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My history-20+ years in casual/fast casual dining. The problem of bad customer service is a direct result of the price you as a consumer are willing to pay for the product. Think about it; should you really be surprised that minimum wage workers, mostly high school and college students, would mess up, not care and if fired, move on to another job in a similar establishment? The only people making a living wage in this business are the store level and above managers. Delivery drivers work for tips and they know who tips and who doesn't. Most are part time, are out of the store most of the time and do the dishes when off the road. Wait staff work for tips too. They are either the laziest of workers in the store, or the hardest of workers and the hard working ones move on to more lucrative locales (higher priced establishments). The good ones usually only do this type of work for a couple of years until they can be employed in what they really want to do. Cooks (CSR's fall into this category-at my store I do not hire CSR's-everyone answers phones) are the least appreciated, most underpaid (my company currently pays $6.40 to $7.00 hr-there are NO bonuses, NO further raises-NO incentives what-so-ever) and therefore hardest to fill position in the store. The lowly cook does prep work, makes, cooks, cuts and boxes the pizza, answers phones and takes orders and when I find someone who can consistently show up, do what is expected and doesn't ### about everything, that person is on the promotion list (and quickly or they won't be around for long-two blocks up the street they can start at $8.00 hr). Underpaid, overworked employees translate into poor service. Just trying to get through the rush is sometimes all you can do. When my store has a bad day, meaning not enough people to staff for the amount of business we see, we just put our heads down and push on through. We give away a lot of pizza and piss off a lot of people. Unfortunately there is no way around this. The upper management only looks at numbers. Understaffed equals great labor. That, sales beating last year’s sales and food cost are all they care about. They go home at 4 or 5pm, never, ever are in a store during Friday or Saturday nights’ rush. Basically, we are on our own. This is the M.O. of just about all such casual/fast casual dining establishments; the rule, not the exception.
In summary: unless customers are willing to pay MUCH more for their product, they will lose on the service side. Those of us who care will try to satisfy, but we can only work with the tools we are given. When you place an order, don’t assume your mind is being read. Ask questions. Make follow up calls. Don’t be abusive to the CSR. It will only make matters worse. Once you raise your voice, or talk down to the person on the other end of the phone or across the counter, you might as well just give up. We have a lot of other customers to attend to who aren’t being ### about it. People instinctively want to do a good job and instinctively respond to kindness. Everyone makes mistakes, including you. Remember that and your life will be smoother in every way.

  • Tr
    Tracy Bruce Mar 13, 2008

    Amen to the above. I have worked in the QSR buisness for 25 yrs. I have worked with good and bad employees. Also have had the same with customers. If you treat the workers poorly good luck getting better treatment in return.

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  • Up
    UpsizeThis Mar 21, 2008

    Wow! Someone actually presented a balanced an accurate view from the perspective of the store. Now if we could get some customers that wish to voice their complaints, to do the same thing.

    This is one thing that I would like to stress to customers. Getting angry doesn't help. It doesn't make you, or anyone around you feel any better. And it won't gain you any respect from the customer service staff. In that situation, the staff just want you gone. They won't care about what you want. If you want respect, give a little first.

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bad delivery service

Not happy at all with the service we had from you, we like the food but wont be ordering again, we felt very sorry for the poor delivery man who was still delivering food at twelve oclock, we placed our order at ten oclock expecting to get the food within half an hour but it didnt arrive till twelve, which we found most unacceptable, and it was cold ,we tried again last week just incase it was a one off, we even booked a time and it was still really late forty five minutes to be exact, why take on so many orders if you cant cope with them all. Its really bad customer service.

  • Ch
    CHAU BAO VU Mar 12, 2008


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  • Ch
    Chi Chi Jul 14, 2008

    I ordered the Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni from Pizza Hut Greenwich - and waited for almost an hour before it finally arrived. There were two measly "tubes" of pasta - one which seemed to have discintegrated. I was very dissapointed as I had ordered this dish some months before and it was very satisfactory. Also on ordering desert (chocolate fudge cake with "Cream") - the cream tasted more like sour gone off milk.

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  • Li
    littlemissme Apr 05, 2010

    Same experience with Market Street, Dartford
    Ordered the deal - past/pizza/calzone + side + drink for £7.99
    did not recieve the drink the pasta was burned and tasted like water and the chicken wings were inedible and the icecream was half melted
    the delivery man just basically threw the food at me
    the chicken wings box was open
    only ate a tiny piece of the pasta and a bite of the chicken wings and one bite of the ice crea, before i threw it away

    not impressed at all and will not order from pizza hut again

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poor service

Placed a carry out order over the phone. I arrived in the time frame they suggested the wait would be. I...

scam and cheating!

