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8:39 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Vacation Planner non-responsiveness

I have contacted my Vacation Planner five times in the last three days and have not received a call back. These are days that her voice mail says she is working. She knows the issue I was focused on and was supposed to have called me back last week but did not respond accordingly. The Vacation Planner is Miranda Gustafson. Not the kind of quality customer service that I have previously experienced with Princess.

Thank you. Stan Quy 402.359.2405 Booking 4W2LDN

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3:46 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Refunds

attention : [protected]





Dear Management of Princess Cruise Lines,

I want this communication escalated and directed to the highest level of your organization for customer relations.

This is a formal complaint that we express and direct to management for failure to refund my credit card for $860.74 for the cancellation date of july 25 2023 that you confirmed on my call today

I am advised by your company that all calls are recorded so I ask you to review all calls recorded for my booking # 5XGX2C you have on file on July 25 2023 and today

I paid for this cruise $3760.22 cdn funds with the main goal to relax and unwind to end my summer of 2023 .

I am extremely unhappy customer because I have to waste my valuable time to call your company , wait on hold and make many attempts to speak to the correct manager .

He identified himself as jay and will not give the surname.

I have not began my vacation and relaxation and your company's incompetence is already stressing us/me to the highest degree.

A Jay your manager who is very nice and professional , the only person at call center that I can express some accolades advised I will have the credit refund to my visa card ending #8697 expiry of 02/25 which I provided again in 24 to 48 hours.

Henceforth and as follows,

I will check with my Visa on Aug 17 2023 I and fully expect the credit refund of $860.74 to be completed.

I ask this matter again escalated and reviewed as if this is not done I will cancel the trip all together. I hope not to call again and hunt down the money that is lawfully due to me

I had a very high expectations of outstanding customer service performance with your cruise lines and this finance error is a huge disappointment and let down.

it shows your company just want the money and have issues of returning and paying back for cancelled booking.

Your mission management statement main goal is to get the ship to sail with full capacity

The projected and international image branding of the name Princess that your a respectable and the best in the industry is just facade and marketing gimmicks.

This lodged complaint I hope does not fall on deaf ears.

I expect some compensation and additional on board ship credits for my trip for my time you wasted and the inconvenience, stress and distress that has caused me

A mere apology is not acceptable at all to me in any form or fashion at this time .

I fully expect to hear a reply from the management for this matter.

If in the event that if i get no reply and no communication arrives back to me , that will serve and confirm my attestations that Princess Cruise Lines do not care about the customers /guests .

I will then therefore take more action as refuse to allow a big multinational to get away with this.


Mr Benmar G Romey

305-430 11th Street,

New Westminster BC Canada 'V3M 4E7

cell 604 -518 5773or [protected]

[protected] and [protected]


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3:08 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Charged twice for dinner reservations on sky princess ref 3wvr6h02


I have been charged debited twice for speciality dining services. I pre booked paid before cruise on the APP. I have tried several Mail domains as per email and all have been blocked failed. I was given the email address on the chat twice? The young girl on the customer service desk tried to help with payments but I didn’t show her proof of prepayment on the 26th July before departure. We only had speciality dining in the steak house on the 8th August 2023 and cancelled the dinner reservation for Sabotinis on the 11th August. Thus I have paid for x2 dinners / dining experiences we did not do have (customer services) whilst away on vacation. The invoice receipt is attached below What happened is I accidentally blocked my NatWest card credit card and ended up paying on my please refund both $70 &$78 to me as overpayment see photos below.

Desired outcome: Refund as above

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5:49 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Hawaii cruise credit I was promised but can’t use

Took a HAWAIIAN cruise to\from San Francisco on November 7, 2022. We both got covid and missed 4 days onboard. Was promised $688. credits each. Went to book a cruise in August, 2024 and was told it expires in Feb., 2024. I just spent 1 1/2 hour on the phone with Princess, then got hung up on! I’m not happy! Was never sent anything saying the credit would expire even tho I asked to be sent some info about it.

When we disembarked in San Francisco, they put everyone with Covid in a dining room, them made us depart off the back of the ship. There was a gangplank that we went down with a right turn. My husband was on a scooter and got stuck on the turn because the second plank was higher than the first.

There was nobody there to help with that or our 3 pieces of luggage to get to where our ride was.

Desired outcome: I want my cruise credit.

