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customer service

I went to the gym at 1030 pm on 4/19/19. The gym closes at 12. So at 1120 I went upstairs to walk the track. There were only 4 people upstairs at the time. I set my keys and shaker water bottle down. When I turned the corner I see the cleaning women walking away from the table and my keys are still there but my water bottle is gone she got on the elevator, so I walked to the steps and down to the counter and asked if she had turned in my bottle. The man at the desk said "no she probably is back up there now." I then went back upstairs and ran all around and couldn't find her, so I returned to the desk and said can you just page her over head. He said I don't know her name but she would have brought here right after finding it. The girl at the counter said isn't that her cart, they both just stood there not paying any mind to me: I decided to go look, and low and behold my bottle was sitting on top in the trash. The guy at the counter said "oh that's upsetting" and turned back to the girl. I said it sure is since she left my keys sitting on that table so obviously she knew someone was coming back. This water bottle is one of the 40$ shaker bottles that was practically brand new. The customer service was horrible, no I am sorry or I will let someone know since he told me she was supposed to turn it in. They spend more time conversing at the counter and can't be bothered to actually help the clients. Do not recommend this place. As soon as the contract is up, I will go back to planet fitness!

they hold your money

I am a club owner and have used National Fitness membership software for 12 months, Dec 2015 - Nov 2105. They...

billing beyond membership contract

I am currently overseas and discovered I am being billed for my Kinetix membership by National Fitness. I never was contacted that I would shift to month to month payments and I found out the company automatically takes the payments unless a written notice is given thirty days in advance.
This is very disappointing and the company will not give my membership number to my family member who tried to cancel the billing for me, since I don't have it with me. This makes it impossible for me to cancel. The company is rude, unprofessional, and the wording in the contract is protecting them. Be careful when signing up to gyms that use this method. It is a scam.

fraud collections

National Fitness Financial uses scare tactics to collect money.

I received a phone call this morning from a Marcus Mendez from some unnamed lawyer's office (a google search does not bring up any lawyer's, just complaints) telling me a National BANK in Utah I had received financing from was suing me in Federal court for 1674.25. Of course, if I wanted the Federal case dropped, I could pay just 674.25 (what I apparently owe minus court costs). They advised I send in my new address so I can be served my Federal Court papers, as failure to appear for a lawsuit would result in my arrest.

As I have never received financing from a bank, I began questioning this crook. Turns out, he represents National Fitness Financial, which is NOT a bank. So representing them as one is fraud. More research also shows that even if they sue me, it is NOT a Federal case. It would be civil. So obviously I cannot be arrested. I got tangled up with them through the Zoo Health Club. Big mistake on my part. Horrible gym, horrible company.

Hard to take a company seriously when they can't even tell the truth during collections.

  • Je
    Jessrs Nov 02, 2015

    He just called me today. I was a member at the zoo in lake worth. What was your outcome of the case. I can not believe this

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customer service / account

About a week ago my account was frozen by my banks discretion due to fraudulent activity. Shapes (who i am a member of) notified me about 2 days later when i went inside. I then proceeded to pay this month of July on a credit card until i got my bank account situated. No longer than 2 days goes by and they tried to re-take my monthly payment out of my debit. Now, keep in mind i have now paid 2 months of gym memberships for ONE month! I spoke to the representative at the front desk and explained my situation and she said she would put the request in for my account to be credited back.. IT HAS NOW BEEN ALMOST A WEEK and she has just now put the request in. I found this out when i called National Fitness this morning to explain my situation and no longer than 1 minute into the conversation the lady by the name of Cetiva, was very rude. I'm assuming she woke up on the wrong side of the bed because she was very unprofessional and spoke to me in a condescending tone. She then proceeds to accuse me of telling how to do her job which i did not and that she does not like my attitude (verbatim). I have been in customer service for apx 8 years and never have i spoke down to or treated anyone the way i was. What i was always taught is the customer is always right even though they might not be. I can't wait until my membership is up so i can NO longer give this crappy company a dime of my hard earned money who apparently does not value the hand that feeds them. When I decide to join a new gym i will 10000% check who the financial company is because if it is National Fitness i'm running away.