You have got to love this story:] My family decided to dine at Pizza Hut. We have had several bad experiences before, but had decided to give it one more chance. My daughter and I arrive before my husband and my other child. We waited 15 minutes before a spaced out dope head comes over to our table. She asked what we wanted to drink. I told her to go ahead and bring out all four drinks. She only brought two. My other two family members arrived. The server came over and asks them what they want to drink. We go ahead and order {bread sticks, another side and a pizza}.We waited 45 minutes. You would think in 45 minutes we would have a least had our bread sticks brought out. The spaced out waitress walked by several times. She came back over and said she would check on our food. Then she came back over and asked if any one had taken our order. Everyone around us had finished their meals. She then came over again and said she would check on our food. Then she never makes it to check on the food. She comes back and hands the check to my husband. Remember this is before we ever get any of our food. She said she did not know what was taking so long but she would go check. Well 15 minutes later nothing. I was fuming by then. We decided to leave. Almost everyone working in there looked like drug addicts or have been arrested in the past. That was my last trip to Pizza Hut.

  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    Jeez, you'd think you would have learned your lesson the first few times you got bad service. Were you expecting they would suddenly be better for no reason? Did you finally get the idea? Move on already!

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hazard in my pizza!

I have an awareness that I believe you should know. Recently my family ordered out for our favorite pizza. It has been exactly one week ago Thursday. As my children and I were eating our dinner, my son says, “Moma what is this?” He pulled this clump form from his mouth. We took it to a brighter light so we could see what it was. It at first glance looked like a clump of rat hair. My heart stopped beating. I called my husband home from work to see this clump. My husband took this clump back to Pizza Hut, on Memorial Parkway, and asked could they make this out. Meanwhile I am calling the ER to find out what I should be doing with my children. My 7 year old had already ate her whole slice and my youngest child 2 ½ years old was eating hers. The ER told me to call poison control. I did. They took all the information down about my three children and advised me with general observations. They encouraged me if I found out what this clump was to call them back and they could give me specifics. By now I am very upset. All three of children have in part or in whole consumed this hazard...Whatever that might be? The police told us how to preserve the hazard and so we did. They also told us who we needed to talk to about this hazard. The next day we went down to the Public Health Department. They said, from what they see, it looked to be of fibrous material with hair in it. They suggested a piece of a mop. They furthered by saying that most moms would be concerned about Listeria. They also gave me phone numbers to call the vice president, Harold Rosignoli, and the Corporate Office in TX. Mr. Rosignoli’s office had already closed for the day. I called the Corporate Office from the parking lot of the Public Health Department. They connected me to a supervisor named Janet. She talked with me. She assured me that this was priority and this file would go right out. I called my children’s pediatrician to ask what was Listeria and what did I need to be looking for. They told me. I said ok. I decided to go back to the place that served my family this hazard. The night before the shift leader said that the store manger would be in the next day. They had all the information on her desk ready for her to see... receipt/contact information... even a piece of the hazard. I was under the impression that I would be getting a phone call. I had not received a phone call. This is why I went back to see if the store manager even knew what was going on. We sat down to talk. This conversation was really more of the same. Who I had talked with and who she has talked with. I took her outside to my truck to see the larger piece of hazard. She said, “I can see why you are upset.” She assured me that they run a clean kitchen. She said, “This must have come from corporate.” You see, Corporate sends them some of the dough that is used for the pizza. She said, “They felt sure they would have seen something like this.” Saturday and Sunday went by nothing! Monday, I called Mr. Rosignoli. He said he has just been looking over this file, and wanted me to know that my family was priority. He said he was calling the insurance company and he thought that this was the best thing for us to do. I am still under the impression that they are going to get right on this. I dismissed the weekend and said well ok, he now has this and they will get this tested. Wednesday is when the insurance company talked with me for the first time. She wanted to take a recording of what has happened. I agreed. I went through what took place on the 18th of January and told of the next day at Public Health Department. Then the tables turned. She immediately tried to make it seem that I haven’t done anything. She said if I had this huge concern for my children, I would have already got them tested. I told her of what I read about testing for Listeria. I read that one test, for accuracy they do is sticking a needle in your back to the bone. And I told her that the Public Health Department gave me a number to a lab to see if they even test for this... Listeria. I also told her that I have been listening to their advisement to talk with you... the insurance company. I told her that I have the sample and have had this for right at a week and logic says, instead of making all three of my children get tested in this graphic way, TEST THE MATERIAL... I have told that to EVERY Pizza Hut person I have talked with. From Friday, up until now...that has been my cry. She asked me right out, “what do you want us to do?” I said, ,”test the material locally so it wouldn’t take up to 2 months for the results like you are planning to do!” she said they had to do this all together. With this investigation they had to find out a lot of things. With the test they do it will be able to tell if this hazard was in the pan, in the box, on the counter, and such. They really need to know if this came from corporate or not. She said they get their dough from other places to...THEY WANT MY SLICE OF PIZZA THIS CAME ON... AND BY THE WAY... THIS WASN’T THE ONLY SLICE THIS HAZARD WAS ON!