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6:07 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Princess ezair flight changes

On April 23, 2023 using the Princes EZAir interface, we booked flights to and from our Princes cruise. These flights came at a premium, $2,220.66, since they were booked on Delta Air Lines and had us arriving to Fairbanks, Alaska in the early afternoon the day before our first Princes sponsored excursion from Fairbanks. On July 31, 2023 Princes EZAir without permission or consultation re-booked our confirmed Delta flights to a United Airlines flight which doesn’t arrive in Fairbanks until 8:16pm, less than 12 hours before our first excursion. We only noticed the flight changes when trying to get seat assignments on our original flights. We immediately contacted Princes Cruise Lines to discuss the changes. After an hour of hold time, the Princes phone representative indicated they did not make the changes, but this was done by the airlines. Additionally, they were not able to make any changes to our itinerary as this change was being requested inside a forty-five day window before the travel was to occur. The irony is Princes EZAir made the change to our original travel arrangements inside the forty-five day window. We did not need any changes until Princes EZAir made their unauthorized changes. Princes EZAir representatives are unwilling or unable to provide our originally contracted flights. In reviewing the flight costs on the United Airlines website of our exact re-booked flights, our new flights cost $1,533.38. We again called the Princes Cruise Lines to discuss the revised cost of our flights. Again after forty-five minutes of being on hold, the Princes Cruise representatives were unwilling or unable to provide any relief or solution to the $687.28 difference in the cost of our original flights and our Princes EZAir re-booked flights. The Princes Cruise representatives were also unwilling or unable to provide any information on how to contact a Princes EZAir representative.

Desired outcome: Customer would like to return to their original flights or to be refunded the difference in the cost of their purchased flights and their re-booked flights.

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3:46 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Cruise cancelled despite authorizing automatic payment to agent (Mariah) due to her mistake.

On [protected] my husband and i booked our 50th anniversary cruise with princess. Old booking number is :4rwn9r. We paid the $500 deposit and despite telling the agent 3 times to ensure she had the authorization to run thru any automatic future payments to the system. In october we also booked 2 separate shore excursions totaling $600. We also told the agent (mariah) to add the insurance to our cruise since we are 70+ years of age. On the invoice we received, it shows the insurance.

On july 4th, we received an automatic email stating that our cruise had been cancelled due to non payment of final amount.

1. When we called on july 4th, the new person we talked to said there was nothing they could do.

2. No we couldnt rebook

3. No we could not talk to anyone else, despite asking to speak to a supervisor...And she wouldnt transfer the call

4. No future credit, despite showing we did not cancel...We have 2 shore excursions booked.

The websters dictionary of cancel: to decide to not conduct something or perform something planned or expected usually without expectation of conducting or performing it at a later time.

In addition as of this date, august 7, 2023, over 1 month later, your princess web page lists the "25 day british grand adventure" as still available.

Why the new person would not rebook us is ? when clearly shows available still 5 weeks later...And at a cheaper price than what we were willing to pay.

Also, your agent mariah (unknown last name) was told 3 times to make sure the automatic payments were set up. She assured us it was. On your automatic telephone messages, it says that the conversations may be recorded. We re peatedly asked to have her relisten to the originial booking. We have taken 30+ cruises and all of them are on automatic payments.

To be spit out of the system, despite no phone call from our agent ...Mariah again. Does all she do is book and no follow thru for repeat customers?

meanwhile, we rebooked thru vacations to go on the same day, despite your booking still showing our shore excursions, etc.Our new booking is 5cvmmh.

All we wanted was to reinstate our original reservation, which the new agent on july 4th, refused to do. If she couldnt do that could we please get our $500 put towards a future european cruise? it is not like you are out the money, we were forced to rebook on vacations to go, after your agent refused, we were not even given the courtesy of a phone call to see what the problem was. Do your agents not follow thru on their end? to be spit out and our reservation cancelled automatically in your system without recourse is ridiculous. As a former wedding event planner for 15 years, if i had cancelled someones wedding without at least 2 phone calls leaving a message at least...

We would like a supervisor to at least listen to the originial booking conversation with mariah. On it you will clearly hear that we asked 3 times for automatic payments.

We also want to file a complain against mariah. At the moment she is responsible for costing us $500 for lost deposit.


