Pizza Hutdelivery

G Sep 15, 2018

So I wrote a letter and mailed to you a few weeks back regarding an order I placed on 8/28. I ordered a pizza for delivery at 5:39. The delivery time window was 22-35 minutes. That window of time came and went... Then 1 hour and 15 minutes after I placed the order I get a call from them saying they don't have a driver to deliver and wanted to know if I wanted to pick it up? I ordered delivery because I did not want to get out so I cancelled the order.
I took your on line survey and received a coupon code to use. I never heard back from the letter I wrote and was hesitant to use it since I got no response but I figured what the heck everyone has a bad day.

So today 9/15 I used the code and order a pizza and bread for delivery. Just got a call from the Singleton location in Dallas to once again inform me they had no delivery driver. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I have done my best to inform you of issues and even sent a letter that apparently got filed accordingly. I feel if I try to order a 3rd time I must be a total glutton for punishment so I'm done. Thanks

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