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what can we do

They have been harassing me 4 weeks. They have come into my house illegally and taken their property but they are still harassing me as if they don't know what the heck is going on. I did not file a police report because I'm glad they got their TV back. What else can I do? They say THEY are going to take legal action. Can they? They got their stuff! They have now started beating on our windows and it's scaring my kids. I'm usually not home when they come, but the kids are? What can we do?

  • Sn
    SnkyOne Jan 30, 2009

    You know what if you cant pay for the ### in the first place which you knew damn well you could not then they do have a right to go in there and I would have loved to see you call the cops, they would have told you the same thing i just did. Not only is that your first mistake, but trying to say they are harassing you!!! Pay the bill you big dummy!!! Seriously you are wrong about rent a center. they are the greatest people even corp is nice.

    1st Sargent Geary~ Navy Seals

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  • Al
    ali Feb 17, 2009

    Wow you are an idiot...and must work for rent a center...they do this to you even if you pay for the ### you dumbass...AND I DID CALL THE POLICE and they flipped out...you cant strong arm people, just like the cop told me i dont care if you owed them a billion dollars...they can't come into your house or beat on your doors...AND ALL MY PAYMENTS ARE ONTIME!!! this just happened to me In Prospect heights illinois...i had 2 rent a center employees try and brake into my house while i was home with my 5 year old son...They were beating on the door and telling me to open up, like they were the freaking police or something...they would not go away and told me that they were like loan sharks and that they would be back to my house if i didn't pay this is all on tape mind you. I called the police and filed a report with them because it scared me to death. The police said it was illegal for them to do this and harrass me like this. They actually tried to use a credit card to brake into my house . I could see them through the peak hole. I was terrified. It was like a scene from the godfather. The police did go and tell them to leave me alone. DO NOT EVER GO TO RENT-A-CAENTER
    I went to the one in Niles Illinois. they are unproffesional and take part in illegal opperations
    Prospect Heights IL

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  • Th
    the truth 09 Jul 10, 2009

    those guys broke every single last policy that is in their litle handbook

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  • Sa
    sachamora Oct 31, 2009

    I got a computer from them I only owed 200 dollars on it. I went back in and for some reasson my 200 dollars went up to 800 we got in a big fight with them after not understanding why i could never pay it off cause they just kept increasing what I owe. I told them I wasn't giving them my computer back. So they started calling everyday not ones but at least 5 times called my family called my work non stop. Came to my house my husband and I got in a fight w/them in our front yard they told us we would go to jail and they would break in 2 are house if they had to they have done it before. The things they would say over the phone just pissed me off I just gave these people 5000 dollars and only owed 200 on my computer I had been a customer for a year and this is how they treat me. It was like they were trying to get the computer back so they could make more money. So eventually I got sick of the phone calls, them showing up at my house so I gave it back. Well when I went back to the store to talk to the manager about all this. my computer was back up for sale for the original price I bought it for and in there rental agreement it clearly states that they can only sale a rental item for what is owed on it wich was the 200 dollars and I seen it there and I told them what I knew and they told me oh we messed up on the price of it. Yah, right thet were trying to make more money off it. What they do is not right there a bunch of liars and the phone calls and they are rude who gives a ### if im late on my payment thats why there a late fee.

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  • Ah
    ahkime Jan 07, 2011

    Hi my name is ahkime, and i am a RAC, customer now i got a laptop from them and a play station3 two nights ago i went out of town to be with my sick family member i left my phone with my roomate just in case they called i was 3days late then someone climed threw my window and stole my playstation and my laotop so i made a police report and took it to RAC!! THEY TOLD ME MY INSAURANCE was out so i have to still paid for the stuff can someone tell me what to do, i have a police report?

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beware of broken or roughed up merchandise

I went to RAC looking to purchase a television. My credit isn't that bad, and I have credit cards and am able to purchase a television elsewhere. What I liked about renting was that if something happened to it they would give me another and fix it or replace it. The same goes with a couch. I was buying one every three years or so and liked the fact that we could just give it back and get another at any time. What I don't like about RAC is the fact that sometimes the products are worn out and used. They recycle products. If someone returns a product they just rent it to another. It may be scratched dented torn or whatever. The price stays the same too. I always request it to be brand new or I am not interested. So far I have been lucky. Beware of broken or roughed up merchandise.

  • Aj
    Aj Jul 17, 2008

    For all those who buy from RAC be careful. I worked in a service center repairing various products and at least half the stuff is only partially fixed. Our managers told us not to worry about fixing it completely just get it "rent ready". Only after something had come into service 3 times in 2 months (approx.) or we had free time could we properly diagnose and fix tv's pc's and other electronics.

