Pizza Hutworst service

Pizza Hut Greenwich Pennisula
Bugsby's Way
SE10 0QJ

Team Member Code: 80 NAJMUS S
Table 27/1 Station 2 Gst 4
Chk 243

An overall bad service which ruined my friend's birthday. It started by a not well cleaned table, without any plates or cutlery, only napkins provided.

We ordered 1 Garlic Bread Cheese, 1 Chicken Strips as starter, followed by 1Medium Pan Vegetarian Supreme Pizza and 1Large PanChicken Supreme Pizza and 2 pepsi.

The order was taken by the above mentioned asian looking guy, code 80 Najmus S.

Description of the team members being given as nobody had any name badges, so had to go by description.

After odering the food, there was no sign of any plates or cutlery, only the drinks.

Soon after the starters were served by another asian looking guy with spectacles and beard and we had to ask for plates and they were literally banged on the table and just vanished in the air, with no cutlery as if we were meant to eat the starters by hand.

We had to stop a tall asian looking female to bring the cutlery, who was in turn not too happy to help.

Then the main was served again without any proper plates, as we were only given starter plates. This time it was a chubby mixed race girl with curly hair.We had to once again ask for the plates to serve the pizza.

The food was up to the standard without any doubt.

The final blow came when we asked for a refill for one Pepsi and were blatantly refused on the face as we were sharing it. It was said in a very rude way by 80 Najmus S and he even showed so much attitude. This is not a definite way of dealing with customers.
Code 80 Najmus S then called his manager who was a big built asian man with semi bald head.

The manager tried to explain the policies of the company that it is mentioned in very small print of the menu that the refill is not available for refill. That was fair enough and he tried to offer the drink which we didnt want anymore and he then apologised.

In that case the guy code 80 Najmus S could have told us that the drinks were not available on refill as he overheard us, unless he is deaf that we were discussing about sharing the drinks. He could have politely told us that the drinks wont be available for refill once shared but he didnt care a damn and most probably wanted to put us off Pizza Hut. In his case I would have offered the drink but later on as a goodwill gesture mention that it is normally not availble for sharing. It is such a shame to have spent £35.44 in Pizza Hut. It was a mistake opting for Pizza Hut instead of Nandos, the wait at Nandos would have been well worth, with at least no such POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. The poor service could be reason why people opt for Nandos instead.

We all deal with Customer Services in everyday life but service so bad never witnessed in my life.

All the team members clearly provided no good customer service. Pizza Hut being such a big food company and has good standard, what a shame the team members do not value their customers.

This whole experience did not only ruin my friend's birthday but did put me off Pizza Hut at Greenwich Penninsula where I used to dine for at least once in a month.

I will be available on the number provided for further enquiry. I hope to get any feedback at least from Customer Services.

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