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plastic in ice cream

on thursday the 11th of feb i desided to have a pizza with my son, the food was ok when it finally arrived but this is not the complaint, my 3 year old son wanted some ice cream after his pizza, which i paid extra for.he went to the machine and got the ice cream and wanted the sweets to go with it.we sat down and a few mins later my son said what is this daddy!at 1st i thought his tooth had fell out, to find a very hard and sharp piece of plastic in his hand about the size of a false finger nail, i got up and spoke to a male assistant who was very appoligetic but to my shock i still had to pay my bill!i would be very graetfull for a reply off you as the next child might not be so lucky.

phil flaherty
4 newby walk
connahs quay

refusal of service

On 2/12/10 @ approx. 10:45 PM, I walked into a Pizza Hut to place an order for pizza and was refused service...

fired for no reason

well i worked for virginia, mn pizza hut for 5 plus years. and in july 2009 they fired me and would not give...

purchased w / no balance on it

My wife purchased a pizza hut card from the Walgreens in Penn Yan, new York in December of 2009 for 20 dollars. It was a gift to my step father for christmas. They have tried to use it twice and each time the Pizza hut manager has stated there's no balance on it.
we still have the card with all thew numbers on the back with the 4 number card. I asked to see if they have a record of it, and i'm sure your company does. The Penn yan Walgreens manager stated they can't do anything for us. I asked who pocketed the money if there's no balance?
I have contacted the Main Office of Pizza Hut with our complaint and have forward this matter to the New York State Attoneys office for action.

  • Br
    bradman2010 Jul 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do you have your receipt? First you have to prove you did pay for it. Usually merchants give you an activation receipt with the purchase of a gift card. If you don't have those then I would say you are out of luck.

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&$10 & large pizzas

$10 Pizza Ultimate Scam - run for the hills!

Pizza Hut is running a "special" - any size, any toppings $10 per pizza (+ $2.50 delivery charge).

So, I call to verify before I order. I am told the total will be $10 for the pizza, $2.50 for delivery and the rest the applicable sales tax.

Total of the order - $17.63!! I call, and am again told that the total consisted of $10 for the pizza, $2.50 for delivery, and the rest sales tax. I point out that if this is the case, then the sales tax on that order was $5.13, or 41% sales tax (Texas sales tax is 8.25%)

My response to pointing this out - you're not working the math right, the sales tax is calculated correctly. Wow, I guess sales tax increased to north of 40% overnight.

  • Sh
    sherri08 Feb 06, 2010

    we ordered a pizza there lastnight and we got the $10 dollar deal, it only came to 13.50 all in all great deal for us

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  • Co
    connie stanton Feb 08, 2010

    Let me get this straight: you bought a "$10.00" pizza for $13.50????!!! That's a 35% mark up!!! Sure hope you're not in the stock market. Then again, Wall Street would be THRILLED to work with you. Ridiculous!!!

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  • Cm
    cmwproductionz Feb 26, 2010

    Where I'm at it's $10 for the pizza... $2 for "convenience fee" and %10 tax.


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  • Xp
    Xpro-painX Mar 12, 2010

    I'll tell you what. This is just not right. I watched the commercial on TV many, many times. There is NO fine print about what I can add to my Pizza, save for stuffed crust. Okay, so I call up for the $10 deal. Any size, any toppings. Well, I happen to like a lot of stuff on my pizza so I wanted EVERYTHING on it. I told them I knew it wasn't going to come out cooked perfect, I worked in pizza joints before, but I wanted EVERYTHING. "No we can't do that. We can give you the Super Supreme though." Well, no. I want EVERYTHING.. just as the commercial on TV states. "No, we can't do that.." WHY NOT? THE DAMN COMMERCIAL SAYS ANY TOPPINGS I WANT! "No, we can give you the Super Supreme.." Well, WTF!?!? I had to pay EXTRA just to add Jalapenos, not to mention it would have cost me an additional 5 or 6 bucks to add the Bacon, Tomatoes, Pineapple and Anchovies!!! Just make the damn customer happy. They could have just thrown a little on to make me happy.. But no.. So now you just lost a customer, sorry.

