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Airnex Communications Complaints & Reviews

Airnex Communications / long distance service

Oct 03, 2019

I would like to report this company for fraud. I've been on auto-pay with them where they would deduct the amount due from my bank account. Before they unexpectedly closed their business in last 2-3 months, they've stolen $1, 500 from my bank account. Because their # is now disconnected...

Airnex Communications / get charged for late fee, but actually paid on time

Aug 09, 2019

My Airnex A/C is 114874. I have received July statement showing late paid and get charges for $23.64 but actually I paid on 6/27 by using online website to make payment. This month, I have tried many times to pay online but can't access the web page. I would like to cancel the service and...

Airnex Communications / telephone bill

Aug 07, 2019

There is misinformation on the rates of in-state phone calls. The customer service is horrendous! I have to leave a voice message and then wait until I receive a call back on my phone line! I was put on HOLD three times and am being charged for the hold time. Customer service disregarded...

Airnex Communications / long distance services

Sep 18, 2018

I want to cancel services with you ASAP, but cant reach yo for 7 days already ! The phone number, that you provide online or on my bill is not legitimate!!! Please call me ASAP at [protected]. My account number is 247643!!! My name is Yelena Kopisarova. I got a bill from Airnex...

Airnex Communications / long distance telephone service

May 10, 2018

1) On or about Monday 7 May, 2018, Airnex sent me a bill via US Mail, due and payable on 12 May, 2018. 2) This bill contained a charge of $17.99 for "Long Distance Access and Usage." 3) According to the bill I received, the charges were for a call made from Washington, DC to a town...

Airnex / fraud


I am done with this. So just recently, Airnex called my mothers cell phone number requesting us to pay around 60 dollars. Right now our whole family is using Verizon so we asked them what company they were. I asked them TEN times until they finally told me what company they were. They said...

Airnex / fraud bill


After more than a year of using the service, I checked one of my invoices and I noticed that the bill is fraud and the total is increased by about $15. I checked the invoice of the previous months that was available online and I saw the same fraud there. I contacted them, initially they...

Airnex Communications / fraud bill


I stopped using Airnex communications since 2008, after having received several bills, that included Germany-which I've had never used.I've written them a letter, that I'm not going to use their services-never! Unexpectedly in October 2009 they sent me a bill as of $24.66...