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Over the past four months, we have been desparate to have corrected a bill that was sent out to us regarding our payment to Rogers Cable TV. Services. No one within the company sector could or would not acknowledge that we were overpaying on our account and kept receiving bills in the mail all with different balances that did not concur with our recording system. They admitted numerous times that the billing was wrong but continuously stated 'Pay the bill anyways, or you'll will be disconnected'. (quote unquote). Well guess what we were disconnected and they continue to send out astronomical bills that still don't make sense and know one within the company will take the time to help us resolve this ongoing problem which probably at this time has marred my credit rating. Please, we have searched all over for answers to help us get in to the heart of the matter or the heart of the company and have the problem solved immediately.


  • Cb
    C.Bishop Mar 06, 2007

    I just got off the phone a short while ago regarding an overbilling. Some $80 was attached to the bill as a "connection fee".. Imagine if I had direct payment set up through my bank account and didn't pay attention to my bill thinking it was static. Well Rogers would be taking money from me and its nothing short of a scam. If you don't notice or bother to call them up to find out what the extra billing is about then they just pocket the money. Its funny how grocery stores are forced to have checks in place for sale prices at the cash but none are watching to see how many millions a company like Rogers Cable is scamming out of peoples pockets.

    A lot of people aren't aware of how shifty the Rogers bill can be. For instance in my case I have wireless, internet and cable all on one bill. My older cable provider (bought out by rogers) used to bill me for the service after I got it meaning I didn't get billed for a month till after that month was past. Rogers bills me BEFORE I get the service.. and not only that if the payment isn't right on time they tag on what they call a "service fee" of $25 ! .. So for example I'm a little late on my payment they add another $25 onto my bill. Its not interest just a flat out late payment charge for services I've not even received. Further I'm not sure how they do the wireless billing.. in advance no less because well my bill you would think was hinged on my long distance calls.. somehow its not. I can't tell how because their customer service reps are only more interested in threatening to have my service shut off. But the problem is that the scam is getting too big and its near out of my ability to afford.

    Originally I was sold a wireless plan 2 phones for thirty dollars a month.. after I start getting my bills I see that its actually $60... Once rogers turned my phone service off just before Christmas demanding I pay some $200 to have it hooked up and to ensure the rest of my services were still in place as well. Basically they took presents out from under the tree.

    I could go on and on.. but the point is who is watching to see how many millions of dollars rogers cable is pocketing ? How many people call rogers up regarding their bill and over charging? How can rogers legally charge a "service fee"/late fee on services not received? I've had my services cut back substantially because I can't afford the payments that are agrivated by their scams like "service fee"s (which isn't a service at all mind you) and still the bill is somehow much higher then it should be. I look through the jumbled mass of billing they send me and its just not clear whats going on. High speed internet $40 basic cable $35 (which includes a digital black box I no longer use or need so I tried to explain to them I don't want to be charged for but they insist I can't return it) and 2 wireless phones $60. $135 is what I should be paying but somehow they are billing me upwards of $185 and I can't clear it up. The problem with just dropping them is that I have a stupid wireless contract for 3 years and all the services are to be bundled.

    When I call them to ask about payments I feel like I'm talking to some kind of collections agency.. not a customer. If I ever get out of this plan I'll never go back with this company again.

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  • Ge
    Gerard Gallant Dec 10, 2007

    There should be a Strongly Agree box!

    Can't stand the pay for a service up front approach. By doing that they are no longer required to provide good service because you've already paid. It's kind of like a waitress asking for the tip ahead of time. Once you have the tip you can take your time and provide any level of service you want because you are no longer working for it.

    They do funny math too. Charging HST on amounts from previous bills (I don't think that's legal since it was already charged HST on in the first place).

    Or how about $100 connection fee for cable only to show on the next line a discount of $90.05...How about charge a real connection fee of $9.95 and forget the funny math. It doesn't make me feel better to see a fake discount.

    Isn't there supposed to be some government body that watching out for this robbery? Who do we talk to?

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  • Ak
    Akhtar Qureshi Oct 16, 2008

    Reference Rogers invoice No.53939993A8 dated 04 October 2008. The Cable TV service was discontinued with effect from 2nd October 2008 and the Modem, Remote Control and all related equipments were returned to M/S Rogers Office, Ogilvie Road, Ottawa. The cancellation of this service was confirmed and reflected by Rogers in my previous bill. Since the terminal and all related equipments were returned to the Rogers on 2nd August 2008, there is no question/possibility of availing the Basic Cable facility. In the current bill I received the charges of Basic TV of C$28.49. Kindly correct your record.
    Keeping in view the position stated above, no payment will be made for this discontinued bill and if occurs in your record, then please cancell this with effect from 2nd August 2008. Today at 9 to 9.30pm I talked with Ms.abrani ID No.301 but she did not satisfy me and she told me that in your record that regarding cable tv, everything has been cancelled since 2nd August 2008 and she does not know how this bill sent. After having holding 30 minutes I have talked with Ms.Sabrani and after 25 minutes talk she could not satisfied me.
    As stated above, since I have returned all equipments to the Rogers office on 2nd August 2008, the question does not arrise of availing the Basic Cable facility. In this connection I have already sent a fax to you on Fax No.1-800-709-9992 on 15 October 2008 and no response has so far been received from your side. I will not pay doscontinued/cancelled cable tv service. Kindly make necessary correction in your record under intimation to. I am only availing two services of Rogers i.e. Internet and home phone. Thanks for cooperation in this regard