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  • Sw
    Sweetnlow Sep 23, 2010

    You purchased a specialty pizza which cost 4 dollars more. Everything is only up to 3 free toppings anything over and you gotta pay

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  • Mi
    Mike Rocks 247 Sep 27, 2010

    What a bunch of idiots!! like this is any different that anywhere else. Find a place that doesn't tell you $10 plus tax? Tax is from the government not Pizza Hut or anywhere else... look at the airline industry. They have even bag fees... Look at cruise lines. They have port fees... Go and bother them with your complaints. They still tell you the price before you dive into your wallet or purse and fork out your money? Next time just don't do it. Say no thanks and move on. Thats what I do. Its not like this is gas and these people have you over a barrel!

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  • Ca
    captv8me Nov 02, 2010

    It was a simple mistake. All you would have had to do is talk to a manager, if that doesn't work, talk to his/her manager. Pizza Hut has no issue whatsoever replacing, or refunding my experience...anyway...maybe I'm just lucky???

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  • Ma
    Mandie Shipp Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why is it not the normal state tax? Pizza hut is charging me 10% and my state tax is 7%.

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  • Bs
    Bsh82 Apr 12, 2011

    I agree! It IS BS!! I ordered a stuffed crust supreme and a 2 liter diet pepsi and 1 order of $5 deal breadsticks. The total came to $30+ dollars PLUS I'm not a no tipper even though I'm being ripped off so all in all it cost close to $40!! When I confronted the guy who took my order~why so much he said it was delivery fees...but why SO much...uf that was turkey delivery fees than I am no longer tipping IF I decide to ever take part in their $10 deal~or their brand EVER again! I'm on my first load days of hcg so the last pizza I ever taste is gonna be a good one but not for $40 oh HET why don't I go TO pizza hut and then see when their excuse fee!!!

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  • Gl
    glenbrook201 Jan 09, 2012

    The Pizza Hut in Myrtle Beach SC on Renee Drive does not offer the 10.00 deal. I went in there in person last night and the manager came out and said he's not the owner and its not his problem. He said I could contact the corporate office but it would not do any good.
    I will never step foot in there again and none of my family or friends will either!!!

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labor law broken

I recently applied at pizza hut and Debbie Clayton recieved a reference check from another stor i applied at...

dont deliver

Last night we ordered Pizza via the online ordering service, After we had waited the half hour it specified for delivery I called the call centre to find out what was going on, They advised that the Pizza had left the store and should be there in a few minutes. After 10 Mins I called again to find out what was happening only to be again advised that The Pizza had left the store and should be there, I said that It was not and at this point we'd waited aprox 50minutes for something that shouldive taken 1/2 hour. I said that the driver had 2 mins to get here otherwise they could take it back. Another 10mins later the driver turned up, We weren't there at this point wed gone to get someting else, My flatemate said the driver could not understand why we were upset he was only 1/2 hour late!


pada 26hb jan 2010, saya pergi ke pizza hut setia alam klang, bersama suami n anak 1 tahun. saya memesan 2 set kids meal. saya sampai di sana n memesan pada pukul 4.10 petang. tak lama kemudian, minuman milo ais n aiskrim saya terima. jadi saya hanya menunggu pizza. 5 mnit tunggu tak sampai jga, 10 minit pun tak smpai juga. datang customer memesan pizza take away. tak sampai 10 minit pesanan org td dah sampai n nak pulang. pesanan saya td tak sampai2 juga mase tu jam 4.30 ptg...
ketika itu suasana restoran memang lengang tiada org langsung... staff bjalan mundar mandir pesanan saya tak sampai2 juga. akhirnya saya bertanya staff disana, berkenaan pizza yg saya order mana... manager bernama liyana dgn muka masam n tertanya2 siapa ambil order... nak jadi cerita pesanan saya tak disiapkan lg. saya pun terus hilang mood n bayar air n aiskrim yg diminum td.
saya mmg amat kurang berpuashati dgn layanan n sikap sambil lewa terutama sikap manager restoran itu. tiada langsung perkataan maaf atas kelalaian mereka itu n berwajah masam. dia juga menutup mesin wang dgn kuat. selepas menerima wang dr saya. suami saya tertanya ape cerita, saya kate pizza tak siap kerana org ramai, kita balik aje...keluar dr restoran itu jam 4.45 ptg dgn perasaan kecewa dgn sikap seorang manager seperti LIYANA itu yg tak sepatutnya...