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was not allowed to speak with a supervisor and was told a supervisor would not call me back

Due to the breach in security at Target, my bank sent me a new card. I just got the card and yesterday gave...

cancelled contract still taking money out of my checking account

I signed up in March 2013 for a weight loss program thru Anytime Fitness in Monroe, GA. I paid a 80.00 first...

unethical practices - fraudulent charges

On 9/23/12 I called to change my payment information. The person did not update the account with the correct...

unfair practices

My membership was with Ladies Total Fitness...several months after I became a member of Ladies Total Fitness the company sold out to another company without even a phone call to inform it's members. I went to the establishment to exercise...only to find the doors chained and locked. It took me sometime to find out what was going on...never did get a real answer. Long story short, the fitness company had been bought-out by Rush. I find Rush to be very sneaky in their business practices as you don't really deal with Rush themselves but National Fitness instead. It is all quite complicated and canceling the membership with Rush Complex involves going through Ladies Total fitness which doesn't exist any more, so one has to go through a third-party which is National fitness...if your smart you won't do business with The Rush Complex or National Fitness which are one of the I said complicated. Anyway I canceled by phone, email...nothing worked. I finally sat down and wrote a letter and that didn't work either. After 3 months I receive a letter informing me I have been taken to collections...I have excellent credit. Imagine my surprise! I called the number on the collection letter and they informed me I not only owed for one month's membership but I in fact owed them a collection fee. Talking to them to settle this bill fairly was not an option...they insisted I pay them the full amount immediately. Who does a consumer turn to when he has been unfairly treated? Their are lots of recourse for the he can ruin your credit for you...turning you into the credit bureau. So you pay or you face the consequences even if the consumer is right. Something needs to be done to aid the consumer when he has been taken advantage of. I hope that by writing this all persons reading this think twice about a membership with either Rush Complex or National Fitness. They do not do things fairly nor do they listen to anything you tell way or the highway so to speak!


I went into a 24 month agreement on 1/16/10 with Omni Fitness & Health in Fayetteville, NC for a gym membership which was to bill $37.00 per month for the 24 months. The only option for payment was to do an auto draft from my bank account. At the end of the 24 months I contacted National Fitness at [protected] to confirm that no more payments would be deducted from my bank account since my membership was over. I was told by the representative that I had to send in a written request in order to stop the recurring payments and that it would take 30 days. I then advised her that it didn't state that anywhere on the contract that I had signed. She then directed me to the Renewal box, which was checked, and said since that was checked, I had agreed to renew my membership. I then read the renewal agreement on the contract verbatim to her, which states: "This membership agreement is renewable at a guaranteed rate of $37.00 per month for 12 months upon completion of the renewal agreement/application at the Omni Health & Fitness at the address above if the renewal agreement/application is completed prior to 30 days before your expiration date with a written request for renewal". This is clearly giving me the option to renew at the end of the 24 month membership at the same rate as long as I do so 30 days prior to the end of the membership along with a renewal application and in writing. I did not, will not and have no intention on renewing this membership. The representative assured me that I will continue to be billed again even if I send written notice to cancel because I hadn't sent notice to cancel within 30 days of the contract end date. No where is this stated on the contract. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, the rep said she was one, I then asked to speak to her supervisor but she refused to let me speak to anyone other then herself. The only thing she offered was the address. I then disconnected with this rep and contacted Omni Fitness & Health and the women there stated that since the renewal option was checked on my contract that the contract goes on a month to month basis unless I cancelled in writing. Once again, none of this is stated on the contract. These people are not abiding by their own contract terms and seem to be twisting the actual contract terms to fit their need to keep deducting money from customers bank accounts. The only cancellation request in writting that this contract states, is if you decide to cancel after the third day of signing the contract, which for me would have been on 1/19/10. This company is clearly involved in illegal billing practices.

  • Vi
    VictoriaI Nov 05, 2012


    Gyms who are affiliated with National Fitness Financial do so IN ORDER TO CONTRACT ITS MEMBERS FOR LIFE, LITERALLY. If you expect to be a member of such gyms for life AND you don't expect to relocate, then such a gym is for you. Otherwise, the only way to cancel your contract is to (1) die, (2) become physically or mentally injured in such a way that permanently prevents you from using the gym facility, or (3) permanently relocate to an area that does NOT have an affiliated gym within 25 miles.

    VAGUE TERMS IN CANCELLING YOUR CONTRACT: Requires notice to National Fitness Financial that is "acceptable" to them. "Acceptable Terms" is not specified in the contract.


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Contract with National Fitness was misleading, explained to me that it was a 30 day notice to cancel which i...

fradulent billing practices

I have a contract with them for a gym called Club Fitness in Charlotte, NC. The contract clearly states that if i move out of State, my contract will be canceled. I contacted National Fitness and asked them exactly what they needed as proof. They told me to send a copy of recent bill or bank statement showing my new, out of state adress. I sent this CERTIFIED MAIL and recieved proof that it was signed for and delivered on 6/16 (two weeks ago). They have not only refused to stop the monthly debits, but flatly deny that they recieved my documentation despite the fact that I have proof that they did recieve it! They told me to, "Send it again" which is quite unbelievable...I flaty refused to resend as I am quite sure the same thing will happen again. I have called several times and spoken with a Manager (Chelsea) who was completely worthless...I am in the process of retaining an attorney to protect my consumer rights.

