Pizza Hutmissing items in my order

A Sep 02, 2018

In, I ordered an item in the menu: Family Size Chicken Alfredo with Breadsticks -Serve 4 for $14.49.

Since I am a regular costumer, I got 20% off coupon thru email so that out-of-pocket I paid @13.3

When I arrived the store and pick it up, they gave me only Chicken Alfredo and no breadsticks. They said that the order they received did not show breadsticks. They showed me the receipt with a line "Family Tus Chkn - 14.49"

I showed them the copy of my order online ans explained that the full description have "breadsticks". The Manager told me that they will charge extra $5.99 for breadsticks.

I was really disappointed and I want the answer for Pizza Hut. "Cheating or no cheating" in your menu?

Here are information of my order:
Pizza Hut # 031845
1300 East Bidwell
Folsom CA 95630

Serve: PARYA Ticket #17
09/02/18 at 5:53 p.m

Entered by Intent 2 09/02/18

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