Pizza Hut / vegetarian pizza

Date: 21/6/2019
Branch:Rehab City, Egypt
We ordered for the pizza to be hot & it hadn't came as requested and so accordingly we asked for the delivery guy to take it away with him & when we called the branch manager to register a complaint he dismissed our complaint and instead of acting as a proper branch Manager should & propel a solution for the provided incident he instead, very rudely if I must say, shrugged us off & told us that it'd probably be best had he cancelled our order.
The desirable solution we'd like to have is for this very dismissive, highly inadequate and profoundly disrespectful Branch Manager to be taken action with, because if it is to my understanding that your customers must be treated with the utmost respect and not as though you were doing us a favour, we're the ones buying from you, not the other way around, i.e we're the ones helping your business grow and I highly doubt you'll go far with this branch .
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Jun 21, 2019

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