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12:10 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines An offer awarded by the Princess Players club ER3 / CCN [protected]

I recently sailed with Princess on a cruise and was awarded a free cruise on 27/05/2023 by the Princess Players club. the offer code is ER3 for 15 days balcony cruise with USD 600 spending money.

My CCN number is CCN [protected]

Despite attempting to call over a dozen times to book the reservation and having approx a dozen emails sent, I am constantly told that the offer is not yet showing and someone will call me back.

To date no calls have been received and no email response. the service is absolutely diabolical despite being Elite members of Princess.

I have tried attaching some of the emails sent for review but this channel does not support this. My email is [protected]

I have a full audit trail of all emails and calls made, the staff have been VERY helpful to the extent i feel i am being lied to.

Desired outcome: Someone makes contact and we can book the offer, this needs to be extended as the deadlines dates have now passed.

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9:31 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Post Cruise 3V4X9M

A credit was put on my account because Princess canceled an excursion. I used all of it while on the cruise except for $18.39. I expected that to be refunded to my American Express credit card as the notice of the credit stated. At the end of the cruise the credit showed up and then an entry said transferred to corporate account.

How do I get the $18.39 credit sent to my credit card?

Shirley Hertz

Desired outcome: Credit for $18.39 put on Shirley Hertz's American Express credit card.

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6:10 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Deposit refund, when booking on a more expensive cruise with same company

Booked a 7- day cruise and 3- days later decided to go with an 11- day cruise with Princess later in the same booking month!

Understand that the booked cruise was 140 plus days away from sailing!

Cost of the upgraded cruise would have been substantially more than the 1st reservation!

PRINCESS would not refund the deposit, NOR would they apply it to the new more expensive cruise!


Really wanted to do the cruise, but with a company that treats a NEW CUSTOMER like this?





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2:01 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Reimbursement

I have a complaint about Princess Cruise Line regarding statements of reimbursement and totally overlooking me with regard to respect and business ethics. There was also a total a lack of empathy and caring for me in the situation. I traveled alone on a 10 night cruise on the Emerald Princess on November 23rd 2022. I had all of my COVID 19 shots and a booster prior to sailing. I still opted not to do any shore excursions because of the fear at how the foreign countries were containing and monitoring active COVID cases at the time. I reported some symptoms of possible COVID infection early in the morning of December 1st 2022 to the ship’s medical team. I was tested at 7:15 am and got a positive result. I was informed that I was required to be put in isolation in another cabin on another level that was closer to the kitchen to receive my meals at my door easier. During that time I had no contact with a human unless by phone and was not allowed to leave my room or have visitors. A letter was left on my bed to say that they were sorry to hear that I had been isolated and in quarantine. Also in the letter is stated, “If you miss cruise days, including time in onboard isolation or quarantine (as required by our onboard medical team), you will receive an FCC (future cruise credit) worth 100% of the per day cruise fare for the missed days”. Also a refundable credit for the refundable portion of taxes, fees and port expenses for ports visited after disembarkation was mentioned. I missed going to shore at Cozumel and had prepaid fees/taxes, I believe. I left the ship on December 3rd. I waited a few weeks and never heard from them, so I called and was told to contact my travel agent to put in a claim. I did and they tried to get some action and were told I would be contacted by Princess. When I wasn’t, I called myself to try to speed things up. I was told to send an email about the issue. I did this and never received a reply. I sent the first email was on December 24th. I never received a response. I called several times and was given unacceptable reasons and pushed aside to play a waiting game each time. I sent 4 additional emails, but still go no response. I then contacted the travel agent again. They called them. They were told I was to be given $67.33.

Both the agent and I were not satisfied. I had paid $99 for travel insurance through the travel agent when I purchased my cruise trip. The travel agent suggested that I should put in an insurance claim for compensation because of an interrupted trip. I did this. The travel agent awared me $298.20 ($99.40 for each of the 3 days missed), minus the $67.00.

that Princess Cruises had informed them that they had paid me. I received $231.20 on 6/12/23 from the travel insurance. I had never received any communication or compensation from Princess Cruiseline ever from any of my correspondence. I contacted the insurance company who told me it was between me and the cruise line to solve the missing $67.00 in funds that they had deducted. I wanted Princess to pay me the $67.33 in funds. I called and I was informed it was in future cruise credits (hardly the amount for the days promised to me in the letter left on my bed!). I called and discussed this with a cruise representative who said she would submit a form to have the unpaid funds paid back to the bank account that I used to pay for my trip instead of future cruise credits. I had informed her that I was not intending to take another cruise in the future. She said it would arrive in my account between 3 to 5 business days. When it did not arrive, I called to find out why. I was told the previous person had made a mistake and that I was only to be given future cruise credit of $67.33. Those future cruise credits do no hold any monetary value for me. I am a very dissatisfied customer. I have proof of all the information stated here.

