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1866 930 3718(Canada) 3 1
+1 973 520 2700(Head Office) 11 11
+1 800 877 7004(Clinical Trials) 1 2
+1 800 877 7484(Employer Solutions) 0 2
+1 800 426 4702(Nichols Institute, San Juan Capistrano) 2 1
+1 800 421 7110(Nichols Institute, Valencia) 0 2
+1 800 336 3718(Nichols Institute, Chantilly) 1 1

Quest Diagnostics Complaints & Reviews

Quest Diagnostics / quest diagnostics courier driver

Sep 29, 2017

The incident described below was while I was driving northbound on the western side of the Sam Houston Tollway in Houston, Texas on September 29, 2017 around 12:20pm Central Daylight Time. The part of the tollway that this incident took place was between Richmond Ave. and Interstate 10. Thi...

Quest Diagnostics / blook work draw

Sep 26, 2017

On Tuesday September 26, 2017 I entered Quest Diagnostics at my scheduled appointment 712 E Main St, Salisbury, MD 21804. The phlebotomist asked where is the Quest Script? I tried to give her the information and she was very disrespectful in tone of voice and body gestures. I requested to...

Quest Diagnostics / quest diagnostic east pittsburgh street greensburg, pa 15601

Sep 15, 2017

My husband went to have blood work done on September 15th to the above location. He was told that he would have a $100.00 co-pay to draw the blood work. We contacted our insurance company and it is a 0 co-pay for in-network which Quest is a participating in-network provider. Thi...

Quest Diagnostics / the most horrible experience

Aug 30, 2017

Trinity, FL location is not enough professional employees. Most of them give a terrible attitude to customers. I had to wait for 2 hours, after that they said I should go home and return tomorrow. Everyone's so busy with no one know what. I thought you worked there for clients, no? I only...

Quest Diagnostics / refund on an overpayment

Aug 28, 2017

Your phone tree was impossible to get through so I am writing you in hopes you can help me. Regarding account number:0000004691020891 Pt: John R Hancock BD 3-23-25 Overpayment on 7/29/17 posted 8-3-17 amount $263.91 My Dad passed away July 24, 2017 and in the trying to get his estate paid...

Quest Diagnostics / billing

Aug 21, 2017

Bill for lab work by Quest Diagnostics Opened a letter today stating it was a 4rd.notice from Quest Diagnostics, it is a bill for the amount of $694.77 for lab work that was denied by my insurance, and not authorized by me either. I've been trying to follow a claim with my previou...

Quest Diagnostics / service

Aug 16, 2017

On 9/16/2017 at approximately 4:20 p.m. I arrived at the Quest Diagnostics lab located at 150 E. El Camino, Sunnyvale, CA for a blood draw. I had an appointment with my PCP who ordered the blood test. After my appointment I went straight away to Quest. I asked the phebotomist if I was too...

Quest Diagnostics / delay in reports

Aug 06, 2017

Dr. Sumit Dutta, Managing Director, India This is to inform you about your pathetic services in lab A-17, Info City, Sector 34| Gurgaon, Haryana 122001 INDIA . Its been five day that i have not received pending reports against my Request/Order No 2225856 in name of Rekha Mohan. FIRST THING...

Quest Diagnostics / guild building, norwood, ma

Aug 04, 2017

Date of incident: 8/4/17 3:00 pm. I brought my daughter in to have her regular blood draw. She has regular draws every few weeks, a standing order in the system, and has done so for about 10 months. We walked in to a quiet office and were the only ones there besides the woman at...

Quest Diagnostics / bad blood draw, left a very largemark on left arm, had to see a doctor

Aug 01, 2017

July 31, 2017 Plebotomist drew blood from vein on left arm it bled profusely after then overnight turned into a big discolored streak, I saw my physician today and was sent for an ultrasound to check if there was a possibility of a clot. This employee is obviously not qualified. the location i...

Quest Diagnostics / lack of instruction; lack of availability to get instruction

Jul 30, 2017

I am in the hospital right now, so I am afraid I do not have the details such as the lab order. Upon returning home this week, I will be able to provide those. This complaint concerns a visit to quest diagnostics Lab which is now the ONLY available lab in the town of Bellingham...

Quest Diagnostics / pathology lab work

Jul 28, 2017

This complaint is for the New Braunfels TX location. I work in SA and had labs sent to this office. I had attempted to call the office from 1pm-155pm (callomg almost every 5 mins to get ahold of someone). She finally answered and said she had them and she was working alone. I said I would...

