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Ka Mar 13, 2019

On Thursday, February 28, I was sent to Quest Diagnostics location, 201 S. Buena Vista, Suite 125, Burbank, CA 91505. Upon arriving, I followed the instructions and soon the person came from the back to get me and two others. I felt like herded cattle. The woman (who didn't give me her name) yelled something toward my way, which I assumed meant to wait in the other waiting room down the hall. The waiting area had a taped sign on the door that stated to keep the door open at all times. The walls also were riddled with holes from previous items being hung there. A long time had passed, so I got up to stand in the doorway. She came out of room two which I noticed was the main workspace. There was another dark haired woman working across from the woman taking care of me. The woman taking care of me was heavy set and had hair dyed with Blonde and Carmel.
Once the woman found me in the system and keyed in my order, she was ready to begin. It was getting later in the afternoon, as I came straight from my doctors office. It was after 3:30 p.m. The woman of concern, once again didn't tell me her name. I asked several times and she said it so fast, I couldn't understand her. I had to tell her several times to slow down because I was having trouble hearing her. This was the first time I seemed to upset her. The second time came was when she was about to put on her gloves to begin. I asked her if she were going to wash her hands? She replied with, "I will if you want me to!" She turn returned to me and proceeded to look at a vein on my right arm that was the smallest one on my arm. BTW, I have great veins. She pulled out a huge needle. After moments of her not doing anything, I looked up at her and she chose a smaller needle. I guess we could call this number 3. She then proceeded to stick the needle in my arm, pull it back a little, then dig deeper until she got blood. The attached photos will show you the days that follow how horrible my arm looks and hurts. I think she does not need to work in this industry.
Neither she nor her coworker washed their hands at any point in time. They were constantly either touching their hair, noses or skin in general.
Another thing that surprised me was the fact that what appeared to be bloodwork of the day for many patients was each in their own bags, however, each bag was open and on the desk of the brown headed coworker leaving opportunity for contamination of all sorts to enter each bag.
Needless to say, I won't be back at this Quest location. I usually go to one closer to my doctor. The only reason I went here was because this location offers X-ray as well.

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