Quest Diagnostics / bad driver

United States

On Wed May 29, 2019, I was legally parked in Manhattan on 3rd Ave between 92nd and 93rd St. Upon returning to my car at 1:45 PM, I encountered a Quest Diagnostics vehicle with NJ plate XDZ-N41 (vehicle # 75975) double-parked with hazards flashing with no driver inside. I located a NYC Parking Enforcement officer who began writing a parking violation just as the driver returned. As I voiced my displeasure to the driver having to wait over 15 mins for his return, he only responded to me rudely with vulgar comments. He appeared to be carrying food and not picking up any lab packaging. I indicated that I had his vehicle number and was going to report him to Quest Diagnostics, he said 'go ahead' and continued to swear at me, when I clearly was in the right. The Parking Enforcement officer indicated she was indeed writing a summons; however a fellow bystander surmised that the company would merely ignore the driver's infraction and pay the ticket. I have a placed a call with the corporate office and am awaiting a response how the will address.

Quest Diagnostics

May 29, 2019

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