I had called back poison control later Friday evening when I got home. I told what had happened today, and that I had a name for her. (It was the same lady had I talked with Thursday night) I didn’t think at the time while talking to my children’s pediatrician, to ask about a time frame Listeria. That is why I called them back. Poison Control told me incubation time could be 2 days to 3 weeks. Up to 3 weeks. I said oh my goodness. I have spent all night watching my children. All weekend watching for high fever, blood in diarrhea, and all the things that are general about a bacterial infection/virus. And I am still am doing that. I can’t find a lab that test for Listeria. The one lab that said they could send it off has tucked their coward tale and ran. I assume they don’t want to get involved. SHAME ON THEM. We are talking about my children and the PUBLICS children when it happens to yours.

I am thankful to report that my children seem at this time healthy. I am trying to find a lab that will test for Listeria. AND... I am consulting with our family Dr, to see what we need to do about testing our children. We just cannot do this for 3 weeks. This is why I write. The word hazard means: a biological, chemical, or a physical property that MAY CAUSE UNACCEPTABLE HEALTH RISK. This is the definition from Alabama Public Health Department. A code 1-102.10 from the Alabama Public Health Department says this: The purpose of this code is to safeguard public health and provide to the consumers food, that it safe, unadulterated, and honestly presented.

It is the responsibility of the serving establishment... PIZZA HUT to make sure that my food, the consumer’s food is safe, unadulterated and honestly presented. It doesn’t matter if the pizza dough came from corporate or not. IT’S ALL PIZZA HUT! AND THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT THIS COMPANY HAS TO MY FAMILY. Not ONE person from Memorial Parkway Pizza Hut has called to see if my children were sick... or doing fine. The vice president only has called to let me know he has passed the buck... WHAT A GREAT REPRESENTIVE!... Not one person from the Corporate Office in TX. has called to see if we have spent all night in the ER with all three of my children because of this hazard that was served to us from this establishment. Now the insurance company has made me feel like I have done nothing right with their poor intimidation skills and that this event isn’t a big deal. Plus they would prefer finding out if the hazard was in a pan or in a box (this investigation takes up to 2 months) verses in the immediate, making sure it doesn’t host Listeria or any other Bacterial Infestation that has the potential to harm my children. Furthermore they find the urgent need for procedure now... when if procedure had been followed from the beginning... code 1-102.10... my three children would not have consumed in part or in whole what appears to be, mop stands that is wrapped with hair.
My children have been put in harm’s way because of a hazard because Pizza Hut failed to be responsible to the Public.
Sure the local Health Department has already paid them a visit... sure I have called the State Health Officer. They also said they would be doing even more visits to this particular facility. I appreciate the efforts of both local and state. However, checking the procedures and frequents visits doesn’t excuse them from the responsibility they have for what has happened. All we have asked for is an immediate test of the material. I kept telling myself that surely Pizza Hut would be on board with us in acting in the best interest of our children. We were searching for a piece of mind. They offered nothing but, ”I am sorry.” THEY HAVE BEEN NEGLECTFUL IN PROCEDURE AND IN CONCERN FOR MY FAMILY. That is unacceptable.
Why have codes. What is the conscience for being neglectful? Oh I think I know a few points are deducted. Meanwhile people like us THE PUBLIC are brushed off. We have to fit in THEIR time frame (because every time you call or visit the office beyond the first time, EVERYBODY IS IN A MEETING). We have to follow the “unfortunate procedure” (THIS IS WHAT THE VICE PRESIDENT FROM PIZZA HUT CALLED IT) they have laid out for the run around in order to cover their investments. BASICALLY, PIZZA HUT HAS LET ME KNOW THROUGH THEIR EMPTY PRIORITY, THAT MY CHILDREN WERE NOT WORTH THE INVESTMENT. PIZZA HUT WOULD RATHER KEEP THEIR MONEY AND GAMBLE WITH MY CHILDREN’S WELL BEING. They expect my family AND the public to become a hushed unfortunate event and this corporate company is laughing all the way to the bank because they squeaked by this time without it getting out. “Nobody knows” SO families still support and get severed by this company.