Quest Diagnostics / blood draw on 7/24/2017 at 3000 dixwell ave

Jul 27, 2017

I had a 11:30 am appt. Then the blood draw on my left arm began. When she inserted the needle extreme electric like pain hit my arm. I screamed "get it out, get it out" and the tech, a young black female, removed it. She said I almost got her stuck. Another tech drew my blood in right arm...

Quest Diagnostics / breach of patient privacy and hipaa by their employee marina noble

Jul 20, 2017

How can you trust a business, if it allows a CRIMINAL woman an access to the patient records and tests? That criminal is Marina Noble (former Marine Mkhitaryan, DOB 06/02/1966), an Armenian immigrant who has hardly survived deportation, and now residing in 4 Repton Circle, Apt. 4101...

Quest Diagnostics / taking of urine

Jul 17, 2017

When taking urine clients should be for warned as to the procedures. It appeared that I didn't give enough urine. It was then that I was told that I would not be able to leave the office for any reason until I produced enough pee. No you cannot go buy soda, food or even walk around to help...

Quest Diagnostics / complaint about front office staff at quest lab in la palma

Jul 12, 2017

This morning I went for my blood test to 7872 Walker Street, Ste 102, La Palma CA 90623-1748. The lady by the name of Sharon was extremely rude when she was talking to the patients waiting there. Here tone of voice was not very polite at all. She was very off hand and downright rude when...

Quest Diagnostics / driver of a quest diagnostics vehicle

Jul 11, 2017

On July 10th, 2017 around 6:30 pm the driver of a Quest Diagnostics vehicle #30698, failed to make a complete stop at the intersection of Anza Ave. & Banning St. in Lehigh Acres, FL. At this intersection there is a stop sign on Anza Ave. going South and North, which would give vehicle...

Quest Diagnostics / phlebotomist error

Jun 25, 2017

The phlebotomist did not do the blood draw properly. He did not have a badge during the blood draw, I requested the butterfly needle, and he refused to oblige my request. The phlebotomy tech tied off my arm with the rubber tourniquet, he began slapping my arm to get the vein to come to the...

Quest Diagnostics / service for customer with baby

Jun 16, 2017

I made a specific day appointment through a link I was emailed through my job. It did not specify a specific time so I gathered my 11 month old in the morning, waited 45 minutes, asked how much longer because my baby was getting impatient running into his lunchtime/naptime now. Theuy would...

Quest Diagnostics / customer service

Jun 05, 2017

My drs order was faxed to your w sahara lab in las vegas. I called monday morning to confirm they had it. I then went to the w rainbow lab to get the blood test done as w sahara was booked up until friday, the end of the week. The person that was on the counter at w rainbow was not only...

Quest Diagnostics / quest diagnostics/ lost patient blood work & medical files

May 23, 2017

I am complaining about the quest diagnostics in Leechburg, Pennsylvania on Hyde Park Road. This location is a bit of an out of the way drive for me, but is the only one out of my way closest, so I had to drive out there due to my doctors office requesting a specific lab test that wa...

Quest Diagnostics / failure to provide drug screen

Apr 07, 2017

My name is Mr. Lee Arthur Hickman. I went to the Quest Diagnostics lab at 10680 Jones Road suite 200 in Houston, Texas. I was hired today by Performance Electric Company and they use Quest to do their drug screening. When I arrived at the clinic and was escorted to the restroom by one the...

Quest Diagnostics / customer service

Feb 14, 2017

2/14/2017 Time:4pm to 4:18pm Client: Joshua mills Parent : Joanne Vargas I brought my child in to receive blood-work. He is 13 so I allowed him to go to the back alone with your staff after signing all paperwork; while I waited with my other children in the waiting room. While I waiting the...

Quest Diagnostics / employee behavior

Feb 01, 2017

I had a 10:00 am appointment at Quest Diagnostics last Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 127 Union St. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 for blood works and to drop off a 24 hour urine collection. Jennifer, my phlebotomist noticed that the 24 hour urine on my lab request slip was not checked off by my...

Quest Diagnostics / a quest diagnostics driver

Jan 30, 2017

I had a protected right turn they had a yield on left, they cut me off and then rolled down the window and cussed at me and my fiancé. The car ID number was 22602. They are a danger on the roads and have no reason to be cussing out random people. That just makes your company look bad. The second...

Quest Diagnostics / silver lakes 33029 location

Jan 26, 2017

Arrived at location at 2:47 P.M. With both daughters who needed to have lab work done. Lab technician said she was already leaving and told me I couldn't be seen because their was only one person at the lab and their needed to be two people when it dealt with kids. She told me to bring...