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  • Ju
    Justin white Oct 19, 2008

    Everytime i go to rent a game from the local rogers, or a movie, im charged on late fees i know dont even exist, i usually return my stuff on time, and when i dont, its only a day or two late, i went to rent two games yesterday and found out 'apparently' i have a 16 dollar late charge on some indiana lego game for ps2, which is horse ### because my little brother who WOULD play that, has it for the xbox. i had to pay it anyway unfortunately.

    is there anything anyone can do to solve this ###?

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  • Ta
    Taylor Oct 19, 2008

    I agree with you complaints. first off, i purchased the cell phone package with 2, 500 texts. the package serviced 2 phones. i got the 2, 500 texts, and the other got unlimited calling. i call every once and awhile, when needed, and send less then 2, 500 texts per month. i would say about 1, 300 per month. the bill is supposed to be a 50$ bill. i've used the internet for a few minutes etc. and when i got my most recent phone bill, the cost was somewhere around 190$.

    also, me and a friend went to rent a game from the rogers video, and they said we had a 16$ late fee, but they hadn't told us about the late fee in the previous times we had been there. they waited for it to add up and then told us about it. they could have told us about it in the numerous times we had been between the time when the game became late and when we had to pay the fee.

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  • Po
    portle44 Dec 11, 2008

    Where to begin where Rogers is concerned.First, I switched our home phone to them because their brochure claimed we could obtain the service package we wanted for $24.99 a month whereas Bell was already charging us $51.00 for the same service. That lasted three months after which the bill creeped higher every month. Six months later it was at $54.00.Rogers customer service is essentially a grotesque joke it has no function but to waste the time of callers in the hope that they will just pay and stop complaining.After wasting 90 minutes with them which consisted f waiting on hold while they did whatever they offered to "cancel" minor charges, which ha dno apparent basis anyway but were unable to explain how our phone bill doubled in half a year.I terminate their service and have been a happy camper since. Now an "internet" fee of $18 has appeared on my cell phone bill although I dont access the internet there and never have. I subtracted this.Plain and simple.No calls to customer service, no fake chanting, no wasted time, .I questioned the charge by e-mail and, guess what??? Rogers says its "valid". Okie Dokie .Each month they add it, it month I subtract it.When my contract is over, it will be hasta la vista baby.Time to make life simple and not do business with Rogers in any form. a thoroughly dishonest operation that doesn't even go through the motions of being above board at this point.

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  • De
    DES40 Feb 05, 2010

    I'm a shut-in and unable to venture outside due to serious health probloems. Because of this the internet is my only connection to the greater world outside and quite important to important I foolishly signed up for Roger's Cable Internet. The made me pay them first and last month's up front, fine. They made me pay for installation also fine. But within two monthes I recieved a bill for 3 monthes advance-payment because they claimed I hadn't payed them for the previous 2 monthes. I paid it because I was desperate to keep connected (not having any other option at the time). Within 3 weeks of paying them for the next 3 monthes I was billed again for the NEXT 3 monthes with a threat to completely cut me off if I didn't. I called them and told them I wasn't able to keep paying them monthes in advance because I only recieved a very small disability pension once a month and thanks to their previous demands had no savings left at all. Within 6 hours someone came and sliced through my cable without notice even though I still had the 3 monthes pre-paid time left. Now I get harassment calls every-single-day from a collection agency claiming I owe them an additional $800.00 for never paying any of my bills. They won't even speak to me unless I pay them and don't give a damn about my paid bills which I kept to show my over-payments. As it stands now I'm on the verge of being forced to look for somewhere new to live because the people who own the convalescent home I live in are sick of the harassment calls and letters. Funny part about it is that I insisted they take me to court when they first started their campaign of harassment but that was over a year ago and still nothing. Looks like I'll die in debt despite always paying my bills but unless they repo my corpse they will have to whistle for it lol.

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  • Ca
    carlos cayuqueo May 04, 2010

    I have several problems with the billing process, they keep mixing me up with my son who has a cell phone but not cable. I have a cable but not cell phone, so any time I make my payments the money goes to my son's account and I get a bill for late payment.

    I talked to more than 20 people there to get this sot it out but still coming back. I'm just about to give up the cable services like a gave up my cell phoen and move on somewhere else, where they can do things right.

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  • Jo
    Joe DeMarinis Jun 01, 2019

    In the fall of 2018 Rogers dug up a hole on the front of my property and have not come to fix it yet. It's been over 5months now, and I would like them to come and fix this problem in front of my home.

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  • Jo
    Joe DeMarinis Jun 01, 2019

    In the fall of 2018 Rogers dug up a hole on the front of my property and have not come to fix it yet. It's been over 5months now, and I would like them to come and fix this problem in front of my home.

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