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Reviews and Complaints

Olive Garden verified

phone order

On October 5th, 2019, I placed a phone order. Upon picking it up and going home I noticed the majority of my order was completely wrong. I ordered a kids meal of chicken tenders and pasta with MEAT sauce, and they gave me regular marinara. Then I ordered an adult ravioli entree with marinara sauce ON THE SIDE, which they put ON the pasta. In addition I ordered an herb salmon entree that was cooked incorrectly and was rubbery and gross and did not taste right. This was a very disappointing meal for my family. Upon receiving the request to fill out a survey on the website, I reported what happened and rated my experience. They NEVER even contacted me back. I am extremely dissatisfied with the service and meal I received.

Olive Garden verified

the server miss hassan and the manager jorge aleman

I was at Olive garden on Monday the 16th of October the one on Jefferson street, Falls church. that is the location we go to every time. we've never had a problem till that day. 1st I got the wrong order therefor they had to change it because the waitress (Hassan) was not paying attention when I was giving my order. My husband got his dinner on time and he finished his plate and I still did not receive mine. she did not even apologize for making a mistake. I had to cancel my dinner cause I'm not going to sit there and eat by my self. 2nd when I was walking out she came to me and said: "Mam your payment didn't go through." I said: " It said successful when I made the payment are you sure." and she tells me:" Oh Let me check I did not see it". Seriously!!! she was assuming that I did not pay my diner. so I logged in to my bank account and I had to show her and the manager that the payment went through. after that I told her that she made a lots of mistakes and sh did not apologize for any of them. she started laughing. when I complained to the manager MR Jorge Aleman. He didn't even listen to what I had to say. He kept saying:"I got it ..I know" OVER and OVER again. Even My 6 year old child said." we have never had any problem before".
1st - My dinner with my family was ruined
2nd - I did not eat dinner
3rd - she accused me of not paying
4th - the waitress did not apologize for any of her mistakes
5th - the manager "Jorge Aleman" did not listen to my concern at all. and did nothing about it.
OVERALL worst day ever. and I'm never going back to that location at all.

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    TheManager Sep 18, 2019

    Worst day ever? Meanwhile someone somewhere hasn’t eaten for days, you snooty brat.

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