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I am currently at an Olive Garden in New Jersey. Prior to leaving we checked the wait time online and it said 5 minutes. 10 minutes later we pulled into the parking lot which was very empty. We checked in and they said the wait time is 40 minutes to an 1. We signed in and I asked for our buzzer. The response was we only do that when we have a lot of servers. To lady is December 14th a Friday night it is 6pm. The restaurant is pretty empty and they have no staff working. This is unacceptable for any restaurant or business let alone on a Friday night. Extremely disappointed!!!


recent visit

My husband and I went for lunch today. We ordered off the dinner menu because it had been so long since we...

manager food and waitree

I took my wife and daughter and and granddaughter to eat for birthday the tour of italy was burnt chicken hard lasagna burnt it was Nov 25and it was a crappy day bad service all around try to get manager but too busy salad was dry so after paying over 100$dollars so my daughter wouldn't be embarrass I said I would call early in morning on 26which did manager ask me to send receipt so he can send me a card for us to come and give it a try now since it is December I am asking for what is mine nothing more thank you God bless you

recent visit with a party of 12

On Sat Dec 8th Minister Ida Foreman reserved a room that was apparently double booked and the other people was given the area. We arrived at 3pm and was not seated until 4:30 and no one came to our table until 5:15. We got bread no plates even at 6:00 no one took our order and we departed to the Juicy seafood establishment next door. Being that my wife and I are regular customers we were shocked, disappointed, and completely dissatisfied. My name is Joshua Watkins my wife and I were with the Ida foreman party of 12 if you need to contact me my number is [protected] Thank you

tracy, ca

My wife and I came into the Tracy, CA looking to sit at a booth and enjoy a delicious meal. There was a good...

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manager service

My husband and I went to go eat at the winter park Florida location. We over heard the manager Eric, talking with an employee. He was yelling at him because the young man rang in the wrong order. (We were sitting right across from the alley) Eric's face was beat red and he was very angry. The young man kept apologizing and he kept putting him down. The young man was trying and managers should recognize that. We felt so bad for him we tipped over the bill amount and told him he was a great employee. We will never eat at that location again until management is changed. He should be treating employees better. Especially in front of customers. We couldn't believe his behavior. We had to pack our food and leave because we were so upset!

food service/waiter

Today we visited the Olive Garden, Erie blvd east, Syracuse, ny

It was about 1:30. The six of us were seated almost immediate. We were also looking for a 7th person. Advised our waiter that we would proceed. Drink order - 2 waters with lemon, 2 lemonades and 2 teas. Waiter asked if we were ready to order too. We said yes.
2 appetizers, one soup and salad and three entrees. We waited and waited. Finally after asking our drinks came. 2 waters no lemon.
3 lemonades and 3 teas. We advised the waiter that the order was incorrect. Since each was a refill he advised to just keep them. Ok. A few minutes later the 2 appetizers arrived. Within minutes the salad and bread arrive. Before the salad bowls were passed out the rest of the meal arrived. We were like what???!. Derrick, the waiter, apologized. Needlessly to say I was upset. The manager came over and explained that she would remove the appetizers from the bill. We said ok. We requested more sauce for pasta dish.
10 minutes later I asked what happened to the sauce. He said that they were really busy preparing for a large party and he would get the sauce as soon as possible. Another 20 minutes and he returns. Never once did he offer to refill the water, lemonade for or teas.
I left the restaurant feeling like my I don't matter to Olive Garden. I am very disappointed about the service my family received.

Helen brunson

gnocchi soup

I love to go to the Olive Garden. I love the gnocchi soup. Problem: I have a terrible time trying to avoid the chicken in the soup. I am allergic to the other soups so I am limited to this one. Is there a way that you might be able to make the soup without the chicken in it? IF you needed more soup as the day progresses, you could always add chicken to it. It makes things a little hard to try and remove the chicken once it has been added.

burnt lasagna ordered for catering

I ordered the lasagna that serves 12 people for a party I was having on Sunday December 2nd at 4:00pm. My son picked it the prepaid food and also ordered 2 1/2 bread sticks at 3:00pm from the Olive Garden at 18090 Walnut Street Cary, NC 27518. Order number--[protected]. Shortly after 4:00pm on Sunday I took the lasagna out of the bag and tried to cut it. The sides, and bottom layer was so burnt that I could not cut through it. I was so embarrassed to have to serve the burnt lasagna, but did not have any choice. I called the Olive Garden on Monday, December 3rd around 11:20am and spoke with a manager. He promised to make it right and got my email address and said he would be sending me a gift certificate. It never came. So on Tuesday, December 4th I again called the Cary Olive Garden and spoke with a different manager-- Eliza (not sure of the spelling, but he had an accent) He took my name, phone number and my email address and said he was so sorry for the product and the other manager not doing what he said he would do. He said as soon as he set up for lunch he would email a certificate to me---- but not to post any pictures of the burnt lasagna. Again I did not hear from this manager in any way. So I am not happy with the burnt lasagna or the two managers lying to me. So what do I need to do now???

