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poor service and worse food

My family and I moved to McComb about two and a half years ago and have dined at the Pizza Hut located here about four times. Each time has been worse than the last. About a year ago they built a new restaurant and we thought we would give it another try. Bad idea. We were seated and then sat there for thirty minutes without even getting drinks. To make matters worse the district manager was there and even saw us. When I complained he didn't really care so I asked who owned the restaurant and was told it was owned by the corporation. Basically, I could write a complaint but he didn't have any one to answer to, so he really didn't care what I did.
Well, it has been about ten months and after church this evening I decided to give it one more try. It hasn't changed at all. Poor service and worse food. You can get better pizza from the frozen food department at any grocery store. If you are ever in McComb, MS please avoid Pizza Hut. It will be a huge waste of time and money. You would have a better meal if you brought along a bologna sandwich and ate it in your car.

  • Ch
    chevyboy Mar 01, 2009

    So after five times you finally said that enough is enough? Wow, thats too bad that it tool you that many times to finally figure something out.

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treatment of staff

i quit pizza hut yesterday i asked for an extra day and so they tooka day away
so i tried to put in a 2 wk notice and the manager exploded so he left me no choice but to turn in my stuff and quit.

im glad to see that people like to be tought of and respected enough to ggive a 2 wk notice and then to have thoes same peoplemake you quit on the spot i guess they dont respect themself or other people

very rude manager

I am complaining about the manager at our local Pizza Hit location. About a year ago we received a call saying our Credit Card was declined for our recent pizza order. The funny thing was that the last pizza order we made at Pizza Hut was about 3 months prior to this, and I paid that order with cash. I told the guy calling this and said that he must of made a mistake. He said sorry and hung up. Well we got another call from this guy the next day, I told him the same thing and to stop calling. We the next week, we got a call from the manager of the store. He started yelling at my wife telling her to pay her bill.

When I heard this, I phoned Pizza Hut's corporate number and lodged a complaint against this manager. After a few phone calls back and forth, they finally apologised. This was a year ago, and we have never bought another pizza form this location. And we never will in the future either.

  • Br
    Brad Feb 18, 2009

    I just found this website, that is why it took me so long to post a complaint about these two companies. The best thing you can come up with is to insuly my intelligence. Who cares if I made a few spelling errors. It seems to got you quite upset though.

    I also noticed that you have about 305 comments on this site. Most of the ones I read through contain mostly insults to the posters. Why even comment on these complaints? They have NOTHING to do with you, unless you are the owners of all the companies that these posters complain about.


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  • Carly Feb 18, 2009

    Don't rebuff Brad.

    Jason Tillo is a 16 year old boy who hopes one day to be a real boy. Just ignore him and he'll turn back into a pumpkin at midnight.

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  • Br
    Brad Feb 19, 2009

    Carly, I think you are right. I will ignore Jason from now on. It is BAD to feed the trolls. And Jason is a VERY big troll, wasting other peoples time.

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  • john7777 Feb 19, 2009

    Why in the hell are you all on this site. What did youtube get to boring for you trolls? You go on saying to people to get a life and yet some how you found this site, which means you had to take time out of your very important life to do so. Don't piont out other peoples faults when all you are doing is pointing out your own.

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terrible pizza & cold restaurant

I took my wife to Pizza Hut in Pomeroy, Ohio on Valentines Day, February 14, 2009, for dinner. The restaurant couldn't have been more than 40 or 45 degrees. I asked the waitress to turn up the heat and she informed me the General Manager had left with the keys in her pocket. The control panel to the temperature control was in a lock box so the heat couldn't be turned up. Then the pizza arrived. I'd ordered jalapeno peppers and mushrooms on a large pan thick crust pizza. There were 10 pieces of jalapeno peppers and you had to have a magnifying glass to find the mushrooms. In fact, you could hardly taste the sauce or cheese and the crust tasted dried out. This was the worst pizza I've ever had. The sad part is, I intentionally went to Pomeroy to get pizza because their pizza is normally the best around for miles. Sorry to say it wasn't this time.

  • La
    lauren87 Aug 10, 2009

    they keep pizza hut like we are fish they just caught and need to put on ice.I won't go there because they basically freeze us I had a very unpleasent experience there with that and haven't been back since. I couldn't enjoy my food because I was freezing bad and didn't have a jacket.If I ever go back I'm gonna take a blanket.

