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On 10/01/2019 My friend and myself went to Olive Garden for lunch. I ordered the chicken Marcarreta when the waitress brought it to me it burnt, dry, and it did not look good. When the waiter came back i told her abd she looked at me as if i had problem. Ihad to lift up the chicken and show her where it was burnt and how the meal just looked. She did not once apologize or anything she grab the food and she go ask her manager. She did not even ask me if i wanted another or something else. I has to tell her to bring something different. As see was leaving our she started to open up cabinets slaming to shut. She never broght the manage over nor did she ever apologize for the food. She did eveb bring a bag over for to put the food i order to or the my food thar i did not finish eating because it toke a long time to bri ng my food. When we left one of the other waiter notice our hands for full and brought us a bag and put our food in it and this was not our waiter. Before we left I ask to speak to manager. The manager was not concern at to what toke today. I go to Olive Garden a lot that really but a bad taste in my mouth as to way I was treated and the bad customer service. The Olive Gardner was in Reynoldsburg Ohio.

Oct 01, 2019
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  •   Oct 01, 2019

    Ever heard of proofreading?? “t. As see was leaving our she started to open up cabinets slaming to shut” in English is what?

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