Anytime Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Anytime Fitness / unethical/ unprofessional behaviour

Oct 08, 2019

I just would like to formal report my complaint about my experience with this facility today ( Tues, Oct 10th, 1:35 PM) Facility: Minnehaha I just moved to the neighborhood and looking for some membership information, regardless of trying to explain to the person on the other side of the...

Anytime Fitness / anytime fitness staff and so called policy

Oct 04, 2019

I went to anytime fitness golf corse branch for membership.when I asked about trial for one day they ask me for money or prebook which was shocking because none of the gym demand such way. Even not gym like fitness first.before that I drop my number at anytime fitness for membership none...

Anytime Fitness / management rude behaviour

Sep 16, 2019

I wanted to freeze my annual membership and I asked a couple of times to the management for their official email address where I am supposed to send an email requesting to freeze my membership but no one responded. My membership is wasted for almost 32 days now. At the time of enrolment I...

Anytime Fitness / club membership

Sep 05, 2019

I cancelled my daughter's membership in mid May of 2018, turned her key in the day the membership was cancelled. They explained to me that I would still have to pay June 2018 membership fee, well they have charged me every single month now for 14 months. I have been into the gym now 5...

Anytime Fitness / transfer of membership

Sep 03, 2019

My name is Mohit Wadhwa and I am a member of Anytime Fitness Dwarka sector 7, New Delhi-110075. I bought membership along with my 7 other colleagues bought membership in January 2019, So overall group of 8 people. At the time of paying for membership we all were informed that our...

Wimberley Anytime Fitness / membership

Aug 23, 2019

I joined a year ago. I discussed and signed a year long contract. About six months in, I had a severe back injury and I went in to speak to them about canceling my membership. At that time I was told that I could not cancel early unless I paid a $50 fee plus an additional month at $35...

Anytime Fitness / membership

Aug 23, 2019

I joined a year ago. I discussed and signed a year long contract. About six months and I had a severe back injury and I went in to speak to them about canceling my membership. at that time I was told that I could not cancel early unless I paid a $50 fee plus an additional month at $35...

Anytime Fitness / wrong accusation

Aug 04, 2019

I am suraj kumar and i was a member of Anytime fitness RDC raj nagar ghaziabad. Sir i want to inform you that i was terminated with my 3 friends from the gym due to wrong accusation. On 1st august 2019 we are in the yoga class in the evening from 7pm to 8pm and we are laughing with all the...

Anytime Fitness Mission British Columbia / fitness

Jul 15, 2019

Anytime fitness mission British Columbia. I went to renew my membership tonight I found my old fob from when I moved I purchased a new fob when I purchased a new membership I was told that I could return my old fob and they would credit my next membership. I went there tonight they didn't...

Anytime Fitness East Patel Nagar New Delhi (India) / lack of knowledge for having competition

Jul 14, 2019

I siddharth sethi member of above mentioned branch on 24/05/2019 a competition of tug of war was held so badly it was organised that it resulted in complete tear of my acl. Tug of war was held in that way on one side of mine there was 6 people were pulling the rope and on other side there...

Anytime Fitness / owners unethical behaviour

Jul 11, 2019

This happened about 2 weeks ago. My husband had stopped into see me at the Anytime Fitness Gym to see when I was going to be home. The owners noticed he had come to see me. They then hadn't seen me at the gym in awhile so they asked my daughter in-law at her place of business what wa...

Anytime Fitness / refusal to cancel

Jul 09, 2019

Anytime Fitness would be your only option in the Philippines if you want to go to the gym but you leave work at 3AM. I've been a member since mid December and it's all good but I had to move to a condominium with its own gym so had to cancel this. I went to their El Pueblo branch on July...

Anytime Fitness / owner/trainer

Jul 09, 2019

I have been a committed employee with Anytime Fitness here in Terre Haute, IN for a year and a half now. I was initially approached by the owner, Chad Atterson's now ex-wife, Heather Atterson about the position. Taking a chance, I started there knowing nothing about fitness. Once I started...