Thanks for listening!


At Pizza Hut, our culture reflects our values. This includes a shared vision of who we are and where we're headed. And it encompasses everything from the way we treat our customers to how we deal with our competitors.
One of the most important values within the Pizza Hut culture is integrity. Our people are committed to providing uncompromising quality and to providing service that is personal. In fact, our people strive each day to provide what we call “customer mania.” We want to give the kind of service that will make our customers tell stories to their family and friends about Pizza Hut.

During the past four decades we've built a reputation for excellence that has earned us the respect of consumers and industry experts alike. Building a leading pizza company has required relentless innovation, commitment to quality and dedication to customer service and value. The qualities of entrepreneurship, growth and leadership have characterized our business through more than four decades of success. Through the strength of our heritage, our culture, our people and franchisees, we look forward to even more success in the decades ahead.

  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    Unfortunately crap gets by the inspections and into the food sometimes. The insurance company doesn't want to pay, so they find all possible excuses not to. Pizza Hut has clammed up to limit their financial liability should you sue. Any statement they make could be construed as acceptance of blame. Don't blame Pizza Hut, blame their lawyers, the insurance company's lawyers and in turn the liberal judicial system that allows litigation to ruin companies. No one wants to talk to you more than the initial contact, which has been made, becouse they would be risking their career. It's "unfortunate proceedure" becouse otherwise, they get sued, loose and that's all for them. All of this makes folks in your situation more likely to sue. Like it or not, that's the world you are bringing your kids up in.

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  • Sh
    shanell johnson Apr 02, 2008

    I'm an employee at pizza hut in the northern section of philadelphia, I've been working at pizza hut for about 2 years now I jus t need to lay out some ground rules about customers.First off do not give us hard working employee a hard time just because someone had pissed you off that same day and you want to take it out on the people who is trying to make sure that your food is perfessionally cooked. second, if you call to order for delivery and a CSR team member explains that delivery time is 1 hr and 30 mins do not keep calling asking where is your food at and that your hungry because for all that you mines as well came to pick it up it will be much faster. Third, all pizza hut restaurants do different procedures so do not compare pizza hut with other food companies and other pizza hut in different area.Also, the coupon situation not all coupons be in the system for us to deduct the price so don't give us a hard time about a damn coupon that you supposely had gotten from us that you found 2 months ago that have been expired.Therefore, I'm saying this because you are very rude and I don't blame if some CSR team members give you some lip because don't take your anger out on us because of a mistake of a delivery driver or another team member. The job of a CSR is to take costumers order not to hear you complaint take that to the mangers. And just for the record ex cheese is not a TOPPING even with th coupon it's still additional charge. I hope that you will respect my little info of how disrespectful of some of you customers are.

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toppings limited!

Pizza Hut has always been our favorite. I tried to place my order on line it stated carry out only so I called in my order for delivery. I ordered 3 Pizza Mia Pizza's and boneless honey BBQ chicken. The chicken was great, the pizza was okay, but very few toppings. We order 3 pizza's 1 with onions (maybe 2 small pieces on the whole pizza) The 2nd was green pepper the same as the onion the 3rd was Italian sausage that one was exceptable. Since I believe the above is a new item I figured feedback is important in any business.

The old saying "you get what you pay for" I'd rather pay more.

Thank you for your time.
Rho Jenkins.

  • Ge
    gena pisani Jan 31, 2008

    We also ordered three Pizza Mias and I wished I had just gone to the store and bought three 99 cent frozen Totiono's! It was HORRIBLE!!!!! No toppings and paper pulp crust! NEVER buy these things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sa
    Sandy Newton Jun 30, 2016

    We went to the Bullhead City, AZ Pizza Hut. Brycen came over and greeted us, she said she would be back. knowing that we were having a hard time making up our minds she could have come over and offered to tell us about the specials, , like the box special. She didn't. So now we wait, I decided I would go and checked out the salad bar. the salad was turning brown so I proceeded back to my table. I decided that for a small plate ($3) would not be worth it. It was Freezing cold inside, we decided to take our food home. Now on arriving home we found our food to not be fully cooked. the crust was NOT brown But Still raw(doughy) the mozzarella tasted like it was generic.. I am thinking that we will NOT tell people about PIZZA HUT
    I also think they have made the LARGE PIZZA into the size of a MEDIUM size so I will tell all to go else where. I thought BRYCEN could have Done BETTER -5

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pizza tasted terrible!

Horrible customer service. The manager, maria larunao, stated that the pizza mia pizza we ordered was not...