Desired outcome: To be paid the $67.33 owed to me by Princess Cruises and more funds if applicable.

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10:23 am EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Princess prizes

My name is William Gammond, booking ref. 5L8QMM, membership no. [protected]. I was on a cruise to Norway and Iceland from 13th May - 27th May 2023 and won a 7 night cruise for 2 with balcony through Princess Prizes. I had my photograph taken with the Cruise Director and the Entertainments Officer and also signed some forms plus another set of forms in the Casino that same night which were taken by Leo. Later that evening I received a congratulatory letter pushed under my cabin door stating that I had won a 7 night cruise and that someone would contact me on my arrival home. Two months later and 3 phone calls (7th, 13th and 28th July 2023). First call was to Princess and I spoke to Petra who informed me it was a Casino prize. The second was to the Casino and I spoke to Leo who said he would upgrade it as a priority to a manager who would contact me within 5-10 days. After 11 days I’ve heard nothing. On 28th July I spoke to someone who said she was just a Navigator. Calling the USA is far from cheap and has cost me dearly after the being on the phone a total of around 3 hours. It would be nice if someone would contact me at [protected] or call me if they can find my phone number. My wife and I have another cruise booked with your company in July next year which I will cancel if this matter is not investigated and sorted out satisfactorily. I am disgusted at the way Princess are so inefficient and with a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude. I have sent another email to Customer Relations which to my disgust has been blocked. I would like to add our cruise in May was lovely with friendly and helpful staff and the prize was delightful, but our excitement has been well and truly marred by the unprofessional manner that has been demonstrated by Princess’s administration staff.

Desired outcome: I would like to receive my prize of a 7 night cruise with balcony and an apology for all the inconvenience this has caused me.

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Gloucester, GB
Aug 07, 2023 12:16 pm EDT

I am having the same issues with no responses despite 12 emails and 10 calls to them in USA. They keep telling me the offer has not been uploaded. the service is the worst i have ever known from any company. we are constantly lied to being told that someone will call us - after 2 months this is now a vendetta to get it resolved. it has been "upgraded 6 times" no one calls, no one emails, they just want us to go away.

We too had pictures taken when awarded a 15 day balcony cruise with USD 600 spending money. the deadline date to book has long passed, we have asked for an extension. no one can answer and will jot allow me to speak with a supervisor or manager telling me they are unavailable.

What was a really great experience has now been turned into a frustrating, annoying con from a company we trusted and have sailed with many times as Elite members. We too have a cruise booked in November but it will probably be the last one with Princess. Shame...

8:30 pm EDT
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Princess Cruise Lines Reservation cancelled

12 day British Isles Cruise with Regal Princess on May 8th embarkation from Southampton Port, England.

Me and my mother booked and prepaid for the Princess Cruises Reservation team with our Princess Cruises Casino Voucher. Reservation was made in 2022. The reservation customer service said everything was paid for, ordered our ship cards/medallions and to get ready for an enjoyable cruise experience. My mother received an email from May 3rd saying our cruise was cancelled without an explanation. We called Princess Cruises for an explanation and could not get reach anybody due to their wait times. We flew on May 4th all the way to England from Vancouver Canada. We called Princess Cruises and were put on hold and spoke to various reservation team members. They all gave us mixed answers whether the cruise was confirmed or cancelled. This calling and being put on hold for 1 hour ruined our London vacation. very depressing. The reservation team (Laiza, Rosia, Steven, Lucia) even emailed us confirmation emails suggesting everything was okay. However on the day of boarding the ship at Southampton, the check in desk said our Cruise was cancelled. My mother was so frustrated and is over 70 years old, had heart flutters during the issue arguing with Helen the Princess manager at Southampton Port. Helen insisted on us taking a train to the next port that may or may not allow us to board. Our checked in five luggage was returned to us. After finally contacting and begging the Princess reservation team which was previously closed, The ship staff Eniko, Veronika and Dragon helped us register and board. After arguing with the staff at Southampton and paying a fee, they allowed us to board. Why the 2022 reservation team say everything was okay and prepaid. Why didn't any upper management from the reservation team communicate in a timely manner with the ship boarding /registration department during this emergency and assist us? We want a proper explanation and proper compensation.

