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treatment of employees

Here is the deal. Ive worked for pizza hut for eight years.In the last year a new corp took over (Npc). Thi...

mgr. rest bad and motor delevery very bad

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Pizza hut
Posted: 2010-02-15 by

Bad rest. Mgr
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Pizza hut cmc

Salam sejahtera, disini saya ingin membuat aduan dan rasa kecewa terhadap restaurant mgr dipizza hut sunshine, penang, saya merupakan bekas staff di dan telah menamatkan perkhidmatan saya pada 30/02/2010 setelah 4 thn berkerja di restaurant itu, atas sebab sikap restaurant mgr yg tidak tahu menghormati org lain dan menganggap dirinya berkuasa di rest. Selalu mengugut untuk menahan gaji staff dan memotong hours serta kiraan gaji staf yang tak betul. Dalam meeting di rest, staff dikata berkira, restauran mgr cuba mencari pelbagai kesalahan terhadap staff lama n cuba menyingkirkn nya, ini mengakibat ramai staf yang lama dan berpengalaman dan sebahagian staff lain berhenti. Staff yang baru masuk hanya boleh bertahan lebih kurang 2 atau 3 hari saja. Kenapa motor san delevery sangat teruk. Kalau berlaku kemalangan kenapa rider kena tanggung semua kos baik pulih motor... Kenapa selalu berlaku permotongan gaji... Sedangkan rider bertarung nyawa diatas jalan untuk membuat penghataran.

worst service

Pizza Hut Greenwich Pennisula Bugsby's Way London SE10 0QJ Team Member Code: 80 NAJMUS S Table 27/1...

prejudice and did not make my order right

Hello I have had a problem with Pizza Hut and I have made a order and the lady was very disrespectful. The lady was asking me all kinds of stuff of what I needed for my pizza. When they delivered and Charged me for the Pizza. They also said that was what I ordered a thing pizza I didn't I ordered a Stuff crust pizza and they charged me for a stuff crust. I am very shock to see that they are scamming people and not only that they are doing people wrong with there cash. The lady I spoke to name was Machail at the Call center in Springfield she was very wrong and was not nice at all. My feelings where hurt and I couldn't believe that they would hire suck person for a Job like that. She is very rude I pray that they expose her and the way she handle with her customers this woman is very rude and I will never order there again in my life as long as I am in Tulsa Oklahoma

banned from restaurant

I just heard from my brother that during his last visit at Pizza Hut there was an incident that resulted in...

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charged me and was a no show

I ordered several items including two pizzas for a total of $80.00 on the Pizza Hut website at 10:38 p.m. The website took my credit card info and charged me for same and said my order should arrive at approx. 11:48 p.m.
I waited and waited. No Show. I tried calling the local Pizza Hut that the website said they were giving my order to but the phone number stated they were closed at this time. What? It says they were open until 11:00p.m. And I was just charged $80 by Pizza Hut. I never got my food!!! I never got a call from Pizza Hut locally or headquarters!!! I left an email message with Pizza Hut on their website. I still haven't gotten a response!
I wanted to see if they in fact charged my account. I checked my account and low and behold THEY DID!
I believe this is fraud.
Note to all: If a company advertises on the Internet. And you make any kind of payment to that company and do not receive the services promised. That is FEDERAL LAW FRAUD. I did not receive my product(s).
It is now 2pm the next day and NO ONE has called me about the order. They will hear from me again as I did leave two messages on their website about the incident. I am searching for telephone numbers now for their marketing/advertising division.
GOOD LUCK. I knew I should not have tried to go back to Pizza Hut and stayed with Dominos.

feed back

Today I can not Pinoy how happy I am when it dealt with ahome delivery meal from Pizza Hut knowledge village, where the rains were heavy and although the driver was able to arrive home after he suffered a severe rain. It is strange that the driver was smiling and wishing me nice dinner. How much respected manager of the restaurant when he told me over the phone, and he promised me that the food will arrive on time, regardless of rain or weather and it will be hot and fresh as it used, I'm proud because I am a customer of Pizza Hut<br />

