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no reply. dont bother

Dear, Sir/Madam My name is Mohammed shamrez Ali a recent employee for Pizza Hut- 699-701 Bristol Road...

employees put hair in my soda

Today, Friday May 22nd, 2009 I had a disgusting experience at Pizza Hut that would make anyone never want to...

bad service/poor manager

Worst service ever for soldiers. We had a great Pizza Hut here in Fort Polk, but over the last 30 days it has gone down to trash. Our soldiers now go to the other Pizza Hut in Leesville, which is now worst!
The store is dirty and understaff, manager does not care about customers and as you can see in the attached photo, likes to sleep in the store on the JOB!
This is not the way to support our soldiers, looking for a decent place to eat with the family, before they deploy to war. Replace those 2 managers, Kenneth from fort polk and the sleeping dude, Charles from Leesville!
Photo taken from his own employees! I guess, do as I said, not as I do is the new Pizza Hut motto!

bad service/poor manager

  • Fv
    fvictoria Jun 27, 2009

    I have been going to Pizza Hut for several years, I love the food. Yes the restaurant needs some adjustments. I've been in the restaurant business for 14 years now, it is very hard to find goood help. You will always run into the problem of being under staffed, customer complaints. There will always be customer complaints. But the GM of this Pizza Hut needs to take control of his employees. I was in there yesterday trying to apply for a management position, I have never felt so out of place. I asked for a manager, the young lady went to the back, then several employees came out to stare at me, there were several employees sitting in the dining room out the clock being loud. These employees could have been cleaning or doing something productive instead of sitting around getting paid for nothing. When the GM came out he said I'm Charles the GM . I asked about applying for a management position, he turned around and left me standing there. Then he walked across the restaurant and sat down with a lady and a small child. I was truly embarrassed.

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I had a meal in kirkstall Pizza Hut in Leeds. the suff did not bring fork and knife. They were ruth. Also tried to overcharge me. And after that used swear words.

I do not advice to anyone to go there.

  • binder May 20, 2009

    I had no idea Pizza Hut was so corrupt, not including plastic utensils.

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horrible food

This stupid girl I met was 'proudly boasting' about a few situations, where she told the cook to spit in people's pizzas, only because the people were mad at her, (because she's a ###). The cook, who I have also met, who isn't friends with her either, would never do such a horrible, disgusting thing to the nice people of our community, Gunnison, CO. He didn't speak up to management because he is American Indian and has been treated unfairly his whole life, he thought he'd get in trouble too. Thanks to his moral judgment, nobody's pizza was spit in. He has since moved on to utilize his college degree from Western State University. She did these despicable acts more than once, nobody knew except the employee's of Pizza Hut. I have called the manager to tell him this, and he continues to keep her employed. So, to the outstanding people of the Gunnison Valley, if your going to order Pizza Hut, make sure you haven't pissed Tierra off. You may not know what extra toppings you will get on your pizza.

  • Co
    Collins Mar 25, 2009

    I am not exaggerating but on February 15 2009 Pizza Hut ruined my whole day. First of all the Order I placed came One Hour Late. Second they did not give me ANY dipping sauce for breadsticks. But that's not even the half of my concern. The WORSE thing is that they delivered RAW Chicken Wings. I am not exaggerating I have pictures to prove it.

    I called and they didn't want to do anything useful, they just say they would give me credit towards the next order that I would never place, so they were not helpful or polite. I work in Sales for at&t and get thousands of customers and I will make sure EVERYONE knows how bad Pizza hut is. All my customers, family and friends will know about this HORRIBLE Experience.

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  • Ev
    Eva Jun 27, 2009

    I was at the Pizza Hut in Siloam Springs Arkansas and had the worst dining experience there. The floor was dirty, the tables were all covered in food and I didn't see anyone trying to clean the place.

    We waiting for a waitress to take our order for 20 minutes. When she finally came she didn't offer us drinks or refills. We had no napkins on our table, and I had to get silverware myself. I asked to speak to the manager but no one came.

    Our pizza was served cold, and the salad bar didn't look fresh. I will never spend another $ in this place.

