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Red Lobster review: Feb,19,2024 poor service

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Firstly, I would like to make a complaint involving your representative whom I talked to to get information about the Endless Lobster Fest that is on the 20th, tomorrow. She was rude in her tone, responses and did not know anything about the Fest. She quickly put us on hold without even saying she was leaving the chat. My husband hung up and I called back. She again answered and I immediately asked for a manager. The manager also did not know anything about the email I had received from Red Lobster inviting me to the endless lobster fest as a Gold Member I was permitted to register. I persisted and she finally found the info. I can attend and eat up to 10 lobsters but I can not take my husband. That is very aggrevating to me as an elderly person as I never go anywhere without him driving me. I certainly wouldn't feel good about excluding him from such a great dinner. At the end of the day, I did not register for the dinner and as a gold client I'm disappointed with the whole offer. I see this as a rouse to bring in more customers and not a legit way to reemburse your loyal clients. Thank you for reading to the end,

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