Anytime Fitness / charged miscellaneous fines

Jul 08, 2019

Hi, I am member of millwoods edmonton location. My name is Ramjodh Sandhu.I was charged $250 month in the month of April for letting my friend inside, who is also a member of that particular location. We both scanned our fob on the door, his fob didn't work but mine did. So we just went in...

Anytime Fitness / monthly membership fee dispute

Jul 04, 2019

Anytime FitnessThis company have been nothing but a pain when dealing with payment disputes. Last year they had a ridiculous policy of charging their members a hefty fine (around 500-600 php per decline) should their credit card get declined for the monthly fee deduction. Working in a bank I know how...

Anytime Fitness / television

Jun 30, 2019

Hello, I am a member of Anytime Fitness in Frankfort IL. For months, I asked the previous manager to fix the TV's that are built in to the aerobic equipment (treadmills, stair master, etc.) She never fixed them. We got a new manager, Carolyn, I asked her if she could get them fixed. She wa...

Anytime Fitness / continuing membership fees

Jun 18, 2019

On June 17th 2017 I walked into the office and spoke with the owner Beth Tetreault of Anytime Fitness in Burrillville, RI. I notified her that I was moving to the Czech Republic and would be canceling my membership. In April of 2019 my card was charged for annual membership and monthly...

Anytime Fitness / membership cancellation

Jun 17, 2019

To whom it may concern, I contacted your Listowel, Ontario location on December 16, 2018 so as to cancel my membership. I was told that as of January 14, 2019 my membership fee's would no longer be withdrawn and my membership would be cancelled so long as I either dropped off a signed...

Anytime Fitness / charging a cancelled account

Jun 05, 2019

Anytime FitnessHi after no response from your Basingstoke team, I called multiple times since I had been left an email letting me know they were going to start taking money out of my account from the 1st, left 3 vm and also a response to their email. This is irritating and Ridiculous, I cancelled my account...

Anytime Fitness / gym reopening

May 31, 2019

Hello. I am a member of Anytime Fitness and have been visiting the Hyderabad Jubilee Hills branch for a couple years now. Recently they shut down the gym for renovations, on March 15th to be exact and said reopening would happen in 45 days. When I contacted the website for a follow up...

[Resolved] Anytime Fitness / unresonable charges and rude management

May 02, 2019

Hello, I am Manjinder sidhu one of your member at millwoods location in edmonton. I would like to register a complaint regarding what happened to me couple week before, so it was mid night i was in the lobby and one of our member ring the bell to get inside i saw him and suggested him to...

[Resolved] Anytime Fitness / customer service experience

May 02, 2019

Hello My name is Preetraj Singh. I am a member of one of your location Millwoods, Edmonton, AB from last two months .So month ago accidentally I gave access to unknown persons assuming they are their to get membership at day time as they were waiting outside the door from last 15 minute...

Anytime Fitness / staff behaviour / maintenance issue and owner is not responsible

Apr 03, 2019

Hi, I am amit singh, Contact no;[protected] I joined anytime fitness on december 2018 and had deposited rs/ 18000- as membership fee for 12 months. I have paid this membership thru my card and against payment of same. We are facing lot of problem ; is not working propeller. many...

Anytime Fitness / charges to cc without permission

Mar 25, 2019

Hello, I was told my contract expired on january 10th of 2019... And I was fine with that no longer going to gym... So I thought that was it but when upon checking my bank statements I was charged $40 in february and march for anytime fitness in la vernia, texas. I texted and emailed...

Anytime Fitness / membership

Mar 25, 2019

I was a member of the Deptford location. they closed a little over a month ago. Before closing I wanted to cancel my membership knowing I would not be able to go the suggested new location. They are still charging my credit card and I have to pay half of my membership to cancel it. This i...

Anytime Fitness / membership payment

Dec 31, 2018

12/31/2018 I was moved from Peru, Il to Spring Valley, IL since I went to spring valley more but for good reason. Corporate does this without consulting the member before doing this and that is wrong of them but as usual they don't care what the member say about this. I also was told that...

Anytime Fitness / service and cheating

Dec 10, 2018

4th December 2018 From E.Sundhari Srinivasan O.No.39, N.No. 83 Ramalingeshwarer Koil Street Teynampet, Chennai 600018. Phone [protected]. To The Managing Director Any Time Fitness Chennai . Dear Sir, Sub: Request to refund my deposit against not providing any service and closing the...