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  • De
    Desiree Sep 19, 2008

    I am renting a bunk bed set from the rent a center here in town for my two daughters. The first week that we recieved the beds I started to notice little bumps on my youngest daughter. I assumed it was ants coming from outside so we sprayed thinking that would solve the problem. We then started to notice that my daughter was waking up crying in the middle of the night and we once again figured that ants had somehow gotten back in the house so we sprayed again. It got to the point where my daughter ended up sleeping in our room on the floor. Last night was the last straw. I was at the store so my husband gave my daughter a bath and put her to bed (her bumps had cleared up and started to go away because she was sleeping in our room.) When I got home she woke up crying again, so I decided to give her another bath to calm her down. I was mortified when I lifted up her shirt and she was covered in bumps again. I am a nurse and have a lot of friends who are doctors. I called one to come and identify the bumps and was told they are from bed bugs. We currently live with my mother in law who is one of the cleanest people in Bakersfield she has OCD when it comes to being clean so I know that the bed bugs did not come from our end! Also, she never had bites before she started sleeping on that bed! I called our local rent a center and told them what had happened a few hours later they replace the mattresses and picked up the old ones. The fact of the matter is that I personally have bought thousands of dollars in merchandise from rac and have been a good customer. I even pay two weeks in advance everytime. I used to have couches that I paid a over 1600 dollars on and I had to return them because I moved in with inlaws and the couches did not fit in the room I wanted them in, so rent a center sent me a voucher for1600 dollars that I could use on furniture, it did not specify that I had to use it on the same couches! When I tried to use the credit to purchase the bunk beds they would not let me use it all. They only applied 400 of it! What happened to the rest of my money? who knows? To top it off they brought me a bunk bed that was used, written on and the ladder was broken! Today they finally brought new mattresses and supposedly fixed the ladder but I still feel we are getting screwed! I have been a loyal customer to your company. I have always been kind to your employees and forgiven the fact that most of them with the exception of a few, have not been doing their job! When a payment is due not even past due. They start to call all of my numbers all day long until I go make a payment. Which They know for a fact that I always pay on time. I am so disappointed in RAC! I mean, my baby girl is covered in bites from bed bugs and I am stuck paying 900dollars for something that should have been part of the 1600dollar credit on the account! If my daughter catches an illness from those bed bugs, we are going to have a huge problem! I have taken pictures of her and I will keep them on file! Something more has to be done!This is ridiculous! My trust in your products and service are gone and I know now never to purchase another item from RAC if this is how I am going to be treated! I used to refer friends and family to RAC and believe me that is going to change! If nothing is done, I will take my story to the news and make sure no one else has to go through what my child and I have gone through! I wish to be contacted by a main supervisor not just the store manager, my trust in him is gone! I need to speak to someone in charge!

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My complaint is with your store employees at 901 n polk st ste 365, desoto, tx 75115, ph: [protected].

I rented a sofa from this location and I make weekly payments, however the store employees call me every saturday and tell me that the payment is due. One saturday I was out of town and as usual someone from their office called me and I was not available, so she called my references looking for me as if I stole something from them... Please take note that my payment is not past due and has never been late.

I spoke to the manager about this and he assured me that this was not acceptable behaviour and it would not happen again, he said my account is noted for a “no call reminder”... However, the calls continued. They call me from their personal cell phones and ask for a payment. On one occasion I refused to give her credit card information on her personal phone, so I called the store. Please take note “I have never been late”. These people are stockers, well today may 5, 2008 was the last straw... I was out of town this past week on business and did not pay on saturday (May 3, 2008). So far today (Monday, may 05, 2008, 3:32pm) I have received over 15 missed calls from this store, they have left no messages, and they just keep calling from different numbers. Their behaviour is so bizarre and I have experienced nothing like it in my life. I want nothing to do with this company and I wish to discontinue our rental relationship. I will request that they immediately pick up the sofa and I have filed a complaint with the police department.

Please counsel these people or they will run away all of your “good” customers.

  • El
    Elesia Sep 22, 2008

    It's not just the rent a center in your area they are like that in my are too. I can recall one time I was late on a payment and I was walking home from work and getting ready to make a payment and the store manager from rent a center rode up on me and was like ms. davis you have a payment that is past due and you need to make an appearence in the store... That creeped me out these people are stalkers...