yg teraniaya...
email: [protected]

  • Mu
    muhamad isa bin harun Feb 25, 2010

    pd 24 jan saya telah datang ke piza hut setia alam untuk memesan piza take away..suasana ktika itu sangat busy..saya memesan piza sebanyak 6 jenis piza yang berlainan...waktu yang dijanjikan untuk saya mendapat piza ialah 14 minit ..tetapi saya sangat kagum dengan kecekapan staff2 piza hut setia alam kerana piza dapat sampai tepat pada masanya..saya juga mendapat layanan yang istimewa kerana mendapat minuman percuma ketika menunggu piza..piza setia alam bagus daripada staff hingga ke manager!!!..

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  • Mu
    muhamad isa bin harun Feb 25, 2010

    kesian zaki gaji x sampai seribu...Staff s, alam bhgian kitchen bgus servise perfect, ... iaitu anas. . boleh naik pankt jd all star..isa pown x puas ati trhdp manager iaitu vanen hanya mengejr rating... kbjikn pkrja lnsung x ambl peduli... ku tnggu mu di akhrt... manager lain bek punya.. misss jawa u ar very goood women. sanke ingtr ko ad geng ak tkut

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forgot to deliver the food

A few weeks ago, we ordered from "Pizza Hut". It was a fairly big order totaling to about $50.00! We ordered...

managers badattitude

Dear Sir, Hi My name is Ganesh Rana Working In Dubai Caribou Coffee this is regarding very bad...

needs a manager

1. Kitchen area very dirty.
2. (8) tables not bussed.
3. Pinball machine too noisy (Place in parking lot)
4. This facility is too understaffed.
5. (One cook) working as fast as possible.
6. (One cashier) stuck on the phone doing the best as she could.
7. (One waitress doing the best as she could.
8 (One dishwasher) could not keep up with the trade.
Do we have a manager? If so hire a new one but keep your good workers.
9. (Casual observation) (2) waitrers or waitreses needed
(2) cooks on duty (One) phone person
(1) dishwasher could not keep up with the work

This was at 2:00 pm jan 1 2010

Walk in purchase

This location needs manpower. It is not like they do not have the trade to support it. Poor management.

bloody hell manager

i went to the plaza masalam sec.9 shah alam..there's no staff there to serve.i see the manager name HANA for take my order, but then shes ignore me with her ###ing 'muka berlagak'.i be waiting there for take my order around very dissapointed with this pizza hut manager.### pizza hut!

  • La
    LAKHANAT Feb 10, 2010

    hana babi bodoh!!!

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  • La
    LAKHANAT Feb 10, 2010

    hana sial bajet cun muka mengelupas x ada jantan nk dengan ko baik ko berenti keje lah ko dulu pelacur kan?? mengaku la...ko bersara dari kerjaya pelacuran sbb x ada orang langgan ko kan...sapa nk ko ye??pepek busuk...ko bila nk mati??aku boring ar datang makan kt situ je ko ada...ko ni memang x da rumah ke???siang malam lepak pizza.. ada duit baik ko pegi bedah muka ko yg MENGELUPAS tu...x pon ko mati lagi bagus...pepek ko mesti dah lobos gila babi kan...hari hari jolok dengan botol MISTER POTATO..HAHAHAHAHA

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  • La
    LAKHANAT Feb 10, 2010

    KO BABI AR HANA~!!!~

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  • La
    LAKHANAT Feb 10, 2010


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prejudice workers

I ordered from pizza hut once they gave no problem at all with delivering the second time they gave problem...

terrible service & attitude

21 december 2009, 12:45 p. M. - 1.45 p. M.
I stop by at pizza hut for lunch. However, I was terribly disappointed with its service. Below are some of the reasons:

Reason 1:
After > 1 hour of waiting our order was still not served.

Reason 2:
Upon calling on one of the waiter, we thought the matter will be solved. However, minutes later, we were offered a free salad bowl as an apology due to so called "kitchen problem". It is very important to note that we are customers, not beggars.

Reason 3:
I can never understand their definition of "kitchen problem" because if the kitchen was really having problem, why were the tables later than us were served while we were still waiting for our pizza (Bear in mind by now 1 hour already passed) ?