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  • Ke
    kerry adams Dec 13, 2009

    hello my name is mrs kerry adams i went in to pizzahut in bury st edmunds this everning i ordered a tuscani for you which consisted of garlic mushrooms and chicken and mushroom pasta bake. it took about 7 minuites for the lady to bring the drinks out because she was chatting to a member of staff then the starters come out that was fine but half way through eating that the duty manager came out and told me they had non of the pasta i had ordered and that i would have to choose out of the two that they had in stock which were : alfredo and the arrabiata so i chose the alfredo which came out cold so i took it back and when it came back to me it had been re heated i didnt get a check bace so i did not eat it when the lady come to take the plates away she failed to notice i had not eaten it and went on to ask if we wanted any thing else we said no when i went up to pay dan the duty manager just said to me i take it u want to pay the rest of the bill i replied by saying my food was still cold and the chicken and pasta was hard he replyed by saying well you have still got to pay for it if you dont i will ring the police so i payed the bill and asked for his name he scribbled it on the back of my reciped and told me he was the manager he gave me a menu with your email address on it and said if you have a complaint inform this address he was very rude. i would like this matter to be taken further if i dont hear anything i will be going to the consumer rights councle.
    mrs kerry adams

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  • Ke
    kerry adams Dec 13, 2009

    hfksdn, sdnfk;asfws

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  • Fa
    faktion84 Dec 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Stop takin sh*t from everyone!!! If someone gives you an attitude show them who's boss beat their effin face in!!!

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  • Do
    Don21 Dec 15, 2009

    the only reason she's still employeed is because the manager either doesn't want conflict or doesn't care as long as it doesn't effect him or her directly. she needs to be fired, plain and simple. there's no excuse for being nasty to the customers and telling other people to spit in the customers food. the manager needs to realize that there are alot of people who are looking for work, and that replacing her would be just that easy.

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  • Ap
    april yeargin 123 Mar 30, 2010

    I do delivery once a week and come 2 to 3 times a week to the store because my kids love your pizza. But for the last 6 months the service is unbearable. You have the rudest people working for you. I will not spend another penny with a company that hire nasty and rude people like you do.

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customer service

I went to Pizza Hut Aldershot Sunday evening (03/05/2009) with my wife, my baby and my mother-in-law.

I was very badly attended by the recdepytionist whenb I was trying to order a pizza.

I am a foreign but my English is not so bad as I work with medical assistance c ustomer service.

I think she was well stressed and quite racist against me and refused to sell a pizza. She quite attitude and is unbelivable how she still working there. It is quite sad that I will never by anything at Pizza Hut in my life.

Fabio Ambrosio

  • Go
    goos May 03, 2009

    If she is unable to understand you, she will be unable to help you.

    One thing you might try to improve your english, do not speak Hindo or whatever it is you speak with your wife and mother in law. Insist that English only be spoken in your home.

    In this way, you will get a feel for how to communicate effectively in an English speaking country.
    So many people have bad english because they also import their family members and mainly continue to speak their own language in public, which will irritate that countrys citizens and result in perceived discrimination.

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  • Fa
    Fabio Ambrosio May 04, 2009

    I don't k now whoever wrote this discriminatory text above, but I can only say that you have no idea what you are talking about.

    I am fluent English speaker and I also can prove it as I've got 7.0 on my IELTS English exam. I am also fully qualified solicitor and I hold a Master degree by University of London in Banking and Finance law. So, before you do your discriminatory comments you must know with whom you are talking.

    I am living, working, studying and paying taxes in this country since Mar 2004, so I can speak English as good as many English native.

    Also, I am Brazilian, so in Brazil we do not speak “Hindu”, we speak Portuguese, and also “Hindo” is wrong spelling, so you must write HINDU. I am amazed how you can judge me with your poor comment above.

    I hope I can get more help with your management to discuss my situation as it was quite unfair the way I was treated in the Pizza Hut Aldershot. If that employee continues to attend people out there many of your customers will change from Pizza Hut to Dominos.

    I've got a relly good attention at Dominos, without any problems and I was respected as a human being, not like you and your colleague from Pizza Hut treated me.

    Anyway, just to let you know, I work with medical assistance here in this country and I provide assistance by telephone call all over the world. Also, I don't deal only with English language; I am also fluent in Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. Is that good enough to you? So, if I was not fluent in English I couldn't do the above isn't it? Is the problem with me or the staff attitude?

