Pizza Hut Fordyce, ARclosing early on a saturday

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Yesterday I was driving through Fordyce, AR after a football game in Pine Bluff, AR. I placed on online order with Pizza Hut their at 10:31 pm. I received the email saying my order was placed at 10:33. I arrived at the store at 10:40, the door was locked. I called, the first time no one answered, and they immediately turned there lights off. Called and someone answered ; told me they closed at 10 pm. If that was the case I know I would not have been able to even place an order online. It also says online that they are open until 11:00 pm. If they were not going to make my order they could have called and told me. I should not have had to experience that. I am highly upset and went to bed hungry because nothing else was opened that I eat.

closing early on a saturday


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    Chris1977 Sep 05, 2018

    That's why you don't place online orders late at night.

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