  • Tr
    Trakos Apr 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I sent a later to this company to cancel my membership. I talked to a Representative named Emily and she advised me on the charges in my account of $30 which I paid that same day with my Cc. seven months later, I received a letter from them saying that I owe a total of $149.00 and that my account was in collection. I called customer service and get this rude girl on the phone who tells me that they was nothing she could do giving that she does not see my letter of cancellation in the system. She asked me to send her a copy of the certified confirmation mail. How convenient. Now is my word against theirs. For the entire year, I have never been to that Gym. Not even once. Because of a medical condition that I was diagnosed with, I could not go to the Gym. I advice her to look in her system to see if I have ever been to the Gym since I enrolled. She denied my request to talk to a supervisor or manager.How is this fair? Only to think that I referred so many people to them. I will make sure I let anyone who care to know about these immoral and unprofessional company.

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whatever you do, don't join plf! I wanted to start working out again and a friend thought we could join a gym together. Premier...

this company is a joke

My gym changed owners and ever since they did I am being billed by National Fitness for trainer fees. EVEN though I submited my letter of cancellation back in June. they make ME call the gym to get this straightened out but when I speak to the gym they are all okay and know that this is wrong. National fitness conviently can not call and get anyone at the gym to speak to even though I can hang up with them and get the owner at the gym immediately. I have ALL my documentation but National Fitness does not care and has now turned me over to collections. I think this company is a rip off and no one tries to help you at all.

will not cancel membership

The absolute worst customer service I have EVER recieved in my life! As a military spouse that move...

this company is also pivotal fitness and they will rip you off

This company is also Pivotal Fitness and they will rip you off! My husband, like many others, is being hit...

national fitness center is a scam

PLEASE PEOPLE - NATIONAL FITNESS CENTER IS A SCAM. CHECK THE CREDIT BUREAU THEY HAVE AN F RATING. THAT TELL YOU EVERYTHING. I cannot get a copy of what they say I signed. My copy and their copy evendently is not the same. I got hurt on their machines after only 4 months and tried to pay out the contract at a reduced rate. Since I could not use it. Because of my injury I lost my job and could not pay. they turned it over to a collection agency and ended up costing me the $2, 000 dollars I had already paid and $5, 000 more. They even levied my bank account.


  • Ol
    olsen07 Aug 18, 2010

    youre stupid. if you dont pay something on a contract you signed then you go to collections. simple.

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I will never sign another gym contract that uses this company and I will never sign a contract with either of these gyms again

I signed a membership agreement with one gym and it got bought out by another gym. I paid all my dues all time etc. I asked the gym representative TWO times when I knew my contract was coming close to the end how much notice I needed to provide. They told me TWO times it was a thirty day notice and gave me the contact information for National Fitness because I had to write a letter to them. I sent my letter 45 days in advance and recieved a phone call from National Fitness saying that I needed to give a sixty day notice. On top of that, they were rude! I understand what my contract says and that I am bound by it. I understand that they deal with a lot of people who dont want to pay what they are supposed to, etc. However, I was trying to do the right thing! They treat you like you are ###. My contract from the original gym never printed correctly so that is why I asked the gym representative. When I called the gym to try and clear up the situation, they then asked me if I had signed up to be a member when the old gym was in charge. I said yes. Then they said, OH, that's why. You have to give a sixty day notice! On top of that, because I wrote in my letter, "please end my billing in accordance to the end date on my contract" they deleted my payment information and I had the collection department calling me even though my account was up to date!It has been a headache just to set up the payments right so I can finish my obiligation. I asked to make my payment on the monthly schedule like I am suppose to and they gave me a hard time about it! So in the end, I have to pay an extra month because of their incompetance. I have no argument because it is supposedly what my contract says, and truthfully, it is not worth the headache. It doesnt matter what you do, you will get burned either way! I will never sign another gym contract that uses this company and I will never sign a contract with either of these gyms again.

  • Ol
    olsen07 Aug 18, 2010

    you need to read a contract before you sign it. that is one of the problems with america is ignorant people who just dont care. if you put your signature on something you better be damn sure what you are signing. and it doesnt matter what gym you go to or what contract you sign. its the same damn thing.

