Pizza Hutdine in


We arrived at 1220 only 1 other customer there. We ordered 18 wings cheesy bread garlic knots and 1 pasta. I was informed they were out of chicken alfredo so I got meaty marinara. At 112 we got 6 wings at 135 we got 12 more wings and cheesy bread. 6 wings were buffalo which we didn't order. My pasta didn't come out until 149 and the correct wings at 154. RIDICULOUS! So our family dinner was eaten separately so thier food wouldn't get cold waiting on mine. Worst experience ever over an hour and a half just to get the food! No apology or explanation just the $50 ticket. NEVER AGAIN! Then when we went to ask for a drink refil the waitress is at the register eating the wrong flavored wings so unprofessional and probably on purpose!

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