Rent A Centerthey harrass to no end


My husband and I rented from rent a center. There was no problem at first but then work obligations called for him to relocate for 60 days (and yet this company offers online bill pay) I got hurt so I am out of work til mid sept. These people called (white lane store) and my husband told them he will be out of town, they had the nerves to tell him, they needed payment, , then they continue to call, so I decided to go online to pay it and get them off my nerves and couldnt even pay it. Instead of them, allowing payment, they didnt, I ignore their calls. But now since reading these complaints, I welcome them to call and I will answer. I am not home either so.. what are they going to do?? Break in my house?? Well, my husband works for Law enforcement, so they can break in if they want... We will sue them and file charges for breaking and entering. I will never do business with them again, and they better never call me or email me again, if they want their stuff, they can come pick me up, bring me home, to get their stuff and then bring me back. Whenver I find a complaint site, I wll be writing complaints


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    heath2011 Aug 11, 2012

    you have something of theirs that you have not paid for...and yet they are being rude to you...when in reality you stole something from them

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    The Ogre Aug 11, 2012

    Grow up, you owe them money and whatever you rented, pay your bills and stop making excuses. Do you think because you husband is in law enforcement you can do what you want? I bet you would find a way to return what you rented if you were getting money back for a deposit.

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  • Brenda* Aug 11, 2012

    "they had the nerves to tell him, they needed payment, " - Bwahahaha!!!

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    redhatterb71 Aug 11, 2012

    Being out of town when you have items from rent to own places, and not making payment, is no different than if you miss a rent payment on your home/apartment. The rent to own people have a right to repo their belongings, just like your landlord would have ther right to evict you. So if you are INJURED and unable to work, why aren't you at home?

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  • Ja
    Jana W. Aug 13, 2012

    Hi Karen – I work at RAC and I’m sorry to hear about what’s happening. We currently offer three ways to make payments: in-store, over the phone, and online via ePay, but you will need to make sure your local store has the correct email address on file before you can begin using ePay. Also, as part of our Worry-Free Guarantee you can always return the item you're renting for any reason and simply freeze your payments - then if you want to restart later, you can pick up right where you left off so you don't lose the money you already paid in. Neglecting to make payments on your items from Rent-A-Center without notifying the company and returning them is considered stealing and can lead to theft charges. If you need more information or assistance in this matter, please call our Customer Care line at 1-800-422-8186, they’re there to help. Thanks.

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  • Brenda* Aug 14, 2012

    "They harrass to no end" - Not true. The "harassment" ends when you pay what you owe.

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    Corymra Aug 20, 2012

    I may be wrong, but I don't think they can file criminal charges for nonpayment. It should go under a breach of contract, which is not criminal. If you intended to never pay, and they could prove that then that would be theft of leased goods. If you have been making your payment, but for what ever reason quit making payments, then that would...Should be a breach of contract. It would be like buying a house, and quit making payments. You don't go to jail for that, they just evict you, take the house back, and ruin you credit. Something similar should happen with a rent a center contract as well. Take that with a grain of salt, because if you still have what ever item was rented, and you never make another payment then at that point it would be theft. I would assume that a payment every once in a blue moon would keep you from legal trouble charges, but ultimately the right thing to do would be to pay what you owe. As a customer you walked into their store, requested their services, and signed a contract to make payments for an item that you needed. This is just my 2cents on the topic, I am no lawyer, and I don't play one in the movies.

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  • Bo
    bo63 Aug 26, 2012

    first you say you now welcome their calls now, then you say they better not call you. make up your mind! second, if your husband really was in law enforcement, he would not be stealing. third, if you tried to pay online and couldn't it was because you were not trying to pay the amount you owed. fourth, if you could pay online with your credit card, why didn't you or your husband pay by phone with the same card the first time you got called and avoid all this "harassment". fifth, cut the crap, stop stealing and either pay what you owe or give them their stuff. sixth, grow up and stop looking for a hand out or to take something from hard working people instead of paying for it..

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