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  • Ou
    Outraged 333 Dec 01, 2010

    I will also never sign a contract with national fitness. The manager at Kinetix club in Chapel Hill told me that I could cancel if I move 25 miles from the gym as long as I submit the paperwork 30 days before. I called National Fitness, told them I was moving and received incorrect information about how to cancel. Then they told me the day they were going to charge me, that the paperwork did not come through and they were going to charge me for the next month. I just got a letter saying that I owed 10% of my fees for the rest of the year. Since I had a personal trainer, I had to pay 10% of my fees for both services for the rest of the year. I had to pay $240 to cancel my gym membership. This is lowest of the low, I am a social worker just out of graduate school and am scraping by. The gym managers and corporations should be jailed for having people sign contracts without consent, and stealing their money.

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  • Vi
    VictoriaI Nov 05, 2012


    Gyms who are affiliated with National Fitness Financial do so IN ORDER TO CONTRACT ITS MEMBERS FOR LIFE, LITERALLY. If you expect to be a member of such gyms for life AND you don't expect to relocate, then such a gym is for you. Otherwise, the only way to cancel your contract is to (1) die, (2) become physically or mentally injured in such a way that permanently prevents you from using the gym facility, or (3) permanently relocate to an area that does NOT have an affiliated gym within 25 miles.

    VAGUE TERMS IN CANCELLING YOUR CONTRACT: Requires notice to National Fitness Financial that is "acceptable" to them. "Acceptable Terms" is not specified in the contract.


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I have a gym membership with Lady Fitness, their billing company is National Fitness. I was told by a girl at the front desk at Lady fitness that i could out my account on freeze while i went to Texas for a few months. I had to go and help my mom while she was on chemo. I had barely joined the gym and had only gone once. SO i thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if they offered a way for me to put it on hold. I got 3 months free when i signed up so i didn't want to lose them. Well she told me that YES i could do that. All i had to do was write an e-mail to National fitness requesting to freeze my account. I had to let them know what day i wanted it to start and for it to end. So i get back home from Texas and find that i had been charged the WHOLE time. Had i known that I would have to indeed still pay i would have done so . I only pay $19.16 a month for my membership! So i called Ladyfitness and they told me that i needed to call National Fitness. So i did so. They told me that the girl had informed me wrong. That what they really do is freeze your account for up to 3 months and they give you 3 free months at the end of your contract. So why is it that i was told that i did not have to pay then find out i do have to pay AND not only that i have to pay over $120 in fees to the bank where they racked up fee's on my account. (in the begining when i signed up i told the girl I am sighing up with my savings account and will be paying with my checkings once it has opened. I then opened a checkings and gave them my info. I told them DO NOT TAKE PAYMENTS OUT OF MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT...ONLY MY CHECKINGS. Well they took it out of savings anyways 6 different times in the same month for 2 months racking up $20 overdraft fees one after another. NO one called me to let me know that i had insofficient funds. NOTHING! When i called them about this all they did was changed it to my checkings. the one girl told me that i had to pay for the months that i was gone even though i was originally told that NO i would not have to pay anything until i unfroze the account. Which would have been JAnuary 1, 2010. I said that no i should not have to pay for that. but if i had to i would until it gets resolved. The lady told me ok I'll set up a payment arragement for SAT it will come out on SAT well i said ok. Then i called back and even wrote and email that i have a copy of stating that i did not what that money to come out AT ALL. Well Sat comes and goes and i'm thinking good they didn't do it. WELL thursday comes and there is a charge on my account. A charge that i did not OK. And along with that is a overdraft Fee. AGAIN. They have done absolutely NOTHING to help me out. I understand that i was told wrong. But why is it that I have to pay for their mistake????? I'm sorry but if you had a gym membership and were told yep just freeze your account and you wont start making payments till Jan 1st then find out that you have over $60 in payments and over $100 in bank fee's would you be ok with that??? I love my gym Lady Fitness everyone is great the facility everything. But their billing company is rediuculous. I have only been to the gym a total of maybe 3 or 4 times. Since i joined back in August of 09 because i was in texas till Jan and I have had sick kids over here so i plan on taking full advantage of my membership but if this billing company does not fix this i will cancel and they will be paying for all the fees they racked up. They completely ignored every single request i gave and did what they want. I told them no there is no money in my savings do not take money from there and they did i said no do not take money out on Sat and they didn't ! So they did it another day instead just so they can say "well we didn't take it out Sat". I'm just fed up with them I haven't even really started going to this gym and their motto on their website says "- SATISFACTION -We're not satisfied until you are satisfied. Call [protected]
REALLY???? Cause i've been calling for months Never once satisfied!!


fraudulent billing practices

Totally fraudulent business practices. They keep charging your credit card beyond your cancellation or...

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