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Customer Service - WORST EVER

Customer service should be there to help people and not talk over them and hang up on them when a customer becomes frustrated.

Your customer service is very very sad in this day and age. When I can hear the agent say (in the back ground with his British accent) has anyone talked to an American who said she his pissed off ? And then proceed to hang up.

Good Lord - if I hung up up on every customer who was upset when they call my job I'd #1 be fired!

Ancestry you have a looooooooooong way to go with your customer service!
Most likely time to go to another company who offers better Customer Service.

family tree

I joined ancestry about 7 months ago did the dna kit and started my family tree. I was very pleased with the progress on the tree going back as far as the 600 AD with some branches. Then one day about 2 weeks ago I went to the site to work on my tree and 99% of the tree was gone. I immediately call ancestry customer service and explained what had happened. After hours of being switched from many different representatives, they could not give an adequate explanation of what had happened to the tree. They refused to take responsibility for the error in their system and to offer compensation. I am very disappointed at their complete disregard. I would be very interested to know if anyone else ha had this experience.


ANC*ANCESTRY.COM has been charging my credit card for two years without my permission. I joined about three years ago and I have since cancelled my account but I am still getting charged to my credit card $9.99 each month for this scam ancestry. I want this cancelled today!!! I believe ANC*ANCESTRY.COM is a scam from another country. I enquired before about it being a scam to take money from innocent consumers, like me, however, not one thing is ever resolved on my credit card and/or account. Please make this a priority as I am sure other people are being affected by this also.

ancestry “free” trial

Signed up for the free trial and this wasn't useful (couldn't locate any ancestors) so stopped using it after 1 day. 1 year later I was going through credit card statements and found I had been charged AU$600 by ‘ANC*ANCESTRY.COM'. Thought this was a scam, and then did some investigation. Turns out my free trial was automatically rolled into a paid service without any notification provided to me - no emails, invoices, receipts or mentions I would be charged.

The website says you have to telephone to cancel or receive refunds. However, it is an American number and I live in Australia. Sent them a message and they wrote back that they could not return the charges they took because it was in their dodgy T&Cs. Avoid at all costs. Do not trust this thieving organisation.


Got tired of haveing to up the price for information with this and that price increase. Research DNA companies this one in my opinion is not the best for the money. When you do the test they only tell you relatives in USA. Part of my family come from Canada so they want omore and more money to look up your Canadian relatives. They will keep asking for more and more money. Research DNA compaines the choose the best I made the mistake of using

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linking family members

I won't say that ancestery is a complete scam it does provide you with the basic information about your lineage and your heritage. However as one who was looking specifically for family members that would link me to my biological father and failed me . It seems ancestry will pull popular DNA from a profile because it's comment to a particular region which can skew the results in giving false information . Example it listed my aunt has a first cousin and my half sister as first cousins because it did not include all Centimorgans. Really I want to use this platform to warn people to dig further because it's not correct


I purchased a dna test for a friend, it was on sale for 69 dollars +shipping, on 10/18/18 in the afternoon, on 10/19/2018, I need to refund it, my friend said does not want to do it, so I call to refund, after a while this sweet lady tells me I have tp pay a 25 dollar fee, are you kidding its not 24 hours, its not shipped, or anything and you are charging 25 dollars, this unreal, people do not cancel I am sure, i bought a kit for my husband, they do help people the kit is 69 dollars or you see it for 59 now a Halloween special, bad cs, here confirm no of transaction is [protected] check it out and see if this is fair not even 24 hours, it would have been sooner but your phones do not open up till 9am, i, m up at 5am fla time, how do you sleep at nite membership

I recently purchase an all access 6 month membership from Ancestry for $139.00. That was on 6/26. I went to log in today and I show as no membership. I called customer service and was told that I cancelled my membership on 7/11. (I did not.) I asked if I had cancelled my membership, shouldn't I have received a full refund as it had not been 30 days. The CS was not very knowledgeable and basically told me sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. She put me on hold and came back to tell me she could refund the $139.00 and I could resubscribe at the $199.00 fee. I told her that wasn't really fair as I didn't cancel my service to begin with. I asked if she could just reup me for 6 months and not refund. She put me on hold again and came back and said the same thing - refund $139 and resubscribe for $199. I just told her ok - give me the refund. I won't be resubscribing.

