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1844 639 8657(Colorado) 0 3
1844 837 6884(Mountain Colorado) 1 0
1888 630 4636(Outside Vancouver / Longview area) 0 0
+1 800 464 4000(California, Customer Service) 8 6
+1 800 788 0616(California, Spanish Language) 3 1
+1 800 757 7585(California, Chinese Dialects) 0 1
+1 800 443 0815(California, Medicare Members) 0 1
+1 800 788 0710(California, POS, PPO & OOA Members) 1 2
+1 866 454 8855(Northern California) 1 2
+1 303 338 3361(Colorado) 0 0
+1 303 338 3800(Denver / Boulder) 0 0
+1 800 476 2167(Denver / Boulder, Medicare Members) 1 0
+1 844 201 5824(Northern Colorado) 0 0
+1 888 681 7878(Southern Colorado) 1 0
+1 800 476 2167(Southern Colorado, Medicare Members) 1 0
+1 877 883 6698(Southern Colorado, Self-Funded Members) 0 0
+1 301 468 6000(District Of Columbia) 2 0
+1 800 777 7902(District Of Columbia, Medicare Members) 1 1
+1 888 865 5813(Georgia) 0 1
+1 800 232 4404(Georgia, Medicare Members) 0 0
+1 800 966 5955(Hawaii) 0 0
+1 800 805 2739(Hawaii, Medicare Members) 0 0
+1 301 468 6000(Maryland, D.C. Metro Area) 2 0
+1 800 777 7902(Maryland, Outside D.C. Metro Area) 1 1
+1 888 777 5536(Maryland, Medicare Members) 0 0
+1 503 813 2000(Oregon, Portland) 0 0
+1 800 813 2000(Outside Portland) 0 0
+1 877 221 8221(Portland, Medicare Members) 2 0
+1 301 468 6000(Virginia, D.C. Metro Area) 2 0
+1 800 777 7902(Virginia, Outside D.C. Metro Area) 1 1
+1 888 777 5536(Virginia, Medicare Members) 0 0
+1 800 813 2000(Washington (Vancouver / Longview Area) 0 0
+1 877 221 8221(Washington State, Medicare Members) 2 0
+1 206 901 4600(Washington State, Medicare Members) 0 0
Washington (Vancouver / Longview Area)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, 500 NE Multnomah St. Suite 100, Portland, OR 97232

Washington (Outside Vancouver / Longview Area)
2715 Naches Ave. SW, Renton, WA 98057

Additional Phone Numbers

Southern California

Antelope Valley
+1 877 554 4404

Baldwin Park And Surrounding Areas
+1 800 780 1277

Downey And Surrounding Areas
+1 800 823 4040

Fontana, Ontario, And Surrounding Areas
+1 888 750 0036

Kern County
+1 877 524 7373

Metro Los Angeles
+1 800 954 8000

Orange County
+1 888 988 2800

Panorama City And Surrounding Areas
+1 888 778 5000

Riverside and Coachella
+1 866 984 7483

San Diego
+1 800 290 5000

South Bay
+1 800 780 1230

Woodland Hills And Surrounding Areas (Including Western Ventura)
+1 888 515 3500

Hawaii Island
+1 808 334 4400


Kaiser Permanente Complaints & Reviews

Kaiser Permanente / misdiagnosis

Jul 30, 2019

My husband Robert Bales died at the Fontana facility on 04/10/19...I have now just had the mindset to does him no good at this point but we want it known that his Primary the Del Rosa Clinic Solomon Abila ignored symptoms and complaints of side pain and back pain, that...

Kaiser / disrespectful/ rude

Jul 17, 2019

I want to make a complain to a representative of Kaiser Permanente. July 8, 2019, I called around 5-6 pm to make sure if my daughter was discharged already. The rep whom I forgot to ask his name was so rude, he just simply said " I don't see her name in room 304, first of all he should...

