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Reviews and Complaints

Olive Garden verified


Went to Olive Garden [protected]. Once we were seated ordered our drinks while we waited on 3 more people to come in . They were parking . 2 of us order sweet tea.
When the waitress came to get there drink orders 1 of them wanted sweet tea. I told them to taste mine it was good and I did not think they would like it. I said I'm not going to be able to drink it. They agreed and order something else. I was never offer to switch to another drink When another waitress came by to get our food order I asked if she could remove tea and replace drink Which she did. We order our food. When they food came out it was obvious that 2 people did not have their food. When both waitresses left we thought they were going to get the rest. The next time we saw them they were delivering food to other tables. We said excuse me we are missing 2 peoples orders. She came over and asked what we were missing said she would be right back. Another waitress came back and said I wasn't sure which shrimp he wanted when he ordered. she never said anything when we placed orders about sir which shrimp do you want I'm not clear. She just didn't put order in. 30 min. later their food arrives. everyone else has already finished by now. 5 min. after they got there food we were asked if we needed boxes, We responded with they just got there food. Never had just bad service All though they did not charge for late meals it ruined the birthday dinner . There were nine people with us that night. Very unhappy. This is were they wanted to go.