    So, now you know a little better if whom you are talking.

    I hope I get someone more qualified to answer my complaint and I demand the name and telephone number.

    Best Regards,

    Fabio Ambrosio

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  • Pi
    Pizzahut May 24, 2009

    I work did work in Pizza Hut in Aldershot, and i was there on the night when she was refusing to serve you! The reason was is because you were being difficult and swore at her! You were being really rude! She wasn't being rude to you at all, she was trying to explain something to you and you were having none of it! You didn't understand what she was trying to tell you!

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  • Fa
    Fabio Ambrosio May 25, 2009


    I haven't being rude to her and my English is quit well. I asked to be served by another staff and she got upset about it. I went to Pizza Hut Aldershot just 2 days before the facts and she did treat me in the same way and I didn't say a word.

    You probably didn't the sarcastic way that she looked at me and she was extremely racist against me. I never had problems in buying things and I also work in a medical assistance company doing customer services all over the world, so I am sure that I can understand very well!!

    For some reason she didn't like me or maybe she doesn't like foreigners which is quit sad as she must respect us. I am a hard work guy and I am a student as well. That's why I do have a good job and to be honest with you I don't need this and I don't need to buy Pizza at Pizza Hut at all.

    I went to Dominos and they gave me a respectful attendance and support. So, who’s the problem here? Me? I don't think so darling; otherwise I wouldn't do what I did in the last 5 years in this country.

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  • No
    none Jun 08, 2009

    RACIST? so you want to make a complaint now! Just cos she refused to serve you dont make her racist! Just because your foreign you think if someone looks at you strangley or speasks to you in a different manner do you think that is racist? You obviously dont know the meaning of the word! Go to dominos who cares! All i know is that you were the one in the wrong and you were the one that lost your temper! Do you know what some people really are pathetic!! All this over a poxy pizza!! hahahahahaaaaa

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Aug 19, 2009

    If you speak like you write, I understand the communication issue. "recdepytionist" is not a word in the English language. Nor is "whenb". "I am a hard work guy" alone is a difficult sentence to understand so I completely see the problem here...and it doesn't have to do with Pizza Hut.

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  • Ci
    C.I.Watkins May 28, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Letter stating Final Award Notification of winnings in the amount of US$130, 000 based on a drawing held on February 24th 2013 and claiming that previous notification had been sent.

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Resolved complaint against gm of pizza hut store 1501

I have work at pizza hut for about two and a half years while working there I have gained a lot of knowledge of how to properly do things concerning the ways of cleaning cooking and service. On may 5, 2009 at the end of my shift the gm confronted me about my work ethics. I feel like my job as a pizza hut employee was threatened for doing thing s the right way. For example I was using the proper specs for topping pizza using my rings cups and sauce spoons. Later in the evening I decided to help was dishes spraying each dish before placing them on the rack to go into the dish washer. If you was to go inside the store to see some of the things being done there you would be disgusted dishes touching the floor and being place on the shelf some dishes not being washed at all. Pizza being under topped cheating customers of good quality pizza on top of that product is not being rotated properly and dirty dishes are being used to prepare food. As being certified in food safety I try to adress these matters and all people do is get mad at me and continue to do what is not right and I feel like I cannot go to my gm to adress it further because he doesn't seem to care at all about whats going on except for cutting back costs. I could go on and on. Something needs to be done!!!

  • Big Al May 02, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dude if worked at Pizza Hut for 2 years and have not been promoted to managment, you are either stupid or have grease under your finger nails.
    I bet last time you went to Burger King they dropped your burger on the floor, spit on it and put on your bun, and guess whatt? you are still alive!
    If you dont like your job go into politics!!!

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  • Lo
    Louisianagirl Jun 15, 2009

    i have worked for pizza hut for about 2 years as a driver and i could have moved up to cook r managment but i didn't want to i like to drive but yes i don't work for them anymore i was terminated and yes the manager i worked for and assistant manager was both discriminating managers, and there is sexual harassment there too and i plan on reporting it to the right people

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  • Sh
    shopbmw Aug 08, 2009

    I appreciate the poster. At least he has the balls to step uP to the plate and tell the TRUTH! And not being able to tell the GM in fear of him just shutting him out...No WONDER he was frustrated! And Big Al...You're probably the friggen jerk that WOULD spit on someone's food...You are a complete JERK! I hope you bite into a roach the next time YOU go to Pizza Hut BIG AL!!