  • Ly
    lynne g. morris Apr 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i ordered a pizza on 4/13/12 via your new phone center and i answered over and over my address my phone # if wanted to add and it got in the way of my ordering a pizza . i wanted a large peperonie thin crust with cheese pepperonie green peppers mushrooms and onions. what i got was a pizza with no cheese no pepperoni !!! just a thin crust with onion peppers and muxhrooms.. it was alful!!! when i went ot pick up the pizza past the time i was told it was not ready... i sat and waited no explanation just a girl sneezing over the pizza she did turn her head but never walked away to wash her hands or put on new gloves.. then just shoved the pizza to the edge of the counter .. the pizza hut in waynesburg pa zip 15370 really needs updated and cleaned up. i wonder where the health dept is .. lynne morris 112 luxury st waynesburg pa 15370 e-maill [email protected] 724-852-6483 would appreciate a respnse and possibly a new pizza..

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filthy facility

1) Table was so nasty it was sticky - my hand actually stuck to it, Table is only being swiped between settings with a dirty cloth and just spreading the food around, not cleaning it up

2) salad plates were dirty...was told the dishwasher was acting up; i saked why, then were dirty plates knowingly being put out for customers

3) entire back of restaurant had grossly dirty floor, salad dressing like it had been slung on floor ..looked like they had had a food fight. This was only abou6:30 PM in the evening, and only about 8 customers at 3 tables. Staff standing around like they had nothing to do.

4) Most grossly dirty bathroom I've seen in a long time...reminded me of those old gas station bathrooms that are outside the bldg.

5) Employees were dirty, unkempt and slouchy in dress & appearance. A couple of them looked like they had worn the same uniform all weekend long and had slept in it.

I understand that a place can get messy during rush hour; but this wasn't rush hour and no one seemed concerned about how the place looked. Very poor management practices and very slothful and unconcerned employees. This was absolutely the nastiestPizzsa Hut (or any other restaurant) I have ever been in. Had I been a health inspector (Ihave been, in ther past) I would have shut them down on the spot!

horrible food and wrong order

Took my family to Pizza Hut for dinner. We ordered a large thin crust pepperoni pizza, a family size order of breadsticks and 2 pepperoni P zones. The waitress was very friendly and patient and repeated my order over correctly.
When the P zones were brought to the table by someone else, it was not what we had ordered, and when I told her this, she said, "it's the waitress. She's new." and took the Pzones and said they would make the correct one's. I was highly upset because it was NOT the waitress's fault. She told me she repeated the order correctly, and she had.
The thin crust pizza was terrible. We left it sit on the table. :( I was told that they had taken $10 off our order but the total was still $45 and to this day I have no idea how it could have possibly been that much. ;(
Not only did they "sacrifice" this new waitress but the food itself was just awful. Both Pzones were doughy and nasty along with the terrible pizza. I told the cashier that it was the worst meal we had ever had and that we would not be back and she totally ignored me.

What a sad thing when customer service is ignored. :(

Never again.

poor service childrens party

I booked a childrens make your own Pizza party for 12.00 on 18/02/10.
1.On arrival I was informed that there were only 3 waitresses on duty for the busy buffet lunchtime period, I was expecting one just for our party as there were 10 children.
2.Passing trade customers were seated and eating before a waitress came to tell me she would take our order shortly.
3. I was informed at this point that they were not expecting a make your own party as they are not booked on buffet service days.
4. The waitress said she would try to get it sorted and eventually arrived with the necessary items.
5. At 13.15 the children actually began to eat - the party was due to end at 13.30.
6. Further time was wasted when the ice cream machine ran out.
7.By 14.00 the parents were sick of waiting for their children to finish and some chose to leave before the birthday cake arrived.
8. I went and asked if I could have the cake to cut myself and was told that it was on its way.
9. 10 minutes later we were still waiting.
10.On paying I commented that a lot of parents had got fed up and left early and was told that the party had been booked by a manager from another store.


