have had numerous issues with there internet service at my mom's place. I live in Calgary and send her emails containing pictures. They wouldn't even go to my mom's place to look at the computer - even when I offered to pay. They said when they hooked her up she got the Standard install rather that the 'Ultimate' install where they check her computer and make sure she can get on the internet. I couldn't get them to go there. It turned out the problems was with the modem and that is why the phone quit working. When they discovered that and when we informed them that she has an emergency wrist band that's tied into the phone they said 'We can make it in 3 days'. They don't care about the customer, only themselves. I can see why there is so many complaints about Rogers.

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  • Lo
    longisveigh2403 May 15, 2010

    Rogers...worst customer service ever. I can't count the number of times I've called in for help and after waiting for an hour I get dropped.

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  • On
    OneLife Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They delivered an expensive scuplture, with fragile written all over the box. They smashed by bashing in the side of the box. They charged me more than it should have been after destroying my item. I called and faxed for days weeks, now in month #3... no one there acres, they say fax this, and i do and then i call and they say never got it. So I send it to a new fax number and they call and say I need to fill out another form and another form, and then i call back and they cant find anything and ask to start the process over... its designed so that nio matter what the customer looses everytime. They hold all the cards.

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  • Sl
    Slamer Jan 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have 5 phones with rogers for the lat 12 plus years, I wanted to upgrade the old phone, they not only charged me more than anyone else as new to rogers ($300) but also $35 for upgrade, now I want to cancel all my phones with them, hey want to charge anther $380 per phone for early cancellation. I just went through my monthly bill, they are nothing but rip-off, I would never recommend my worst enemy to get a phone from them. No loyalty to customer, very rude on the phoe, I have been paying $800.00 plus per month. They simply do not care about any customer. The management people don't have time to talk to me as they are too busy. There should be a law to protect consumer, as these people are nothing but bunch of thieves.

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  • Tr
    Trismos Mar 06, 2011

    Seems when you go to cancel your Rogers internet, you have to give them 30 days notice, they take your modem, but still charge you for the full 30 days with out service... what kind of theft is that? Now, because the TV isnt bundled, it will go up $20 higher than the listed web site page price... how does that work? wild... Have you noticed that their stores are closing? No video rentals? so they must be trying to screw people for lost revenue...

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make money by cheating customer

One month ago I called rogers to cancel my cell phone, the customer representative let me change to prepaid phone and didn't talked about any fee. Based on their pirate rule, I need one month to do this transfer. After they got one more month fee from me, I called them today. They told me there is $50 fee for the transfer, it is definitely a trap. They know me will not accept it, I just canceled my service with Rogers, but they will charge me another month fee based on their pirate rule. Why does Rogers like to make this kind of money by setting traps and cheating acustomer? Is there some kind organization to protect us from this kind of cheating company?

  • Mm
    M.Mia Oct 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the similar experience !! I switched to Rogers Home Home and now I am getting surprised bill. Rogers is charging for what I did not make. It is charging for long distance call that I never made. So, I called the customer service and they said they cannot block the long distance as the provider is different. I asked how to reach them to block long distance, they replied only possible way is to buy long distance package either from them or any third party !!! Oh ! My God!! They are forcing me to take a service that I do not want and billing wrongfully!! Where can I get help to stop Rogers making money without providing the service. Please help me.

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telephone harassment

In early april 2008, rogers communications launched a telephone spam attack against both my rogers cell phone and my telus land spite of many written and verbal complaints about this to rogers, this attack is still going on 32 months later. Except for sundays and legal holidays, I get at least 3 calls from rogers every day. Some days as many as 6. I have informed rogers and their agents many times that I do not want these calls, that they are engaged in phone harassment. But rogers will not stop. The total call count is now around 3, 000.

