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Reviews and Complaints

Olive Gardenservices

My food was GREAT! Service was horrible, my waitress was Chamere M. she first asked was we ready to order, I began to tell her my order and she walks off. Puzzled, I let that go. She comes back 10 mins later and take our order. We finished our lunch and asked for the bill. This is when things went terribly wrong! Our bill was $35.47, I explained to her my job gave me $25 gift card that I wanted to use and I'll pay the remaining balance. She takes the card and comes back with a receipt say we owe $15, I asked her how is that when $25 was on the card. She says it was only $20 on there. I explained that the card started at a minimum of $25 and it was purchased from one of the CVS/Meijer stores. I asked for the card back so I could check the balance and she claimed she could find it. She then comes back with the card trying to fast talk us about her manager messing up. I asked for the receipt to the card so I could call and it took her another 10 minutes to return. I gave her $11, she kept my .53 cents and got a attitude when I asked for my final receipt. I feel like she was trying to keep card for herself


  • Su
    Sulphur7 Jul 12, 2019

    You imagined a scenario in your mind where the waitress was out to get you and in the process stiffed her on a tip. Aren't you just dandy!

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