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lousy management

We have visited this particular Pizza Hut on a couple different occasions, and the service is really slow, but if they know you, they cater to you, bring you a menu, and food even if others were ahead of them. The tables don't get cleaned off, and the service is horrendous. I normally wouldn't complain, but it has happened more than once, and I think that they either need new management, or maybe just close the place down until they can get their act together. One night we waited for over an hour for our pizza and there were only a handful of people in there. I know that while we were waiting one customer had showed up and had called in their order and after 2 hours it still wasn't ready. I know that businesses will get busy, but this place is never that busy to have such slow service, and the buffet, well that is a whole other story. We have decided that we will not be going to this particular Pizza Hut, until management can make some much needed changes. If anyone asks me, I will definitely recommend one of the other eating establishments in Superior. I hope this place gets much needed help, and SOON.

  • Pa
    pasco gay Dec 27, 2009

    i live in bonifay, fl tonight we ordered 2 pizzas, bread sticks and soda.we place our order over the phone for del.after i hr i called them i ask for the manager when he got on the phone he was rude said we said we would pick it up but the girl that took the order ask if the address was correct the same place they had del to several wife ask the manager if we would get a discount he told her in certain terms we would pay full price or not get it at all.i told her to just tell him to keep his cold pizza.we went to hungry howies and had great pizza

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  • Pa
    pasco gay Dec 27, 2009

    stay away from pizza hut, if you dine in the service is worse than the food, we use to eat there on sunday after church but now we go home and eat cold leftovers at least we do know that the food was prepared in a clean kitchen and everyone washed their hands

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never received order

On february 14, 2009, I organized a pizza party for my 3 year old's birthday. At 11:25 am, I telephoned pizza hut [protected]) and placed an order for 2 large new york pizza's, to be cut in smaller slices. At 12:30pm, I telephoned again, and asked where the pizza was. At 12:45pm, I telephoned again and asked where the pizza was. At 1:00pm, I telephoned again saying that there was still no pizza at the party. At this point, I was very upset. I had 15 children and 8 adults who were all very hungry. I finally had to take out frozen hot dogs which I cut in half to serve my guests. I received no phone call from the driver or the pizza hut manager from the temple valley store. Now, to add insult to injury, my credit was charged twice for pizza I never received. My daughters party was ruined! This whole experience was completely embarrassing and humiliating! We are now anticipating a law suit against this store.

  • Ha
    HannahMontana Feb 16, 2009

    I'd have to say that a LAWSUIT is pretty childish of you.
    Yes, you did not receive your order, but there are so many other steps to take before jumping on "BOO HOO POOR ME" train.

    I am sorry that this happened to you.
    But guess what?
    your child's party isn't the end of the world.

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  • La
    Lanette Lopez Feb 17, 2009

    Dear Immortalbelovedo,

    A lawsuit would be childish if the Manager of Pizza Hut were cooperative. As of today, he has refused to refund my credit card for Pizza I never received, and additional pizza that I did not order. Maybe it is in your nature to "Lay Down and let the Villiagers PILLAGE YOU!" However, it is not in my nature, and if they do not refund my credit card, you can bet your bottom dollar that they will see me in court! Then, they will pay for more than just a refund to my card... They will pay for court fees, and sheriff fees for serving them, loss of work...

    I do not take pleasure in pursuing ignorant wrong-doers. There does come a point when you have to take a STAND. Unfortunately, lawsuits do become imperative when situations like the above are not resolved, and companies like PIZZA HUT don't do the right thing.

    My Daughter suffered no set backs... she had a fun time, as did her friends. It's not the end of the world for her or myself. It never was!

    $40 Bucks might not seem like a lot to a wealthy person like yourself, but it's a lot to me!

    Surely, if the above incident had happened to you, we would be listening to a much different TUNE!

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  • Se
    sevenalive Jan 27, 2011

    I know this is old but I have to place some common sense.

    First, I had a bad experience with pizza hut tonight, did a google search and got this, I am no employee or have never worked for them. My bad experience was over cook pizza that burnt the cheese and toppings and the cheese was hard, not stringy and it didn't move around. To give you an idea, the cheese was hard like leftover cold pizza, pepperoni and other toppings were burnt. I called just to complain and give feedback because they recently decided to do $10 anytime pizza to compete with papa johns and dominos lower prices. I think all the pizza places are cutting corners again, even my favorite local ones (I usually eat local, but sometimes it's too expensive). Anyway, He offered me a $18 credit, I figured a credit would be offered (usually places do this to appease the customer), I turned it down because I don't think I will be placing another order especially when I had frozen pizza's better than what I ate tonight. They apologized but still gave me the credit for a future order. Anyway wanted to tell that store to avoid being called a shill or w/e.

