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Anytime Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Anytime Fitness / staff

Jecca305 on Oct 15, 2017
I have been going to anytime fitness for over 2 years and have always enjoyed going there. Recently the one I go to was bought by a different person and I don't have the same feelings towards my gym. I never know who is working there because they have no anytime fitness logos and don't...

Anytime Fitness / horrible customer service

Jane Lindberg on Oct 6, 2017
I signed up at club #1188 with Trish after completing the fitness study with Zach as my assigned Personal Trainer. After convincing my husband to sign up for the next fitness study (again with Zach) I told Trish my goal was to convince my hubby to get a membership after having a positive...

Anytime Fitness / service

Kartik Sharad on Oct 4, 2017
Regarding anytime fitness sector 16 Faridabad 1. Cross cable is not replaced even after three months of complaints. 2. There is no proper belts for all sizes 3. Fitness manager don't know how to talk to customers asking me to not renew the membership if its ending because i made complaint...

Anytime Fitness / physically thrown out of a club

TSgt Nick Lezza on Sep 26, 2017
I tried to use my medical insurance, Blue cross Blue Shield well on target program, to use the brand new anytime fitness across the street from my house. My wife was with me at the time. The manager, James, began pushing a membership to the gym exclusively on us and I informed him that I...

Anytime Fitness / sufficient funds in routing account

Little mermaid on Sep 15, 2017
the surcharge of Sarah account is roughly $148 due to insufficient funds witch was clarified in July but there was a deposit to coverage the $21 I don't know whether innovating there was a surcharge and was not paid there was plenty of Finance sufficient funds to avoid this ridiculou...

Anytime Fitness / cancellation of membership

runner159 on Aug 30, 2017
I'm appalled by how I've been treated by Anytime Fitness, and specifically by the manager Dale. Firstly, I was led to believe by an Anytime fitness representative that I'd be able to cancel my membership when I moved to Toronto. The manager of Anytime Fitness, Dale, refused to honour thi...

Anytime Fitness / very bad

Leisa on Aug 17, 2017
Level of their service is poor. No changing rooms and not enough shower rooms. You always have to wait for 10-15 minutes for a free one. The condition of shower rooms is pathetic as well, because they're cleaned once a day, and the rest of the day they are just dirty. And it's disgusting...

Anytime Fitness / billing

Shelbystress on Aug 9, 2017
I signed up for 18 month membership and my son for 12 months membership but apparently the contract has a hidden clause for auto renewal that I did not knowingly agree or aware I signed. The iPad that I signed was glitching and not working properly. I did not have any reason to believe...

Anytime Fitness / west coast anytime - singapore

Desmond Chean on Jul 5, 2017
Dear Sir / Mdm I just encountered a very unpleasant from this Gym manager with a very rude attitude and confronting me by saying this woman - my wife is no a member here, ask her to get out. To my angerness, the system did show my wife is a member and he threatened to cancel all my...

Anytime Fitness / music coming out of the speakers

eliot ness71 on Jun 29, 2017
This used to be a nice environment, but, now the hip hop, rap music coming out of the speakers is unbearable and offensive. my headphones wont even drown out the music and when I brought it to the attention of the manager she just smiled at me. This is the most expensive gym in Lawton and...

Anytime Fitness / Failure to cancel membership after multiple requests

Abc_&- on Jun 9, 2017
I asked to cancel my membership multiple times once my contract was up. Each time I was told it was done. Last month I got a charge even though I was no longer a member. I was told it would be taken​ care of and a refund would be credited to my card. Called corporate who told me not only was the account never cancelled but no refund has been issued

Anytime Fitness / employees

Alejandra noriega on Jun 7, 2017
I josefina valdez been a member for almost 2 years, i have 4 memberships, my son's, daughter's, and my nieces. Everything happened yesterday 6/6/2017, my niece goes to the gym everyday around 6, well yesterday my son and my neice went around that timem but the problem was that my son forgot hi...

Anytime Fitness / cancelling my membership for medical reason

Daviddylan on May 23, 2017
I signed a 18 month contract last year and since august last you haven't been medical allowed to go to a gym, I have now 6 months left of my contract and still not medically allowed to go to a gym I'm not even allowed to go to work ATM I also live more then 25kms away from that anytime...

Anytime Fitness / terminated by local owner for responding to corporate survey

linincan on May 19, 2017
We just had our membership cancelled by Anytime Fitness, Canon City Colorado, in retaliation, it seems, for filling out one of your surveys. We offered honest opinions about this gym and, bingo, we are no longer allowed access. And, if these surveys are supposed to be confidential, how i...

Anytime Fitness / Anytime Fitness

Leo Carnevale on May 12, 2017
I am not a member of this gym anymore and have moved out of town, I was a member for over a year and they gave my girl friend a free member ship. We went to the gym in February to meet with employees to cancel and explain we are moving out of town and there are no Anytime Fitness gym...

Anytime Fitness / Membership continuing to be charged after cancelled. Owner abusive.

Susan Harris on May 6, 2017
Late January/early February, I went to the Anytime in Aurora. As I was trying to take off my coat and change my shoes, the owner of the franchise came over and started vacuuming the cubby area. She had me pinned in a corner, my back was to her. She hit me in the back of the ankles with the...

Anytime Fitness / Membership Issue

Riley Blake on May 1, 2017
I have been a member with Anytime Fitness for over a year now and the manager, Jeremy, of Waite Park, MN has wrongly accused me of letting in a non-member. I asked for proof of this incident, as I know it never happened, and he rudely hung up on me. He discontinued my access to the Waite...

Anytime Fitness / Service/cancel

Amy Elizabeth on Apr 5, 2017
I recently moved from Baraboo, WI to Eau Claire, WI due to some medical issues that require me to work part time vs. full time salary. I had my membership transferred to Eau Claire but I am in financial hardship and am not using my membership like I want to. I called the gym on Water...

Anytime Fitness / I am a member

Kamran bashir on Mar 31, 2017
My name is kamran bashir i am a member of anytime fitness in Fallon NV 89406 and i did recomend my family and lots of friends to go there when they opened in Fallon around 3 years ago my brother is also member there and lots of friends. But i am going to cancel my membership no more...

Anytime Fitness / Being charged after contract was done

Kate Engle on Mar 17, 2017
Signed up for 2 year contract. In person was told couldn't cancel, would have to sell my membership if needed to cancel. Not long after signing up it was discovered my husband had fairly serious health condition. and then I also received diagnosis for my other of LB dementia. needless to say, a...

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