33456 skill2thrill complaints - unsilicited textmessages and °84040 tmg sms trivia [protected]@ $2 per message

33456 Skill2Thrill Complaints - unsilicited textmessages and °84040 TMG SMS Trivia Games @ $2 per message are marketing consultants used by Rogers Communication. I responded to a flyer which indicated that I was being rewarded for being a good Rogers customer. The invitation was to enter my cell phone number for a chance to win an I-pad or some such gadget. Trusting that rogers doesn't normally cheat customers I entered the information and then, reading further down the page, I was asked to subscribe to some daily texting. As my only intention was to respond to Rogers free offer I closed the webpage and forgot the whole thing.

On three months (Nov, Dec and Jan) I started receiving daily text messages such as - Is the sky blue? Text a for yes or b for no. I guess this is the skill TMG (ROGERS) is referring to. I deleted all of these texts as I received them and never responded to any. However, my Rogers bill shows a daily $2 charge for each of these so-called skill testing questions that were sent to me despite the fact that I don't want them, didn't ask for them and and never responded to them.

Now I want a full refund. The TMG (ROGERS) representative apparently doesn't handle refunds and referred me to this site. it is not fair, this company is really cheater and dirty company. I'll sue them if they will not pay me all of those damn money

  • Tt
    ttttt Jan 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you are completely right

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  • Te
    terrers Jan 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same thing happening but it is worse when I, as a pay as you go customer, only add 10$ every month and let it roll over to have 80$ plus disappear in these stupid SMS charges. I only use the phone to enhance my personal safety, no text, no chat, no games. It was a bad scene yesterday when i tried to use the phone for an urgent situation and found there was no time on it.!!!

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  • Ro
    Robin Ma Feb 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please like the page in facebook Skill2thrill-Scams, Lets make others know that it is a cheating service...

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  • Me
    Melarny Jun 11, 2011

    I just recieved my bill the other day and the same thing has happened to me and now I 51.00 in charges on my phone...but mine were 3.00 per text. I cannot beleive this, mine came over Facebook and I thought the same thing...entering a contest NO PURCHASE NECESSARY>>>what a scam. Don't know how I am going to fight this, as I apparently did not read the fine print!

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  • Pe
    petition Sep 15, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please sign my petition and pass it along to your friends

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  • La
    lavalhwc Sep 16, 2011

    I just recieved my bill the other day and the same thing has happened to me and now I owe $30.00 in charges on my phone...but mine were 3.00 per text. By the time I realised the scam and stopped it I received 10 texts despite the fact that I did not want them, didn't ask for them and never responded to them.

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sereptitious charges

On the internet, up popped an offer from Rogers to win a prize. I thought I would try and entered. Then I...

cheating with bills

I have cell phone with Rogers. Last month 4 days before invoice date I checked my wireless usage and there were 20 mins left. I controlled my usage for 2 days, spent no more than 7 mins, then weekend came (for wich I have unlimited use). In the bill they charged me 58 mins overuse.

Now, yesterday checked my usage: 34 mins. Since then haven't use the phone AT All. Today they show 59 mins.

First they started with messages, charging me with more than I received/sent. If you turn a blind eye to $1-2 fraud, they go more brazen.

Seems like they want to collect money to pay Gabriella Nagy $600K.

Photos: as you can see, there were no calls during Oct 7, the only answered call on Oct 8 was 1:05 min long and it cannot count anyway since the last usage update was before (check date and time at the right bottom corner of the screen). And now compare with the usage they show on-line.

cheating with bills
cheating with bills
cheating with bills
cheating with bills

cancellation of wireless service

Why not to go for a Rogers wireless contract:

To Rogers, a good customer (who pays his/her bills on time for years) does not mean anything. They would rather screw you over for a few more dollars.

I am complaining about the wireless cancellation policy of those ridiculous providers here in Canada.
Before my contract's term was over (in November 2010), I cancelled/switched to another provider. Now Rogers is charging me 100$ early cancellation fee. Recently those fees have been outlawed in Quebec (Bill 60 which came in effect on June 30, 2010).

Asking Rogers politely to waive that fee resulted in the following email conversation:

[...]Unfortunately, we cannot waive the charges as they are valid and are in accordance to Rogers' terms and conditions. For more information about our terms and conditions please visit .
Early Cancellation Fees are mandatory and applied to all wireless accounts that are on a contract. The fee is $20 per month for the remaining months of the commitment. The minimum fee is $100 and the maximum fee is $400.[...]