Desired outcome: We want a proper explanation and proper compensation / apology

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7:08 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Cost of paxlovid

We went on a siblings cruise to Alaska. We returned with five of us having covid. The cost of Paxlovid alone (for Covid)was $750 and it was expired. There were at least 60 people infected - judging from the numbers we saw in the covid disembarkation place. One young couple couldn't afford the drug and the poor fellow collapsed on the way out. Your policy may have led this newly-wed to his doom. Shame on you.

At home (WA) the medicine is $30- along with the testing and consultation.

Perhaps something is wrong with the air circulation. At any rate, having an overly costly med with a highly contagious virus only discourages people to buy it.

Desired outcome: 1. Permanently reduce the price if paxlovid on board. 2. Report your covid cases to the home states or provinces of your infected guests. 3. Sanitize the circulation.

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2:12 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Signing up CCN Number

I have NEVER had a worse experience then I have try to get help from Princess Cruise Lines! I've waited oved two hours when it states the wait time is 5 minutes, only NO ONE ANSWERS! I've left my phone number in line fo call back, but never get one! I've tried their LIVE CHAT, but yet again, NO ONE ANSWERS! I cant wait for our cruise in December 2023, because WE WILL NEVER SAIL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

Desired outcome: To merge two CCN number for the same person

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10:34 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Air cancellation charges

Booking #5Q7V8M

We are long standing Princess customers having reached Platinum status with my wife after taking many cruises. We both are Canadian pensioners aged 80+.

My purpose of writing is to ask for consideration to review flight cancellation fee policy. I booked a 7 night Caribbean Cruise in June,2023 sailing on February 4,2024 from Fort Lauderdale. We also used Ez air services to book return flights from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale with West Jet airline. As West Jet announced the dropped prices, we went on-line to take advantage and rebooked the same flight with new prices.

To our surprise, Princess charged air cancellation fee of $1136.66 CAD to my visa card which I disputed but was not able to get it refunded. After change in our health situation, I decided to cancel the cruise on July 22,2023. This automatically cancelled my flight booking. I got confirmation of this cancellation with a notice of once again air cancellation fee of the same amount.

We are appealing to you and requesting that the air cancellation fees be refunded.

with regards,

Ramesh & Leona Juneja


Brampton, Ontario


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9:59 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Lotus Spa

I was on a princess cruise from June 11 - 18, 2023 (booking #4C2W8K).

I booked a massage for June 11th and another service on the 17th. I was charged $807.73! This figure includes 2 retail sales, 2 body services, and 1 spa special treatment. I have no idea what all of this is.

Of course I agree with 2 treatments since that's what I received. The 2nd one was supposed to be half price. I also have no issues with the service charges. The remainder should not have been charged to my account. The absolute maximum amount I should have been charged was $353.58. Every day my credit card is being charged interest on these overcharges.

Desired outcome: A credit of $454.14 to my card on file. This doesn't even include interest which at this time I will not concern over. However, every day adds up.

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3:55 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Handling of refunds

I am a loyal member of princess however I will never cruise princess again. The level of incompetence of people working for princess blows my mind. We had to cancel a cruise under 50% penalty so Princess witheld 50 % of our cruise fare no loyalty there had they waived that penalty if we put our money toward another cruise you would think would benefit them but no they didn’t do we figured screw Princess we will pull out everything and it’s been over a month passed the 10-15 days to receive a refund for our excursions and we still have not received it. When I called for the 5th time to follow up I find out that no one put in the request after being told it was expedited. Now they are saying it could take up to another 15 days. Princess is not taking any accountability for their mistake where are their consequences for being in violation? Personally we should’ve received our 50 % cruise fare they held from us back for them being in violation of issuing us our return which is a lot of money. I have never been more irate and disgusted and dissapointed in princess cruises. Be aware when contemplating this cruise line I will not sail with them again after this fiasco.

Desired outcome: My desired outcome would be for Princess to take accountability for their screw up and have consequences and they’re not taking any ownership of it. Horrible corporation.

