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Anytime Fitness, Walden, NY / Still being billed 7 months after attempting to cancel!

Dori-O on Jan 24, 2017
When my daughter and I first joined Anytime Fitness I was told that we could stop for the summer since we would be going away and not able to use the gym. The person who originally signed us up said it would be no problem as long as I notified them before the billing date. We Joined on a...

Anytime Fitness Henderson NZ / Not honoring one month free membership

annie98 on Jan 16, 2017
Our year contract was up so visited Anytime Fitness (Henderson, New Zealand) to return fob key and have memberships cancelled. Were told to phone up, which we did the following day. Was told we had to give one month notice. When we joined we had one month free membership given and that wa...

Anytime Fitness / Membership cancellation

saabratliff on Jan 5, 2017
I have completed all the required forms to cancel my membership in Bullhead City, AZ. I was relocated and Logan, WV does not have Anytime Fitness. I was told canceling my membership would not be an issue. I've had three additional payments taken out since that conversation. I have followed...

Anytime Fitness / Fees

Ark9567 on Dec 21, 2016
I had a membership to anytime fitness and I didnt like it so I stopped going I wanted to cancel it but the cancelation fee was ridiculous, so i decided to just let it expire, but somehow it got renewed even though I told the people I didnt want it renewed. This has been an ongoing problem...

Anytime Fitness / Dishonesty and fraud

Jenny Cannon McCain on Dec 17, 2016
I am sharing my complaint letter to anytime fitness corporate To whom it may concern: I am writing this letter in the hopes that it reaches someone out there who can understand the plight of the majority of clients who leave anytime fitness. I’m sure you have heard this before but I am...

Anytime Fitness / Cancelling membership

KH9 on Nov 8, 2016
They will not let you cancel your membership. I went into the facility and spoke to one of the employees and he was very friendly and told me no problem, we will cancel your membership, you need to fill out x y and z. I did so. I then asked him to remove all payment methods, he said he...

Anytime Fitness / Cancelled membership still paying

Sgriffey on Nov 4, 2016
My husband and I joined the Anytime fitness in Carrolllton, Va. in October 2014. After a year we where moving and decided to terminate membership. I went in the gym and spoke directly to a lady named Cindy who told me, "No problem just write a letter stating you wish to cancel with your...

Anytime Fitness / Trying to cancel for months. No staff during staffed hours at all

AngryCustomerK on Oct 22, 2016
I have been trying to cancel my membership for several months. I am month to month so I have no annual contract. I have come in on several occasions to cancel my membership. There has been no one staffing this location for several months now. I was told that there is no longer a manager or...

Anytime Fitness / Misleading information

Richard Jefferson Termulo on Oct 16, 2016
Dear Sir/Madam, I, along with so many, have been a very loyal customer of your company for the past years. I have time and again received great service which is one of the main reasons I go straight to one of your offices to avail once again. But to my surprise, I didn’t get what I...

Anytime Fitness / My membership/payments

RosaLMiller on Sep 14, 2016
Anytime fitness is crap, vie been going to the one in Asheville NC, 1863 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803 (828) 277-7117, DONT go if you want to be manipulated and ripped off! Me and my boyfriend were put on a couples account and signed contracts to be locked in that way by an employee...

Anytime Fitness / Very rude employee

disgruntledcustomer1 on Aug 16, 2016
We have been members of this gym for several months now, and have noticed the condition of the gym getting worse all of the time, and the equipment is outdated, and sometimes dangerous. Recently when we entered the gym, the girl who occasionally works at the office desk, was folding towel...

Anytime Fitness / Pathetic condition of the gym and nothing is being done

Dashmeet Singh on Jun 18, 2016
Nothing is being done . There is soo much smell in the gym that i dont like to go there. I have been to gym 1 month before nd i went yesterday to check whether its done or not but nothing is being done instead the condition was more pathetic gym was floating with all water inside no...

Anytime Fitness / Cancelling contract very costly

Reviewer56782 on Jan 25, 2016
I joined an Anytime Fitness in Prairie du Sac, WI mid-October. Attended ONE time during 2 week trial. Have not gone once since then. Called to cancel in mid-January. Was told I could suspend membership for up to 3 months until my schedule allowed me to come to the gym, OR transfer my...

Anytime Fitness / Membership cancellation and subsequent collection agency

Reviewer73731 on Oct 7, 2015
I began a two-year contract with Anytime Fitness back in June of 2013. As of July 2015 my contract had ended. I spoke with a man at Anytime who told me even though I was out of contract and only month-to-month I would have to submit a 30-day written notice. He told me he would email me the...

Anytime Fitness / Unacceptable billing practices

Gary McIntyre on Aug 21, 2015
I purchased a 1-year membership membership in this fitness center. The membership expired on July 10, 2015, but the club continues to attempt to collect the monthly membership fee. This is happening despite my sending them a discontinuance letter and a subsequent phone call with the owner...

Anytime Fitness / Personal trainer

lj1988 on Aug 10, 2015
On May 7, 2015 I signed up for a Personal Trainer. The first one was relatively nice and I had no problems until my first trainer just left without a word. I heard nothing out of that trainer for about a month when I finally was contacted by my second trainer. Now that trainer is leaving...

Anytime Fitness / They state that the membership ended

DeaLER on Aug 3, 2015
We paid for three memberships to the company Cedarburg Anytime Fitness. We visited their gym couple of times, but they already stated that we needed to pay for new membership. WTF? It couldn’t finish so fast, and we think that the company fooled us, but there was no expiry date on...

Anytime Fitness / Got ban

Derek Ridley on Apr 1, 2015
I got banned for sweating too much. I agreed to clean the machine I was using, but not the floor or was I even asked to, just banned because of employee didn't like me at all, It was very discriminative like I was only one sweating. I had no problem cleaning my machine, but the...

Anytime Fitness / Ripped me off for $305.10

Christine73 on Mar 30, 2015
I joined anytime fitness cambridge hespeler in october 2013 and broke my tail bone three weeks later. I didn't end up going to the gym at all.(Maybe a handful of times) but continued to pay my membership as per my contract. On october 3rd, 2014 i sent an email asking to cancel and...

Anytime Fitness / Fraud: contract fraud

DublinanytimefinessSCAM on Mar 15, 2015
Dublin anytime fitness in Dublin ohio fraudulently represented themselves in multiple online advertisements leading up to our family encountering a manager or owner by name of Dave. My husband and I were told contracts can be cancelled at anytime by Dave at anytime fitness dublin. This man...

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