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Resolved employee

rude employee by the name of miguel mistreating customers, hanging up on them... lying about the hour...

Resolved charged for pizza never delivered

I was billed $28.52 three weeks ago by Pizza Hut for pizza that they never delivered. A week ago I complained...

Resolved burnt pizza

This past order at the Pizza Hut located at the corner of Simonton Road and New Hope Road in Lawrenceville...

Resolved spit in my drink

I came to pick up my order. I waited forever before I finally went into the backroom to find help. People who...

Resolved manager and pizza ordered

ordered a pizza at 10.15pm, recently last 3 times in 2 week been messing up my order. anyway got trainee...

Resolved unauthorized charges

At the time of my employment, I was the only one who gave a d**n about improving the company's reputation in sanitation/ standards in service, USING me as a scapegoat, because I made them look bad for not trying. It was no intention of mine to draw anyones laziness to attention, but THEY went above and beyond. The GM got together with a shift manager whom which I had NEVER worked with and accused me of stealing from the company by 'comping tickets' and stealing from the register by which he claimed he had 2 witnesses. First of all, I had just started and had not been trained on the register. I had never used it, nor touched it, or even knew how to if I WANTED TO !!! After being fired I went home and cried all night. I just wanted to help them and grow with the company, but instead was spit on and cast aside. Does no good deed go unpunished?

Resolved no delivery after 2 calls

Today 17 march 2009, I ordered thru free order line for a pizza & a drink, in few minutes I called again and asked wether I could add another pizza for the order, the operator said yes, and I gave the order. 1st pizza came st 1st hour, I asked the delivery guy that I added another pizza. He said it will come.
As I called 2nd time, so I checked my second call time, and called just 60 mintes after that call, I asked about my 2nd order, operator said that my 2nd order is on the way, I did say that its been over 1 hour, and again she said its very close, n on the way.
Now its 11:00pm and they are closed, its been over 3 hours - not that the pizza was about to get late,. We never expected "no pizza",.
Yes,. I did not get the pizza n drink which I ordered,.
I just cant believe this.

One day at taman tun dr ismail outlet (pizzahut) I ordered regularly, pizza n few pepsi for the famly, but after a wile I got ice lemon tea, as I orderd "pepsi",. I said I asked for pepsi, and he said no pepsi so he decided to bring ice lemon tea, so I said I want 7 up, he said no stock, then I asked for mirinda he said no stock rudely,. Again I said I want anything else than that,. Unbelievably he said no more cold drinks exept that,. So I asked for a hot milo,. He did everything he kud to keep his rudeness,. But I couldnt believe that they dont have any cold drinks,. But to my suprise - at that same minute - I saw other tables being served with pepsi & mirinda,.
I dont know why I was targetted like that,.

This is not fake stories, my name is ismail & my mail add is [protected], I am ready to go meet any board or any department regarding this. I want this to end,.

  • Cu
    customer yang kecewa Dec 03, 2009

    3 hb 12..jam 1230 hut port dickson.. service terlalu teruk..kami ordr set lunch express..sejam kami tunggu, yang kami dapat cume air dan sup sahaja..bread stix pun kami dapat selepas sejam..service yang ada seolah - olah tak beretika..mengunyah chewing gum sewaktu melayan customer..srvice permpuan melayu brtindik di hidung, baju tak tight in sampai atas.. tak alert dengan kehendak customer..kami tanye kenapa pizza kami pizza lambat sampai.. alasan yang dibagi computer surver down..sedangkan kami order sebelum black out.. order kami pun tak punch dalam sistem..ramai yang datang masa tu semua tak puas hati dengan layanan yang diberikan..tak ada seorang pun manager yang berada di kawasan dine in waktu tu baik ALL STAR, DM ataupun RM.. Dan yang pelik juga, tak da seorang pun yang menjadi door person.. bukan itu yang penting ke..ini dah kali kedua kami terkena..1st pada bulan puasa haritu..kami dah booking untuk berbuka puasa pada ptg pukul 4, tapi bila kami sampai dekat dengan waktu berbuka, satu pun yang kami booking tak disediakan langsung sehingga kami terpaksa berbuka pada jam 830 more alert...improve your service...jangan sampai regular customer seperti kami berpaling pada fast food yang lain.. tq for your attention...

