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I am a new Rent-A-Center customer, I got a couch, a chair and a television for my disabled 73 year old mother. I ended up in the hospital with walking pneumonia in both my lungs. When I got home, I found out that my mother was not able to drop the payment in the drop box due to her health. I call them and said that my mother had written a check and that I would be in to make the payment and I was VERY VERY rudely talked to and was informed that they do not except a check for payment and that they were coming to get my mother's furniture this afternoon instead of letting me make the payment. I know that I will not recommend them to anyone . If they will leave an elderly woman sitting in the floor instead of excepting my payment then they are not worthy of my business. You cannot treat your new customers the way I was treated and expect them to refer you to someone else. I called the corporate office and there will also be a complaint filed with the better business bureau and the federal trade commission. Please do not rent anything from their Manchester TN store, the manager will treat you like dirt and to top it all off, they didn't even deliver the furniture, we picked it up ourselves and set it up for my mother.


  •   Jun 28, 2016

    It is not a business's fault that your mother is ill and can not pay. It is not their fault that you were sick. It is not their fault you want to pay with a nonaccepted payment type. Rent A Center has strict contracts that you signed when you rented the items. Don't blame them. Filing complaints against a business for your irresponsibility is ridiculous.

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