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Ancestry Complaints & Reviews

Ancestry / linking family members

Angelina Urquhart on Oct 26, 2018

I won't say that ancestery is a complete scam it does provide you with the basic information about your lineage and your heritage. However as one who was looking specifically for family members that would link me to my biological father and failed me . It seems ancestry will pull popular...

Ancestry / refund

anni stu on Oct 19, 2018

I purchased a dna test for a friend, it was on sale for 69 dollars +shipping, on 10/18/18 in the afternoon, on 10/19/2018, I need to refund it, my friend said does not want to do it, so I call to refund, after a while this sweet lady tells me I have tp pay a 25 dollar fee, are you kidding...

Ancestry / membership

trock003 on Jul 23, 2018

I recently purchase an all access 6 month membership from Ancestry for $139.00. That was on 6/26. I went to log in today and I show as no membership. I called customer service and was told that I cancelled my membership on 7/11. (I did not.) I asked if I had cancelled my membership...

Ancestry / automatic renewal

Roberta Scruggs on Jun 17, 2018

I am now on hold while a representative cancels the automatic renewal -- something I neither authorized or wanted -- of my six-month subscription. And apparently there is no way to have a subscription without this. This is a terrible policy -- a scam really. I have bought subscription...

Ancestry / ancestry records

what a ness on Jun 2, 2018

Sick of seeing "can't access records. Try back later" what the hell is going on with them. Ancestry has been consistently deteriorating for quite a while and now appears to have self destructed! Regarding searches. If you add/change an item in a current search they remove exact/years/location etc...

Ancestry / auto renewal of subscription - no warning that the auto renewal has taken place

SodIt on May 27, 2018

I signed up for 6 months with - worldwide access. Instead of my subscription expiring in February 2018 as expected I have just found that it automatically renewed I did not see any indication that this auto renewal would take place - and I have not used the Ancestry site since... / rude customer service

frustrated654 on Apr 20, 2018

Have been a member since 2006 and am a Full Access member. Ordered an additional DNA kit for my mother & was charged full price. Six days later I called to see if I could get a partial refund due to the fact that the DNA kit is now $59. Rep was extremely short and said "no way" and hung...

Ancestry / rude customer service

cindylou77 on Jan 11, 2018

Hello, I purchased a DNA kit for my daughter. she got the results and lost the email and can't access her results. I called customer service just now and the lady I spoke with was extremely rude and unwilling to help me. She said "well we can't help it if our customers choose to delete... / full access membership

Deception Hater on Dec 6, 2017

I recently upgraded to the Full Access Membership so that I would have access to articles in and Fold3. The first person that I was researching had many articles in however it does not give you access to view the articles. You have to then purchase another...

Ancestry / online and customer service

priv8gurl on Nov 27, 2017

Your website is crashing and won't take a perfectly good credit card so i called, then i waited for over 17 minutes only to be hung up on. So the $59 rate was good but id rather pay more to get real customer service from 23 and me because at least they won't freaking hang up on you for...

Ancestry / ancestry dna

ideasonwings on Oct 24, 2017

My leafs are disappearing...why? My linked circles have disappeared...why. What is this about? why would I have 4 leaves one day the log on and only 3 leaves appear? Why am I linked to circles one day then the next they are gone. Why pay so much for this service and rely on its capability... / $99 six-month subscription paid in may, 2017, being billed $19.99 monthly

JeffersonHI on Sep 15, 2017

I signed up for a special $99 "deal" for a six-month subscription to which I paid at the time I signed up. I recently noticed that they've been billing me $19.99 monthly...! Their "Customer Service" consists only of a disorganized string of FAQs, there is no chat or email...

Ancestry / connecting to on my pc

J_B2017 on Sep 5, 2017

I have been unable to connect to for the past week. I am in the area that was affected by Hurricane Harvey. My AT&T land line and internet service went down for about 4 days. Since it came back, I am unable to connect. The message I get is ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. I have...

Ancestry / product renewal not recognized; locked out

bbowen on Aug 18, 2017

I renewed my 6 month subscription in June 2017. I have subscribed for years. The website still shows me as a "guest" without access to my files. I have called 4 times and will hold for as long as 22 minutes, but no one ever answers the damn phone. Order Number 171033935 U.S. Discovery...

Ancestry / unauthorized debit card charges

nadiej on Aug 9, 2017

I signed in for a 14 day free trial but before the time was even up, I was charged a huge fee of 131.00 on my debit card, meanwhile, it was supposed to be only 28 a month if I kept it. I have requested a refund and still not received my refund even the they said I would be refunded and...

Ancestry / dna results

44frogs on Aug 4, 2017 sent my results to someone other than myself and now refuses to provide them to me. They say the only way I can view them is to contact that person and ask them their sign in information. Giving it to me would be a violation of their rights. What about violating my rights by... / dna testing.

wcooper16 on Jul 31, 2017

I paid my money and did an DNA test. The results were 74% Great Britain, 12 % Ireland and 14% other. My mother was full blood Choctaw American Indian and my father had some American Indian blood. The only way for these results is if I were adopted. I'm not, as I have my birth...

Ancestry / membership free trial

Maria Volante on Jul 30, 2017

My name is Maria Volante and you have deducted money from my card without any notice or email, I would like a refund . you deducted 563.67 aed (145 usd) (800-2623787) on 27th July 2017 . They must give prior warning as it emptied my debit card. I would like to cancel the membership and... / basic subscription renewal

Tina Entzminger on Jul 22, 2017

I canceled my subscription online in June. Then, the following month they billed me again. I tried to call to get them to fix the problem, but I got an automated menu of options that wasn't helpful and then I was disconnected by the automated system. I could find no way to email them about...

Ancestry / subscription charges

Ashley Walsh on Jul 21, 2017

I purchased the World Explorer pack and when i went to go checkout it said an error had occurred. The subscription was not showing up on my ancestry profile and when i checked my bank account the transaction went through. I called ancestry about 10 times and they said that they couldn't...