Reason 4:
All the while I was observing the small window counter where kitchen send out prepared food. That counter was jammed up but yet some of the waiters were idling around (Chatting & joking - even after the bell was pressed few times).

I am writing this because pizza hut does provide tasty food. It will be sad to see due to poor management of some branch, pizza hut loses its fans.

no service

On December 11th of this year, my two children and myself went to the Pizza Hut in Fulton, Ky. After going inside, I noticed three employees just standing around and one was on the phone, I presume, taking orders. The sign says to "wait to be seated". We stood there for about 20 minutes, when a young lady, I believe her name was Tiffany, told us we could be seated, and a waitress would be with us shortly. We sat at the table and I observed about 3 other people come in and had to seat themselves. We waited for almost an hour and nobody came to take our order. I found out that the employees that were just standing around were the delivery driver, who wasn't allowed out on the floor, and another employee who couldn't come on the floor, while the waitress was on the phone the whole time. People started getting up and leaving, as did my children and myself. If this isn't poor service, I don't know what is. It all comes down to poor management. No wonder they have lost a lot of business. Next time, I'll order from Dominoes, who is just right down the street.
JC from South Fulton, Tn

  • St
    stephanie Dec 15, 2009

    Why did you not ask for a manager? Then after leaving, I would have made major complaints to their website, and certainly someone would have contacted you and tried to make it up to you.

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  • Mo
    Mohd Shamir Hashim Apr 29, 2011

    Date: 28 Apr 2011, Time: 8.30 - 9.00pm
    The Pizza Hut Outlet at AEON AU2 Shopping Complex at Wangsa Maju Kuala Lumpur did not provide service when my family and I went there to dine. The workers there show no interest in serving new customers as they are suppose to be busy entertaining existing customer. There are empty tables that are not cleared and we waited at one of these tables.
    However, the workers continue to ignore us. My observation while waiting was there were not serious about getting customers and most are pretending to be busy carrying plates around and being in the kitchen.
    I have notice that, generally, the services in Pizza Hut is inferior compared to other restaurant of the same stature.
    After 15 minutes of waiting, we left for Domino's.

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inaccuracy of notice

My family and I visited Pizza Hut in Berjaya Megamall in Kuantan yesterday, 13 December 2009 at 10.40 am. The notice which was displayed stated that the restaurant starts operation from 10.00 a.m. t0 10.00 p.m.
We were surprised when we saw the door locked but there were two staff in the premise, one of them was mopping the floor. When we indicated we are patronising the restaurant, they showed us sign language by putting up two fingers, which my children intepreted to mean 11.00 a.m. When we pointed to the notice, they did not even bother to come to the door to explain. My son was very dissapointed and frustrasted at not being able to eat at the restaurant because he has to catch a bus at 12.00 p.m. and has to be at the station by 11.30 a.m. Why was the information displaying the time of operation inaccurate? We hope that the management would take extra care in the accuracy of their information displayed so as not to cause frustrations, dissapointment and disruptions to plans. Thank you.

  • Ar
    arewan Dec 14, 2009

    hai kepada semua staff pizzahut pjnt semoga senyum sokmo yerk...

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  • Ha
    haziq Jan 18, 2010

    woi vanan!gji aku mane?!!-haziq

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  • Ha
    haziq Jan 18, 2010

    woi keling babi..mna gaji aq bodo?

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  • Ha
    HAKIM B ASARUDDIN Jan 19, 2010

    woi..vannan lancau gaji wa mane...
    dh b"jumbt dh wa tnggu
    pukimak btul la
    sruh krja gaji x mau bgi>>>
    kerje dhla mcm lmbu>.ingat kitorang bdk mlayu ko bley pijak
    ingat skit ko tu dhla mnumpg je kt ngara aq nie!!!


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  • Ts
    TS VANAN PUKIMAK Jan 19, 2010

    pizza hut babi ...
    harap sume staff nye makan babi
    mcm sial...
    pukimak punye pizza...
    service x bgoss...
    mknan lmbat anta...
    cilake nye pizza hut setia alam

    P/S kepada TS VANAN baek ko brenti keje la...
    sedar la skit ko 2 dh la laki tp nk jd pondan...
    dh tua-tua nk mmpos pon nk jd pondan...
    dan kepada yan manager setia alam yg berangan nk jadi laki bodo...
    bangsat, cibai, cilaka, pukimak ko makan anjing.

