Pizza Hutservice

J Aug 04, 2018

On 8/4/18 I walked into pizza hut with my family my son went into the bathroom and my wife did and water was coming out the urine stall in the men's and water was coming out the women's toilet seat we told the server the cook went in the bathrooms to mop it up and mopped the dinning room part of the restraint with the same toilet water and dropped the mop bucket he had no gloves or nothing on them after he was done he went around and started to cook the pizzas with no gloves and didn't wash his hands then the server never came to our tables not even once we had to go up to the front to get refills every time and we had to get the check in the front when we were done also the pizza was thinnest pizza I have ever got there horrible we had ordered cinnamon sticks to go when we ordered and we never got them she told me when we were all done it will be a lost 2 more minutes and 20 minutes past and nothing so I asked for a refund on the cinnamon sticks and then she tried to chanrge me for a refill 3 dollars I said I want a refund back then finally she gave me a refund on my cinnamon sticks that I never received was very unhappy

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