    I have to say, I don't really believe this. You ordered 2 large pizzas for 15 kids and 8 adults? That isn't nearly enough to feed all of them. Plus you made the order on the spot, in this case it would of been better to make a future order so everything was ready when you expect it. You don't need to sue the store, just dispute it with your bank, simple as that. Court wouldn't help you because there isn't any proof they did or didn't deliver the pizza, witnesses would help your case. You figure the kids will have 2 slices or even more (kids love to take 2-3 bites then grab another piece), adults 4 of your slices or even more (remember the slices are cut smaller). You would likely need 6 pizzas for your party, not 2.

    I think what really happened is you ordered 8 pizzas at 11:25 and expected them within the hour, which based on common sense, isn't possible during busy times.

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rude waitress, no drinks, food we didnt want

8th jan, ended up at pizza hut by the ricoh arena in coventry. One word: disaster. After waiting 10 mins to be seated (No, they weren't busy) we sat waiting 10 mins to place an order. We were told what we wanted wasnt available, so chose something else. Then told that wasnt available, ended up having something we didn't want. Waitress was a nasty # - ok, im prettier than her, but why be so jealous?! Then she disappeared with our glasses so we couldnt have a refill. Kept us waiting 10 mins to pay the bill - even tho it was nightime, no-one else was in the 'restaurant' and I use that term loosely.

abusive management

Listen this is the information I have and im so upset about it.. I am a victim, a simple customer, who ate at pizza hut in edgewater, md.. I dont like to hear the managers yelling at the workers mostley under aged children they have working for them in such a non professional manor. Its the abuse and swears that really ruin your dinner, , for the customers as well as poor employers. We all witnessed the mangers, bridget, dino three of four times there smacking the help around. Threatning and even giving the parents a hard time who called to ask what time should they pick up there kid afterwork.. I saw a parent call a there kid and I saw the kid say I get out at a certain time, and one rude ### manager named dino yelled at the kid while his parent was on the phone.. If I was that parent id go down there and fatten that fatasses lip! My whole family got up and left the table and that was the last time we went there.. Get some better managers, , no rude ones please!!! Or we will never eat there again!

  • arvish Feb 08, 2009

    shouting that manager must be shoot

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  • Ry
    Ryo Feb 16, 2009

    Find out who the franchise owner is and file an incident report with them.

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  • Ke
    kerry83 Sep 26, 2009

    Wow, does anyone learn to spell anymore?

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natural rustica pizza

Pizza Hut's Natural Rustica Pizza has been a big hit with my wife and I, when we can get it made...

3lb. lasagna

My wife ordered a tuscani pasta lasagna for dinner wednesday night. I went to pick it up and brought it home. She went and made us a plate a brought it to me and i was quite surprised. The lasagna wasn't even one half inch thick and mainly made of suace. There is no way the thing could weigh over three pounds unless they include the box that it goes in. I could have bought two stoffer frozen lasagna's for less than pizza huts. It is nothing like what they advertise it had only one layer of noodles and all sauce. Iwill never buy another one nor would i ever recommend it to anybody definately not worth the money.

  • Ta
    Tassrus Feb 27, 2009

    It is unfortunate that your experience was not pleasant. But, I believe you must have been mistaken. I know how the Lasagna and all other pastas are made. The Lasagna is different than the other pastas in that the noodle part of it is actually shipped frozen to the stores in its "ready to cook" form. All Pizza Hut does is place the noodle/cheese bricks into the pans and places the sauce (meaty marinara) on top then put it through the oven. There is simply no way that a cook could have missed a single layer noodle brick.

    I do not disagree that beuying a frozen Stofers would be a better deal, but obviously it costs more because the customer does not wish to spend two hours cooking. If you don't like the product, there are at least a dozen other similar frozen products that you could purchase instead.

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  • Ci
    cindkil Mar 20, 2009

    I tried the pizza hut tuscani lasagna last night and it was terrible. The ads are very misleading. They make it look like a ful (3 lb) pan of thick lasagna when it actually doesn't even cover the pan. They also try to sell you the scoop that it is a family size portion that will feed at least a family of 4. Let me tell you that it might have been enough for 2 of my boys if they would haven eaten it. They will usually eat anything covered in tomato sauce but would not eat this. I LOVE Pizza Hut's pizza but they need to stay out of the ready to serve lasagna and pasta market and stick with what they do best...PIZZA only.

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bad quality, rude service, no customer service

We had a bad experience at Pizza Hut. The phone representative was curt with my wife, The
manager was rude when I picked up our order, the pizza was sloppily made and undercooked,
and the breadsticks were cold and rock hard.