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  • Nt
    ntah Feb 16, 2010

    piza hut jitra layanan x bagus, , , , , , ,
    pekerja pemalas, , , , , , , ,
    tambah minah yg x bertudung, , , , , ,

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  • Po
    polizia elnino Oct 08, 2010

    pizza hut di tanjong malim xd kualiti..sos cair & product x ckup topping..sos cair..
    knpa pizza haw.chckn pan gne sos classic???..pasta xd kualiti lgsung..sya x slahkn pkerja tp management pizza in tanjong malim x btl..harap tindakan diambil segera sblum kmi sume t" cost smpai kmi sbgai custmr xd slera nk mkan pizza kat tnjong malim..pekerja menghisap rokok di depan pintu masuk pizza hut..xd tanda hormat..area manager tlg tengok keadaan d sana..i think sos pizza tambah dgn air..cair sgat.

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  • Za
    zackCMS Sep 22, 2011

    Dear All...
    Based on your experiences at Pizza Hut (Malaysia), all of you is suggested to join and be Mystery Shopper (Secret Customer) for Pizza Hut (Malaysia) under GAPbuster Worldwide. Very easy. You will be GET PAID and GET FREE MEAL AND PETROL. Besides Pizza Hut, GAPbuster have A&W Mystery Shoping and Shell Motorist Mystery Shoping Check. Please register your information at (Be A Mystery Shopper Now column). Then you will be recruit before you are allowed to conduct Pizza Hut Malaysia, A&W Malaysia and Shell Mystery Check. Please do not be hesitate to contact me, Zack for futher quiries. Thank you.

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terrible delivery and customer service

I ordered from Pizza Hut for the first time, and it has been the worst online ordering experience.
I ordered online at about 7:50 PM. I didn't get the pizza for over an hour, and called the store at about 9:10 PM. The operator apologized for the delay and said the pizza is ready and about to be sent and should be there in next 15-20 mins. He suggested the delay was because it was a busy night.

I didn't get my order for another 40 mins, so I called again at about 9:50 PM (2 hours after I had placed the order!). This time a different operator picked up and said that they had run out of the dough which is why it was taking so long - and said it will be reaching me in another 15 mins. I asked to speak to the manager but he said he was the manager. I asked him his name - he said his name but I didn't catch it - and he hung up! He hung up on me in the middle of a conversation!!!

It is 10:10 PM now (definitely past 15 mins from the last call) - and the pizza has not reached still.

I asked the supposed manager why I wasn't told the first time that they had run out of something and he had no answer.

Hopefully I'm not going to order from Pizza Hut again. And thanks to Pizza Hut, my hunger has died after waiting for almost 2.5 hours for my food!

Thank you Pizza Hut for the wonderful experience.

a piece of foreign particle (a thin human hair) in the piece of garlic bread!!!

I was astonished to see a piece of foreign particle (A human hair) in the garlic bread and pizza which I ordered on friday 27.11.09 at 5 pm
When I go through the website of pizza hut I found a sentence saying enjoy international dining experience with family and friends???

I had been to pizza hut, bharat mall, mangalore, karnataka, india along with my friend to relish the international dining experience but I was not knowing that the pizza hut 's careless, hopeless, untolerable, unimaginable and poor management and following up of almost nil quality standards would cause me to recieve a foreign particle in the piece of garlic bread and pizza which I had ordered.
To my surprise when I told the pizza server boy to call his manager he took the same time - the time taken to serve a pizza that is 15 - 20 min to call his manager, when the manager came down towards my table the manager introduced himself as handling the pizza hut mangalore bharat mall-the worst service provider with poor quality of standards manager mr sukesh has no words to speak when I asked him how can "an international dining experience" provider like pizza hut a famous brand from yum! Can do such human errors which is not at all admissable.