Quest Diagnostics / rude refunds department representative

Jan 20, 2017

01/20/2017, I called Quest Diagnostics billing department and I spoke with Keith he was very accommodating and helpful on explaining everything to me. He said that my insurance already paid my bill and I will be getting a refund because I paid before my insurance paid the bill. He was not...

Quest Diagnostics / venipuncture malpractice that, caused severe bruises etc

Dec 16, 2016

I am officially filing this complain to prevent this type of venipuncture malpractice to happen in the future and/or to anyone else. On 12/9/2016, a phlebotomist performed a venipuncture on my left arm for lab tests at Quest Diagnostics at 2191 Mowry Ave #500B, Fremont, CA location. After...

Quest Diagnostics / billing

Nov 30, 2016

I received a bill in April of 2016 for blood testing and I had more blood testing done in September the price that was charged was triple the price I tried to contact Quest a copy of what made the price so much more and I just keep get ting the run around I believe I think that the BBB...

Quest Diagnostics / unprofessional service and lack of respect for the patient

Nov 29, 2016

Quest Diagnostics on 441, State Road 7, Boca Raton NICKI was the technician assigned to draw my blood and urine. She was annoyed when I asked her to put on new gloves before she drew my blood. I happen to have a blood disease and a very poor immune system but she didn't hear me and didn't...

Quest Diagnostics / blood work fee

Oct 16, 2016

Every time over the last couple of years, the lab tech asks for my doctor's lab data sheet which I give; as well as a copy of my driver's license and then asks for insurance card. At the very end of entering everything into their computer, they ask for my credit or debit card claiming my...

Quest Diagnostics / urine screening unreliable

Sep 26, 2016

I took a urinalysis on 8/31/16 for pre-employment screening. I take medications that could alter the results. I obtained copies from both pharmacies that I use. The company made me an offer to start work on 9/6/16 pending my results of my screening. I was not concerned as I know I only...

Quest Diagnostics / scam alert, you must read this!

Aug 23, 2016

Quest diagnostics is a joke, how and why they are so widely used is beyond me. Im finding that if you specify to most docs that you refuse to use this lab and you would like it done by an alternative one, most have several they can go through and will choose a different one for you, mine...

Quest Diagnostics / driver of car 30564

Jun 23, 2016

I am writing to complain about the dangerous driving in Fort Myers, Florida, on June 23, 2016, at approximately 1:25 pm by the driver of car 30564. I was tailgated and then passed on a 2 lane residential road (Winkler Road) that has a speed limit of 35 mph. I have been driving on this road...

Quest Diagnostics / lost sample

Jun 03, 2016

My son was tested during his 12 mont check up and we were told that his hemoglobin levels were low. We had to take him to get blood drawn twice because they couldn't find the vein on their first attempt, the second attempt left him incredibly bruised but was successful. I called to get...

Quest Diagnostics / billing charge that I have no record of from quest diagnostics lab

Mar 21, 2016

Received a collection notice dated 03/1/1/16 addressed to someone other than me who doesn't live at my address. Called and spoke with Jacob an he refused to speak w/me because letter wasn't addressed to me, but my name is listed on the bottom of the bill. Requested to speak with manager...

Quest Diagnostics / unable to contact real person

Feb 16, 2016

My husband had a drug test done for a new job. After returning home (an hour away) he was unable to find his driver's license. I have called every published number for the office and have been completely unable to talk to a person. I am directed through endless automated menus and never...

Quest Diagnostics / wellness screening

Jan 29, 2016

My wife had her wellness screening done on Dec 23rd 2015. Quest diagnostics never sent the results in to my insurance company. I'm getting the run around and as a result my medical premiums will be higher. To whom do I complain about this ? Searching the internet didn't yield anything.

Quest Diagnostics / billing

Nov 06, 2015

I don't normally vent online, but I cannot comprehend how 3 lab tests that my Doctor ordered, billed to a code, my insurance company would not accept, will cost us over $1, 000 from Quest Diagnostics. But had they been billed to a code accepted by our insurance company would have only cost...

Quest Diagnostics / no notification of $13.74 bill, sent to collections.

Oct 23, 2015

This is going to sound petty, but I had a visit to my local urgent care in the Spring of 2014 for minor health concerns. I paid around $30 up front for services not covered by my insurance. Unbeknownst to me, I apparently still owed $13.74 that my insurance did not cover and just found...