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Kaiser Permanente Complaints & Reviews

Kaiser Permanente / heart surgery redwood city kaiser member for over 35 years

My father and mother in law have been with Kaiser since my ex-husband was a child. Over 35 years they have been members. In December of 2016, my father-in-law had open heart surgery at the Santa Clara location. Unfortunately, we were told that the surgery didn't work and that is heart...

Kaiser Permanente / nurse behavior

ConcernedCustomer85 on Sep 19, 2017
This is just a general complaint of how nurses are representing themselves in the public eye that work for Kaiser. The Kaiser brand is associated with a particular nurse and I think it is unprofessional to publicly conduct or display yourself in a certain way. It reflects poorly on the...

Kaiser Permanente / kiser in maryland-curses at you by email. apparently 3 providers!

Mrs. Cates on Aug 23, 2017
Here is an email from Dr Gibert, Kennington Office in Maryland. background: First off, I don't curse at physicians EVER. I moved here from Colorado in April. As a New Member I have been submitting records trying get continuity of care from Federal BCBS. The pain management transition has been...

Kaiser Permanente / billing

Jane Kolesova on Jun 20, 2017
They keep sending me the bill that I paid long time ago by credit card, and neither multiple phone calls, nor sending mail helped to resolve the issue. Now they are threatening me with the collection agency. That's insanity. One phone call should have been enough to resolve an issue like...

Kaiser Permanente Urology Dept / bad treatment, not referring me to where I need a surgery done

Unhappy65 on May 4, 2017
Here we go again with Kaiser in Panorama City. I have this Varicocele vein problem in my private area. It is extremely painful to have. Its a large vein that has gone bad and it leaks blood into that area and it becomes toxic. I am no doctor but the way it feels now in that area it feel...

Kaiser Permanente / bad treatment or lack of any

Unhappy65 on Apr 22, 2017
Sometime back I went to see urologists in Panorama City for my varicocele vein problem named the doctors name was Dr Rude Arrogance and was treated rudely by him. I went to see him because I was referred there by the ER for this varicosele vein problem which I still have. While in the room...

Kaiser Permanente / patient services

UpsetHusband on Apr 13, 2017
Wife had extreme abdominal pains... Made appt with kaiser doctor in pleasanton at 2:30pm. came in, paid the damn co-payment... Then doctor prescribed her something temp, for the pain. Made her take blood work and prescribed medication for her and released her. wife still had pain an hour...

Kaiser Permanente / pain management

brother ray on Mar 30, 2017
In 2002 (15 years ago) after many medication trials and errors, my pain management doctor put me on a medication that allowed me to have less pain and live a somewhat normal life. In 2015 I lost my medication, call my doctor and explained that I had lost them, then the next day I found my...

Kaiser Permanente / pharmacy

Angela Cowles on Mar 3, 2017
I used to be with Kaiser a number of years ago and reluctantly returned to save money because of my son's college expenses. How do you run such a large business and only have the pharmacy open until 5:30 p.m. or you have to drive 25 miles away to the other pharmacy that is open until 7:00...

Kaiser Permanente / an endoscopy and colonosopy procedure... lack of proper sedation.

Laurie Delaney on Feb 11, 2017
On 2-10-2017 . My patient number is 13016011. I was scheduled for an endoscopy as a result of a recent allergic reaction in my esophogus and I requested that a voluntary colonoscopy be done at the same time. I was scheduled with Dr. Mamie Huang Dong, MD at the Otay Lakes, CA specialty...

Kaiser Permanente / kaiser permanente pasadena medical offices - pediatric department

Klili on Jan 31, 2017
I took my son to our pediatrician today for the 4-month visit, and our visit experience was horrible. Here were what happened, our appointment was 9:15 am and we arrived to the department before that time and used the Self Service Kiosk. However, it was not successful because we had to...

Kaiser Permanente / health insurance

Anna Shallenberger on Jan 19, 2017
This is why I HATE Kaiser Permanente. I left them under ACA, but had to return this year. Have a Lupus Rx I have to refill monthly. Started trying weeks ago. Now basically out. They finally fit me into my former primary care today. Actually had a great, encouraging visit. Even thought they...

Kaiser Permanente / health care

Denise Cuningham on Jan 2, 2017
My mother was hospitalized on december 30 for heart failure. After being admitted. We were told she had internal bleeding then was told she had a blood clot, then lupus. She never seemed to get better breathing worsened and exhausted and weak was sent home barely could walk. Doctor wa...

Kaiser Permanente / about a worker yelling at my son

Chata2 on Dec 18, 2016
My name is isabel juarez, im at kaiser baldwin park, in 4th floor east with my mother maria juarez, and this lady that i thought it was a nurse, her name is, susan stewart . That she stand in the nurse station and yelled at my 14 yrs old son telling him to get off the other bed in a loud...

Kaiser Permanente / kaiser certification of doctors

Vikki Smith on Nov 19, 2016
Just curious as to why it takes so long for Kaiser to certify their doctors. My primary care doctor relocated to another city. I was not notified of this until I called to schedule my annual physical. Then I was told there was not another doctor that I could see (although 2 had been recently...

Kaiser Permanente / primary physician

Stephie Christoffers on Oct 27, 2016
I have been on the Kaiser Permanent health plan off and on since 2006. I used to love it. Now I really would like to change healthcare providers, as Kaiser treats their patients poorly. Here is my story. My husband switched his healthcare plan in 2012. I was suffering from a chronic condition. I...

Kaiser Permanent / ineligible for rehire based on resigning

Christine Blalock on Aug 31, 2016
I had to resign from my position at Kaiser due to family member becoming ill, and I did not give a 2 week notice, only a day notice due to the circumstance. I was never told by my supervisor that I was not eligible for rehire, an investigation was never done, and HR never contacted me...

Kaiser Permanente / doctors lack of care and denials has left me an invalid

Kerrilf on Mar 15, 2016
Other Reason Denied all care Kaiser made me an Invalid. From lack of care and denials of treatment *Details of the Complaint: Went to Kaiser in Oct 2014 due to Insurance change Gave them my past records of Back injury and what tests and what worked with diagnosis, Been trying to get treatment for...

Kaiser Permanente / bad treatment in er at panorama city

JM from Los Angeles on Mar 7, 2016
I have been a Kaiser member for many years. Why I continiue to stay with them is beyond me. I have been to the ER there is Panorama City many times. Had a couple of good visits but many bad ones. I went there again yesterday ( Tuesday 03-02-2016) and spent 9 hours there. I was there from...

Kaiser Permanente / incompetence... cannot even find my records..

Reviewer51900 on Feb 19, 2016
For about three months now I have paid my premiums. The phone calls get me nothing since they say they have no record of me even though I have the bill in my hand. They somehow had me in for two policies by mistake and cancelled one of them. The only thing they are good at is sending more...

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