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Reviews and Complaints

Olive Gardenlies/unsanitary

I visited Olive Garden this evening and I was highly disappointed . First when I got in I saw flies by the window inside. I went upstairs to sit and saw two nats near the window booth when you sit down. As I was looking at the menu, I ordered the Early Dinner Duo from 3-5pm. I got there around 415pm. The menu said $14.99 for an entree choice and salad. When I got the bill, they charged me $15.99. I spoke to the server and he told me that it was an old menu and that the price went up. The server said that he will talk to the manager. So he came back and told me that the manager said it was old menu. I said I should get it for that price since its misleading. So finally I spoke to the manager and she said that she took the dollar off the kids menu- my daughter was with me. That made no sense because I still paid more in take. SO instead of the kids menu $6.45 she charged it $5.45. They shouldv'e taken the dollar off the dinner duo. They never adjusted the tax with the dollar off. The manager was a bit snippy with me about that. I was highly upset. The customer service was not that great. The place was a bit dirty. There was a fly round the salad also. I was so disgusted . I was a bit hesitant eating there because it said that there grade is pending.I saw flies/nats there. The water tasted really bad like a strong taste. I felt like the service was not good, misleading prices and unsanitary . I wasted close to $40.00 on basically disappointment . My email is [protected] if you need to reach out.

  • Updated by Val1217 · Jul 24, 2019

    Can you look into this

  • SubSquirrel Jul 24, 2019

    What is a “nat”? I’m gnot familiar with such a thing gnear the window.

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