This is not the reason for my current dissatisfaction. I understand that not every order can be an A+. But when I submitted a complaint online I heard nothing back. After a week I submitted a second report. Now it's been two weeks and still nothing.

Since there are so many pizza restaurants in our culture, you'd think pizza hut would want to offer superior customer service. Instead they offer none. Since their prices are notably higher than their competitors, one would think that quality of product and customer service would be high on their list of priorities. Nope.

Frustrated, I googled "Pizza Hut Customer service" and saw that there are hundreds of reviews just like this one.

What happened Pizza Hut?

  • Ju
    Julie186 Feb 10, 2009

    Pizza hut has the worst customer service ever. I have order from them twice and that's the last. My fault for being the second time. I had a terrible service first time around with hour late delivery and over pricing, yet I cam back a second round. This time around the delivery guy forgot my soda, then demanded tips saying it's a requirement 15%. Hello buddy, I may be Asian but not stupid as you think. If he wanted delivery, then he should have put it with the charge. Then he didn't give me a second copy of the receipt and I didn't even sign the original receipt. It was a credit card charge. Oh well, I can get 100% refund.

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  • Am
    amanda lynn Jan 11, 2010

    Pizza Hut is suppose to throw old hard food away, put new fresh salads, pizza, for the buffet, breadsticks. Not keep old, hard, nasty food, suppose to make fresh ones, out of the walk - in. I know i've worked at a pizza hut.

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  • Re
    really-90 Jul 10, 2010

    Pizza hut has the worst customer service!!! THEY ARE SOOO FRICKEN RUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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  • Fi
    fima1360 May 19, 2011

    I hate pizza hot! is there any online petition against pizza hut? ;)

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poor quality of food

We went to the Grimsby England store, we were served by a very helpful young women no complaints there. 13th January, 2009. There was a party of 10 of us . The food looked good, but oddly no cooking smells were smelt. We later realized they hd used catering cheese and not real cheese. We ordered different flavours of pizzas but all tasted the same completely tasteless! Also they were not very warm. I would rate the food 1/2 out of 10 and that's being generous. Have Pizzahut got no pride in serving good tasty food to ther customers? Obviously not. Needless to say we will not be going there again for a meal. Can Pizzahut afford to loose customers inthis time of acredit crunch? Maybe they can but we cann't afford to waste money on rubbish food and won't again.

giving a nonsense answer

to complaint staff at pizza hut at ipoh, kinta city always said the pizza is out of stock.but it can be take away only .but the restraunt is open until 10.00pm but each time i walk in at before 9.00p.m, what they give me the answer is the same.The last visit is on 1/1/09, this time i walk in about 7.00pm they still giving me the answer is "SORRY NO STOCK BUT ONLY TAKE AWAY".This time we get very angry because my wife is pizza lover.Straight away we told them we will make this complaint, then came a staff try to tell another story. she tell us come back in 10 to 15min. so what is this all about, is it the company never pay them all they try to change their way. I think the management try to do something to improve.U can see pizza hut restraunt is a quite restraunt, at the same time the other restraunt like Kenny Roger, macdonald very the same time all the plate, fork, knife not well clean.Oily, dirt. Do something, if still want us to walk inside.

absence of salad bar/poor service

We receintly went to the Pizza Hut in Hudson N.Y. 12534, The service was awful, very slow and rude waitress. There was only one other couple there the whole time we were there and it took so long to get our food it was rediclous! We went in to have the lunch buffet and salad bar, the food on the buffet was all dry and most everything was empty and not filled. We wanted the salad and they no longer have one, every pizza hut we have ever been to has one including the one we were at. We asked our waitress what happened to it and she mumbled " we dont have one" and walked away. I showed her the menu and it has salad bar with the buffet and many other was to have the salad, one trip, meal whatever.she just said again "we dont have it" . False advertising!! Disappointing, made our holiday lunch very unsatisfactory. In the business world this is surly trivial but I wanted to let you know how your resturants differ and how bad the one in Hudson has gotten. Thank you.

  • Gh
    Ghostbuster Ross Jun 15, 2009

    Well if they don't have a salad bar they don't have one, on the other hand how hard is it to whip up a salad. If you were asking for something impossible I could understand. They should have at least given you a salad bar.

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good service

Pada 14 disember bersamaan hari ahad, saya dan anak saya telah mengujungi salah sebuah pizza hut di johor...


Kristal- Ticket 2 Register 1 12-3-08 #2950

I have never been treated any way but nice-at this site-on Dawson Rd...until this date-by this person, since they opened over 20 years ago.

She definately does not need to be working for the public. Her attitude and work habits are the pitts.