automatic renewal

I am now on hold while a representative cancels the automatic renewal -- something I neither authorized or wanted -- of my six-month subscription. And apparently there is no way to have a subscription without this. This is a terrible policy -- a scam really. I have bought subscriptions occasionally in the past, but now I will rethink whether I ever want to use ancestry again. You should be ashamed. And now the customer "support" person has returned to tell me that due to some kind of problem in ythe ancsetry system, he cannot refund my money and that I should call back and go through this same process later today. Terrible policy. Terrible support.

  • Br
    Brenda Hefferon Jan 24, 2019

    They renewed my membership without telling me. Sent 3 emails and no response. I don’t have time to sit on hold. Horrible company. No customer service to speak of. I’m a member of 23 and me. No issues. One payment for life membership. Free genealogy sites and government sites have the same information plus more than ancestry. If you’re reading this before joining, don’t join. Trust me it’s a huge waste of money and you won’t have good customer service, if you have any at all.

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ancestry records

Sick of seeing "can't access records. Try back later" what the hell is going on with them. Ancestry has been consistently deteriorating for quite a while and now appears to have self destructed!
Regarding searches. If you add/change an item in a current search they remove exact/years/location etc. Causing you to retrace your steps, look at the search again and see what they changed! I'm fed up and dumping them.

auto renewal of subscription - no warning that the auto renewal has taken place

I signed up for 6 months with - worldwide access. Instead of my subscription expiring in February 2018 as expected I have just found that it automatically renewed

I did not see any indication that this auto renewal would take place - and I have not used the Ancestry site since February so was unaware that my subscription had renewed until I received yet another unwanted email from Ancestry and I checked my account

Needless to say it seems that they will not refund as I left it too late to cancel my subscription...leaves a bad taste when they can renew without telling me - but I can't get a refund despite not using their service

rude customer service

Have been a member since 2006 and am a Full Access member. Ordered an additional DNA kit for my mother & was charged full price. Six days later I called to see if I could get a partial refund due to the fact that the DNA kit is now $59. Rep was extremely short and said "no way" and hung up. Six days & she refused to even discuss it with me. Thanks a lot - you suck!

rude customer service

I purchased a DNA kit for my daughter. she got the results and lost the email and can't access her results. I called customer service just now and the lady I spoke with was extremely rude and unwilling to help me. She said "well we can't help it if our customers choose to delete their accounts." She did not delete her account she simply cleared her cookies on her computer. The lady I spoke with was extremely rude. I asked her if the test results can be tracked by the registration number and she was so rude. She was condescending and was very snotty and insulting. I am extremely upset that I spent $100 on this test and customer service was no help at all. The call didnt even start out nice. the woman was very snotty and crabby right off the bat. I have a paid account and have also ordered a test for another family member. If this is the way I'm going to be treated I'll take my business elsewhere. I'd appreciate someone who is at least willing to try helping resolve this and who is not a rude witch. I apologize for the harsh language but I am extremely upset by the way I've been treated. I want access to the test results or I want a refund and possibly an apology for how I was spoken to. Thank you
Cindy L. Barton

full access membership

I recently upgraded to the Full Access Membership so that I would have access to articles in and Fold3. The first person that I was researching had many articles in however it does not give you access to view the articles. You have to then purchase another membership with This to me is wrong. I paid extra to include those articles that were available and now I can't even see them! Very frustrating. All it really is, is a tactic to get more people to register and pay directly to

online and customer service

Your website is crashing and won't take a perfectly good credit card so i called, then i waited for over 17 minutes only to be hung up on. So the $59 rate was good but id rather pay more to get real customer service from 23 and me because at least they won't freaking hang up on you for trying to buy their products.