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  • Al
    ali Feb 17, 2009

    this just happened to me In Prospect heights illinois...i had 2 rent a center employees try and brake into my house while i was home with my 5 year old son...They were beating on the door and telling me to open up, like they were the freaking police or something...they would not go away and told me that they were like loan sharks and that they would be back to my house if i didn't pay. I called the police and filed a report with them because it scared me to death. The police said it was illegal for them to do this and harrass me like this. They actually tried to use a credit card to brake into my house . I could see them through the peak hole. I was terrified. It was like a scene from the godfather. The police did go and tell them to leave me alone. DO NOT EVER GO TO RENT-A-CAENTER
    I went to the one in Niles Illinois. they are unproffesional and take part in illegal opperations
    Prospect Heights IL

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terrible service!

My husband used Rent-A-Center when we moved to a new town. My husband then went away on military duty. While he was gone, I paid the bill. Now that he is back he pays it, it is his account. Once my husband returned from active duty, he fell into a little financial crunch. So he was late on his payments. I don't deny that HE owes them money, but why are they harassing ME!

His payment was due one Saturday but he couldn't make it to the store to pay it because I was in labor with our second child. They knew what was going on and still called my cell phone, 3 times, that day. I then spent 3 days in the hospital and for the first time he had to take care of our oldest child by himself - so he didn't make it. They knew that but instead of calling HIS cell phone, they called MINE, a total of 9 times during that hospital stay.

By the time I came home, they were POUNDING on my door, even though I had a 'New Baby Sleeping - Please Knock Softly' sign on the door. I ignored the door cause the baby started screaming and I then went to the store later and paid it.

The next time my husband was late they once again called MY cell phone 5 times in one day. When I spoke to them, I told them my husband will be in on his next day off, since when he goes to work and when he leaves work they are closed. They told me that I should use HIS credit card to pay it. Since I'm his wife, it will be fine. I told them that it was fraud for me to do that. I am not an authorize user on his card. They weren't happy and continued to call MY cell phone. By my husband's next day off, I received a warrant for the price off the computer - IN MY NAME! I didn't rent the product. My name wasn't on the application. It wasn't my account!

It got so bad that they came to my house when my mother was house sitting. She was instructed not to open the door to anyone. The Rent-A-Center employee banged on the door screaming 'I know someone is in there and I'm not leaving till you open the door.' Finally, my mother said something and they told her that they were looking for ME and she better open the door. Only after she explained the situation did he go away.

I don't doubt that my husband has this account with them and sometimes he is a week late. What I want to know is why they harass me but are so pleasant to my husband? They try to intimidate me and I am not connected with this account.

  • Al
    ali Feb 17, 2009

    this just happened to me In Prospect heights illinois...i had 2 rent a center employees try and brake into my house while i was home with my 5 year old son...They were beating on the door and telling me to open up, like they were the freaking police or something...they would not go away and told me that they were like loan sharks and that they would be back to my house if i didn't pay. I called the police and filed a report with them because it scared me to death. The police said it was illegal for them to do this and harrass me like this. They actually tried to use a credit card to brake into my house . I could see them through the peak hole. I was terrified. It was like a scene from the godfather. The police did go and tell them to leave me alone. DO NOT EVER GO TO RENT-A-CAENTER
    I went to the one in Niles Illinois. they are unproffesional and take part in illegal opperations
    Prospect Heights IL

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  • Je
    jen7 Jul 02, 2009

    My fiancee has done the same thing with his payments. He used my parents number as a reference and they call their house three to five times a day if he has been late with a payment. I get anxiety when he is late with the money. They have come knocking on our door a couple times. Thankfully we have a big dog and they are scared of him. And I always find their notes on our door. The writing looks like a 5yr olds! I hate them so much. Oh yes and to make it better. The harassment started three days before the payment was even due!

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  • Th
    the truth 09 Jul 10, 2009

    if anyone does go there get a laptop and see if you can take it that day and if you can pay roughly around 12 weeks into it and then just quit paying for it. Because with rent a center they will not prosecute you after 8 weeks and yes they will blow up every reference that you have put down. but all your refernce has to do is just tell them to quit calling and if the peopke are good at whichever one they will not call anymore. because depending on how which store operates rent a center usually just charges the merchandise off i said laptop because it is the easiest.well beside a living room or a bed room.if you do that you will walk away with a new laptopfor little less than 500.

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  • An
    anonymousperson Jul 22, 2009

    Maybe if you losers could learn to pay your bills on time there wouldn't be people calling you and coming to your home. Try learning that you have to pay for your toys. For crying out loud, at Rent a Center if you can't afford it all you have to do is give it back! Get real people!!!