[...]In your previous communication you noted that there is new legislation forbidding early cancellation fees and that you would be handling the matter to your lawyer.
The legislation that you are referring to is Bill 60 which came in effect on June 30, 2010. The new rules only applies to agreements taken (or renewals agreed to) on or after June 30, 2010. Since the original commitment had been agreed upon xx/xx/20xx, the early cancellation fee is valid.
For more information more information on Bill 60 and its impacts, we kindly ask that you visit the "Office de la protection du consommateur" website at [...]

[...]Upon review of your account and the information provided by Andre B, the
charge for Cancellation is accurate and we would be unable to reverse
any charges on your final invoice.

Further review of your account shows that you accepted a special
Hardware Upgrade at which time we had provided a substantial subsidy for
that device [authors comment: the cheapest that was available at that time, by the way]. By accepting this offer on xx/xx, 20xx you were
renewed for 2 years. My review also shows that you accepted a
promotional price plan which offered subsidized services compared to
regular services that are offered. These combined changes to your
account have been reflected on your monthly invoices as changes to your
services and as such by paying for the service shows your acceptance of
our Terms of Service which are provided to you monthly on Page 2 of your

Regretfully [..] we will be unable to adjust this charge therefore
the balance on your account of $xxx.xx is due by or before xx/xx,
20xx. Any balance unpaid after the due date will be subject to a late
payment charge of 2% per month compounded monthly (26.82% per year)
until paid in full. Please note that if balance is not received your
account may be forwarded to a collection agency which may negatively
impact your credit bureau.[...]

[...]Rogers provided a discounted phone to you for $xx.xx on
xx/xx, 20xx. When Rogers purchases phones from a manufacture we do
so at full price. We will subsidize the cost of phones when a customer
agrees to a new term or contract. The retail cost of phones range
anywhere between $200-$1000 depending on the type of device such as
Voice, Quick Messaging or Smartphone. This phone was substantially
discounted and therefore the Early Cancellation fee is applicable and
will not be adjusted.[...]

My response to this included:
What are you trying to say anyways? That I should be grateful for having been allowed to pay for my old contract and I should be grateful for being charged 100$ for nothing? If I could, I would very much like to speak to your supervisor but I guess it is not really your fault but more a company wide policy to try to exploit customers as much as possible.

[...]As Steve has advised in the previous emails, the early cancellation fee is valid and will not be waived. We appreciate your past three years with Rogers and the final billing due is $123.40.[...]

So please everyone, do NEVER EVER sign up for a contract with Rogers. They should be taught a lesson and I will try everything in my legal power to make this the a bad experience for them!


  • Vi
    victim of Rogers Jan 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had the same kind of bad experience. There are too many traps and cheating. Be careful.

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poor customer handling

I have rogers wireless services for last 4 years from the time i came to Canada as Immigrant.

This how they treat you ?? its really sad but thats the truth since this is one industry which is run by only few companies and they think customer is just a number to them.

Yes a number . I was thinking of upgrading my phone since it was not any good . So i called Rogers sale & they showed how can i upgrade my phone to I phone and bill will increase from $ 51 to $70 with tax. I explained to the sale girl that i donot use this hone that much so do want to spend too much .

My last services had $ 30 plan & caller id service for extra $ 8 . It took at least 2 hours for her to make the deal and she explained me that the upgrade will only cost me $ 70 with tax in total.

To our surprise when using the phone when ever we received calls it used to be unknown call . Hence I called back to Rogers & thus they tell me I donot have caller Id, it will cost me another $8 / month for that service.

Not only that none for the service representative acknowledged that it was a fault on the sale rep for not explaining thing properly but they have one word" we apologies ".That is, now if I want service pay more >>>.
This is good exmple how to treat customers .

Yes I have to stick with Rogers as I signed a contract, but they lost me forever.

you can run your business on thinging customer as number but Iam sorry this will not last long.