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  • Mi
    minah binti mohd yassin Jun 17, 2010

    Assalamualaikum/Selamat Petang...


    Saya telah ke pizza Tangkak pada 17.06.2010 jam 9.15 malam untuk membeli pizza. Saya telah order dua pizza, satu pizza baru dan hawaii chicken..disuruh menunggu 20 minit. saya faham...
    Setelah agak lama menunggu seperti buah yang tak jatuh.. pelanggan selepas saya telah mendapat order mereka..saya masih lagi menunggu..pelanggan lain dapat lagi order mereka...saya masih ditempat yang sama ...menunggu terus menunggu...bukan seorang pelanggan mendahului saya malah lebih dari 3...orang pelanggan saya mulalah tertanya-tanya macam mane order saya...Hinggalah saya bertanya sendiri...staff lelaki terus naik ke tingkat atas melihat apa yang berlaku..tidak lama kemudian beliau turun ke bawah membawa dua kotak pizza..lalu dibungkus staff perempuan dan dihulurkan kepada saya...staff lelaki meminta maaf atas apa yang berlaku...
    Apabila sampai dirumah saya membuka kotak pizza hasilnya amat le tidak memuaskan hati itu yang saya namakan LEMPENG BERLAUK ATAU PIZZA...LIHAT GAMBAR yang saya sertakan...
    Displin staff pizza Tangkak, Johor tidak memuaskan...terjerit-jerit macam pasar... tidak profesional...macam staff piza muar...jadilah REMAJA YANG TINGGI IQ dan EQ... Perbanyakan program motivasi untuk memberi kesedaran akan tugasan yang diberi dan bertanggungjawab...Sekian wassalam...Bye...Bye...

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  • An
    Angel_tan Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Something that I feel very unsatisfied when I attended to Pizza Hut, Pontian Plaza, Johor, Malaysia today (11/9/2010). I know during the Ramadan, there would not enough employees to serve customers especially the peak hours (lunch time). That was fine if those employees can tell me needs to wait because not enough employees but they didn’t do that, and they just ignore me when I entered the restaurant when no seat. After waited till empty seat, I sat down and called their service but they ignore me. Moreover, the cashier who saw me sat down and waiting, she also didn't give me any response and even gave me a supercilious look. And those customers who came later than me they gave the services first, that was made me very annoyed and I felt very dissatisfied about those employee’s services and attitudes.

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  • Ro
    rosli omar Sep 16, 2010

    Went to Pizza Hut Limbong Kapal, Alor Setar on 16/9 about 9 pm. Ordered a prawn olio spag. + super supreme.
    Plus point to note - it is a new outlet with the right ambience for a fast food operator.

    But sad to highlight - though it is only a rm50 meal but the food is far below expectations...the spag is tasteless and
    the pizza is short of the actual ingredients /toppings.

    Service level is below par..pity to the hardworking staff that suffers due to the poor system adopted.Some check and balance need to be carried out to ensure the franchise branding is being uphold.The service button located at each table is not workable though it rings as no one giving the right response on every call...And many patrons left with
    a bad experience and dissatisfied...

    Personally, i am not suprise if the staff turnover is high as the operating system is in need for a re engineering!

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  • Mi
    mimi atika binti ruslan Dec 13, 2010

    bagi org2 yg bg komen kat atas ni, x payah la lg mkn kat piza..staf2 piza pun bknye suke kalau korang datang makan..gaji diorang kecik, keje penat nak mampus..yang korang plak dh tau bz nak masuk jgk..

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Resolved fudge cake

A few years ago, pizza hut sold their chocolate fudge cake dessert which was made somewhere in manchester by arabs. That fudge cake had no wine or geltine in it. I was always excited about going to pizza hut because of their delicious chocolate fudge cake but now i cannot eat it because it is made by some other company who contain wine and gelatine and is therefore not suitable for vegeraterians.
I am very angry nd dissappointed at this and want them to get their cake from the old company!

