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J Aug 15, 2018

As a loyal Pizza Hut customer since 1962, and having just relocated to a new state, I was very happy to receive in my "Welcome to the Neighborhood" packet a coupon from Pizza Hut for a free medium one topping pizza!!

Since unpacking and settling in is a stressful time I was happy to see my old friend Pizza Hut was going to deliver a free pizza!
On the face of the coupon was the name and address of the local Pizza Hut so I called the number on the front of the coupon and was told that they do not honor this coupon and that she would transfer me to the other store. Before I could say anything else my call was switched to another Pizza Hut.
I told them what was happening and was told that "corporate sends these things out" and that since it was the "other" store's address and phone number on the welcome coupon that they would not be honoring the coupon either.. and then asked me why they transferred the call to them. would I know why? I can only guess that the first store didn't want to be bothered and made me someone else's problem.

So I want to thank you for the useless coupon. I used the coupon from Dominos... where I will be buying my pizza from now on.

No wonder Domino's is winning the pizza wars...they honor the coupons that their corporate offices send out.

I will no longer "putt putt to Pizza Hut" because Domimo's actually does "out pizza the Hut" and doesn't stoop to trickery to get customers.

Former Pizza Hut Customer,
Joan Kleiner
McKinney, Tx

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