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J Aug 06, 2018

Store: 4200 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, KS [protected]

This is the first time I have ever posted a review of a bad customer experience I have had(this being the worst). However, after my experience with the Rainbow Blvd Pizza Hut I had to say something.

Yesterday, I placed an order for a pizza, wings, fries, and a diet Pepsi. The order arrived on time but upon arrival, the driver explained to me he brought regular Pepsi which was fine (it was already silly to order diet Pepsi with this particular order.) Then after the driver left, I found there were no fries in the order, so I called to explain the situation.

I didn't get a hold of the store but instead, I got a hold of a call center that was very friendly and helpful. I explained about the missing fries and wrong soda since I figured if they already had to come back, I might as well exchange the soda.I was then offered some free cheese sticks which was great.

Time went by and no one showed up, I called the store again and this time get a hold of the Rainbow store. I was told the fries were on their way but there was confusion about the diet soda, as the manager and the driver was only bringing the fries. I said okay and planned on telling the driver to just give me the fries and call it a day. Then more time passed by and no one showed up so I call the store again and got the call center. The call center told me that the store refused the remake and that I needed to contact the store.

So... I did and after getting a hold of the store I ask on the state of my order. I was then yelled at by the manager and told that the driver came and give me my fries and I refused to give back my soda. This is not what happened, no one ever showed up and the manager would not hear any of this though, she just yelled at me and hung up. I should not I very claim when talking to her (the manager).

I then called another store to get the corporate number. I think I just got another call center and they were very polite and professional. The guy I talked to was familiar with my case and had talked to the angry store manager who was the opposite of him, very professional. He helped me out and then thanked me for being claim during our conversation.

This is my first time writing a review complaining about an order/service I have received but that manger was absolutely terrible. Because of where live I have to order from this store so it goes without saying I will not be ordering from this Pizza Hut again and maybe Pizza Hut in general.

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