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Accentus / Not a living wage


I have been working as a transcriptionist since 1984 and used to be paid $20/hr working in a hospital. I now work for a U.S. company that was recently bought by Accentus and have been making 1/2 that amount. I do not work as a subcontractor but have experienced much of what is cited in...

Accentus / Pay below minimum wage


I have had the extreme displeasure of working for this company and threw in the towel last week. As a recent graduate of a medical transcription, I was happy to be hired by Accentus literally days after graduation. My team lead was understanding of me being a new transcriptionist and told...

Accentus / Maltreatment of Subcontractors


Maltreatment of Subcontractors. Paying less wage as opposed to what should be the pay for legitimate Canadian medical transcriptionists per hour.

Accentus / mistreatment of contractors


Very ignorant and self centered team leads. The one who was supposedly to train me spent 15 minutes on the phone and only five was used to tell me a few things. The rest of the time was spent yelling at her family that "I'm on the phone", "turn the TV down". And hell yah they make you...

Accentus / Mistreatment of employees


Beavus Complaints - Mistreatment of subcontractors Review all Beavus complaints Beavus Posted: 2009-09-09 by Beavus Mistreatment of subcontractors Complaint Rating: Company information: Accentus Medical transcription Canada Hi, I have worked with Accentus medical transcription company...