Kaiser Permanente ER in Panorama City, CA / er visit for 2 health issues that were not addressed properly

Jul 06, 2019

Kaiser Permanente ER in Panorama City, CAI am writing this complain about my visit to the ER at Kaiser Permamente at 1am on July 4th. I went there because my edema in my feet was very bad and have been having much pain in left side abdomen for almost 2 weeks. The nurse that helped me was nice her name was Rehme. But then I wa...

Kaiser Permanente / physical therapists are worthless at kaiser, boulder, colorado

May 29, 2019

ATTN: Physical Therapy department My daughter had a physical therapy appointment today (5/29/19), and guess what, the person did not touch her at all -- they simply did the dry needling procedure (a 30 minute appointment that they only spent 15 minutes with her) and sent her on her way...

Kaiser Permanente / roi department

May 09, 2019

Have been having issues getting my information for FMLA. Applied early April. Faxed in my signed authorization form on 4/12/19 to release my information to the company that provides this service for my place of employment. Clearly stated deadline to get info to " The Standard" was 4/22/19...

Kaiser Permanente / doctor ‘misdiagnosed and careless

May 07, 2019

On April 10, I made an appointment to my personal physician, dr Bryant (in south Sacramento Kaiser), I told him my blood sugar has been so high (350-450), also I have been coughing on and off last two months.He used the listener and listened my lungs couple different areas and he said you...

Kaiser Permanente / doctor unprofessionalism

Mar 13, 2019

Multiple times my girlfriend and I have came with her medi-cal and been treated like pain pill seeking individuals and like she was not actually having issues. When many issues were found that needed to have a surgeon called for advice she was once again just told there's a huge...

Kaiser Permanente / absurdly high billing and lying

Feb 28, 2019

I'm a new patient. I've been paying $200 a month for 5 months for insurance, through my employer. Called my local Kaiser and was told getting my skin checked (a large bump on it) would be completely covered. The doctor took one look at it and said he could burn it off right away. I was in...

Kaiser Permanente / marked do not rehire

Dec 07, 2018

I was hired to work at Kaiser Permanente in 2011. I worked for them for nearly 2.5 years and could NOT get hired full time within my department despite moving to another medical center. The Union made it nearly impossible to work days full-time after my tenure ship there I decided to take...

Kaiser / misrepresentation of services, wrongful enrollment based on false information

Nov 29, 2018

I had called Kaiser inquiring about a Medicare supplemental plan as I was new to Medicare. I was quoted an annual fee of $139. and thought this was definitely workable as I was no longer working and living on a limited income source. However when I opened up the documents that were emailed...

Kaiser Permanente / service at chronic pain dept vallejo

Oct 11, 2018

yes I was referred to chronic pain over 2 years ago . the facility is in another city, it took 2 years 3 intakes with 3 different doctors and now they want me to have another intake with another DR . stock well, I have is that a series of appointments were made earlier this year with no...

Kaiser Permanente / membership services

Sep 18, 2018

I have been calling Kaiser since last December that my plan changed from gold to bronze starting January 1st. I have been paying my premium every month since January 1st. However, I keep getting delinquent notices stating I am behind on my premium. I have called membership services over 20...

Kaiser / most rude customer service rep

Sep 06, 2018

Spoke with one of Kaiser's GA rep named Victoria to verify member's eligibility and just WOW! She speaks fast and I know it's because she knew that I'm for a different country because of how I speak English. We're both working, girl! She kept on murmuring like "Oh...

Kaiser Permanente / customer service /doctors office

Aug 31, 2018

I took a client in today for a check up, we were late due to his dementia but we made it to his appointment. My client was getting anxious so thinking it will still be a while I went to look for some mints. When I arrived back the wife and husband were called in. I approached one of the...

Kaiser Permanente / the follow up appointment regarding my post surgery condition and status.

Aug 31, 2018

My gallbladder surgery was performed on 8/23/2018 by a Dr. Hoe. Prior to my release I was instructed and even given papers on the follow up appointment that was scheduled for me on 8/31/2018 at 8:45 am . This call never came and I called Kaiser askIng what happened because as it turns out...