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Jacqueline Comms
Scottsdale, US
Jul 06, 2023 1:28 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Hi Dina, can you send me a direct message with your full name so I can help you resolve this situation? Thank you, Jacqueline Comms.

1:59 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Princess cruises website and customer service response

I am a long time cruiser but have never cruised Princess.

After booking and paying for my cruise starting 14th August from New York to Greenland, I got online to "register". The website is very poor for a big company. I struggled with completing the registration and actually had to abandon it at one point because it kept freezing my nationality to Cocos Islands! (I am both a US and Canadian citizen). Thinking it could be my computer I shut it down and tried again. Same problem.

Then I called the Princess 'customer service' line. Frankly I think it should be called something else. Anyway, I told the agent that it was hard to hear him because there seemed to be a party going on in the background. I was mildly joking as I couldn't imagine it would be, but yes, he confirmed that there was an office party going on near his desk. I suggested he move away but he said no. I eventually gave up on hearing him trying to solve my problem which, to be fair, he did seem to be trying to do. He did say that someone would call me back in a few days.

The next day I got back on my computer and the problem did resolve itself but I remain convinced that your website is extremely poor and your office parties should be moved to somewhere else.

I consulted with the friend I am travelling with, but in separate cabins, and he had similar issues with the website (but did not call 'customer service'.

And, customer service never did call me back. Now, to be fair, they could have seen that the initial problem had been resolved but it would have been true customer service to have called and apologized. That would have really impressed me.

But it remains to be seen how the cruise goes.

Desired outcome: It would be nice if your website were revamped for the sake of all your future customers. And definitely absolutely, no office parties where customers can hear them and not receive adequate service.

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2:41 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Princess Cruise Lines Princess Caribbean Cruise

1. The boat had engine trouble most of the time which impacted the timing, port experiences, and excursions. At the beginning they said one engine wasn't working so we would be moving slower, I don't know if it was ever fixed.

2. When we arrived at each port, the crew seemed very unorganized and it took hours to get off the boat. Then because we were late, our time at each port was extremely limited.

3. The bar charges - I made sure to clarify when I ordered that we had the princess plus package. The last day, my husband and I were both charged for several drinks and were well within our limit since it was the night before we left. Leighton is 5 and definitely was not ordering drinks or anywhere without us.

4. We missed Amber Cove and the captain said it was due to weather, but we were moving slow and behind the whole time. When my family looked up the forecast, there were no storms anywhere near us.

5. The boat seemed very run down and not well kept. There were tears in the beds, wrinkly sheets, extremely smelly hallways, holes and cracks in the deck, tiles missing, etc. It was the least maintained cruiseship that I have been on.

6. Many other people on the ship were frustrated with over charging, not being reimbursed, and the disorganization of most of the trip.

7. We were reimbursed for the excursion on Amber Cove, but it definitely didn't replace the disappointment. Again, the boat was having issues and rumbling along the whole time. Our drinks were literally shaking on our table every night at dinner with our chairs vibrating. I have only been on 2 cruises before, but my inlaws have been on several and have never felt anything like it.

8. It seems like we experienced many "weather" related issues that impacted our cruise that may have been an excuse to not be held liable.

9. The value for the money was not up to par. My family of 3 alone spent over $6,000 and we had no time to explore ports, had one port canceled, and spent 3 days at sea jammed on the boat. The lines were insane, nowhere to sit, and it felt like Disneyland all 3 days.

10. The communication was not very clear and it was hard to understand what was going on and what went wrong to justify some of the decisions that were made.

11. We had a great deal of support with luggage and directions from Princess until our flights with Delta. The traveling from Saturday to today was an absolute nightmare. We got separated from my inlaws last night, were put up in two run down hotels, and just had issue after issue. I understand this isn't directly part of the "cruise" but we could have used some help since we had flight protection and booked everything together.

Desired outcome: I am not sure that I will be experiencing another cruise with princess. At minimum, I feel my party should be reimbursed for at least a portion. Please contact me at [protected] or [protected].

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8:24 pm EDT

Princess Cruise Lines Princess bothering us with a bill when we never took the cruise, thanks to them.