  • Ni
    nicola holcombe Jul 18, 2015

    I would like to know why pizza hut has decided to take the bbq chicken off the menu. We visit pizza hut very regularly and as a family of 4 it is a treat. Last Sunday we went and were told that the chicken is not on the menu anymore. My 8 year old does not eat pizza but loves being their and has the chicken. It always seemed popular so I wanted to know why it has been withdrawn as we wont be visiting again.

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appauling service, food etc.

We arrived at Pizza Hut restaurant to find it half-full. As we were a party of 3, we requested a table for 3, which unfortunately seemed to leave the waiter flummoxed somewhat. Warning us of a possible wait in order to be seated, he went on an amble about the room, looking for a table for us; what would, of course, have sped up our time in limbo next to the door would have been to put a couple of the tables laid for two together. Though the waiter (who sported some rather illustrious wrist piercings- surely unhygienic, and enough to put one off one's stuffed crust?) eventually did this, he neglected to provide sufficient cutlery, such that a member of my party was obliged to forage for it from a nearby table, and evidently decided that another in our party was not deserving of a menu either. Furthermore, the heavy glass door was left wedged open for a large amount of our time in the restaurant, with an unending, biting draught chilling us as we waited for more service.
By the time we the waiter re-appeared, we had had plenty of time to select our meals, review the colour scheme of the menu and formulate various ideas as to the possible presentational options open to the multitude of dishes on offer. When we requested a 'Truly Tropical' fruit smoothie, we were told that 'The blender might not be working.' and that we should 'just assume that it is', which is certainly the best way to go about instilling confidence about one's knowledgeability in one's clients. Luckily, the rest of our order was taken without incident, minus the man seemingly feeling that we were incapable of remembering what we had requested and so deciding to read the complete order to us twice over. Then, with a flourish of the notepad, he was off, though not before informing us that the drinks would be 10 minutes. Now, I am no expert on the pouring and serving of ice-cold Pepsi, but I find it extremely difficult to believe that it requires a whole 10th of an hour to craft a glassful from scratch.
As we sat, and pondered the fate of our drinks, which by this point had been all but forgotten, the waiter finally was seen running across the length of the establishment with a large plastic tumbler full of ice and fruit juices. Two minutes late he was back, apologetically, telling us of how our food would not be much longer, but that there was a shortage of staff in the restaurant. It remains to be seen whether a few ancillary employees stood around gossiping constitute a 'staffing shortage'.
Finally, after a further 20 minute wait, in which we were given more than ample time to finish our drinks, the waiter returned. Apparently, a shelf in the kitchen that had evidently been the only thing guarding our congealing food had 'fallen', and our entire order had fallen along with it. Back to square 1. Thankfully, the drinks were removed from the bill.
It took another 7 or 8 minutes for our food to finally arrive; first, the individual pizza with 5 toppings. One could have proposed that, rather than a staffing shortage, there was a mushroom shortage that night in Wakefield. I understand an individual pizza is designed for consumption by an individual, but I also understand most individuals are of the sort who are able to consume more than a single button mushroom and 3 kernels of sweetcorn. At least the pizza itself was overflowing with grease, so as to distract from its general shabbiness.
5 minutes later, the two pasta dishes arrived- a fusilli alla arrabiata with prawns and crayfish tails, and a spaghetti carbonara. Having eaten various pasta dishes with arrabiata sauce, I can honestly confirm that this particular one was the worst. Greasy, cold and boring, it lay on the plate like a particularly disheveled weed requesting euthanasia. Moreover, call me a philistine, but I never realised crayfish tastes of Persil. Not having tasted the carbonara, I cannot vouch for the deliciousness, or lack thereof, of that particular dish. It was related to me, though, the way in which the cheese sauce benefited greatly from its watery and insipid flavour and consistency.
Apart from the general overriding sense of nausea brought about by the free flowing fats upon the plates, our evening sojourn was not at all ruined by the above debacle.

  • Ja
    Jakk208991 Feb 20, 2010

    About above; I do apologise for my 'appalling' spelling of 'appalling', in the title above.