[Resolved] Kaiser Permanente / biopsy results

Aug 24, 2018

To whom it may concern, I would like to write a formal complaint about the way in which my biopsy results have been handled. I had surgery through Kaiser Permanente on July 25th of this year, 2018. My doctor was head and neck specialist Dr. Anna Barbara. I had a mass in my neck, otherwise...

Kaiser Permanente / cobra premium

Jun 23, 2018

I received my paperwork for CONTA coverage the beginning of March 2018. I decided to sign up for it, since I needed medical for 2 months before my new job's insurance. Bad mistake. Not only did they deposit it, but I wasn't covered for the month of snatch. 1st time I called after mailing...

Kaiser Permanente / doctors examination

Jun 12, 2018

I had a one hour visit with Dr. Lucia. C. Kim. Whatever the results were two months later I received a letter from DMV revoking my license, I am 84 years old, I have five pieces of propertise I manage my own banking also work at Ross stores in El Cerrito California I have a condo that I...

Kaiser Permanente / urgent care

May 14, 2018

i went to your lone tree office at about 9 or10 am on Friday to see someone in urgent care because i was told to go to urgent care by my doc wen i got there it was 10am and i know i had a copay so i went to the desk to pay it and was told that i can't see them untell 12 pm untell then they...

Kaiser Permanente in Fontana California / lori associate for kaiser permanente in the pulmonary department

May 08, 2018

To whom it may concern my name is Ronald Spencer I've been a Kaiser Permanente member since 1999 I have a serious diagnosis since 2011 I've been having FMLA since my diagnosis I'm making a formal complaint for the Kaiser Permanente in Fontana pulmonary Department her name is Lori employee...

Kaiser Permanente / there is a 3 month wait to schedule a colonoscopy

May 01, 2018

I am 53 yrs old and I Just tried to schedule a colonoscopy screening. It is supposed to be a free preventative health screening procedure. There is colon cancer history in my family. We just lost an aunt on my mother's side recently to colon cancer. My problem is that the soonest they can...

Kaiser Permanente / cobra monthly premium & no coverage

Apr 22, 2018

I mailed in my COBRA payment for the month of March 2018, the beginning of March, because I wasn't sent the paperwork until the beginning of March. I called Kaiser before mailing the paperwork & payment to find out how long it would take to process once received. I was told it would take a...

Kaiser Permanente / kaiser permanente

Feb 24, 2018

On 11/25/2018 I called kaiser nurse help hoping to maybe get some over the counter meds for a small pain I was getting in my left testicle. It felt a little swollen but I wasn't experiencing emergency care. After explaining to the nurse my symptoms she immediately started saying that I...

Kaiser Permanente / quality of care

Feb 14, 2018

Kaiser took care of my mother in law since she was a how is it that your doctors and hospital did not know of her clogged artries until she suffered a stroke about 6 years ago? her surgery was cancelled by her doctor and she dies waiting on a bed at a different hospital...

Kaiser Permanente / lack of care, rude service, misdiagnosed, ect.

Jan 30, 2018

I strongly advocate for never getting Kaiser Permanente health insurance. I do not think this organization is dedicated to offering the best healthcare, but the opposite. My family switched to Kaiser six years ago and for the first four years I was relatively happy with the service we all...

Kaiser Permanente / reception and ambulatory check in at the 4760 sunset building

Dec 23, 2017

Today, December 22nd, 2017 I brought in my mother who's 88 years old to get an Epidural shot in her lower back. We arrived at 6:50 AM for a 7:30 AM appointment. Upon our arrival I stood at the reception desk where there is also an Ambulatory Check in desk . There were three employees at that...

Kaiser Permanente / it's awful

Nov 09, 2017

I don't know where and whom to complain. It's probably the worst experience I have ever had dealing with customer service. They are too slow and make me wait for about one hour each time I call to make an appointment. It's very irritating and I am very tired of this. I have no idea what...

Kaiser Permanente / heart surgery redwood city kaiser member for over 35 years

Sep 27, 2017

My father and mother in law have been with Kaiser since my ex-husband was a child. Over 35 years they have been members. In December of 2016, my father-in-law had open heart surgery at the Santa Clara location. Unfortunately, we were told that the surgery didn't work and that is heart...

