Olive Gardenservice olive garden, 6412,3111 e colonial drive orlando fl 32803

I Jul 06, 2019 Review updated:

To whom concern, i went to this olive garden july 6 2019. store number 6412 and was at table 112 at 7 pm.When i came in first they told me have wait 10 to 15 minutes for a booth, i saw there was table empty. later they call me and took me to a table.i wait for someone to serve my girlfriend and me.there was other person that came after us and got a server instant and offfer them water, wine and bread.then the server saw that i was there for a while a came to us.he said i will serve you guy but iam not your server.and i said so where is mine, because iam being here for a while and other server pass us he offer us water, but did ask if we wanted bread, wine or salad or soup.i was feeling discriminated, or person come after and offter them like they had vip.after a while that i order salad, he did offer more water or more salad or wine.after i got my food was a little cold and did not had a lot of salsa on my spaghetti.after i finish with my food he did not offer if i wanted coffee, dessert or more bread.after i finish i look for a manager i told him about the problem all he said iam sorry, he should of give me a discount but the only thing was on a dessert.foe me being a new restaurant had bad service and the mananger should had taking better the problem.i hope who read this understand my position and hope can correct this.

Olive Garden


  •   Jul 07, 2019

    First off, being offered anything is indication that the person offering is also willing to pay. That's so not the case in an establishment like this when nothing has gone wrong (yet).

    You want wine, you order it, same as everyone else.

    Second: they probably treated you like crap because they saw your l taking a census of the establishment. Who got served first, when they got the wine they were apparently offered... That's annoying and who made you Mr Census?

    Third, if you tawked at the people there the way you tawk on here, they have no choice but to treat you like apparent crap because it looks like you can't tell the difference between being told no and rude.

    Me and my girlfriend??? I'd dump your illiterate and easily angered ass quickly!


    Notice the polite way of grammar.. always put others in front of yourself.

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  •   Jul 07, 2019

    Good God, you cheapskate! Orlando??? I know where this Olive garden is. You are paying Disney prices! Duh!

    I'd dump your ass anyway for trying to get a discount when no problem occurred other than in your warped, entitled mind.

    You take me out and pine for a discount when nothing happens, is code for: you don't think I'm worth paying full price.

    You bum.

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  •   Jul 07, 2019

    You got water instead? Not even Coke or Ginger Ale? Fvk you!

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