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Red Lobster - Bad Service

Hello There,

I am writing to you regarding the Red Lobster on Sunrise Highway in Copiague, NY. I had received really bad service and attitude between the staff and manager today - Friday October 20,2023 at 12:10 PM

It started with when I enter Red Lobster for lunch. There was no greeter, at the front. I waited 5 minutes and called into kitchen to see anyone would come out. I also had 2 ladies came in saw me. I told them I have been waiting 5 minutes for someone to come out. A second yell it took in order someone to respond.

It took a few minutes to place my order. I ordered the soup and salad combo with a water with lemon. It took over 10 minutes to get my water and over 20 minutes to get my meal. Just before I received my meal, I asked to talk to the Manager. I guess once I asked for the Manager, my food showed up shortly after that. The Manager came by, and I explained to her what happen. She compensated me the meal. She also had an attitude towards me for my complaint. I explain to her this type of treatment reflects bad on the company. Her staff needs to focus on customer service which I explained to her.

When I left, I saw the Manager again, I personally thank her for the meal. I again stress that she needs to have her staff more in tune with customer service. Once again, she made me feel awkward. She made me feel I did something wrong and bother her. My time spent on this is more than a $12 lunch. I wish, this Red Lobster get a course in CUSOMER SERVICE! If Red Lobster feel to give me anything additional, be my guest.

Sincerely Yours
Thomas Kropp
Contact Info: cell [protected]
address: 15 Fremont Street
Lindenhurst, New York 11757
e-mail: [protected]

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R. Car.
, US
Dec 22, 2023 7:26 am EST

You made your point with the manager and got free food, but you still couldn't help yourself. You just had to run your mouth some more on your way out. Knock it off. Make your point, eat your food and leave. Stop running your mouth and telling people how to do their jobs! And no, you don't deserve any more free extras. I'm embarrassed for you that you would ask. Also, you tried to post ALL your personal details on this public website, but luckily for you, the site blocked your cell number and email address.

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