Kaiser Permanente / nurse behavior

Sep 19, 2017

This is just a general complaint of how nurses are representing themselves in the public eye that work for Kaiser. The Kaiser brand is associated with a particular nurse and I think it is unprofessional to publicly conduct or display yourself in a certain way. It reflects poorly on the...

Kaiser Permanente / kiser in maryland-curses at you by email. apparently 3 providers!

Aug 23, 2017

Here is an email from Dr Gibert, Kennington Office in Maryland. background: First off, I don't curse at physicians EVER. I moved here from Colorado in April. As a New Member I have been submitting records trying get continuity of care from Federal BCBS. The pain management transition has been...

Kaiser Permanente / billing

Jun 20, 2017

They keep sending me the bill that I paid long time ago by credit card, and neither multiple phone calls, nor sending mail helped to resolve the issue. Now they are threatening me with the collection agency. That's insanity. One phone call should have been enough to resolve an issue like...

Kaiser Permanente Urology Dept / bad treatment, not referring me to where I need a surgery done

May 04, 2017

Here we go again with Kaiser in Panorama City. I have this Varicocele vein problem in my private area. It is extremely painful to have. Its a large vein that has gone bad and it leaks blood into that area and it becomes toxic. I am no doctor but the way it feels now in that area it feel...

Kaiser Permanente / bad treatment or lack of any

Apr 22, 2017

Sometime back I went to see urologists in Panorama City for my varicocele vein problem named the doctors name was Dr Rude Arrogance and was treated rudely by him. I went to see him because I was referred there by the ER for this varicosele vein problem which I still have. While in the room...

Kaiser Permanente / patient services

Apr 13, 2017

Wife had extreme abdominal pains... Made appt with kaiser doctor in pleasanton at 2:30pm. came in, paid the damn co-payment... Then doctor prescribed her something temp, for the pain. Made her take blood work and prescribed medication for her and released her. wife still had pain an hour...

Kaiser Permanente / pain management

Mar 30, 2017

In 2002 (15 years ago) after many medication trials and errors, my pain management doctor put me on a medication that allowed me to have less pain and live a somewhat normal life. In 2015 I lost my medication, call my doctor and explained that I had lost them, then the next day I found my...

Kaiser Permanente / pharmacy

Mar 03, 2017

I used to be with Kaiser a number of years ago and reluctantly returned to save money because of my son's college expenses. How do you run such a large business and only have the pharmacy open until 5:30 p.m. or you have to drive 25 miles away to the other pharmacy that is open until 7:00...

Kaiser Permanente / an endoscopy and colonosopy procedure... lack of proper sedation.

Feb 11, 2017

On [protected] . My patient number is [protected]. I was scheduled for an endoscopy as a result of a recent allergic reaction in my esophogus and I requested that a voluntary colonoscopy be done at the same time. I was scheduled with Dr. Mamie Huang Dong, MD at the Otay Lakes, CA specialty...

Kaiser Permanente / kaiser permanente pasadena medical offices - pediatric department

Jan 31, 2017

Kaiser PermanenteI took my son to our pediatrician today for the 4-month visit, and our visit experience was horrible. Here were what happened, our appointment was 9:15 am and we arrived to the department before that time and used the Self Service Kiosk. However, it was not successful because we had to...

Kaiser Permanente / health insurance

Jan 19, 2017

This is why I HATE Kaiser Permanente. I left them under ACA, but had to return this year. Have a Lupus Rx I have to refill monthly. Started trying weeks ago. Now basically out. They finally fit me into my former primary care today. Actually had a great, encouraging visit. Even thought they...

Kaiser Permanente / health care

Jan 02, 2017

My mother was hospitalized on december 30 for heart failure. After being admitted. We were told she had internal bleeding then was told she had a blood clot, then lupus. She never seemed to get better breathing worsened and exhausted and weak was sent home barely could walk. Doctor wa...