  • Ka
    Kalifornication In Canada Aug 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Although it was difficult at times to understand the points you were making, I understand that since you have moved to Canada from another country, English may not be your first language and this is the reason why words are not properly used or spelled in your post, and sentences are difficult for me to follow. That being said, in ANY language...ROGERS SUCKS!

    This company offers NO customer service. They could care less about a customer complaint, especially if they are at fault. They do not correct their mistakes; they do not issue refunds or rebates or anything when they have caused an error that cost the customer money. They actually once refused to open my file when I was trying to discuss an error in their billing office, telling me that they can't discuss my dispute or review my file until I pay off the bill in full first. Huh? What? I couldn't believe my ears! I'm supposed to pay for the amount I am disputing BEFORE they will discuss the dispute?

    I ended up leaving Rogers forever. Screw the contract, screw the bill. I walked away. When their collectors and so-called Attorneys began hassling me for money, I opted to quote the law to them, throwing all the legal BS that they tried to use on me right back at them! When they threatened to take me to court, I BEGGED them to do it! I told them that I had documented everything they had done, every mistake they had made, and that I had dates, times, and names of employees as well as what was said to me, and that I would love to go to court and present this information to the Judge. In addition, I also advised them about an online website titled "I Hate Rogers", where I could gather up evidence from people who have written about their complaints and problems online, and I could get many of these people to come to court with me, so that we could file a class action suit in rebuttal to their collection suit against me. This worked! They have disappeared. They never phone me, never mail anything to me, and they do NOT appear on my credit report!

    Visit "" and join the rest of the groupies who feel just as you do about this horribly corrupt, billions in profit, nasty ### company!

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cable burial

i has been 1.5 years since requesing a burial of a cable wire. Rogers had a crew finally try and dig the wire but after 6 months it was december 200 9 before they attempted...and crew (dueto cold) left the wire above ground threw my tree ..around my pool and sticking out from the corner of my lot. 8 months later August 2010 still not buried after numerous equests. A Monopoly company with no competition in Ottwa Ontario. SERVICE SUCKS

  • Ar
    arlingtonwoods Jun 17, 2013

    I have been waiting for cable burial since september 2012 after being told it would take 10 weeks.
    every time i call I am told there is no order pending. That the former phone agent "did not do the job correctly".
    than i receive a letter last march signed by Karen Gauthier, director, cable technical operations, saying it will be done by june 30.
    still nothing and still same info when I call: no order pending. i get a confirmation number each time, get esclated to URGENT and the same scenario repeats every time I call. this is a disgrace.
    another month of that same waiting game and I will rip all the cable from my house after having all disconnected. i should have never started with that company. I was testing whether or not getting hone andinternet with ROGERS. answer is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. EVER.
    I had a 10.000$ lanscaping job done in the spring: if they ever decide to come, are they going to come and distroy everything, giving me another phone number to call for complaints? also I have what looks like live wires on my deck, exposed to rain and snow.

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  • Ro
    Rogers_Chris Jun 26, 2013

    Hi arlingtonwoods, please reach out to us @RogersHelps or at and we'll be happy to look into this for you.

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[Resolved] rogers rocket stick

I am into my second year of a two year Rogers contract with their Rocket Stick. About a month ago I called...

refused to take payments

well I sent them payment for 2 accounts and they calle d me and said send the whole amount and then had a law office write me letter saying they want me charged for fraud and now they say they will not offer me service till all bills paid for and then now want me back as a customer all I can say is forget it U wont get me back after the bills are paid but hard to pay off when U refuse the small amounts like 50 a week or a month or 75.00 so ur loss not mine I tryed to make arrangements folks be aware they are scammers and herass.


I've been paying for a Rogers Pay-As-You-Go cell phone for my mother for about 6 years. She is elderly and this allows her to have a "lifeline" if she is out of the house, but she does not use the phone very often. A couple of days ago, she tried to make a call, but it indicated there was zero balance.