I have always loved pizza hut pizza in fact I thought it was the best, until I ordered the pizza hut mama mia...

sexual harassment and threats w/a knife

I was fired today from Pizza Hut after a year and 3 months of working my ### off for pennies. I had to work...

bad pizza hut experience

We had to have waited at least 45 minutes for breadsticks, let alone our pizzas, and hadn't been told...

no pizza / poor customer service

The first issue was a truly psychotic delivery driver. This man tried to step in my house, while telling me how he was "out to get the VA hospital" and "plotting to 'get' Pizza Hut" by suing for millions of dollars. This man stood ranting on my front porch. He drove a big white van (unmarked, you know like the rapist/murderer/kidnappers vans in the movies) and wanted to show me the inside of the van. NO THANKS!

Ordering Pizza Hut has never been a truly pleasant experience, but I love their breadsticks, otherwise I wouldn't ever go back.

This last time I ordered online at 10:00 p.m., received my confirmation etc. Well, at 11:22 p.m. I call and the little girl that answered the phone said the card was denied and so they threw away the order slip... interesting because I immediately checked my online account from my bank and look at that "Pending" was the transaction for Pizza Hut!!! Besides, aren't they suppose to CALL ME if there is a problem so I don't sit there for 2 hours waiting on a pizza that isn't coming?? (the answer is YES, they are SUPPOSE to call, according to the customer service hotline)

So I asked her how fast she was going to be able to get me my pizza... she said she didn't know because there are other orders ahead of me!!! I waited 1.5 hours! I called customer service to make a complaint, like that is going to do any good. Now I have to make sure this pending payment is cancelled before they take my money for no pizza. Grr. I could have just ate and gone to bed, but Nooo I'm waiting around, then going through this annoyance.

  • Bi
    bigsmellyman Mar 31, 2008

    If you got off your lazy fat ### and got it yourself, none of this would have happened.

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  • Je
    Jerry Garrett Jun 12, 2008

    On 6/9/08 our family had the Buffet at the pizza hut on Hwy 17 in North Myrtle Beach, SC and the service was so bad.
    There was only at the most maybe 4 or 5 pieces of pizza at a time. The salad bar was even worst with everything out. The lettuce was about the only thing that was available.

    I ordered ice tea and ask for lemon. The waitress said that it had run out yesterday.

    As we were leaving I ask the Mgr why there was no lemon when you had 3 grocery store within 3 blocks of the pizza Hut. The Mgr said they were not allowed to buy from anyone but Pizza Hut. Then I said that you have a phone that you could use when you were short of an item.

    If this is the way your company runs things you should find another business.

    Also the woman mgr was not very friendly at all. The store # was 012866. This store was only half full at the time we were there.
    You can make sure that our family will never eat at a Pizza Hut again.

    Thank you for your time, Jerry Garrett

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  • Ti
    Timothy A. Starkey Jun 21, 2008

    Went to the Pizza Hut in small town Midlothian, Texas today approx 12:30. Go in because I saw your commercial about the P'zones. Now I manage O'reilly Auto Parts right down the street from your store, so I do no a little about customer service. I and my team are always taking that extra step to satisfy our customers, (because we do have competitors out there). I asked if the P'zones were pre-made and he said "no" and began telling me what came in them. I asked him if I could have what I wanted in them and he said "no". My response to that was "well you just lost my business". I walked out got in my truck, went right around the corner to the local Dominoes and got what I wanted. Just thought you'd like to know.

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  • Ma
    MARK Jul 06, 2008

    i have ordered a pizza for delivery they told me 40 mins but i never got the pizza then i again called them they told me it will be 5 mins after 10 mins i called them and they were closed this is a very bad service i am a good customer of urs & i am being eating ur pizza from 10 yrs it made me so upset that i am no more going to eat ur pizza this ia a very very bad service & i am writing this from memphis TN the collierville pizza hut very bad

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  • Je
    jerry gross Sep 24, 2010

    1801 W State of Franklin Rd
    Johnson City TN 37604

    Avoid this Pizza Hut at all costs. We were waiting to order when a lady walked in with a dog in her arms. She went to the area where orders are set before going to the tables and talked with the cooks. They petted and rubbing the dog and talked with her in this area and went right back cooking when she left. We got up and left telling our server why. Stay away from this location

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employee advancement

This is a concern of my son company. He has been working at pizza hut maybe for 4 years and still counting. He likes his job and it seems like that other employees that been there maybe at least 1months has become shift leaders instantly stepping trough the door. And they are all white. I don't want to make this a racial conversation but if you do the research and you will see for yourself. And he suppose to have been shift leader after a manager meeting 2 years ago and nothing happen. But as his family we are trying to get this resolved as soon as possible. His evaluation is 2 months in the hole and we are still waiting for that to happen as well. His area manager name is ron ward, we are pleasing to him. Please make my son james davis a shift leader. He has been a hard worker there for you. And he does manager work when the manager is not there 65% of the time and he is very dependable and if you have any questions about that, please refer to rebbecca massengale.