    If you're not paying for something that you're keeping, you are stealing!

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fraud and cheating!

I work for RAC in ohio. recently transferred to another store due to an opening that took place. I was placed on a route that had been doing horribly over the past 8 months. it had 4 different account reps on it. including one who was promoted to a 'credit manager'. In the 8 weeks i have been on that route i have managed to get it to close (company standard 5.9%, our dm standard 4.9%) 5 out of 8 times. my opens, although high in the eyes of my DM... have varied from the low to mid 20's. The route was unmanageable before i took it over, and i have gotten it to hit almost all the numbers and grow. but. I was informed that due to my lack of hitting ALL numbers i was being placed on a 4 week action plan. 2 of those four weeks are holiday weeks. Apparently the so called credt manager told our DM that i was a dream to work with and i was oh-so-consistent with my numbers and i always maintained my routes. Which is true. Never a problem. but this guy. my store manager is so far up his but it's not funny. our jobs are constantly being threatened. I've been cussed at, yelled at, called names... treated like a royal sh** bag and this is just by my superiors. I have been with this company since august of 06. I know how to do my job. but i am being treated like i am a rookie that just got done with training. bets of all. My manager so enjoys taking advantage of the company. he drives the trucks home at night. Leaving march on them that could easily get stolen. but as we all know it would be the fault of the account reps. not his.

So what should be done, besides looking for another job? I'm tired of working with people that don't hold their own. our credit manager will not, i repeat, will not leave the store for anything. he does not run. he does not do money picks. He just sits in the store. thats all.

The only one worth a damn in our management staff is the sales manager.but he is constantly getting ### from our dm and the store manager regarding sales even though we average 25 deliveries a week. HELP! Stuck in a rut!

  • Al
    ali Feb 17, 2009

    heres a tip!!! QUIT RENT-A-CENTER!!! they suck ### and are crazy stalkers...and the merchandise is not that great

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  • Un
    unhappily employeed Oct 30, 2010

    I can only give the same advice, quit. I understand how that may not be an option as I too work for RAC. It's not the 48 hour per week schedule, it's the wacky hours!! Go in at 9am and don't get off until 8pm, who has time to look for another job. It's a catch 22 that keeps one "trapped" in a shi#@y work environment. Never a full weekend off unless your sick or use vacation time. When I was asked if I was willing to work weekends I NEVER imagined that would mean EVERY weekend of the year. Friday, Saturday and Monday are MANDATORY for all employees so not even two days off back to back without being sick or on vacation. There is no real reason why somebody couldn't be off one Saturday a month on rotation. Be off Saturday and work the "normal" day off. Just that little "give" would improve moral. I understand "give and take" but where is the "give" from headquarters? Did anybody other than SM's or higher get Christmas bonuses last year? I know all I received was a cheesey (not even truely signed) christmas card. If anyone at "home office" is reviewing this, keep the stamp this year aparently RAC needs the money and the card is really just a "slap in the face", hell, even my dogs got a better gift, they each got HUGE "meaty bones", maybey I should have given them the RAC card too add a little fiber to their diets.
    Credit down but BOR and SMR up. We pick-up merchandise and it stays "on the books" and delinquent until the SM HAS TO take it off because the DM or some other upper management personel is about to visit. Keeping it on the books keeps the appearance of high BOR and/or SMR, but it prevents routs from "closing" so credit takes the hit. How about the so called "good customers"? Ever had a customer/customers that you were not permitted to call because they have a good history, with no regaurd given to how old the good part might be? I've cureently got 8 BOR out of 12 in the 7+ catagory that I am not permitted to even call. I have been instructed to mark it as if I called it but am not to actually call. These customers will "charge off" eventually but my rout gets to look as if I'm not doing my job until it does. I would love to leave this job, but I am a single mother and mine is the only household income. I want to leave but can't afford to, but I am deffinately trying to get out.

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rent-a-center stole speakers

I am writing a complaint to u about Rent-A-Center on 215 E University dr. Ste McKinney Tx [protected] Phone: [protected] LOC: 4714-M.

They came and got my sons Computer and they took speakers that were not theres and now they will not return them back and they said they gave Christopher Hernandez speakers and they in fact did not. We have since then tried being nice about it but they just being rude about it and i want to file this complaint against them, A white male came to get the computer and my Wife Deanna Hernandez called them back and told them about it and the manager said that he thought those weren't the speakers and said and I quote. "We will bring them back this afternoon." and they still wont give them back. They said they issued them adn instead they said they picked ours up instead and they are not required to give our speakers back. Basically they came in our house and stole our speakers. I want this complaint cause Rent-a-Center has stolen from one of there customers and they go against there suppose to do.