burnt lasagna ordered for catering

  • JKWilliams Dec 05, 2018

    Next time buy a frozen lasagna in the grocery store (there many brands; lasagna is lasagna, they're all the same) and bake it yourself.

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general restaurant service

My partner and I went into Olive Garden for an anniversary dinner on December 2, 2018 (a Saturday.) We were...

lunch 12-1-18

My husband, two boys, and myself went to eat lunch at Olive Garden in Montgomery, AL. There was not very many...

call ahead service

Good morning, my name is Betty M. Bryant and I have a complaint against the above mentioned Olive Garden. On...

crab linguine with shells in it

I visited olive garden in Orlando Florida. On sandlake rd I ordered a dinner size crab linguine upon eating it I had pulled a sharp piece of shell out my mouth I waved for the waitress explained her response to me was yea I've had that happen to me here before I was appalled she didn't offer to replace it so I asked for the manager the manager insisted I try the lobster linguine but i told him I don't like lobster me and my family just left the resteraunt I have never felt so humiliated before in my life i have been a fan of olive garden since my teenage years in 42 now I'm having a hard time with this its just unbelievable. Thank you my name is sherry brown. My address is 4212 south Nashville ave Orlando Florida 32839


I visited Olive Garden on Saturday, November 17, 2018, I used $50.00 gift card, the meal cost $49.30. The...


Had lunch there today with my family and the server was unfortunely bad. He seemed to be preoccupied with...


First things first I am a regular at Olive Garden. My family and I got seated and a waitress named Carolina...

complaint about the food, the service, and the gm in lawton, ok.

My friend and I went in to eat on November the 7th, 2018. Our meal totaled over $50.00 and then we left a...


I bit on a screw nail (about an inch long) that was in my salad. My mean was comped but no one called me the...

unusual poor service

My boyfriend & I are regulars at the Olive Garden on Rt. 35, Eatontown, NJ. Last night we had unusual poor service from the time we arrived. The girl at the front desk had a line waiting to be seated when there were obviously numerous open tables. She even came back after seating the couple in front of us and said she seated them at the wrong table. Once we were seated, we were first told our server was "Michael" and then told it would be "Love." After about 5 minutes waiting to place our order, Love brought us 2 waters, never asked if we wanted a different beverage, and took our order. After 5-10 minutes, our appetizer arrived by a girl in training, with no plates, and making us eat our stuffed mushrooms from the serving plate. Next, the girl in training brought us our entrees, at which time we asked her for our soup, salad & breadsticks, which we had not yet been served. She apologized & brought us the salad, soup & breadsticks (still with no bread plates), which we now were forced to eat along with our meals so that our entrees didn't get cold. Our server, Love, never once came back to check on us. We had empty water glasses, never asked if we would like more soup or salad & still had no plates for the breadsticks. Love was also the server to a couple next to our table, who we overheard complaining that they also did not get their soup/salad and once Love did bring it to them, they also had to ask her for plates for the salad. Our dirty dishes sat in front of us for the entire time until we asked for our check from the girl in training since she was the only one checking up on us, who now also took away all the dirty plates. We were paying in cash so we could not use the table ziosk. After waiting again 5-10 minutes, Love actually showed up and put our check on the table & walked away. We really wanted to give a tip to the girl in training since she is the only one that made sure she received our meal. She said she wasn't allowed to accept tips, so against our will, we had to leave a 20% tip, which we hoped the girl in training would get a portion, to Love, who did absolutely nothing except bring us water & the bill. We never even got our mints at the end, which is something we look forward to at the end of our meal. Olive Garden is special to us ... we look forward to the endless soup and/or salad, breadsticks and the after dinner mints and of course excellent food and service. Something was definitely out of the ordinary during last night's visit. Needless to say, we were beyond disappointed.


My wife and I went to Olive garden on North Rock road in Wichita KS last night 11/2/18 I ate my dinner and...