I asked mr sukesh to give me any higher incharge person so that I can plea my complaint then he gave me one mr babu periya swamy who is convincing me to waive off the bill and compromising for the mistakes done.
To my surprise whenever I used to tell that iam recording his statement he used to disconnect the call which is the hopeless manager I have ever seen who is not ready to listen to customer plea. And he said that he will inspect the incident when he visits mangalore but finally no solution and he is not ready to give a written apology for the incident.
As I was not satisfied with his answer I asked him his senior no he gave me one mr shaju abraham contact no [protected] after speaking with him for several min on the same day, as he was also not ready to give the proper information and he was not ready to give a written apology for the incident I took forward the incident with mr joju contact no [protected] the operational manager head, as he was just supporting his staff rather than giving a solution to my issues and the incident,
I had called up the call center also [protected] wherein I spoke with mr karthik, mr martin and call centre manager mr carol wherein I have the recorded statement with me the way they were responding without giving me information of the level of escalation.
This is very dissatisfactory thing that a piece of foreign particle was recieved in garlic bread and the poor management staff were much irresponsible to hear my plea.

Worst experince @ pizza hut in mangalore;
Caution any body visiting pizza hut @ mangalore beware there might be some foreign particle waiting for u

Suresh naik

menghalau pelanggan

saya amat tidak berpuas hati dgn layanan pizza hut jln bakri muar, saya sampai 8.35pm, order mula sampai 8.50pm satu persatu, tetapi belumpun anak saya 3thn selesai makan maksud saya makan masih ada di pinggan air masih penuh di cawan, staff sana dah nak ambil pinggan..menghalau dgn cara thormat konon, sedangkan saya melihat jam baru 9.13pm. saya hairan kenapa dia cepat sangat nak meghalau kami..bila saya lihat baru saya faham rupanya masih ada custmr yg dtg..
Saya hairan kenapa restaurant sana tidak menggunakan ting.1 sedangkan di ting.1 ada tersedia kerusi & meja..tetapi tidak digunakan bahkan lampu pun tidak dinyalakan.
Bagi pihak pengurusan harap dapat melatih staff agar lebih sopan melayan pelanggan.

  • Ab
    abdul hazim Jan 17, 2010

    pada bulan 12 2009 ari tu sye dtg pizza hut setia alam servis dia amat truk dn nme yg servis sye ialah vannan

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  • Ab
    abdul hazim Jan 17, 2010

    sye amt bngang dkt P H setai alam sbb sye mkn kt ctu mcm cbai<<dhla pizza x sdp lpstu lyanan bruk sdahla baek ttp je la restron tu!!!bodoh

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  • Ds
    DSKumar Feb 26, 2011

    I also would like to complain on the service provided by Pizza Hut Restaurant Masai. I went there today 26th February 20111 around 9pm with my family. All of us are vegetarian. We ordere a set meal which comes with soup of the day (chicken soup). We request to exchange the soup of the day with other vegetarian item. Our request was immediately rejected wihtout any explanation because we use to dine in at Jaya Jucso Permas, where the manager usually let us exchange with other item based on the price of the soup of the day. What I am disappointed is not that my requesat rejected, however how the manager react to this request. The manager a Malay Pregnant women looks very stressfull and tired, refuse to provide us any explanation. I decided not to dine in any pizza hut if this is a behaviour of the restaurant manager.

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employee complaints ruined my life

I have been a shift manager for a little less then 4 months. When customers call in and complain pizza hut goes into full force to get the complaint resolved. Yet My problem is I have just been terminated due to a customer complaint. They tell me it was a family having a Birthday party. They sent in 3 complaints saying I was cussing and Screaming at my employee's. I remember the people who sent the complaint. They at no time spoke to me because they spoke Spanish and they seemed happy as they left. What I found out is a Employee within the company went home and made the complaints about me. Because some One inside did not like me my life has been turned upside down. Upon pizza hut trying to contact the email address they got a no email exist response. I was still terminated though because they have to take the complaints seriously. Even though it was a fake complaint. Pizza Hut aka NPC International treats their employee's like dog's and worry only about hitting the numbers. So many of my co- workers wrote letters of support and customers as well yet they refused to even look at the positive side of the whole incident. I never did what the false customer stated and so many backed me because I am well Liked and It was the truth. but somehow I became a liability to their Corp office and I am outta a job.

  • Tr
    Trevor is now a proud father a baby boy Dec 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have to take complaints seriously, however they also have to investigate. If you are being honest in this letter they obviously did not do that.

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  • Sh
    ShahnaCat Sep 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    NPC at my store is the same - they don't always investigate - they become judge, jury and executioner and don't listen to your side of the story, even if you have other employees that were a witness and speak up on your behalf...

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