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Reviews and Complaints

Olive Gardenthe management and cleanliness of restaurant

I visited Olive Garden today July 10 at about 240 pm. I was greeted by host then seated immediately. I was then waited on by the waitress who was extremely pleasant and nice as could be. I ordered my food which was build your own pasta that came with a salad. I also had some mozzarella sticks as well. My sticks and salad came out. Me and my date proceeded to eat we both had second helpings of the salad and when I cleaned my plate for the second time and got to the last bite it was a huge dead flying insect on the plate. I alerted the waitress she apologized and went to get the manager. I had never been so thoroughly disgusted in my life. The manager took his time before he came out and all I got was I'm sorry. Are u serious I have been coming to this establishment for years and this has never happened. Where is the bend over backwards to make the situation right. There wasn't one if I was Caucasian maybe I would of been treated with respect who knows but this can't continue to ride out in 2019 I demand management be fired and this establishment be shut down and investigated by the department of health. My next step will be the local news to put this establishment on blast I also have pics of the ordeal as well. Olive Garden Corp needs to respond to this matter ASAP ( [protected]@gmail)

the management and cleanliness of restaurant