Checking the Rogers web site, it showed that up to early February, 2010, there was about $109 on the phone, and I had it set to top-up from my bank account every two weeks. In early February, Rogers, without explanation, cancelled the entire balance. Furthermore, they happily accepted the three payments from my bank account made since then, but cancelled this balance the very next day.

I contacted Rogers by phone, but they simply put me on hold for 20 minutes then hung up on me. Next, I tried their web "customer service" and was informed that they had changed the minimum top up to $20. They had my mailing address, my e-mail and the number of the cell phone, but made the conscious choice to not inform their customer so that they could steal the $109 on the phone account, and furthermore accepted the top-ups three times and immediately cancelled the balance without informing their customer.

Poor customer service can only be pursued as a civil matter, but accepting these three payments and failing to provide any service whatsoever for these payments transforms this to fraud - a criminal matter. That is how I will pursue this.

  • Ro
    rodney2008 Apr 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had same thing I was on fido and they shut me off and took me to loss provention office and then same for Rogers pay go they shut me off and I was like that the hell pay go has nothing to do with Monthly bills and I cussed and told them off.

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never signed up for service and being billed

I never agreed to having Trivia questions. Have been billed for them since November on my cell phone bill. Every time I received questions, I deleted them and did not know I was being billed for them. My husband pays the bills and I discovered these charges when I looked at the bill and wondered why I was being charged. I hate Trivia questions and would never sign up for such a thing! Why have I been billed for these questions as I want nothing to do with them?

  • Ro
    Rogers_MJ Feb 26, 2010

    Hello Judy!

    I'm MJ from Rogers Online Help Team.

    I saw your post and I was wondering if you had contacted customer service in regards to this?

    Deleting the message doesn't prevent fees, you have to cancel the subscription to the service in order to avoid those. Customer service should be able to help you since they have access to your file.

    I've also sent you a pm, if you need to get in touch with me or if you have any questions.

    Have a good day!


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check your statement - they habitually over bill!

The moral of this story is: Check your statement, and check it completely. Rogers Wireless is ohhh so sneaky!<br />
<br />
Most Recently. <br />
I purchased an iphone on contract from Rogers. The phone broke and aftera two week delay (they cited replacement shortages), the sent me a broken replacement. <br />
<br />
I called, complained, and they sent out a replacement for the replacement by Canada Post. I promptly packed the broken replacement in the same box and shipped it back the way I got it. Turns out, they claim they never received the phone and according to their records, the packing slip was for Purolator or some other delivery method. <br />
<br />
They sent me a letter saying they hadn't received their broken replacement, and would bill me up to $600. if not received within 15 days. After 15 days, they charged my account $750. Yes, that's a $750 charge for a phone that never worked, which I sent back to them! <br />
<br />
The real rub here is that I have no choice but to pay for a broken phone that I never wanted, and gave back to them too, in order to keep my phone service connected. lol. <br />
<br />
Before this latest incident, Rogers has been billing me monthly for text messaging. Some months, my text messaging fees were as high as $125., and I averaged about $80/month in text charges over a two year period. The irony is, I had added the unlimited text messaging service to my plan and they were also charging me monthly for unlimited text messaging. Approximately every three or four months I would have to call Rogers and spend an hour going over my statements with them, and request a refund for the overcharges. And then like clockwork I would call back again and complain because they conveniently forgot to adjust the interest and tax charges accordingly. This went on for nearly two years. No kidding. In total, nearly $2, 000 in text messaging overcharges. <br />
<br />
There's some good news to this story though. Since Roger's wireless tipped me off to the fact that Rogers is proned to overbilling, I also took a look at my Rogers Cable Television Bill and discovered that they've been charging me for additional cable outlets that don't exist, and they've been charging me these fees for over three years. <br />
<br />

  • Ro
    Rogers_MJ Jan 25, 2010


    I'm MJ from Rogers Online Help Team.

    I'd like to look into this for you so I sent you a PM to get more info.

    As soon as I've received your info, I'll look into this.

    Have a good afternoon!


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bait and switch

I spoke with a Rogers Wireless rep this morning about "saving money" on their Family Plan. The rep assured me...

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