Thanks for reading this small concern!

  • Ma
    Marlena Nov 16, 2007

    This company is totally screwed. My husband I were both drivers, and I swung by one busy night to visit him and give him some support since he was sick and the ONLY driver that night. The other driver was having trouble with his brakes, and the shift manager (Jason) did not call in any other drivers, as he was supposed to.

    He agreed to allow me to help out with a couple of deliveries, - note that I was not clocked in, nor in uniform, nor did I have a car sign or the money the company is supposed to give me to make change for the customers.

    Yes, I was going to take my own car, but my husband and I chose instead to use teamwork and ride together. Since he was so sick and exhausted, we agreed that it would be best for the company, and us, to just have him drive and me to do the legwork. But when we returned, Jason yelled at us for riding together, though we had asked several times before this night for written proof of this rule that had never been enforced before and did, in fact, happen all the time, even with other drivers. In our defense, I pointed out the many rules he broke all the time; not preparing food while sitting and talking on the phone for way too long with his wife, smoking inside the building, etc...
    He replied with, a perfect managerial response of, "### off" and walked away.

    Infuriated, I followed him inside and demanded the keys to the car I had given him in exchange for $350. He never pad even one cent, though he had managed to buy an expensive new phone plan with even more expensive Blackberry phones. He had gotten the title from the original owner of the car whom I bought it from, signed it, and claimed that the car was now legally his and that I had no written proof that he owed me money for it.
    Thoroughly pissed off, I threatened to slash hi tires among a slew of curses and I went out the door. He then sent us home without finishing my husband's shift.

    Then the police arrived at my home, accusing me of slashing his rear tires. Now, there is a busy bar, a Blockbuster store, a gas station, etc. and many other busy places on this major street where the restaurant is located, and with all the high bike and foot traffic, anyone could have slashed his tires when they hear my very loud shouting.
    The police were threatening to arrest me, (innocent until proven guilty, indeed), so after telling them for the last 20 minutes that I am innocent, I said that I did it, just to get them to go away and not arrest me for a simple accusation. I am, of course, still not guilty of slashing the tires.

    Since then, we have been suspended then fired without any notice, (though the store manager Cassie claimed she left us a voicemail, (I have proof of no missed calls on our phone bill and, of course, no voicemail), and no one, not even the regional manager, gave us the opportunity to explain our side of the story.
    We are pressing charges, calling lawyers and Pizza Hut Corporate, to explain this very story and outrage, as well as the various health code violations and legal violations committed by other employees, including management. Among the violations: smoking inside the building, allowing an admitted and known, (by the entire staff), alcoholic driver to make a 15-20 minute run to the liquor store during business hours while still clocked in, and allowing another driver to work for the company without a valid driver's license since day one until the day he quit.
    If anyone knows of any good lawyers willing to work for us as well as suing for his wages as well, please, please, please let me know.

    Thank you!

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  • Ma
    Marlena Nov 16, 2007

    Oh, and please send this to EVERYONE you know! Please help us to get this out there!!! I promise you that I am not lying about or omitting anything in this story. It is truthfully and honestly objective.

    Thank you again!

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  • Ja
    Jacob Ronald Sharp Jan 16, 2008

    I am getting this out there as soon as possible so please wait.

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  • Am
    Amer Farooqi Jul 04, 2008

    Yesterday I took some of my guests to Pizza Hut, Johar Town Lahore which is your franchise. I have certain comments which I would request you to seriously consider for improvement.

    1. A group of people were smoking inside on second floor. When requested to stop smoking, they refused. Supervisor was helpless. Finally with some efforts from serving boys / waiters / stewards, this group shifted to ground floor, still refusing to stop smoking.

    2. There was severe shortage of manpower on second floor. Only two waiters were available to handle about seven families. Only billing took more than 10 minutes (without exaggeration). When I reported this to supervisor (Ms. Fizza), she very arrogantly asked me to fill up the comment card, which I did. I quote her comment ” to phir card bhar dain na aap”, unquote. I think, the supervisor in particular has to be extremely soft spoken and well trained to handle customers. The waitors were however very courteous.