  • Co
    CommonSense Mar 12, 2009

    Is this the biggest problem in your life that you come here to whine about it?
    Good grief- get over it.

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Resolved pizza

The most ###'s pizza hut i've been to bad's service i ever got at pizza hut please look at...

Resolved illegal practice

Work Release employee who are management and hold keys to store.
Employees working off clock.
Employees useing address as home address to avoid Work release violation.
Employee purchaseing phones for work release employee useing Pizza Hut address.
This really needs to be investigated.
I will also be contacting the Work Release Program ect...

  • Th
    Theresa-1 Nov 10, 2009

    I don't know what a Work Release Program is but it sounds like some form of correctional rehab program. In any case, what hold true in Alabama, USA also hold true in British Columbia, Canada.

    I have personally witnessed the abject abuse of management on staff (who by the way are not ex-cons, but just folks who live in a community that lacks development). What concerns me is that this franchise, like other YUM brands (check out their web page) market themselves as corporately responsible. It may be that head office sees community donations as validation, I, on the other hand, suggest it is more about receiving a charitable tax credit.

    The disrespectful treatment of economically vulnerable employees contradicts any message of good corporate citizenship. I wonder how Alexis de Tocqueville would qualify this schema?

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Resolved no cutomer care

it is absolutely appalling that pizzahut continue ti treat thier loyal customers this way. made an online order at 7pm to be delivered at 9pm i called at 9.30 to find out they lost the order and would knock off £2. never again will they get my order

  • Le
    leez Nov 12, 2009

    Baru-baru ini, saya dine-in di pizza hut sri petaling, saya tidak berpuas hati pada seorang staff bernama AIEN(ALL STAR). Cara dia melayan saya seolah-olah saya ni pengemis. Mood saya nak makan terbantut disebabkan muka masam dan kurang ajar terhadap saya. Adakah ini cara dia, orang berpangkat ALL STAR melayan custom???Siapa dia???Kalau rasa tak nak kerja, lebih baik berhenti.Apa guna ada serv charges jika layanan buruk yang saya dapat??Bukan saya minta dilayan seperti raja, tapi tolong hormat custom.. Jika dia ada masalah, tak perlu tunjuk muka depan orang. Tapi yang saya pelik, bila dia melayan staff lelaki bukan main baik lagi.Boleh pula dia senyum, tapi kenapa dengan orang sekeliling dia menunjukkan ekspresi muka yang kurang menyenangkan(menyampah)?? Saya rasa ramai custom yang pernah terkena seperti saya dan saya rasa dia patut dikenakan tindakan yang wajar dan tegas. Bayangkan pihak anda berada ditempat saya!! Tolong ambil tindakan tegas.. saya masih tidak berpuas hati dengan layanan pihak anda terutamanya staff ini...

    Pelanggan setia

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Resolved poor service and worse food

My family and I moved to McComb about two and a half years ago and have dined at the Pizza Hut located here about four times. Each time has been worse than the last. About a year ago they built a new restaurant and we thought we would give it another try. Bad idea. We were seated and then sat there for thirty minutes without even getting drinks. To make matters worse the district manager was there and even saw us. When I complained he didn't really care so I asked who owned the restaurant and was told it was owned by the corporation. Basically, I could write a complaint but he didn't have any one to answer to, so he really didn't care what I did.
Well, it has been about ten months and after church this evening I decided to give it one more try. It hasn't changed at all. Poor service and worse food. You can get better pizza from the frozen food department at any grocery store. If you are ever in McComb, MS please avoid Pizza Hut. It will be a huge waste of time and money. You would have a better meal if you brought along a bologna sandwich and ate it in your car.

  • Ch
    chevyboy Mar 01, 2009

    So after five times you finally said that enough is enough? Wow, thats too bad that it tool you that many times to finally figure something out.

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Resolved treatment of staff

i quit pizza hut yesterday i asked for an extra day and so they tooka day away
so i tried to put in a 2 wk notice and the manager exploded so he left me no choice but to turn in my stuff and quit.

im glad to see that people like to be tought of and respected enough to ggive a 2 wk notice and then to have thoes same peoplemake you quit on the spot i guess they dont respect themself or other people