She pitched a loud yelling, name calling fit-because I did not put the money in her hand, instead of on the counter, as I have done most of my life-anywhere I went. No reason, except habit.
It was her side of the counter, and she was talking to two other customers who came in after me, before me, and during the time she ask my name, and looked up my order and gave me the amount. I did not even know I had made this huge mistake until I heard her loudly telling the other two customers, and then the guy in the back room. As she handed me the two pizza's (and no change or plates as I expected and ask for)
I spoke my first words, besides my name when she ask. I told her quietly I did not know what her problem was, but she had one. As she shouted at ME NOW- I told her about four times, louder each time so she would hear me over her shouting, that I would report this, and she kept shouting profane things until I walked out.
I am a 71 year old white woman. (Apparently she does not like either)

  • Er
    Ernest Williams Jan 25, 2012

    On 1 / 22 / 2012 I I made a call in order to pick up at 18:06 and was told the pizza would be ready in 20 minutes. I arrived at 18:28 and was told that it would be a minute before the pizza would be ready. At 18:37 our pizza was not ready.18:53 I was given two pizza's which one was mine and the other one was wrong. I requested my money back and I received an attuitude from a manager called Sherdick at store number 002950 in Albany Ga. on Dawson Rd. He told me my order was cancelled and I checked my bank and it cleared on 1 /24/ 2012. It was not cancelled. $ 21.40 was taken out of my account when I did not receive the pizza's. I asked for the complaint phone number and I was told that there was not one. I've been eating at pizza hut for more than 23 years and Im very agree over the service I received. I would like to talk to someone concerning my matter. My name is Ernest Williams Phone number 229-376-3568 home number is 229-446-4496. A responce will be greatly appreciated ASAP.

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pizza hut complainers need to get a life

I agree with tinkerbellad, some customers are just so freaking unbelievable. I was also a pizza hut employee for 3 years and sometimes we do make mistakes! Believe it or not! I can't believe none of the customers have never made mistakes . But we always take care of the customer, usually giving them free food or a discount. What else do you want us to do? Cry for your forgivness?
Also, we can get too busy for the staff to handle! Sometimes rushes are unexpected and we are over our heads in rude customers. I've watched other girls cry because they cannot handle how awful people can be over PIZZA! Once we were so busy during christmas that we had a 30 minute wait, and people took it out on the hostess! Yeah, it was her fault that so many people were lining up at the door! Orders were pileing up in the kitchen so fast that the tickets were covering the floor, and the cooks could not keep up. A man even said to our hostess, "You gave our table away? What are you [censored]ing stupid?" and by the way, she didn't give the table away, a group of people just took it.
People seriously need to just realize that we are a bunch of college and high school kids trying to make money for ourselves, but no you have to give us crap and make us feel bad. It's only pizza, calm down and give us a break.

  • Do
    Don Juan Sep 10, 2009

    Hey, this site isn't for those people, most understand that making pizza for douches is hard work, but when we continually get bad service is when we choose to complain.

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late nights

on November 7th my girlfriend came to my house after work from pizza hut and she was half drunk and she had a...

Former Employee

This is an informative letter in response to the Pizza Hut complaints listed on your website. I have worked...

poor delivery service, poor product, looked as if the food had been interfered with.

Ordered online. Order arrived after 40 minutes, it was barely warm. Two of the side orders looked as if they had been interfered with. Barbecue chicken pieces, one of the pieces looked as if a huge bite had been taken out of it, the same with the breaded chicken strips. What it looked like was somebody's leftovers.
phoned outlet to complain and request a replacement. Was told first of all that what we described was impossible, i.e inferring we were lying. Then we were told it was unlikely. Had to repeat ourselves a few times before we got an agreement to send out replacements. For which we had to wait another half an hour.

I'm sticking with Dominos from now on, never had any problem with them.

  • Al
    alex Nov 06, 2008

    Ordered online. Order arrived after 40 minutes, it was barely warm. Two of the side orders looked as if they had been interfered with. Barbecue chicken pieces, one of the pieces looked as if a huge bite had been taken out of it, the same with the breaded chicken strips. What it looked like was somebody's leftovers.
    phoned outlet to complain and request a replacement. Was told first of all that what we described was impossible, i.e inferring we were lying. Then we were told it was unlikely. Had to repeat ourselves a few times before we got an agreement to send out replacements. For which we had to wait another half an hour.

    I'm sticking with Dominos from now on, never had any problem with them.

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  • Kh
    khan g Sep 29, 2011

    i hate ur pakistani staff pizza hutt with pakistani owner so bad so poor

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