    3. The wash room hand drier was out of order and was room cleanliness was not upto standards.

    4. When I tried to pass faxes to phone numbers (Lahore and Karachi) given on comment card, they are not responding

    Amer Farooqi,
    Lahore, Pakistan

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  • Am
    AmyM May 03, 2009

    OH don't even go there, did you ever think about the possibility that maybe the other employees were just better suited for the job than your son? regardless of how long he has been there, it doesn't mean that he is better for the job than someone who has'nt been there as long. You are not there at work with him you do not know how good his job performance is. Anytime something like this happens people always play the racial card, it gets old.

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poor service!

I ordered a pizza by phone around 6:00 p. m. and told them I would pick it up around 7:30. I live about 45...


Yes I went to Pizza Hut in Somerdale New Jersey with my boyfriend and his cousin. The waiter sawed the three of us together instead of saying I'm going to find a seat for you three.

She said I am going to find a sit for you two now Let me remind you that my boyfriend is white and his cousin is white but I 'm black. She didn't say anything rude it was the expression of her face. I know when someone don't like me and this isn't the first time that I have went here to eat. I never had this happen to me before. The waiter that I had in the pass had been nice to me.
So I walked with them I sat down in my seat the same waiter had walk pass. She was assisting another group of people as she walked she had that same expression on her face again.

At that time and moment I was ready to go but the manager came up and talk to me. But it was more like he was taking his employee side them minds. Why would I make up something like that about anybody. So that's all they did about the issue I don't think that it was happen right at all.

It's just sad that people can't respect other people we still live in this world where their is hate to other race. I just think that it wasn't fair and I didn't have to be treated that way.

Tamica Lawhorn

  • Gr
    Greg Northington Oct 18, 2007

    I can't wait till everybody realizes that we are all just beings. We are still too incompetent to just be and recognize each other as human
    or just beings in itself. This world has some potential to get better. There is hope. Toast!

    0 Votes
  • Sp
    s p Dec 11, 2007

    I'm sorry, I don't understand exactly what your complaint is with this restaurant. Did the server say something rude to you? Did the server refuse to wait on you? Did the server tamper with your food order? Did she call you racist name or refuse to serve you based on your race? From what I can tell from your comment, which was a bit hard to follow, is that you "interpreted" a dirty look from her and assumed it was because you were black. I would have to say that that is a bit of a stretch. The look on a person's face can be interpreted in many ways. You should have calmly approached the server and politely asked if there was some problem with you being there. But assuming that she is racist because of what you thought was a particular look on her face is just as judgmental on your part as it would have been on hers has she indeed been rude to you based on race. Understand what I am saying?

    0 Votes
  • Di
    Ding Bat Nov 28, 2008

    You're an idiot, and you can't put together a logical sentence. She probably gave you a dirty look because she realized you were a black idiot. That does not make someone racist. I give black idiots dirty looks all the time. In fact, I give all idiots dirty looks...not just blackies.

    0 Votes
  • Ni
    NicoleR3 Mar 16, 2011

    Well, if you speak the way you write, she was probably giving you dirty looks because she was trying to figure out what you were saying.

    0 Votes

horrible service!

It was my very first time having Pizza hut, and I can whole-heartedly say I was VERY disappointed. I tried to...

poor service!

The service form the Pizza Hut at 2724 W. Mercury Blvd. Hampton, VA. 23605 that i got was not what i expected it to be. I placed an internet order about 10:30pm and i was paying with a credit card. They called me about 10 mins till 11:00pm and stated that my card was declined and said that I had 10 mins to call back with my new card number. When i called, I was refused service because she said they were closed but still had 5 mins till 11:00pm. I am out raged because i order from Pizza Hut a lot.

rude employees!

I called to order dinner last night. The total came up to 27.07. My husband reminded me to mention that we...

donation for cancer foundation!

We are a small community in Sheridan County Nebraska, which is a county made up of ranchers and a lot of hard working people. I am a cancer survivor, as is my friend. We have started up a cancer foundation for the county called C.A.R.E. (cancer awareness resources and expenses). We must travel at least 125 miles one way to get cancer treatments and many just simply do not have the money. This foundation will help to pay their out-of-pocket expenses, as well as provide support groups, information, and a list of drivers. We recently asked Pizza Hut for some gift certificates for children as we are having a large Walk-A-Thon on September 22nd. We received only 6 such certificates for personal pan pizzas. Subway gave us 30. It seems like the message Pizza Hut was delivering was that we are not important. It seems a shame, since they are the only Pizza Hut for 90 miles and I really don't feel like giving them business anymore.

  • Ch
    Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007

    Give back the certificates; if you can't be grateful for even a small act of charity, you do not deserve it.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jacob Ronald Sharp Jan 16, 2008

    I say that pizza hut is a cheapskate company

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    The money for the food comes directly out of the manager's pocket. Do you know the manager's situation? Did you ask? I agree with the first comment, you ingrate.