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bad rest. mgr

salam sejahtera, disini saya ingin membuat aduan terhadap restaurant mgr dipiza hut cmc di cheras, saya merupakan bekas staff di cmc dan telah menamatkan perkhidmatan saya pada 30/12/2009 setelah 4 thn berkerja di cmc, atas sebab sikap restaurant mgr yg tidak tahu menghormati org lain dan menganggap dirinya berkuasa di rest. selalu mengugut untuk menahan gaji staff n bonus pd tahun lepas dgn memberi surat amaran. Dalam meeting di rest. menyatakan bahawa o/t 1/2 jam di bayar tp tak penah kira, apabila di tanya, staff dikata berkira, restauran mgr cuba mencari pelbagai kesalahan terhadap staff lama n cuba menyingkirkn nya, ini mengakibat kn sebahagian staff berhenti, hanya saya yg tak dibenar kn membuat o/t walaupun keadaan memerlukan, duti mgr yg beri saya ot akan dimara dgn teruk dan kerana beri ot kepada saya salah seorang duti mgr telah diteransfer keluar dari store, staff baru banyak telah berhenti kerja kerana selalu dimara dgn teruk dan menggunakan bahasa kesat sedang kn staff baru berkerja kurang dari 2minggu dan tidak dilatih ape2 pun berkenaan dgn kerjanya malah mengambil tahunya sendiri tanpa bimbingan, staff penah membuat aduan kpd am dan om tp staff balik yg dipersalah kan, saya mendapat tahu bahawa dua org lagi full time telah berhenti selepas saya atas alasan yg sama, kami juga telah diberi amaran agar tidak menjejakkn kaki dipizza lagi, katanya staff yg telah berhenti tidak boleh berjumpe dgn staff dipizza hut dan tak boleh dtg ke pizza hut lg, rest, mgr juga bersikap perkaumman, memilih bulu dlm laksanakn tugas, keistimewaan kpd kaum nya dan yg rapat dgnnya, saya harap pihak pizza dpt menyiasat perkara ini dan menyelesaikn nya secepat mungkin kerana saya dengar ada lg yg ingin keluar dr cmc dan saya tidak suka mendengar ini.

  • Clifford Smith May 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    DELIVERY TICKET #00074 STORE-744182

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plastic in ice cream

on thursday the 11th of feb i desided to have a pizza with my son, the food was ok when it finally arrived but this is not the complaint, my 3 year old son wanted some ice cream after his pizza, which i paid extra for.he went to the machine and got the ice cream and wanted the sweets to go with it.we sat down and a few mins later my son said what is this daddy!at 1st i thought his tooth had fell out, to find a very hard and sharp piece of plastic in his hand about the size of a false finger nail, i got up and spoke to a male assistant who was very appoligetic but to my shock i still had to pay my bill!i would be very graetfull for a reply off you as the next child might not be so lucky.

phil flaherty
4 newby walk
connahs quay

refusal of service

On 2/12/10 @ approx. 10:45 PM, I walked into a Pizza Hut to place an order for pizza and was refused service...

fired for no reason

well i worked for virginia, mn pizza hut for 5 plus years. and in july 2009 they fired me and would not give...

purchased w / no balance on it

My wife purchased a pizza hut card from the Walgreens in Penn Yan, new York in December of 2009 for 20 dollars. It was a gift to my step father for christmas. They have tried to use it twice and each time the Pizza hut manager has stated there's no balance on it.
we still have the card with all thew numbers on the back with the 4 number card. I asked to see if they have a record of it, and i'm sure your company does. The Penn yan Walgreens manager stated they can't do anything for us. I asked who pocketed the money if there's no balance?
I have contacted the Main Office of Pizza Hut with our complaint and have forward this matter to the New York State Attoneys office for action.

  • Br
    bradman2010 Jul 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do you have your receipt? First you have to prove you did pay for it. Usually merchants give you an activation receipt with the purchase of a gift card. If you don't have those then I would say you are out of luck.