Thank You

  • So
    someguy Jan 17, 2009

    I am a store manager for Rent A Center. We have alot of customers that we service every day, and yes, mistakes like that happen sometimes. I would suggest that you go to the store (If you haven't already) and speak to the store manager. Remind him of the situation and he should give you the speakers without any problem. However, the issue may be that an employee didn't know about the situation and gave them unknowingly to another customer and now they are trying to "cover up" their mistake until they can get them back. If that is the case I would imagine the manager would rectify the situation immediatley by giving you another pair of speakers. If the ones that they have are not of the same quality of the ones that were accidently taken I would suggest that you request that the manager get permission from his or her District Manager to purchase a pair of speakers that would have been similar to the ones that were mistakenly taken. If all else fails you can call the customer service number...above all I apologize for this store for the situation that could have been solved so easily. I hoped this hasn't tarnished the reputation of all of our stores. I thank you for your business .

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My daughter rented a tv. They called and asked for payment asked them to wait for 2 days when she got paid. ...

stalking their customers!

I am also renting some merchandise from Rent-A-Center and I ran into some medical difficulties and was not able to pay for my merchandise a couple of times, but the kicker is that I ALWAYS kept in contact with the staff there to keep them informed of my situation and they were understanding... AT FIRST!! I agree with another article that one posted on this site that states 'as soon as you've had the merchandise for a long period of time and are almost payed off then they want to start acting shady.' Now that I have been paying on my merchandise for over a year - they are all of the sudden not as understanding about late payments. Before it was like 'okay - that is fine pay us next week' or 'no problem we will just tack it onto the end of your payments' (which I hope everyone is aware that they are able to do that and believe they do), now that I payed them a month's worth of payments in one week they are still demanding more and want to come and pick up my merchandise. They will literally stalk you - they take their call of duty a little too far for my taste. Now what if they stalk the wrong person and get killed in the meantime? Is it really worth it to one of them? They have been known to block out their number when they call the house, sit at the end of your road until they see some movement and then try to jump out on you, they have been around the back of my house to look in windows, and they have even came in one of their own personal vehicles. Enough is Enough. Do they really pay these associates enough money to risk their lives by stalking their customers...

  • To
    Tommy Jun 15, 2008

    Your tardiness is your theft. I hope you know that in the Rent-A-Center contract, you sign and agree that you understand missing a payment means you are officially in possession of what is Rent-A-Centers merchandise, and the companies money. Of course they will do whatever is in their power to do to get back what is rightfully theirs according to the contract that you signed. And yeah you may have gotten away with lateness for a while, but they, as a company, have certain numbers to hit and just because they let you go a few times, doesn't mean it's okay to go late whenever you want. Use your brain, be on time.

    2 Votes
  • Su
    sundance1 May 11, 2009

    i am thinking of buying a 27 inch toshiba high def T.V and stand from rent-a-center and had a salesman at my house to look at where my current T.V is which is a 20 year old RCA oak wood swivel base console
    and want to replace it before it go's out. the salesman said they would sell
    me the T.V out right no payments for 90 days and if not happy with it
    i could return it and pick another T.V.

    I am retired military and disabled i have not recieved my pension yet due to age and live off my and wifes social security and disability ao i cant afford to a $2000 for a T.V

    I would like any input from anyone who has dealt with rent-a-center in the past or current and know if they keep thier word stand behind thier product, basic info that i may should know before making this
    purchase please feel free to email me at ( [email protected] )

    it looks good on paper but what are the hidden agendas i should look for.

    thank you very much

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  • Co
    CommonSense May 11, 2009

    Make sure it's new on box.
    Yes they'll offer to sell you a used one at a discount, but if you ever saw some of the houses they have mdse in, you wouldn't want it on your lawn let alone in your house.

    The majority of renters don't take care of the mdse because they know it's not theirs.

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  • Jo
    jokers_wild May 11, 2009

    As someone else said, your tardy payments is basically theft of their money and equipment. You mentioned several times about the safety of their employee's as if you have intentions of hurting someone for trying to claim their property. Rent-a-Center is what it is, they rent out to high risk consumers and get paid very highly for their equipment. Anyone with any worth of their money would avoid rent-a-centers all together.

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rip off its customers

This is a major business that intentionally rips off its customers. The business should not be allowed to...

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