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    Sarah Aug 21, 2008

    the money does not come out of their pocket, it is part of the monthly allowance, and they can write it off thru the company as a donation, they actually save money by making the donation

    0 Votes

order not complete and rude shift manager

My name is April Brumback and myself and my family had a coupon from the internet site for 2 pizza's anyway you wanted for 19.99 and first of all when we had ordered our pizza's we had ordered 1 supreme and 1 meat lovers.. we were informed they were out of all meat except for sausage, pepperoni and the extra cheese and no discount was given and we still had ordered 1 side of anchovies and 1 side of jalipeno peppers and 4 tomatoes sauces and 4 cheese sauces and did not get them with our order, when we had called to let the location know they told us we would have to go and pick it up.. So I myself had called up there and the shift manager Terry had told me the same thing and was very rude during our conversation and told me I can just hang up on you. When I proceeded to explain the situation, she hung up on me.. We will not be eating Pizza Hut again!!

first there was late pizza then there was none!

On 6-26-07 I ordered pizza hut online (Delivery), my order was expected to arrive a 7:21pm but it came at 8:40pm and it was the wrong type p'zone. The driver apologized and said,"the other driver refused to come delivery to n. W. Moultrie!" (The majority of the residents are african american).

The next day 06-27-07, I ordered pizza hut online again. Order was due at 9:21pm order arrived... Never! I loaded up the kids and we went to pizza hut but they had closed. For years I have done business with pizza hut never knowing that if you stayed across the street from a public gym (With a police substation on the side), have hungry kids waiting on food and live in n. W. Moultrie, that your meal will only be delivered if a certain driver is working.

This is ridiculous. I will once again go to pizza hut, but this time I won't order I want answers. I've always stayed in n. W. Moultrie, ga. 32 the same place ordering pizzas, shopping, etc... I'm disgusted!

  • Kp
    kp Dec 19, 2007

    Don't take it personal that you live in a bad neighborhood and drivers don't want to risk being robbed, or their lives over pizza.

    0 Votes
  • Bo
    Bonfyr Feb 26, 2008

    Next time, go pick it up. Anyone who has been robbed in a certain location is not going to want to go back. Lives ARE more important than pizzas.

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    Sherry Mar 17, 2008

    Last night went to pizza hut, ordered a pan supreme and had very scant amount of toppings, was very dissappointed, two weeks prior ordered personal pan supreme, another customer came in after me and ordered large pizza got his pizza in 15 min, got mine in 30 min

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    miss H Jun 09, 2008

    Today I had a horrible experience with the store manager Noel located at 220 Marrietta Hwy, Canton, GA . My son and I placed an order to your Canton store (770-479-8775) we were told that our order would be delivered by 4:04. Around 4:15 my son called back and was told he never made the order? When he told the young lady that answered the phone that he remembered her voice she told him that he was wrong! He then asked to speak to the Manager Noel who decided that she would set him straight by telling my 18yr old son that he must not know how to dial the phone ( dripping with sarcasm) and then hung up. I called back to understand why she felt the need to be so rude and I also wanted to make sure that we were dialing the correct number. I guess Noel felt that we were getting on her nerves and decided that she was going to start yelling at me! Noels felt that if she yelled in the phone several times like I was an animal that would make me go away. No it did not work it only made the situation worse. Now I am angry and asking her if this is the way she treats all of her customers when things go wrong and her response was " I TOLD YOU YOU DID NOT ORDER A ###ING PIZZA FROM THIS STORE"!. This was not the right choice of words at all! I then called the store back and asked for the name of the area manager or the owner of the franchise and again Noel decided to be nasty and hung up on me! Two minutes later a delivery guy calls and tells me that he has is trying to find my home so I give him directions and hope that he gets here soon. Then I get a call from yet another one of your people telling me that there was a mix up and the call went to the wrong store and he would not be able to deliver to my home we are to far away and he will have to call Noels store so she could send it from there. I declined that order. I would greatly appreciate a response from you.

    0 Votes
  • Ka
    Kat Mar 11, 2009

    Pizza Hut pizza is so poor in quality for the cost. Years ago it was awesome, now it's like eating cardboard! You can send all the coupons you want, we would rather eat from a local shop that is made with real cheese and an abundance of toppings when you order them. If I order a mushroom pizza I'm lucky to get 2 mushrooms sliced up. And time and time again, when I've had onion on it, it has been the damn skins...gross, cheap, tasteless. In these economic times you best watch your step or you will be asking for a bailout! We won't miss you when you go...

    0 Votes

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