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&$10 & large pizzas

$10 Pizza Ultimate Scam - run for the hills!

Pizza Hut is running a "special" - any size, any toppings $10 per pizza (+ $2.50 delivery charge).

So, I call to verify before I order. I am told the total will be $10 for the pizza, $2.50 for delivery and the rest the applicable sales tax.

Total of the order - $17.63!! I call, and am again told that the total consisted of $10 for the pizza, $2.50 for delivery, and the rest sales tax. I point out that if this is the case, then the sales tax on that order was $5.13, or 41% sales tax (Texas sales tax is 8.25%)

My response to pointing this out - you're not working the math right, the sales tax is calculated correctly. Wow, I guess sales tax increased to north of 40% overnight.

  • Sh
    sherri08 Feb 06, 2010

    we ordered a pizza there lastnight and we got the $10 dollar deal, it only came to 13.50 all in all great deal for us

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  • Co
    connie stanton Feb 08, 2010

    Let me get this straight: you bought a "$10.00" pizza for $13.50????!!! That's a 35% mark up!!! Sure hope you're not in the stock market. Then again, Wall Street would be THRILLED to work with you. Ridiculous!!!

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  • Cm
    cmwproductionz Feb 26, 2010

    Where I'm at it's $10 for the pizza... $2 for "convenience fee" and %10 tax.


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  • Xp
    Xpro-painX Mar 12, 2010

    I'll tell you what. This is just not right. I watched the commercial on TV many, many times. There is NO fine print about what I can add to my Pizza, save for stuffed crust. Okay, so I call up for the $10 deal. Any size, any toppings. Well, I happen to like a lot of stuff on my pizza so I wanted EVERYTHING on it. I told them I knew it wasn't going to come out cooked perfect, I worked in pizza joints before, but I wanted EVERYTHING. "No we can't do that. We can give you the Super Supreme though." Well, no. I want EVERYTHING.. just as the commercial on TV states. "No, we can't do that.." WHY NOT? THE DAMN COMMERCIAL SAYS ANY TOPPINGS I WANT! "No, we can give you the Super Supreme.." Well, WTF!?!? I had to pay EXTRA just to add Jalapenos, not to mention it would have cost me an additional 5 or 6 bucks to add the Bacon, Tomatoes, Pineapple and Anchovies!!! Just make the damn customer happy. They could have just thrown a little on to make me happy.. But no.. So now you just lost a customer, sorry.

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  • Sw
    Sweetnlow Sep 23, 2010

    You purchased a specialty pizza which cost 4 dollars more. Everything is only up to 3 free toppings anything over and you gotta pay

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  • Mi
    Mike Rocks 247 Sep 27, 2010

    What a bunch of idiots!! like this is any different that anywhere else. Find a place that doesn't tell you $10 plus tax? Tax is from the government not Pizza Hut or anywhere else... look at the airline industry. They have even bag fees... Look at cruise lines. They have port fees... Go and bother them with your complaints. They still tell you the price before you dive into your wallet or purse and fork out your money? Next time just don't do it. Say no thanks and move on. Thats what I do. Its not like this is gas and these people have you over a barrel!

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  • Ca
    captv8me Nov 02, 2010

    It was a simple mistake. All you would have had to do is talk to a manager, if that doesn't work, talk to his/her manager. Pizza Hut has no issue whatsoever replacing, or refunding my experience...anyway...maybe I'm just lucky???

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  • Ma
    Mandie Shipp Jan 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why is it not the normal state tax? Pizza hut is charging me 10% and my state tax is 7%.

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  • Bs
    Bsh82 Apr 12, 2011

    I agree! It IS BS!! I ordered a stuffed crust supreme and a 2 liter diet pepsi and 1 order of $5 deal breadsticks. The total came to $30+ dollars PLUS I'm not a no tipper even though I'm being ripped off so all in all it cost close to $40!! When I confronted the guy who took my order~why so much he said it was delivery fees...but why SO much...uf that was turkey delivery fees than I am no longer tipping IF I decide to ever take part in their $10 deal~or their brand EVER again! I'm on my first load days of hcg so the last pizza I ever taste is gonna be a good one but not for $40 oh HET why don't I go TO pizza hut and then see when their excuse fee!!!