Anytime Fitness / transferring agreement to different club without my authorization.

Dec 10, 2018

I get this so-called email saying since I use the club in Spring Valley, IL more than Peru, IL that they have to transfer the agreement over to Spring Valley, IL. I am sorry to say that no one has the right to do that without checking with that member first. I don't give a [censored] what the...

Anytime Fitness / gym membership

Oct 26, 2018

Good morning, We are members at the Wake Forest, NC Anytime Fitness location. We have been speaking to the owner, Brenden, about cancelling our membership and he has not been helpful. We are very unhappy with the customer service we have been getting and we were never communicated that thi...

Anytime Fitness / cancel my membership

Sep 28, 2018

Long story short, I signed up for a membership, I'm terminally ill but felt like getting myself heather by working out, but like a week after I signed up I had to get a surgery which left me unable to work out, as of this time, I'm not in the mood mentally or physically to work out and... / personal training refund

Sep 28, 2018

I had paid for personal training sessions (8/month, $240/month fee) for May, June, July and August. I had been assured that if I was not able to use all sessions, that they would carry over. The personal trainer cancelled multiple sessions in August and September due to personal and health...

Anytime Fitness / bad behavior of staff

Sep 19, 2018

hello. 3 days before i take 6 month membership in your Anytime fitness gym. after some days your stuff is doing bad behave with me, and i notice your stuff have no respect for peoples, now i dont like your gym and i want to cancel my membership. so call me on this number as soon as possible...

[Resolved] Anytime Fitness / owner is a bully

Sep 11, 2018

I am posting this everywhere I can because the owner of "Anytime Fitness Roper" Mr. Ali Ghani immediately blocked my wife and I when I posted evidence of how he talks to people. My wife, who has a disability, signed up for Anytime Fitness Roper. Shortly after signing up she required a surgery...

Anytime Fitness / fitness centres in ontario canada

Sep 08, 2018

Hello, I am a former employee of Anytime Fitness the owners own Alliston, Wasaga Beach And Orillia. While I worked there I was mistreated, pay cheques bounced and I was given a warning because I requested a day off to attend a mental health training course. I suffer from PTSD and I overcame...

Anytime Fitness / auto debit transaction

Sep 05, 2018

I've undergone an operation and advised by the doctor to not do extrenous activities. I've presented a legal document to the branch such as medical certificate, medical abstract and OR discharge. I was advised that the auto debit transaction will be put on freeze bec of the situation...

Anytime Fitness / refusing members of other club to workout in their club (janpura eros club)

Sep 02, 2018

Hi, I'm Rattandeep Singh, Anytime fitness club membership holder of jangpura eros club India. They are not allowing members of other branch to visit their branch. Making there own policies, refusing to stick to anytime fitness policies. Worst staff, no rules and regulations and not giving...

Anytime Fitness / unethical behaviour

Aug 18, 2018

To whomsoever it may concern. I am Anshul Saxena from Jaipur (Rajasthan, INDIA), a Professional Fitness Coach with multiple top qualifications of fitness industry and running my own Online Fitness Module Business exclusively dealing with my overseas clientele ONLY. I had a word with some...

Anytime Fitness / accessing the club

Aug 13, 2018

I am trying to access the club at Ofallon, MO 63368 location for last three days. The key fob is not working to access the bulding and the main door has been locked. In addition to that the service in the building went down recently such as AC not working, sanitation not picked up timely...

Anytime Fitness / maintenance

Jul 18, 2018

The Anytime Fitness in Wichita KS off of Seneca st. has the WORST manager ever. Clocks have all been dead for over a year now. There is NEVER any sanitation spray or wipes available. And what's worse, is every single day I come in, all I see him doing is working out with his girlfriend and...

Anytime Fitness / customer issue handling - dispute

Jun 24, 2018

I already sent an email to the person who contacted me through phone(Jonas Guzman) that i wont be able to go to their gym location since I'm no longer from pasig. I was under the impression that the membership will be cancelled since they confirmed that I only singed up for a 6mon...