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26 members of our Senior community booked a Princess land-cruise trip to Alaska. At the last minute EZAIR changed our flights. Everyone flew to Anchorage via Dallas. We were sent through Chigago. We never made it;plane diverted to Champaign,Ill. No explanations, no help. Nada! Princess advised we try to get to O"Hare. Had to rent a car($600.), got there an hour before departure, but American Airlines refused us and told us there were NO flights till after our ship"s departure.Had to stay at the only available hotel ($281,90) spoke to my P. rep and she informed us that she could do nothing , to file a claim. We filed a cancellation claim with Aon ((insursnce purchased through Princess)and were told they had lots of claims: to be patient. 6months later we received 2 checks for $500 for trip interruption. We had over $9000, in expenses.We returned the checks and demanded trip cancellation fees, Decided to report this to our credit card bank.

They investigated and reimbursed us most of our cruise cost. We asked Aon to return the $500 checks to cover auto and hotel claims.Now I"m being charged the total cost again and to present evidence of everything again.

Desired outcome: Princess treated us terribly: NO apology, NO help. No land -cruise trip! After a year of hassle and fret, we finally got most of our money back. Let us be!!

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Princess Cruise Lines In-depth Review

Overview: Princess Cruise Lines is a renowned cruise company with a rich history in the industry. Offering a wide range of services and amenities, Princess Cruise Lines ensures a memorable and luxurious experience for its passengers.

Destinations: Princess Cruise Lines takes you to some of the most breathtaking destinations around the world. From the Caribbean to Alaska and Europe, their itineraries cater to diverse preferences. Popular ports of call and well-curated cruise options make every journey unforgettable.

Fleet and Ships: With a sizable fleet, Princess Cruise Lines offers a variety of ship types to suit different needs. Each ship boasts impressive features and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable voyage. Notable ships like the Royal Princess and Regal Princess offer unique offerings that set them apart.

Onboard Experience: Princess Cruise Lines provides a range of accommodation options, from cozy cabins to luxurious suites, all equipped with top-notch amenities. The dining options onboard are exceptional, with high-quality food that caters to various tastes. Entertainment and activities, spa and wellness facilities, and family-friendly amenities make for an unforgettable onboard experience.

Customer Service: Princess Cruise Lines prides itself on its responsive and helpful customer service representatives. The booking and reservation process is seamless, and the onboard staff is known for their friendliness and professionalism. Customer complaints and issues are handled efficiently, ensuring passenger satisfaction.

Value for Money: Princess Cruise Lines offers competitive pricing and excellent value for money. The price of their cruises includes a wide range of amenities and services, ensuring a hassle-free experience. It's important to consider additional costs and fees, but Princess Cruise Lines stands out in terms of affordability compared to its competitors.

Safety and Security: Princess Cruise Lines prioritizes the safety and security of its passengers. Stringent safety measures and protocols are implemented, along with comprehensive emergency preparedness and response procedures. The company adheres to industry regulations and standards, ensuring a secure voyage for all.

Reviews and Reputation: Customer reviews and ratings speak highly of Princess Cruise Lines. Previous customers have had exceptional experiences, praising the company for its top-notch service. Princess Cruise Lines has built a strong reputation in the industry and has received numerous awards and recognition for its excellence.

Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives: Princess Cruise Lines is committed to sustainability and implements various environmental practices and initiatives. The company actively partners with conservation organizations and programs, contributing to the preservation of the environment.

Accessibility and Inclusivity: Princess Cruise Lines ensures accommodations for passengers with disabilities or special needs, making their voyages comfortable and accessible. The company also promotes inclusivity initiatives, catering to diverse groups of passengers. Facilities and services onboard are designed to be accessible to all.

Loyalty Programs and Benefits: Princess Cruise Lines offers loyalty programs that reward frequent cruisers. With perks and rewards, loyal customers can enjoy exclusive benefits. Earning and redeeming loyalty points is made easy, enhancing the overall cruise experience.

Conclusion: Princess Cruise Lines is a top choice for travelers seeking a luxurious and unforgettable cruise experience. With exceptional customer service, diverse destinations, and a commitment to sustainability, Princess Cruise Lines caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether you're a frequent cruiser or a first-time traveler, Princess Cruise Lines is sure to exceed your expectations.

Recommendations: For those seeking a family-friendly cruise, Princess Cruise Lines offers an array of amenities and programs that cater to all ages. If you're a nature enthusiast, consider exploring their Alaska itineraries for a breathtaking experience. For a truly luxurious voyage, the Royal Princess and Regal Princess are highly recommended.

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