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  • Gl
    glenbrook201 Jan 09, 2012

    The Pizza Hut in Myrtle Beach SC on Renee Drive does not offer the 10.00 deal. I went in there in person last night and the manager came out and said he's not the owner and its not his problem. He said I could contact the corporate office but it would not do any good.
    I will never step foot in there again and none of my family or friends will either!!!

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labor law broken

I recently applied at pizza hut and Debbie Clayton recieved a reference check from another stor i applied at...

dont deliver

Last night we ordered Pizza via the online ordering service, After we had waited the half hour it specified for delivery I called the call centre to find out what was going on, They advised that the Pizza had left the store and should be there in a few minutes. After 10 Mins I called again to find out what was happening only to be again advised that The Pizza had left the store and should be there, I said that It was not and at this point we'd waited aprox 50minutes for something that shouldive taken 1/2 hour. I said that the driver had 2 mins to get here otherwise they could take it back. Another 10mins later the driver turned up, We weren't there at this point wed gone to get someting else, My flatemate said the driver could not understand why we were upset he was only 1/2 hour late!


pada 26hb jan 2010, saya pergi ke pizza hut setia alam klang, bersama suami n anak 1 tahun. saya memesan 2 set kids meal. saya sampai di sana n memesan pada pukul 4.10 petang. tak lama kemudian, minuman milo ais n aiskrim saya terima. jadi saya hanya menunggu pizza. 5 mnit tunggu tak sampai jga, 10 minit pun tak smpai juga. datang customer memesan pizza take away. tak sampai 10 minit pesanan org td dah sampai n nak pulang. pesanan saya td tak sampai2 juga mase tu jam 4.30 ptg...
ketika itu suasana restoran memang lengang tiada org langsung... staff bjalan mundar mandir pesanan saya tak sampai2 juga. akhirnya saya bertanya staff disana, berkenaan pizza yg saya order mana... manager bernama liyana dgn muka masam n tertanya2 siapa ambil order... nak jadi cerita pesanan saya tak disiapkan lg. saya pun terus hilang mood n bayar air n aiskrim yg diminum td.
saya mmg amat kurang berpuashati dgn layanan n sikap sambil lewa terutama sikap manager restoran itu. tiada langsung perkataan maaf atas kelalaian mereka itu n berwajah masam. dia juga menutup mesin wang dgn kuat. selepas menerima wang dr saya. suami saya tertanya ape cerita, saya kate pizza tak siap kerana org ramai, kita balik aje...keluar dr restoran itu jam 4.45 ptg dgn perasaan kecewa dgn sikap seorang manager seperti LIYANA itu yg tak sepatutnya...

yg teraniaya...
email: [protected]

  • Mu
    muhamad isa bin harun Feb 25, 2010

    pd 24 jan saya telah datang ke piza hut setia alam untuk memesan piza take away..suasana ktika itu sangat busy..saya memesan piza sebanyak 6 jenis piza yang berlainan...waktu yang dijanjikan untuk saya mendapat piza ialah 14 minit ..tetapi saya sangat kagum dengan kecekapan staff2 piza hut setia alam kerana piza dapat sampai tepat pada masanya..saya juga mendapat layanan yang istimewa kerana mendapat minuman percuma ketika menunggu piza..piza setia alam bagus daripada staff hingga ke manager!!!..

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  • Mu
    muhamad isa bin harun Feb 25, 2010

    kesian zaki gaji x sampai seribu...Staff s, alam bhgian kitchen bgus servise perfect, ... iaitu anas. . boleh naik pankt jd all star..isa pown x puas ati trhdp manager iaitu vanen hanya mengejr rating... kbjikn pkrja lnsung x ambl peduli... ku tnggu mu di akhrt... manager lain bek punya.. misss jawa u ar very goood women. sanke ingtr ko ad geng ak tkut

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