I just wanted the special rate to buy Christmas gifts but because you make a product that you can't electronically handle the volume of, the consumer gets treated like crap and hung up on.

online and customer service


ancestry dna

My leafs are disappearing...why? My linked circles have disappeared...why. What is this about? why would I have 4 leaves one day the log on and only 3 leaves appear? Why am I linked to circles one day then the next they are gone. Why pay so much for this service and rely on its capability to connect family together via DNA, to no have it function properly or give you information. This needs to be looked into and someone at Ancestry needs to fix it, pay to much money for the service.

  • Ji
    jimeverhart Jan 18, 2018

    Feel lucky, It has happened to me twice in the last year. They came back and then after a couple of months gone again. it has been over 6 months with no visible circles just blank white pages. 6 months ago I had 63 circles on 6 pages of results, now 3 circles on 1 blank page. Customer service says they know of the problem and they know what caused it to happen. For the last 3 months I have been told they are re-indexing their files and in a few days they should be visible again please be patient. A few days I can be patient but over 6 months that is not acceptable!!! Circles I know I was a part of no longer show me. If I go to New Ancestor Discoveries I can see the Circles for those people some of which I used to be shown in now do not list me. . I have been over patient now I am on a campaign make sure others hear about this shoddy service. It makes no difference paid member or not, Ancestry Customer Service Reprehensive, nobody can do anything but say their sorry and please be patient. 801-705-7000 is the number I will be calling daily to get their attention. I encourage everyone else with this problem, call them daily. After dozens of calls only 3 times over the last 6 months they have entered a problem report, Did the rest of the people just think it will simply fix its self? If you make a customer mad they will tell 5 times more people about how badly they were treated and if they were treated well less than 2 times the other people.. Till it happens to someone high up at Ancestry, they only seem to be able to redesign the DNA webpage and tell people with problems DNA Circles are still in Beta. As a beta tester for a couple of Software Programs they really need to work on that answer and address their beta programs success and worry less about spending so much TV time and print media touting their great results that only partially work.

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$99 six-month subscription paid in may, 2017, being billed $19.99 monthly

I signed up for a special $99 "deal" for a six-month subscription to which I paid at the time I signed up. I recently noticed that they've been billing me $19.99 monthly...! Their "Customer Service" consists only of a disorganized string of FAQs, there is no chat or email capability. I'm hoping that their phone support (Ancestry Support [protected]; Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm Eastern; Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm Eastern) will prove helpful, but as it is currently closed, I have no way to tell. I will call them first thing in the morning tomorrow to report this THEFT, and try and force them to reimburse me for the DOUBLE PAYMENT. What a blatant rip-off!
I'm in the process of copying all of the images and documents associated with my family tree, and then will be cancelling my subscription. I just hope my cancellation is honored - and that these monthly charges stop. Errr! So irritating.

  • Ru
    Rubyroots Nov 11, 2017

    Just reviewed my payment history to find I purchased a six month membership at $99 in 2014, then 7 days later Ancestry started billing me monthly for the same membership. Ive been the n hold now for half an hour. May just send a letter to Provo via USPS.

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connecting to on my pc

I have been unable to connect to for the past week. I am in the area that was affected by Hurricane Harvey. My AT&T land line and internet service went down for about 4 days. Since it came back, I am unable to connect. The message I get is ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. I have tried all of the suggestions sent to me by the customer service representative with no success. We have two computers using the same wi-fi network and neither of these computers will connect. Is there a solution to this problem?

product renewal not recognized; locked out

I renewed my 6 month subscription in June 2017. I have subscribed for years. The website still shows me as a "guest" without access to my files. I have called 4 times and will hold for as long as 22 minutes, but no one ever answers the damn phone.

Order Number [protected]
U.S. Discovery Membership $99.00
Tax $0.00
Total $99.00
Billing Address
9 Isabel Circle
Montpelier Vermont 05602
United States of America

  • Updated by bbowen · Aug 18, 2017

    I have verified the renewal through my bank records.

unauthorized debit card charges

I signed in for a 14 day free trial but before the time was even up, I was charged a huge fee of 131.00 on my debit card, meanwhile, it was supposed to be only 28 a month if I kept it. I have requested a refund and still not received my refund even the they said I would be refunded and gave me a confirmation number. I am quite dissatisfied with the service